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Salman Ansari is embracing his inner polymath, and exploring his imaginations as the Quick Brown Fox. he is the AntiFool.In this episode, we're going to talk about weird and wonderful things in the world of fiction, exploring mediums and more. Our guest is Salman Ansari who writes a newsletter called the Quick Brown Fox: it's about creativity, self-awareness and learning in public sharing, essays, notes, videos, illustrations, animations, and all of his learnings on the creative process. His journey is non-linear, and that is more than enough for me to be attracted to his story. We talk about:Embracing multitudes and the multifaceted lifeWho are the characters within us that we explore and articulate when defining our personas online?How he explores different mediums in his newsletterHow society conditioned us into thinking that specialization is more important than embracing our polymathic selves.Enjoy!Timestamps[00:00:00] Introduction[00:02:21] The new world of big windows and small windows[00:05:29] Managing your online vs offline self[00:09:58] So much of our existence is now in that little rectangle[00:17:28] The multifaceted human being[00:24:02] The end states come from past experiences and vivid imaginations[00:26:26] On Whimsical fables and the power of language[00:30:30] Replenish your energy in multitudes[00:34:02] Murduring your multitudes to survive[00:40:47] Identity is key to your capacity to explore[00:45:49] Persuading someone of their polymathy[00:52:06] Walking for productivity vs. Walking to walk[00:56:43] My legacy is plural[00:58:28] Conditioned into thinking our job gives us the right to live[01:05:16] Multitude creators can gift you the gift of belonging in plurals[01:08:29] Salman's Memento[01:10:26] Salman's Walkaway Wisdom[01:12:16] Salman's Personal DictionaryLinksQuick Brown Fox Newsletter:'s Twitter:'s Website:
JayDee Lok is the ex-DJ with multiple talents, future-proofing herself by attracting luck. She is the AntiFool.How hard is it to make a career transition?It is very difficult. You need to have applicable skills to be able to present yourself, articulate the different talents and work experiences that you've had in many different industries. In this case, we will be looking at an overview of the media industry here in Malaysia, diving into Adtech, as is the journey of JayDee Lok. Jay Dee Lok started her career in media as a radio DJ and has worked as a TV host, MC voiceover talent writer, producer, and artist booking manager. And now she is working in the ad tech industry and Singapore. She has a wide variety of industries and fields, but these all have common patterns and skills that she has learned throughout her time.Starting from quitting law school to become a DJ on a Malaysian radio program, we talked about:How she broke into the media industry from university The different intricacies of radio, the field itself, how the presenters communicate with each other, and the closeness of the communities and the audio industry here in MalaysiaTransitioning from position to position until landing a career in tech, out from a traditional industry into a forward-thinking one overseas in Singapore.Going through all the different barriers the obstacles, the struggles, the bosses from hell, and pulling the wisdom from these timesI hope that you can learn a lot from someone who has carved their own path to their own career, making all kinds of content in many different forms. Enjoy!LinksJayDee's WebsiteJayDee's LinkedInJayDee's TwitterJayDee's Instagram
Dr. Stanley J. Ward is the Ethical Leader, the Intentional Influencer, on a mission to defeat burnout. He is the AntiFool.In this episode, we're going to talk about what it means to be a leader. The leader holds responsibility for multiple things: from managing teams to becoming the face of a company. But how do we become them, both effectively and ethically? What if it's too much to bear? What if we burn out? Who better to talk about all this with than Dr. Stanley J Ward.Dr. Stanley J. Ward has decades of experience as a writer, educator, and leadership coach. His writing work includes scores of blog articles as well as two leadership books - Ethical Leadership: A Primer and How to Beat Burnout for Yourself, Your Family, and Your Team. Dr. Ward with his Ph.D. in Leadership Studies has done a ton to accelerate the growth rate of amazing leaders to become even more than who they are right now. We talked about:All the different facets of an effective ethical leader: what do you need to become one? The meaning of burnout and how to avoid itDifferences between burnout and worn out (yes there is a few!)Intention and influence, the two aspects of a true leaderAnd of course, comics and Captain America!Enjoy!LinksStanley's WebsiteStanley's About PageStanley's LinkedIn
Noomi Natan is the executive coach mapping out the constellations for leadership and change. She is the AntiFool.In this episode, we're talking about the human element of leadership: the inner leader.If you want to elevate your business, what's the best way to go from where you are to where you want to be? It starts off with leading yourself, and Noomi knows this best!Noomi Natan is an Executive Coach, Leadership Consultant and Host of the Leadership Behind the Scenes Podcast. She has coached leaders in more than 15 countries for over 13 years, ranging from solopreneurs to startups and leaders in organizations such as Tesco, Lego House, BBC Studios and more.She employs a different method of executive coaching, not to tap into sales and practicalities, but more on the human element of what it means to become a leader as she has never specialized in a specific industry or job type.We talk about:Her origin story: how she became an executive coach after coming out of a dark place. The realization after getting coached for two hoursWhat it means to be a leader, from self-introspection to our relationship with making mistakesThe constellations of our lives and why that matters to usEnjoy!LinksNoomi's WebsiteNoomi Natan's LinkedInNoomi Natan's FacebookNoomi Natan's Twitter
Dr. Alex Avery is the veterinarian, the savior of animals taking care of our pet's health. He is the AntiFool.We're going to talk about our loved ones that aren't human: our pets. What do animals mean to you? Are your pets considered members of your family or are they left outside to fall and adapt to your routine? Are they healthy? Do they have their vaccinations? Do they have their check-ups ready? Are there signs to show that they are aging? Who better to have this conversation with than Dr. Alex Avery. Dr. Alex is a veterinarian and Founder of Our Pet's Health, the go-to resource for taking care of your loved ones, your pets, your dogs, and cats in every animal in between. On a mission to share his knowledge and experience as a vet so you can make the best decisions possible, preventing injury and disease, and be comfortable making the difficult decisions, Our Pet's Health is a plethora of content teaching you about the best ways to take care of your favorite animals.We talked about:Dr. Alex's origin story: how he dove into the world of saving lives, animal lives as a vet, Preconceptions that pet owners have when relying on Dr. GoogleHow vets and their clients work together to help save their pet's lives Biases that we have as pet owners who may feel responsible for taking care of our petsThe signs to see if your pet's health is deteriorating and what is the best way to act upon it.Enjoy!LinksOur Pet's Health WebsiteOur Pet's Health Facebook PageOur Pet's Health TwitterOur Pet's Health YouTube
Dina Brenci is the dating coach, the expert in animal behavior on a mission to help you find the right one. She is the AntiFool.Let's talk about dating: it's difficult to find the right one. You have 7 billion+ people, and we don't know if the right one exists, even if this ideal perso nis someone we imagined in our minds. Even taking that first step is so overwhelming. How do we know if we can even find them? How do we know if we are the right fit? How do we know if we are worth dating? Spiraling questions like these stop us from really finding the perfect relationship.But, there is someone here to help with that: Dina Brenci.Watching people's struggles in the dating scene, Dina has made it her mission to support individuals in making organic connections in partnerships that last. Combining years of animal behavioral studies with her unconditionally loving and non-judgmental persona, she has designed a unique approach to dating that feels completely new. She is an ICF certified coach that specializes in helping her clients date without dating apps. She offers a variety of different packages so that she can support as many people as possible to reach their dating goals. We talked about:Her origin story: a background in animal behavioral scienceThe facets of dating: from confidence to vulnerability and finding the right oneWhat goes into Dina's coaching sessions and dating in the midst of this outbreak? How to go on dates without dating appsMaintaining healthy relationships in highly stressful situationsEnjoy!LinksDina Brenci's InstagramDina Brenci's FacebookDina Brenci's Website
Emily Crookston is the pocket Ph.D., the ghost writer, the philosophy professor on a mission to articulate your ideas. She is the AntiFool.I want to talk to you about your ideas. How do you convey your ideas in a way where the average person can understand you? Maybe articulating yourself is a skill you need to hone. It's extremely important to get your message across. But sometimes we just don't have the time to do that. Subject matter experts, entrepreneurs, and those in a high performing environment may not have the time to write down books, articles or blog posts that really convey their ideas, but we have someone who specializes in doing that for you.Emily Crookston is the ghostwriter for Rebels, Renegades, and Mavericks. She helps busy professionals who are long on ideas, but short on time, write books, articles, and blog posts. As the Pocket Ph.D., Emily partners with individuals and brands to make the boring or complex sound spectacular. She draws out her client's most disruptive ideas or original stories. Her work has appeared in Huffington Post,, Entrepreneur, and SmartBrief. We talked about:Her origin story: how she left the world of academia to start up her own business in ghostwritingLessons learned as a former professor in philosophy and how it applies to ghostwritingA breakdown of her ghostwriting process: how she interviews clients for stories, examples and turns your words into an amazing bookFirst-person bias: when an expert gets too close to their expertise, why is it difficult for them to be understood?The Pocket Ph.D. manifesto with some interesting insights there on how Emily works.Enjoy!LinksEmily Crookston's LinkedInThe Pocket Ph.D.The Pocket PhD Facebook Page
Angela Cheung is the random experimenter, the professional simplifier Producing moments that we will always remember. She is the AntiFool.In this episode, I want to talk about producing moments and that sounds a little bit strange, but let's elaborate on that. Moments are the experiences that you carry with you throughout life that are memorable. They have an impact on your worldview. and they are much more than just a memory. They define what you pursue. Who better to talk about this with than Angela Cheung.Angela is a media executive coach and speaker, as well as managing director at APV, a film and creative agency combining strategy, creative and production to create content that inspires action. With clients ranging from the BBC to National Geographic, Disneyland, and more, she is a powerhouse when it comes to using video to capture moments and memorable experiences for us lovely viewers to watch.With a broad-ranging career in the realm of broadcast media, 8 years as Regional Director of Production at Walt Disney television, Asia Pacific (DISNEY!) Part of that is producing tons of shows for the Asia Pacific audience for the Disney channel, including one that I grew up with!We talked about:Her origin story, the powerful moments in her childhood that led her to broadcast mediaThe relentless pursuit of getting a position in MTVBreaking down the creative process and thinking behind producing a show at DisneyHow fireworks are a reminder of her impact on millions of viewersEmbracing our creativity and put it at the helm of where we are going. Enjoy!LinksAsia Pacific Vision (APV)Angela Cheung's LinkedIn
Dai Manuel is the Lifestyle Mentor, the Meditator, and the intrepreter of silence. He is the AntiFool.We're going to have a conversation about something that is very difficult to do no matter at what stage in life you are in: the ability to sit still in silence and contemplate.How difficult is it for you to sit still, stay quiet and just be? This is an act of meditation, one of the many methods in cultivating the act of self-introspection. of course it's scary, lots of issues and fears surface up and we tend to start thinking about them. But how do we recognize and accept and move on in order to reach a certain goal or a certain narrative that we have in life? Who better to talk about achieving a balance of great health and wellbeing then Dai Manuel.Dai is an award-winning digital thought leader and author, executive performance coach and certified lifestyle mentor who empowers people to lead a functionally-fit life through education, encouragement, and community. His work is based on the Five F'sL fitness, family, finances, faith and fun, all built on a rock-solid foundation of health.His book, The Whole Life Fitness Manifesto is a new kind of fitness book, providing the tools you need to create a functionally fit lifestyle at any age or level of ability in 30 minutes a day. In this episode, we unravel his journey: Young Dai was morbidly obese. What choices did he make to reach a well-intended healthy life?We talked about the power of meditation. How self-introspection can empower you to take the first step towards an intended goalHis experiences in a Vipassana 10 day meditation in complete silenceHow the formation of habits led him to appreciate the act of being, staying still, slowing down and learning to control his pace.Enjoy!LinksDai's WebsiteFacebookTwitterInstagram
In this episode, we are going down the Holy path of Catholicism, but from the perspective of uncovering the radical truth. Most religious institutions tend to have largely hierarchical structures when it comes to making decisions and sharing common laws for those who would like to be priests. But with thousands of years of history, there may be some truths that were buried underneath layers of discrimination.We are here to find out what that radical truth really is so who better to talk about this with than Margaret O'Connor. Margaret Mary O'Connor is a former chaplain and currently as a Eucharistic minister at Our Lady of Charity Parish in Buffalo, New York. she walks on picket lines to help keep the issues of women's ordination and church accountability on the priest sexual abuse issue at the forefront of any Catholic's attention.Also a member of Call to Action, Future Church, Roman Catholic women, Priests Women's Ordination Conference and SNAP, which stands for Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, Margaret is the voice of truth in trying to gain accountability and admittance for a lot of wrongdoings and coverings of truth done by the Catholic church. So we will be diving into the Catholic church, unraveling its structures, hierarchies, and where people are getting abused. This episode is for the brave and curious.We talked about:Margaret's origin story, how she became betrayed by those around her after figuring out that there were women priests, deacons, and more. The radical truth of catholicism, what she found out (hint: it's about mother Mary)The evolutions over time within the Catholic Church in enabling women's ordinationEnjoy!LinksMargaret's Website: Your Radical Truth
In this episode, let's talk about creative writing, which is a very fascinating thing because it's subjective. It's interpretive, according to the creator themselves. Do you write lyrics, poetry or haiku, or do you just prefer not to write instead and prefer to illustrate?Can we connect with each other through the power of creative writing, specifically through haiku? Who better to talk about this with than Dhrupad Karwa. Dhrupad or Dhru is the founder and CEO of HaikuJam, a mobile app promoting self-care through collaborative writing. It's simple. You write haiku together with strangers all around the world, writing one line at a time to connect with each other, through the power of creative writing.It's a fascinating premise, which prompted Dhru to branch off to their new incoming product called Inspo by HaikuJam, which is the world's fastest inspiration generator.We talked about:His origin story: starting HaikuJam by recovering in a tea house with his best friend,Dhru's thoughts on the power of human connectivity through haiku and expression of creative work.The differences between insights, ideas, and inspirationInspo by HaikuJam. What is it trying to achieve? What are the different possibilities when we can search and display various creative outlets for anyone to have a look at for inspiration. What does inspiration mean to us?Enjoy!LinksHaikuJamInspo by HaikuJamDhru's Twitter
Brandee Sanders is the Lifelong Learner, the Prolific Actress performing in many different fields at the same time. She is the AntiFool.In this episode, we are going to go on a wild rollercoaster ride through many different fields from acting to e-commerce, to marketing strategies, to consulting, to learning about self-introspection and how to communicate properly between different fields. But let's focus on the first: acting.It's not just playing the main character in a film. Acting is looking inward and realizing your true human self and performing on a stage, whether a keynote or a play in front of an audience, a marketing strategy for customers, all of these situations require a certain level of acting. But who better to talk about acting and diving into all of these fields, than Brandee Sanders.It'll be hard to describe Brandee, but I think it's best to read her profile on LinkedIn: award-winning woman in tech, blending, creative commerce, and content one dynamic enterprise at a time through results and data-driven decisions, innovative multimedia webinars, events, omnichannel, digital initiatives, WebDev analytics, and marketing. She is involved in so many different fields from data science, to analytics, to e-commerce, to FinTech, to mobile, to AI, to SaaS, and much more. But can you imagine that she started off with acting?We talked about:Her amazing origin story, how she came from a not so affluent background to her one-way trip to New York with $300 in her pocket, trying to make it big as an aspiring actress.The amazing transition from acting to marketing, to eCommerce and consulting, and now working with so many large fortune 500 companiesThe power of acting and how it's applicable to her professional working career.Translating data, information and communication between different fields, from data scientists, to marketers, to upper management.Enjoy!Timestamps4:53 Brandee's origin story8:26 Her love for acting11:05 "Our digital avatars are the most eloquent version of ourselves"13:57 Writing your own playbook: everyone gets treated the same17:05 The need to gain new skills through gigs and sales18:51 The shift to an eCommerce business20:29 From eCommerce to consulting, and the truth about hard work22:29 To diversify your toolbox is to build yourself a safety net24:57 Preparedness for your career through the non-traditional path25:50 Translating between departments in a company26:39 The three careers of any professional31:03 Reinvent yourself and be comfortable being uncomfortable38:23 How acting helps you jump from field to field40:15 The corporate resting mask and engaging with an audience42:17 As actors, we are our own business44:26 Articulate for the audience and being your highest human self46:15 "Truly what acting is, is knowing yourself"48:08 Who the fuck am I?51:59 The heavy burden of mental health and talking about it53:58 The true act of acting is looking inwards57:37 The shame of being affected by the uncomfortable58:59 Fear of introspection1:01:52 Brandee's Memento1:03:08 Brandee's Walkaway WisdomLinksBrandee Sanders' WebsiteBrandee Sanders' LinkedIn
Leslie Ferris Yerger is the Breast Cancer Survivor, empowering women to advocate for optimal screening. She is the AntiFool.In this episode, we're going to talk about breast cancer.Cancer cells tend to duplicate out of control and they've passed certain stages. They become incurable in that cancer cells start to spread across the body. And this is why we have screenings to detect these cancer cells beforehand so that we can eradicate them over time. For women, breast cancer is definitely worrying, and we have the mammogram as the standard procedure for detecting the respective cells.What if it's not enough? What if that there are cancer cells that still exist within the body, despite the mammograms and receiving an all-clear? Taking a deep dive into this inaccuracy, who better to talk about breast cancer screening than Leslie Ferris Yerger.Leslie is a TEDx speaker, author of Probably Benign and a women's advocate with a laser focused mission. Leslie was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer in November, 2017. After an all clear mammogram and ultrasound, experiencing firsthand, the failings of current breast cancer screening technologies. She is now determined to advance the next generation in breast cancer screening. So that her story does not become your story.In this episode, we talk about:Leslie's origin story, when and how that she received that call, that it was a lot worse than an all-clearFlaws and limitations of a mammogram and ultrasound, and other procedures that help find these cancer cellsThe lack of accessibility for effective methods throughout the US. Why are they not widespread?The fears in women who do not take an extra step to find more cancer cells'Cancer-free' and why Leslie thinks that that phrase is falseEnjoy!For the full transcript, click hereTimestamps4:45 Leslie's origin story: stage four breast cancer and getting the all-clear9:54 The reason why screenings are not 100% effective12:32 The alternative method: 3D Mammography15:40 The main reasons why 3D Mammography is not mainstream18:20 Money in the medical industry21:36 The fear of not getting a mammogram23:02 Mammogram is only the first step24:18 Accessibility to 3D Mammography and other methods25:30 The cost of cancer26:51 How can we encourage more women to continue getting MBI?30:30 The progress and the key to survival33:49 Breast cancer is scary35:24 1 in 8 women will get breast cancer in her lifetime39:14 What does 'In whose life is probably benign good enough' mean?46:23 Different processes with different people47:25 Leslie's Memento48:58 Leslie's Walkaway Wisdom49:56 Bonus question: Leslie's interpretation of the scallop shellLinksProbably Benign BookLeslie's WebsiteWalk the Way with Her
Rocky Romanella is the Thoughtful One, sharing the principles of Balanced Leadership. He is The AntiFool.How do you become a Balanced Leader?There are many leaders in this world, ranging from the aggressive to the non-empathetic ones. There are those who do not perform in their managerial position. We'll be focusing on the qualities of balanced leadership: empathy, thoughtfulness, and letting a team thrive in an amazing environment. No one knows this better than Rocky Romanella.Rocky is the founder, president, and CEO of 3sixty Management Services. Led by seasoned professionals, 3sixty focuses on thought leadership, development, and process improvement. Rocky is also the author of the book Tighten the Lug Nuts: The Principles of Balanced Leadership: He takes the form of a character, Joe Scafone, demonstrating the importance of empathy, small acts of kindness, and the power of understanding your role.We talked about:Rocky's 36-year long career at UPS, his origin story and the wisdom from his fatherThe makings of Joe Scafone and his influence on all the people throughout Rocky's careerWhat it means to be a balanced leader, tightening the lug nuts in your lifeEnjoy!LinksTighten the Lug Nuts: The Principles of Balanced Leadership3sixty Management ServicesRocky's LinkedInTimestamps4:10 Becoming a history teacher and baseball coach; Rocky's origin story5:10 "Whatever they ask you to do, say yes and thank you"6:19 "Believe in your people until they are ready to believe in themselves"9:36 Rocky's support system in becoming a leader12:25 "Everyday I got to go in and sing for my lunch"13:29 Understand the job by doing the job15:59 What are the lug nuts in our lives?18:03 Joe Scafone: How a third person helps diffuse the situation21:01 Everybody checks up on Joe even now23:55 How do you become a balanced leader over time?24:37 The question you need to answer for yourself26:08 The legacy to your name27:55 Rocky Romanella will never compromise for integrity31:09 Belonging and Rocky's Memento33:47 Rocky Romanella's Walkaway Wisdom
Craig Burgess is the relentless designer, the action taker, building with extreme production. He is the AntiFool.This time, let's talk about extreme production and challenges.How do you create content on every social media platform consistently, without missing a single day? That's what we'll learn here. It's the best way to grow your skills and build a body of work at the same time for anything.To unlock this power, we've got a specialist to talk about this: Craig Burgess.Craig specializes in working with organizations and individuals of all sizes to help them make their marketing work for them. A designer by trade, he is co-owner and Creative Director at Genius Division, providing designing development and marketing services for apps, branding, and marketing, web applications, web design, and development search engine optimization and WordPress development.He wrote a book called Extreme Production, on creating 365-day challenges (designing a poster every day, a photo a day, etc.). Outside of that, his Design show releases every Sunday is called Thats The Job, about the realities of working in design.I wanted to know what makes him tick. What makes him so obsessed with challenges? We talked about:His burning passion to learn something by doing 365-day challengesThe Content+ model: how to create tons of micro-contentConsumer attention span on various social media platforms, and the best way to tackle themAdvice for those who want to start their own channel, platform or podcastEnjoy!Timestamps4:48 The 'Hustle Pornstar': Craig's Origin story7:28 Burning out and curiosity8:52 Failing the record sleeve challenge10:16 Max Payne and writing11:36 The epiphany of social media12:41 There's lots of crossover between design and writing15:36 The Content Onion, creating things people can snack17:10 Find a 1000 ways to say the same thing21:16 Watching a video for 2 hours vs. spending 2 hours watching 5-minute videos22:45 The Craig Burgess repurpose workflow27:37 The potential of podcasts for content repurposing31:40 It's harder to start, so do a lot of things32:53 The power of influence through context switching37:21 The first thing to focus on if you're creating content39:50 Craig's Memento41:32 Craig's Walkaway WisdomLinksGet Doing ThingsCraig's TwitterProduce MoreProduce More TwitterThats The JobContent+
Rune Kier is the speechwriter, the cultural anthropologist, and the deliverer of desirable futures. He is the AntiFool.Let's talk about the weapon of choice for orators: speeches. We've had a number of famous speeches throughout the ages. To deliver them is one thing, but to craft it and perform for an amazing emotional response and deliver is a difficult skill.On a mission to unpack the wisdom behind why a speech is powerful, I reached out to award winning speechwriter Rune Kier.Rune is a freelance speechwriter, having won two Cicero speechwriting awards in 2014 as the first Danish man ever for climate change. He worked in areas of immigration and diversity, social affairs and employment. Rune's words made a huge impact, having trained in social anthropology, specializing in social movements and storytelling. We talked about:His origin story, how he moved to Brazil to learn more about the connection between identity and speeches The power of speeches: what makes a great speech and Rune's writing process in creating an award-winning pieceThe connections between cultural anthropology and speechesThe real metric for success for a speech that speakers forgetEnjoy!Timestamps4:04 Origin story: Exploring identities in Germany and Brazil6:03 Mulatto as buying into African inferiority07:39 How speeches change narratives10:10 Learning is a process, and The Speech Railway analogy12:32 Malala Yousafzai and her struggle with providing education14:53 A good speech, and a great speech18:25 "It takes a lot of research" What to focus on when drafting your speech22:30 Creating your own stories helps with conveying the message26:59 Would the speaker feel comfortable with these words? Tips and Tricks28:50 Command their attention and ask them directly30:39 One of the big mistakes in public speaking today is uninformed success34:29 Why experts have problems giving speeches35:50 "Boil it down to almost nothing"37:29 This is how you persuade someone that this idea is right40:20 Rune's Memento41:56 Rune's Walkaway WisdomLinksRune's WebsiteRune's LinkedInRune's TwitterThe Story of Sarah Speech
Ron Foglia is the stress buster, the guide for executives to achieve clarity and intuition on demand. He is the AntiFool.Let's talk about about stress.In a fast-paced world, it's easier to get stressed. Our lives become hectic, busy, and negativity can pop up around us. To manage said stress, we have to use proper techniques, especially ones backed with neuroscience and evidence-based protocols, which can reduce it in as little as 60 seconds. Who better to talk about this with than Ron Foglia.Ron is a business performance coach working with entrepreneurs, executives, and professionals to effectively reduce the seemingly unending stress and overwhelm physically, mentally, and emotionally. This results in client's ability to make more confident and powerful decisions to elevate their business career and life. He has a bachelor's in applied science system analysis from Miami university and MBA from capital university and is a certified coach and trainer of Infinite Possibilities, the art of living your dreams.We talked about:Stress reduction: how to train your body and your mind to reduce the speed of the thoughtsHow Ron was laid off, nearly homeless and had to coach himself to get back up on his feetThe different signs of stress and how your mind can be clouded with negativity.The 60 second Stress Buster: A breathing exercise that Ron teaches us in the middle of the episodeIntuition on demand: how to harness your natural, intuitive ability for guidance, insights, and more effective problem solving.Enjoy!Timestamps4:40 Ron's origin story and the growing stress of business owners6:46 "We went through our retirement and we were devastated"11:40 "What did we do wrong?" Ron's disbelief14:16 Figuring out how to get through stressful times17:17 How Ron Foglia coaches you and helps manage your stress18:18 The morning routine: How to start your day right20:27 Affirmations you need to focus on what you want to accomplish22:31 Managing your stress in the middle of the day23:25 How to reduce stress in 60 seconds26:05 The 60 Second Stress Buster: How to do it27:29 Guided 60 Second Stress Buster by Ron Foglia31:13 The goal of reducing stress is to slow down thoughts32:27 How to achieve Intuition on Demand34:50 Busting stress beyond 60 seconds36:40 What about pairing this exercise with other activities?38:46 Ron Foglia's memento: A gift40:13 Ron Foglia's Walkaway WisdomLinksRon Foglia LinkedInGolden Trail CoachingGolden Trail Coaching Gift
Russell Nohelty, as the Complete Creative, the Fiction Writer on a mission to help you build your Creative Career. He is the AntiFool.In this episode, we're going to talk about building worlds in fiction writing.If you are an aspiring writer, you've had a lot of thoughts about all the worlds you want to build, the characters you want to write about and more. But starting can be overwhelming. Writing a novel can be intimidating. Where do we start?Who best to hear about having a successful creative career than Russel Nohelty!Russell is a USA today, bestselling author, publisher, and consultant. He runs the small press publisher, Wannabe Press as well as the Complete Creative, which helps creatives build better businesses.As a prolific writer, he's run successful Kickstarter campaigns for a lot of books like Katrina hates the Dead, My Father didn't Kill Himself, Cthulu is hard to Spell, the Godsverse Chronicles, and many more raising over six figures until now.In this episode, we talked about:Russell's origin story, from failed entrepreneur to known comic book writerThe struggles of becoming a prolific writer, building an audience from scratch while jumping from medium to mediumWriting tips for first time writers, and whether or not you sohuld write in your favorite genrePhase two: Transitioning from writer to having a business mindset, and creating a sustainable careerEnjoy!Timestamps4:25 Writing 20 novels in 20 months, and the business reason why5:50 Larger boxset launches vs. multiple smaller launches8:21 "I had 4 companies that blew up in my face" Russell's origin story10:43 How writing comics led Russell Nohelty to novels13:17 Producing multiple projects, and the purpose of his anthologies15:53 In movies, "You spend 80% of your time hiring and your job's pretty much done as a director"19:10 "Every person who reads them creates the world in their brain" The relationship between novels and readers21:08 Co-creating creative projects and stepping back to let them thrive22:15 I want to write a book. What should I know first? What should I do?24:33 Don't write in your favorite genre when learning to write27:12 The work isn't in the writing30:03 What is a Russell Nohelty book?33:26 Russell Nohelty's policy in his twenties34:58 Comparing aspiring writers to successful ones, Amanda Hawking37:50 The secret behind successful writers is they've done a lot of prior writing42:05 JK Rowling's secret to writing success: Her circles44:22 The hard work of transferring readers to a new medium46:53 The secret to trans-media: worlds have to be successful first49:55 The mediums Russell Nohelty is focusing on now55:08 Russell Nohelty's Memento57:49 Russell Nohelty's Walkaway WisdomLinksRussell Nohelty's WebsiteThe Complete CreativeWannabe PressIchabod Jones Monster HunterKatrina Hates the DeadCthulu is Hard to Spell: Lovecraft Anthology
Dr. Benjamin Hardy is the Organizational Psychologist, the Writer against Willpower, and the Advocate for a Future Self. He is the AntiFool.Have you ever taken a personality test? Like the Myers-Briggs Personality Test, or the Enneagram? What element are you? Are you fire or wood? (I think I'm water)There are tons of personality tests out there that give you an idea of what kind of person you are and that's fun. But it does lead to something dark: These tests create a narrative FOR us instead of us creating that for ourselves. We are that power away to tests found on Facebook or somewhere else to try to understand ourselves better.Who better to take a deep dive into reframing our past and heading towards the future than Organizational Psychologist, Dr. Benjamin Hardy.Dr. Benjamin Hardy is an organizational psychologist and bestselling author of Willpower Doesn’t Work. His blogs have been read by over 100 million people and are featured on Forbes, Fortune, CNBC, Cheddar, Big Think, and many others. He is a regular contributor to Inc. and Psychology Today and from 2015-2018, he was the No. 1 writer, in the world, on He and his wife Lauren adopted three children through the foster system in February 2018 and, one month later, Lauren became pregnant with twins, who were born in December of 2018. They live in Orlando.His latest book Personality Isn't Permanent debunks the myths of personality that have captured pop culture. Like tests like Myers-Briggs, and all that is not only psychologically destructive but are no more scientific than horoscopes.So to shed some clarity on the meaning of personality that changes over time, I had a chat with Ben about:How he came from a traumatic childhood of divorce, addiction, and much more to becoming the number one writer in the world on medium.On why willpower doesn't work for addiction and what works instead The meaning of a fixed personality and why we frame our past in certain ways. Trauma and how you can accept the past to reach the ideal future of your choosing.How to be the scribe of your identity narrativeEnjoy!Timestamps5:22 Ben's childhood: divorced parents, extreme drug addiction and no purpose7:01 How reconnecting with his faith to gain purpose8:36 Why choose writing?9:33 "I was learning a lot from my own writing...introspection, a lot of clarity and insight" The choice to be a writer10:35 Why willpower doesn't work, and why sobriety is not the opposite of addiction12:04 "The ability of the average person could be doubled if the situation demanded it" - William Durant14:17 Foster parenting, and Ben's reasons for adopting 3 kids 17:10 "We did have future versions of ourselves that gave us purpose" on having 6 kids and a purpose18:35 Why do we have an obsession with personality tests?21:42 "It takes courage to make decisions" Why it's hard for someone to define a future version of themselves25:47 Benjamin Hardy's definition of a trauma26:42 "Trauma shatters hope, and hope is essential for happiness"28:58 How to find the courage to face your trauma and overcome it33:52 A hero, a best friend: What Benjamin Hardy's father means to him38:04 Accepting the past version of yourself: This is how Benjamin Hardy did it42:07 Who is the future version of Dr. Benjamin Hardy?45:53 Benjamin Hardy's memento47:08 Benjamin Hardy's walkaway wisdom48:37 What Ben wishes future Ben would say to himLinks
Francisco Mahfuz is the storyteller, the bare keynote speaker, and one brutally honest communicator.This episode is all about public speaking. Does it scare you? Talking in front of a large audience, making sure you're getting your message out? It may not be comfortable for everyone, but one who thrives on the stage is none other than my guest for today, Francisco Mahfuz.Francisco Mahfuz has always loved speaking even before he had anything useful to say. He's been telling his stories in front of audiences for close to a decade, and even became a national champion of public speaking today. Francisco is a keynote speaker on storytelling and offers presentation coaching to individuals and international organizations.His book, Bare: A Guide to Brutally Honest Public Speaking, teaches you where ideas come from, and how to find more of them. Seven steps to build your speech, and the WTF approach to start it.We talked aboutFrancisco's origin story, how being brutally honest on stage made his careerThe facets of public speaking: how humor is used in speeches, the worries and common patterns of amateur public speakersHow to capture audience attention using pathos, ethos and logosThe power and differences of TED and TEDxEnjoy!Timestamps4:20 Pushed in front of the class and getting married too early: Francisco's origin story8:26 Francisco's advantage: his humor, and contrasting that humor11:01 "Humor in my mind is just too powerful not to use." The power of humor in a speech12:46 How do you train your humor? With embarrassing situations14:07 Your context defines your humor, and how to take advantage of it16:23 The best way to deliver a punchline? Shut up17:46 Comparing the location is another humor tip21:11 This is what people want help with if they need presentation coaching23:34 "I find that if you're not funny at all, I cannot make you funny."25:32 How do you help someone who has stage fright?28:14 Tips to make the stage feel less strange30:09 The truth behind notes for Ted and Tedx speakers33:33 The meaning of being bare and brutally honest35:33 Business presentations and bullshit bingo37:45 The Dunning-Kruger effect and how it ruins credible people40:08 What language to use to sound confident43:38 Advice from Stephen King applied to speaking47:02 Francisco's future plans as a coach and acquiring original ideas50:46 The difference between TED and TEDx52:47 Francisco Mahfuz's memento54:24 Francisco Mahfuz's Walkaway WisdomLinksFrancisco's WebsiteFrancisco Mahfuz LinkedInThe Storypowers PodcastBare: A Guide to Brutally Honest Public Speaking
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