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Author: Tom Loveman & Rachanee Lumayno

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Writers Group Therapy is a monthly podcast by writers for writers. Many of our episodes are topical and run 8-12 minutes – enough to consume while you’re downing your half-caf-mocha-latte between writing sessions at whatever coffee shop you’re currently camped out. After 100 weekly episodes, we switch formats to a longer monthly show, usually about 2/3 news and writer info and 1/3 an interview with an industry pro.  Follow on Twitter ( and Instagram: and visit the website at cover topics familiar to all writers. We don’t claim to be experts, but we want to share our experiences and hope you’ll share yours so we can all learn from each other.Rachanee Lumayno and Tom Loveman, the hosts of Writers Group Therapy, also co-lead The Writers Block, a writers group in North Hollywood, CA.Rachanee is an actress, writer, and producer who specializes in comedy. Her two comedic shorts, Game Night and Spouse Switch, have appeared in several Los Angeles film festivals. The horror short "Synesthesia," which she produced, has been selected by 35 film festivals worldwide. Rachanee is also the founder and co-leader of the Writers Block, a writers’ support community. (Follow on Twitter: started screenwriting in 2007 but had been producing award-winning shorts since 2003. Tom writes TV pilots, feature films and shorts including the TV pilot "Hoods" that was among the Top 10 finalists in the Playstation Emerging Filmmaker Program in 2017. His award-winning short films "Synesthesia," a horror short, and his sci-fi web series pilot, "Reclamation" have been official selections at over 85 film festivals combined including the 2018 San Diego Comic Con Film Festival. (Follow on Twitter:
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We go meta in this session why you might, or might not, want to start one and giving you some practical how-to advice on producing your podcast. In the interview, we welcome Robin Who, writer and host of the Frantastic Stories podcast with “stories of every shade of life.”Show Notes:Where to find Robin Who online:Website is podcasts:
Susan Gallagher is an actor/writer/producer who can be seen on the former YouTube, now Netflix show “Cobra Kai,” as Homeless Lynn, as well as the upcoming Sam Medina film “22 - The Unforgotten Soldier.” We discuss building your own career and how she’s doing it outside of Hollywood.Show Notes:Cobra Kai on Netflix: Portrait of a Woman at Dawn: Gallagher online:IMDb: http://www.SusanGallagher.comFacebook 
In this session, we talk with Mattson Tomlin, the screenwriter of the action/sci-fi Netflix film "Power Project." (23:15) Mattson also scripted and produced the upcoming film "Little Fish" starring Olivia Cooke and has gained attention for being brought onboard to co-write "The Batman" with Matt Reeves. We also discuss the new WGA MBA contract, Mulan and other big budget films on the small screen, and back on set in Covd.SHOW NOTES: "Power Project" on Netflix: WGA Theatrical & TV Minimum Basic Agreement:"Mulan" on Disney+:
Contained scripts are in high demand and it's not just because Covid-19 has made big film productions extremely more complicated and costly. Indie filmmakers have a real opportunity with their smaller productions to find distribution and an audience. Those filmmakers need scripts. We discuss writing a contained script and why you might want to. SHOW NOTES:Inktip: https://www.inktip.comScreenwriter Staffing: ISA Writing Gigs:
We round up most of the finalists of the 2017 Playstation Emerging Filmmaker Program, of which Tom was one, to see how their various experiences since the contest unfolded. How did winning/or not winning, affect their screenwriting career?Panelists (See for full show notes):Shira RosenweigVanessa KingMax CannonTyler TerribileDaniel OmraniRob SorensenKevin QianBryce Irvin
In this session, we discuss the creative and business behind the endless franchises and how writers are affected by them. SHOW NOTES: None this episode
In this session of Writers Group Therapy, we interview interview John Scalzi, the Hugo-Award Winning, NY Times & Amazon Best Selling science fiction author. Also WGA has claims dismissed - Steven Soderberg and DGA Covid 19 Planning - Unions ask for deductions back - NBCU vs AMC - and more!SHOW NOTES:John Scalzi's website: John Scalzi on Twitter: Ask Congress to Restore Business Expense Deductions for Hollywood Workers Soderberg to Lead DGA Covid-19 Production Committee Guild Suffers Big Loss as Court Dismisses Almost All Its Claims Against Agencies Isn’t Trying to Steal your Star Wars Tweet vs Universal
In this session of Writers Group Therapy, we interview screenwriter and blogger Jaime Jessup. Also: WGA News, Virtual SXSW, Brooklyn Nine-Nine Writers Room, and more.SHOW NOTES:Jaime Jessup's Blogs: SXSW-Amazon Virtual Fest Sets Lineup for April 27 Launch'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' Mulling How to Incorporate COVID-19 Into Season 8, Studios in Talks on How Long Actors Can Be Held Under Contract Guild Exec Says No Deal on Studio Talks, Calls Alliance "Despicable" Inflames Tensions By Telling Out-Of-Work Live-Action Writers To Switch To Animation
In this session, we talk with manager-turned-agent Joseph Fronk about working through the Covid 19 crisis and what writers should be doing now to prep for after. Also a Quibi review, Masterclass with Aaron Sorkin and how Hollywood can restart production safely.SHOW NOTES:Quibi: https://quibi.comArtistry: https://www.artistry.netMasterclass:
In this session, one of our favorite guests is back, screenwriter, producer, documentarian and author Steven Smith, to discuss working in Hollywood in Covid 19 lockdown times. Steven is a 4-Time Emmy nominee; producer and writer of over 200 documentaries for television, home video and other media. He has authored two books, his newest coming out in May, is the biography “Music by Max Steiner: The Epic Life of Hollywood’s Most Influential Composer."SHOW NOTES: None this episode
This special session was recorded live on Facebook. Watch the video at this session, we discuss writing about a crisis IN the middle of the crisis, increased copyright fees, Hollywood working virtually, WGA news, and more.Show Notes:Writers Group Therapy on Fee Schedule: Virtual Screenwriting Summit: May Work Under Expired Contract: Signs WGA Agreement: The Show:
On this session, Tom interviews Rachanee about her new comedy podcast "Ex Pat." Also, we discuss how Covid 19 is impacting Hollywood and how you can prepare for it, WGA and NBCUniversal, more Pilot Season news, Streamers and Basic Cable channel alliances.  SHOW NOTES: Covid 19: In the week between recording this episode and publishing it, massive changes swept Hollywood as concerns about the Covid 19 virus have spread. The number of cancellations expanded exponentially since then. So to simplify these notes, this link provides Indiewire’s comprehensive list of cancellations in Hollywood and Entertainment: Pat Podcast (with links to the podcast on all platforms, or search for "Ex Pat The Show"): Cable buying more reality shows, less scripted, as scripted goes to streamers Inks Massive Licensing Deal With A+E Networks East Files Labor Complaint Against NBC Over Shuttered Nonfiction Unit
In this mega-session of Writers Group Therapy, we interview Sam Gasch, host of the “Ideal Remake” podcast, as well as discuss the Oscars, the Mini-Slug line, WGA’s upcoming contract negotiations and studios stockpiling scripts, Mulan, Representation, NBC's Peacock streamer and more!  SHOW NOTES:Sam Gasch: Remake Podcast: Remake on Instagram: Tip: Mini-Slugs: Priorities: Criticism: Wars/LGBTQ Representation: Stockpiling for potential Writers Strike: Peacock Streamer:
In this session of Writers Group Therapy we discuss Awards Season including the Oscar and WGA Awards nominations, Pilot Season, What's next for Disney+, and Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker.SHOW NOTES:WGA Awards Nominations:'s Primetime Pilot Panic section: Subscribers Cancelling After Finale of Mandalorian: on Twitch:
Happy Holidays! In this session, we talk about our awesome listeners on Spotify, networking through the holidays, a #PayUpHollywood update, YouTubers preparing for COPPA enforcement, and the growth of narrative podcasts and how/why/should you make one. SHOW NOTES:Pay Up Hollywood: Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act Podcast growth:
In this session, we interview Aron Eli Coleite, the Executive Producer and writer of Netflix’s new apocalyptic show “Daybreak." We also discuss how streamers are taking films from theaters and how that impacts writers, Tom's latest Masterclass update, film festival fiascos and how to avoid them, and fellowship deadline changes of which you should be aware.Show Notes:Aron Coleite: \ streams on Netflix: Social: Writers: Only Podcast Left: - Coalition of Asian Pacifics in Entertainment - Festival Strategies - Session #56: 
With HBO Max (Warner Bros.) and Disney+ pulling their branded films and shows behind their walled-off kingdoms, will networks, and theaters, see more original spec scripts filling their screens? Also, MoviePass is dead, finally...or not? Early Oscar contenders. TikTok as a new place to source talent...and Will Smith. 
In this week's session, we interview animation writer Grant Moran about his work as well as his unique non-profit KEPYR (Kids Entertainment Professionals for Young Refugees) that rallies the global children’s entertainment community in support of UNICEF’s vital and heroic work addressing the worldwide child refugee crisis. We also discuss: the latest WGA/ATA news; how to ask for what you want; the Creators Society a networking group for creatives in the animation business; Linda Halder from development at the Disney Channel who recently spoke to our writers group, and more.SHOW - Creators Society - News: 
This is our 100th session of Writers Group Therapy! Thank you to all our listeners for joining us in our common goal to grow as writers. In this week's session, we look back at the past two years at how far we've come, as well as looking forward to a new year and a new Writers Group Therapy.SHOW NOTES: None this episode.
Executive Producer, Director and Writer Bill Watson speaks with us in this week's session about Plan P Live! - his series of live b-movie screenings with puppets of characters from the movie, made by Bill, singing, joking and riffing on their movies. SHOW NOTES:Plan P Live - on:Twitter: Brothers: 
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I really like this podcast, just wish it was a bit longer. You guys touch on a lot of good stuff and only talk a little about it.

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