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Our new free daily news podcast takes you to the heart of the stories that matter, with exclusive access and reporting. Published for the start of your day, it is hosted by Manveen Rana and David Aaronovitch. 

57 Episodes
What can we learn about the Prime Minister's chief adviser from his own words? Guests:  Ian Leslie, writer and journalist. Steven Swinford, The Times' Deputy Political Editor. Hosts: Manveen Rana and David Aaronovitch. Clips: BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Sky News, The Telegraph.  Additional music by Meydän, Daniel Birch, Chris Zabriskie and Jordan Powell used under Creative Commons licence.  See for privacy and opt-out information.
A local mayor in Prague is in police hiding following reports that agents from Russia plotted to have him assassinated. It’s an international incident that began when the mayor removed a statue honouring a Russian World War Two military hero. Guests:  Ondřej Kolář is the district mayor of Prague. Edward Lucas is a columnist for The Times, and a former foreign correspondent based in Prague. Host: Manveen Rana. Clips: Euronews. Additional music: Chris Zabriskie.  See for privacy and opt-out information.
We’re almost six months into the pandemic. But how close are we to developing the cure we all so desperately want? We meet a participant in one of the hundreds of trials happening around the world.   See for privacy and opt-out information.
More than three decades on from the assassination of Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme, new evidence has been brought to light that may reveal the identity of his killer. But after 34 years and thousands of theories, will we ever get an answer that truly satisfies everyone?   Guests: Oliver Moody, Berlin Correspondent, The Times.  Henrik Berggren, a Swedish historian and biographer of Olof Palme. Host: David Aaronovitch. CLIPS: 1972 UN Stockholm Conference on the Human Environment and Swedish TV show "Kvällsöppet" (1977).  See for privacy and opt-out information.
Britain has the worst coronavirus death toll in Europe despite the government insisting they followed the best scientific advice. The Sunday Times Insight team brings you the inside story into what went wrong for the UK.    Guests: Jonathan Calvert, Insight Editor, The Sunday Times. George Arbuthnott, Deputy Insight Editor, The Sunday Times. With additional reporting from: Jonathan Leake, Science and Environment Editor at The Sunday Times. Dipesh Gadher, Chief Investigative Reporter at The Sunday Times. Host: Manveen Rana.  Clips: BBC, @BorisJohnson Twitter  See for privacy and opt-out information.
The Prime Minister of Lesotho has resigned amid accusations that he was involved in the murder of his estranged wife. His third wife is also set to stand trial over her alleged involvement in the murder plot. We dive into the politics of the small African kingdom of Lesotho.   Guests: Witness, anonymous. Lebohang Totanyana, former Minister of Mining in Lesotho. Barnaby Mitchell, BBC camera operator.   Host: Manveen Rana.  Archive: SABC News, Al Jazeera, DW News, KTN News Kenya. Special thanks to the BBC. Additional music by Chris Zabriskie.  See for privacy and opt-out information.
With experts suggesting that long term lock down will negatively affect our mental health, we ask: what can we all do to bring delight and joy into our lives during the crisis?  Guests:  Laurie Santos, Professor of Psychology at Yale University Sanjay Shewakramani, Emergency Department doctor  See for privacy and opt-out information.
Care home deaths in England and Wales now account for forty percent of all deaths from coronavirus - and one result has been a political row. Why have things gone wrong for our most vulnerable citizens and the people who care for them?   Guests: Greg Hurst, social affairs editor at The Times. Irene Owen, a 91-year-old resident of Devonshire Court in Leicestershire. Sonja Bell, daughter of a elderly resident at The Heights in Buckinghamshire. Kimberly Ross, care assistant at Connaught Court in York. Karen Casey, activity co-ordinator at Zetland Court in Bournemouth. Additional support: Michael Clarke, Times Video Team. Host: David Aaronovitch. Additional music: Chris Zabriskie (licenced under Creative Commons). Clips: BBC, TalkRadio, TalkSport.  See for privacy and opt-out information.
When Lee Solomon set up his funeral home, he had one mission: to give families the sendoff they really wanted. But now that's no longer possible. For a month Lee has been keeping an audio diary for us, chronicling the experience of running a funeral home during the Covid-19 outbreak and the hardships that come with it. Guest: Lee Solomon runs 'Lilies Funeral Directors' in Sutton Coldfield. Host: Manveen Rana.   See for privacy and opt-out information.
The Sunday Times rich list has published the names of the wealthiest people in Britain since 1989. Today we meet its compiler to find out who reached the top this year and explore what drives them. Guest: Rob Watts, Compiler of The Sunday Times Rich. Host: Manveen Rana. More on Rich List here: Archive: Youtube (Richard Branson), E! Red Carpet & Award Shows, BBC, ITV.  See for privacy and opt-out information.
The Italian village of Vo’ Euganeo was the home of the first European to die in Europe of covid19. Now the same town has become a unique test-bed for scientists to learn how to combat the disease. Could it offer new insights into how to fight back? Guest:  Peter Conradi, Europe Editor of The Sunday Times. Host: Manveen Rana Archive: MSNBC, BarbART YouTube channel, France 24, Sky News, RAI Sport TV. Additional music: Jordan Powell, Chris Zabriskie (licenced under Creative Commons).  See for privacy and opt-out information.
Behind the scenes, a group of social scientists has been advising the government on how to communicate to the public during the crisis. But has some of their advice been ignored?  Guest:  Steve Reicher, professor of social psychology at the University of St Andrews and member of the Scientific Pandemic Influenza Group on Behaviours.  Host: Manveen Rana. Archive: BBC, ITV, DW News, ABC News, TalkRadio.  See for privacy and opt-out information.
An Australian cult is operating from a B&B in Somerset and despite court rulings against it, is ripping families apart. It is just one of an estimated one thousand cults that operate in the UK. Who are the people fighting to expose them?  Guests:  Rosie Kinchen, associate editor and the main interviewer of News Review at The Sunday Times. Host: David Aaronovitch. Audio from: Esther Rockett. Serge Benhayon TV. Content warning: contains discussions of sexual abuse and is not suitable for everyone.  See for privacy and opt-out information.
Some 10,000 people in the UK have needed critical care to deal with the virus already. What's it like to be in an ICU with Covid19? Guests:  Roger Boyes, Diplomatic Editor and columnist for The Times. Dr Sonia Hudson, consultant in intensive care medicine at Broomfield Hospital. Host: Manveen Rana.   See for privacy and opt-out information.
As we begin to relax the lockdown, the UK is facing its biggest economic shock for 300 years. Can past recessions teach us what to do next?  Guest: David Smith, Sunday Times Economics Editor Ann Pettifor, economist Host: Manveen Rana Archive: BBC, Talkradio, CNN, CBS, Sky News, CNBC, Bloomberg  See for privacy and opt-out information.
What can the jubiatilion and uncertainty of VE day teach us about what 'victory' over coronavirus might look like? Guest: Ben Macintyre, associate editor, columnist and a writer-at-large for The Times. Host: Manveen Rana. Clips: Imperial War Museum.  See for privacy and opt-out information.
This weekend Boris Johnson is expected to talk about the UK's exit strategy and outline the beginning of the end of lock down. But what can we learn from other European nations and their approach? Guest:  Oliver Moody, The Times Berlin Correspondent. Host: Manveen Rana.  Clips: Marco Meeßen.  See for privacy and opt-out information.
In recent weeks the world’s two biggest superpowers have been playing a blame game around the global pandemic. What do the Chinese communists and the American Republicans stand to gain from the spread of myths, fake news and propaganda? Guest:  Catherine Philp, the Times Diplomatic Correspondent. Henry Zeffman, the Times Washington Correspondent. Host: David Aaronovitch. Archive: Newsweek  See for privacy and opt-out information.
Four decades of war have ravaged Afghanistan, cost America $2 trillion and left more than one million dead. As US troops prepare to withdraw, what next for a nation more divided than ever? Guest:  Anthony Loyd, Times foreign correspondent.  Host: Manveen Rana. Archive: Euronews  See for privacy and opt-out information.
An extraordinary story about the man who helped trigger one of the biggest financial crashes in US history - ten years ago this week - from his bedroom in a West London semi-detached house.   Guest:  Liam Vaughan, journalist and author of Flash Crash.   Host: Manveen Rana. Clips: Bloomberg, CNBC, BBC.  See for privacy and opt-out information.
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Craig Smith

There seems to be conflicting information going around. Particularly as the UK government has decided it is the right time for schools to reopen. Suggest experts are guessing.

May 16th

Andrew Jackson

They raced at Uttoxeter on the day after the Cheltenham Festival finished.

Apr 30th

Craig Smith

What difference does it make. What's done is done. What matters is what we do now.

Apr 30th
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