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Author: Rachanee Lumayno and Tom Loveman

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Writers Group Therapy is a podcast by writers for writers. We cover timeless topics for writers on the craft, important issues related to the business of writing, and interviews with up-and-coming and established writers, agents, and other people who will appear in a writer's life at some point in their journey.
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Looking for some Summer reading or a new game to while away the hours? This session, we discuss our recent projects; Rachanee’s new YA fantasy novel “Heir of Amber and Fire” and Tom’s just launched head-to-head mobile word find game “Wordcursion.” Both are available at links below in the show notes. This session marks the end of our 4th year! We’ll be on Summer break for a the next couple months. Look for new sessions in August. Thanks for listening!   SHOW NOTES: Wordcursion on Google Play Wordcursion Website Follow @Wordcursion on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook for iOS launch news and updates   About “Heir of Amber and Fire” Jennica is a princess on the run. On the run from an arranged marriage. On the run from a king whose mysterious plans could completely destroy her beloved home, the magical kingdom of Calia. And, she hopes, she's running toward the truth of her heritage. To uncover the mysteries of her past, Princess Jennica will have to rely on a dragon seeker and his team to lead her to the creature who once kidnapped her mother. But how can she fully trust her allies, when she knows she must betray them? “Heir of Amber and Fire” is the first book in the Kingdom Legacy series. Available online at these e-bookstores On Amazon Visit Rachanee's website ( and follow her on Twitter and Instagram for book updates
Artificial Intelligence already suggests what movies and shows to watch on Netflix, what products to buy on Amazon, and writes stories about sports scores, weather reports and stock prices that you hear on the radio and TV. With technology already able to create real actors in movies, and soon their voices, what’s next for A.I. in Hollywood? Experiments in A.I. screenwriting are ongoing. Should you worry? SHOW NOTES: Therefore Films: “Sunspring” AI Multiple: Top 17 AI Trends / Applications in Media& Entertainment [2021] These Lyrics Do Not Exist EMERJ: AI in Movies, Entertainment, and Visual Media – 5 Current Use-Cases Plot Generator (script generator)
We talk with horror author and screenwriter Tim Gabrielle. He has two novels, "This Land of Monsters" and "The Eighteenth," the latter he has adapted for screen which has placed in four screenwriting competitions. Tim discusses his creative process and screenwriting from his home in Ontario, Canada. He also is in the process of starting a podcast titled "Histories & Mysteries" that features mysteries and strange stories from across North America.  SHOW NOTES: Website: Twitter: @timgabrielle Tim's books on Amazon
Rising star writer/producer Jason Goldberg discusses his career development and writing process. His new film "Stay Out of the F***ing Attic" is streaming on Shudder and his name is on The Launch Pad Young & Hungry List and ISA’s Top 25 Screenwriters to Watch List. Find Jason online: Facebook: IMDB: Shudder: About Jason: Jason Goldberg is a member of the Producer's Guild of America with over 100 hours of original programming to his name. Horror is his genre of choice and has 15 completed feature screenplays and 3 television series that have placed in top writing competitions, including Nicholl, Final Draft's Big Break and Screencraft Horror. Jason landed on The Launch Pad's Young & Hungry List (2018), The Launch Pad's Hit List (2018), and ISA's Top 25 Screenwriters to Watch List in 2019. He sold "Stay Out of the F*cking Attic" to Top Dead Center Films, which will be hitting Shudder in Q1 2021 and his Hit List script, "Flatwoods" will be going into production summer 2021, with Andy Palmer attached to direct. He's currently producing a cosmic horror film with a-list talent attached, while pushing his own material. 
Like the pandemic that won’t go away, here is our COVID-19 One Year Later in Hollywood episode. What’s changed? What hasn’t? Where do we go from here? SHOW NOTES:  Session #108 - Our first episode in lockdown
It’s hard to open YouTube without seeing a video on the “Exodus” from Los Angeles and the death of Hollywood. In this session, we debate the health status of Hollywood from the writers’ room to the movie theaters and everything in-between. SHOW NOTES: Hollywood’s Obitutary, the Sequel. Now Streaming - The New York Times Movies aren’t dead but Hollywood is struggling Is ‘Everyone’ Leaving Los Angeles in a ‘Mass Exodus’?
We speak with producer, director and writer Jeff Deverett about writing movies for the growing streaming market and how his experience, as a lawyer and distributor helped in producing seven movies and distributing three of them on Netflix. SHOW NOTES: How To Get A Movie On Netflix - Jeff Deverett:
The writing/directing team of Gerard Bush and Christopher Renz discuss the genesis of their collaboration and creative journey to “Antebellum” and their upcoming movie and TV projects.   SHOW NOTES: Antebellum Website (Lionsgate): From Social Action Campaigns to 'Antebellum': Meet Hollywood's Power Directing Duo: On Twitter: On Instagram: Website:
Heather Fitzgerald is the author of the young-adult fantasy series The Tethered World. Heather discusses her path to becoming an author, the influences that inspired her and launching a franchise in the Christian book market.    SHOW NOTES: Website: Twitter: Instagram:   Audio Book Giveaway! First ten (10) to email Heather via her website get a code for a free audio version of one of her books! Make sure to mention you heard her interview on WGTherapy!
Our guest is Mike Miller, CPA from Cleveland, Ohio, (disclaimer: Mike is Tom's accountant) to discuss what creatives should consider when preparing their tax returns. Including: What qualifies as a creative performer? Do you need an LLC? What's deductible and what's not? What about stimulus checks and more!   SHOW NOTES: Contact Mike Miller at ‭(440) 461-4066‬ or Tom and Rachanee are NOT certified public accounts and this interview is provided for general informational purposes only. Be sure to check with your own tax professional or and your state/local tax offices for specific questions regarding your taxes.
Join us for a not-so-nostalgic look back at this year, a look forward at what's coming, and our special guest Stephen Smith and the Story Behind "A Christmas Carol" webinar.   SHOW NOTES: Steven Smith: 'A Christmas Carol: The Surprising Story behind Dickens’ Classic' Webinar (12/23/2020) by the New York Adventure Club
We interview Kelley Carter, the Sr. Entertainment Reporter for ESPN's "The Undefeated," about her career, starting from her days at Michigan State University, to the Detroit Free Press and USA Today and now creating a scripted drama for Showtime.
We interview award-winning author and publisher Miralee Ferrell this week. She has published 26 books three of which have been produce by the Hallmark Channel as movies. Her publishing company, Mountain Brook Ink, opened in 2014, is "a publisher of high-quality inspirational fiction,” whose tag line is “fiction you can believe in.” They work with new and established authors, including children’s authors. We discuss her journey as a writer and publisher and her advice for writers trying to get started.    SHOW NOTES: Author Website: Publishing Website:
We welcome screenwriter/comedian Wendy Wilkins to the podcast this week. Wendy has been a Warner Brothers Writers' Workshop Participant, an ABC/Disney Writing Program Finalist, a Final Draft's Big Break Contest Top-10 Finalist, a Women In Film: NY/Meryl Streep Writers Lab Finalist and a 2018 Austin Film Festival Second Rounder along with 50 other competition placements and awards. We discuss her experience in the fellowships and contests, about her path as a writer and her prolific work in stand-up comedy in Los Angeles and around the country. Show Notes Wendy on IG: Wendy on Twitter: Wendy on Facebook: Wendy on IMDB:
American movies and TV shows are watched around the world, but to others, we do some weird stuff. For this lighter session, we analyze the depiction of Americans in entertainment based on the Buzzfeed list “37 Things Americans Do In Movies/TV Shows That Truly Confuse Non-American.” Show Notes: Buzzfeed article “37 Things Americans Do In Movies/TV Shows That Truly Confuse Non-American”:
  In today's session, we interview Libby Ward, the author of the bilingual children's book "Luchadoremice," which she also illustrated, and discuss her work writing for TV ("Be Cool, Scooby Doo!", "Sex Sent Me to the ER," and "Q Wunder"), and her other many talents! SHOW NOTES: Sneaky Varmint (Libby's Website): "Luchadoremice": Libby on Instagram: Libby on Twitter:
The Library Agency Owner & Head Agent Julia Irzyk is our guest in today’s session. Julia talks about how the landscape is changing for her business and clients with Covid, the WGA/agency battle, and too many zoom meetings, and how to survive it all.  Show Notes:  The Library Agency:
We go meta in this session why you might, or might not, want to start one and giving you some practical how-to advice on producing your podcast. In the interview, we welcome Robin Who, writer and host of the Frantastic Stories podcast with “stories of every shade of life.” Show Notes: Where to find Robin Who online: Website is Spotify: Apple podcasts: Instagram: Twitter:
Susan Gallagher is an actor/writer/producer who can be seen on the former YouTube, now Netflix show “Cobra Kai,” as Homeless Lynn, as well as the upcoming Sam Medina film “22 - The Unforgotten Soldier.” We discuss building your own career and how she’s doing it outside of Hollywood. Show Notes: Cobra Kai on Netflix: A Portrait of a Woman at Dawn: Susan Gallagher online: IMDb: Website: Facebook Instagram Twitter: YouTube 
In this session, we talk with Mattson Tomlin, the screenwriter of the action/sci-fi Netflix film "Power Project." (23:15) Mattson also scripted and produced the upcoming film "Little Fish" starring Olivia Cooke and has gained attention for being brought onboard to co-write "The Batman" with Matt Reeves. We also discuss the new WGA MBA contract, Mulan and other big budget films on the small screen, and back on set in Covd. SHOW NOTES:  "Power Project" on Netflix: 2020 WGA Theatrical & TV Minimum Basic Agreement: "Mulan" on Disney+:
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I really like this podcast, just wish it was a bit longer. You guys touch on a lot of good stuff and only talk a little about it.

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