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Dialogues and debates, catch ups and conversations with ordinary people who have extraordinary stories. Hosted by Rabbi Aron Moss, noted author and speaker from Sydney Australia.
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Can one soul inhabit two bodies? Can one body contain two souls? One is called reincarnation, the other is called possession. Both are spoken of in the Kabbalah. But not often do you get to meet someone who has experienced being possessed, or has caught a glimpse of their past life. Evelyn and Robyn did. Hear their jaw dropping stories first hand. Support the show (
Can we change the mind of someone who was raised on hatred? Conversations with a Muslim who loves Jews and a Jew whose Muslim co-worker certainly didn't.Support the show (
Meet Nechama Dina, a devoted mother, communal figure and unapologetic champion of big families, who shares her easy-to-implement parenting tricks that are good for one kid or eleven. Hear her unique perspective on tantrums, over-population, giving attention, and deciding whether or not to have another child.Support the show (
Should we feel bad that we haven't gone to Shul in a couple of months? Are rabbis enjoying their newfound freedom too much? What kind of changes can we expect to see in Shul post Covid? What does this crisis tell us about ourselves? Rabbi Moss discusses these among other questions with rabbis from around the world: Rabbi Ari Dembitzer of Omaha, Nebraska; Rabbi Daniel Beider of Johannesburg, South Africa; Rabbi Emmanuel Danan of Gateshead, England; and R' Moshe Greenfield of Jerusalem, Israel.Follow Rabbi Moss on Facebook ( and Instagram ( Support the show (
He thinks he's a big help around the house while isolating. Does she agree? Follow Rabbi Moss on Facebook and Instagram If you have any questions email heyrabbimoss@gmail.comSupport the show (
Rabbi Moss interviews a former alcoholic. And discusses whether or not alcohol should be banned in Shule. And how does one really know if he/she is a alcoholic?If you have any questions email heyrabbimoss@gmail.comSupport the show (
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