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In this episode I talk with Rustin L Odom about Alternate Reality Games (ARGs) Rustin is a multimedia producer and the creator of The Index Project, a mind-bending SciFi franchise that blurs the line between story and reality. Spanning multiple mediums, the project includes a film series, comic books, novels, video games, and more. I hope you enjoy this topic and Thanks for watching. What are ARGs? What is The Index Project? If you’ve enjoyed this conversation and would like to hear more topics like this, please consider leaving a review on iTunes / Spotify / Goodpods or your favorite listening platform. If you’d like to get in touch with me directly, please visit my website I look forward to hearing from you and I hope you’ll consider joining me for future episodes. Links:  Andrew's Twitter Andrew's Website   The Index Project YouTube Channel The Index Project Twitter Profile The Index Project Website --- Send in a voice message:
Welcome Science Fiction aficionado and listener of the Dead Hand Radio podcast. If you’re a listener of Dead Hand Radio, you know this podcast is centered on the events of the cold war, but that's not all it is. It's only been around since March of 2020 and is constantly evolving. After several months of strictly talking about The Cold War, I decided to change up the format and did a whole series on The Paranormal for Halloween. 12 episodes in all, with guests from different backgrounds and interests, who joined me and through their experiences and anecdotes took listeners on a journey through the world of spirits, ghost stories and haunted locations. We talked about cursed lands, myths, legends and lore. It was a blast, and it really opened my eyes as to what this podcast can become. After that series I wanted to expand the platform even more and decided to add a new element to the line up of interesting content. So from this point on, I will occasionally be bringing on people interested in pop culture, movies, comics, books, art and everything else in between related to the incredible world of Science Fiction. My guest for this SciFi Edition is Podcaster Sean Ramos. Creator of the Audio Drama This American Wasteland --- Send in a voice message:



Lynda Thompson is a UFO researcher, Contactee and is sensitive to psychic impressions which have been quite useful throughout her life. Her roles while in the workforce have prepared her and equipped her with the knowledge and insight to demonstrate a highly disciplined approach to her search for answers about the UFO topic. I was first attracted to Lynda’s work through Twitter and after seeing her interviews with Dave Scott from Spaced Out Radio, I decided to reach out to her and invite her on this podcast to learn more about her and talk about some topics that I felt could be further explored and might be beneficial to others interested in the UFO Phenomena. She was understandably a bit hesitant at first and we agreed to talk, but with the caveat that if she wasn’t comfortable with the conversation by the time it had ended, then it wouldn’t be published. I’m happy to report that she agreed to a public release of our conversation. To learn more about Lynda’s work and to get in contact with her, please follow her on Twitter. She’s very approachable and is committed to searching for the truth and helping others who’ve had negative experiences related to the phenomena. --- Send in a voice message:
My guest for this episode of UFO Decoded is Thomas Ferrario. Tom is a former MUFON investigator and long time friend and protege of Ted Phillips. Tom and I discuss his work with Ted Phillips and the infamous Marley Woods site which has been compared to Skinwalker Ranch due to it's high frequency of UFO activity and high strangeness. Tom and Ted spent decades investigating the site known as Marley Woods and have made some very intriguing discoveries and recorded some compelling evidence. They also conducted countless eyewitness accounts of the strange phenomena that occurs on a regular basis in this area. What's most notable about this whole conversation is that the activity has not only continued, but it has increased in frequency. This is a fascinating interview and you don't want to miss it. --- Send in a voice message:
My guest for this episode is Robert Powell, a board member of the Scientific Coalition for UAP Studies. Robert has a BS in Chemistry, experience in managing a state-of-the-art chemistry laboratory and managing a Research and Development group that worked on nanotechnology. He also holds multiple patents related to nanotechnology. He was Director of Research at MUFON from 2007-2017 and created MUFON's Science Review Board in 2012 As a board member of the SCU he’s Co-authored multiple papers on UAP sightings and is actively pursuing FOIA requests to various government organizations to obtain information on historical cases. Robert is also a member of the Society for Scientific Exploration, the UFODATA project, and the National Space Society. And he’s recently published a children's book about UFOs called The Truth About UFOs: A Scientific Perspective Robert’s Bio: This is part of an ongoing series titled UFO DECODED which consists of interviews with UFO researchers, investigators, witnesses and experiencers to uncover truths about the topic. --- Send in a voice message:
My guest for this UFO Edition of Dead Hand Radio is Thomas Whitmore Long time MUFON board member Tom Whitmore had been a San Antonio Texas resident since 1984. Originally from Tulsa, Tom graduated with a degree in business administration from Portland State University and had a career in the financial industry since the 1970’s. He was most recently employed as a financial analyst with a local firm in San Antonio where he retired in 2019.  He is an accomplished guitarist and has a grown daughter. Tom was invited to join the MUFON board in 1995 and experienced the organization’s progress through the successive administrations of Walt Andrus, John Schuessler, James Carrion, Clifford Clift, Dave MacDonald, Jan Harzan and again Dave MacDonald. He serves as Treasurer and focuses on long term and strategic issues for the organization. Tom has been fascinated by military and intelligence agencies’ interactions with the UFO public. He has undertaken a research study of the history of the MJ12 controversy, and intends to eventually publish his findings. He participates in discussions on the MJ12 topic by giving presentations to local UFO groups, appearing on Internet Podcasts and Radio Shows, and by communicating in social media. He is currently residing in the Washington DC area, in order to conduct documentary research at the National Archives and the Library of Congress.  He recently published a paper titled “MJ-12, The Counterintelligence Angle” on his website. --- Send in a voice message:
My guest for This UFO Edition of Dead Hand Radio is Grant Cameron, UFO Researcher, Investigator and Author. Grant has been involved with the research and examination of the UFO mystery since 1975 when he witnessed a craft unlike anything he had ever seen. Since then he’s been involved in bringing this subject to light through his arduous examination of government documents, interviews with high level government officials and witnesses alike. Author of numerous books, Grant has been involved in the study of the consciousness element of this enigma since 2012 and his latest book, Contact Modalities goes into depth on the numerous forms of communication that humans can utilize to initiate contact with these phenomena. This is the topic of our discussion today. Grant is also heavily invested in the disclosure process to apply pressure on the US and Canadian governments to bring forth more information and potential evidence that these entities are not only visiting, but interacting with our governments, and that crash retrievals and potentially alien bodies have been recovered and studied for decades. In this ongoing series titled DEAD HAND RADIO UFO EDITION Andrew talks with UFO researchers, investigators, witnesses and experiencers to uncover truths about the topic. --- Send in a voice message:



Rev Shawn Whittingon is my guest on this Haunted Edition of Dead Hand Radio - Ghosts Demons and Gangsters Shawn and I talk about his early days when he discovered his ability to see and talk with ghosts and how those experiences changed his life. We get into the Cold War and talk about his time in the US NAVY. Then we get into what led to him landing in Las Vegas, NV and what it was like to meet a real life mobster face to face. --- Send in a voice message:
My guest for this episode of Dead Hand Radio is RedBlueBlackSilver, musician, sound engineer.and is best known for his work as composer of the soundtracks for Hunt for the Skinwalker and Bob Lazar, Area 51 and UFOs by Jeremy Corbell. Red talks about his early days when he first discovered his love for music, and the evolution of his career as a musician and composer. Then we delve into his perspectives on how the cold war impacted him and the world around him during his formative years growing up in the 70s and 80s. We talk about how he got connected with Jeremy Corbell and stepped into the role of Soundtrack Composer for two of Jeremy’s movies, and Red shares an experience he had that left him totally perplexed. We covered a lot of ground in this episode but it was an amazing conversation and we spent a good chunk of it talking about UFOs and the people whose lives are affected by this phenomena. Hope you enjoy. In this ongoing series titled DEAD HAND RADIO UFO EDITION Andrew talks with UFO researchers, investigators, witnesses and experiencers to uncover truths about the topic. --- Send in a voice message:
On this SCIFI EDITION I'm joined by fellow SIP NETWORK Podcaster Phantom Dark Dave. Dave and I talk about some of the greatest science fiction in film and TV and we discuss what makes them so great. We each make a few recommendations to each other and gives me an update about all that he has going on in his life including some details about his two newest projects. This episode was recorded in November of 2020 and was scheduled for release by the end of that month but was unfortunately delayed until now. It was a fun episode and was great having Dave back on Dead Hand Radio. Hope you enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed recording it. This episode is part of the ongoing SCIFI EDITION which Andrew talks with artists, writers, filmmakers and fans of the science fiction genre. Thanks for listening. --- Send in a voice message:
Scott Browne is a photographer and has studied the UFO phenomena for decades. After having a strange encounter in his living room Scott began to research the topic in 1987 and has been actively seeking answers ever since. In 2013 he launched the facebook group “In the Field” in order to collaborate with others interested in UFOs and to share his experience and knowledge of photography and image analysis to separate truly anomalous images from fakes and misidentified objects such as airplanes, satellites, birds and other known objects that occupy our skies. Scott and I talk about his early experiences with the UFO phenomena and how his research and methods have evolved over the years. He talks about being featured in the book American Cosmic and how that resulted in a meeting with the books author Diana Pasulka and a mysterious individual known as Tyler D. We also get into some detail about how he has managed to capture multiple images of UFOs and the method he uses called Sky Fishing. If you have any interest in the study of UFOs then this is an excellent conversation to listen to. In this ongoing series titled DEAD HAND RADIO UFO EDITION Andrew talks with UFO researchers, investigators, witnesses and experiencers to uncover truths about the topic. --- Send in a voice message:
My guest for this SciFi Edition of Dead Hand Radio is Writer / Publisher Crystal L. Kirkham Crystal and I talk about her interests and influences in writing. She talks about her early motivation that launched her on the path to becoming a writer and how she decided to start up an independent publishing company named Dark Brew Press. We talk about the fascinating genre of science fiction and what the future of the industry has in store for writers, publishers and readers. Crystal shares some of her favorite works that she's read and she talks about some of her upcoming projects. This episode is part of the ongoing SCIFI EDITION which Andrew talks with artists, writers, filmmakers and fans of the science fiction genre. To learn more about Crystal and her work you can check out these links. Crystal L Kirkham - Author Dark Brew Press | Publisher Gateway | Universal Book Links Help You Find Books at Your Favorite Store! ( --- Send in a voice message:
My guest for this SciFi Edition of Dead Hand Radio is Lilyn George of the Science Fiction / Horror Review website Sci-Fi & Scary. Lilyn has as passion for reading science fiction and horror stories and has turned that past time into a way to help other readers as well as creators of sci-fi and horror, with her website. Her and a team of readers accept submissions, usually from little known and first time authors, and they read and write reviews for these works and post them on the website Sci-Fi and Scary. They’ve reviewed hundreds of titles and have a continually growing catalog of reviews. Lilyn and I connected on Twitter a while back because of our shared interest in the genre of SciFi and when I was considering guests for the SciFi Edition of my podcast I thought she would be an interesting guest. We talk about how she got interested in reading and how she turned that past time into an exceedingly popular website, both with readers and fans of the genre as well as authors looking for objective feedback on their work. Lilyn talks about some of her frustrations within the industry and how the future of SciFi looks in her minds eye and she shares some info about a new project that her and her team are working on. I had a great time talking with Lilyn and it was interesting to hear her insights and opinions about the fascinating world of SciFi literature. Hope you enjoy In this ongoing series titled DEAD HAND RADIO SCIFI EDITION Andrew talks with artists, writers, filmmakers and fans of the science fiction genre. --- Send in a voice message:
UFO EDITION 11 My guests for this episode are Jeremy McGowan and Sean Cahill. This recording took place on site in Las Vegas, the night before Jeremy and Sean set out on their quest in pursuit of UAP – Unidentified Aerial Phenomena and it commemorates the launch of their new project. Along with a team of talented professionals, a camera crew, and the use of some high tech instruments, including a SkyHub unit mounted to an off road vehicle named OSIRIS, these two are attempting to locate, observe and document anomalous activity in our skies. During our conversation we get into why and how the OSIRIS Project came into being, and what the goals are for the project. We discussed how this expedition has evolved from one man’s passion for Documenting the Phenomena, into building a team of professionals and ultimately becoming a full blown film production. We talk about the support team and their various roles, some of the locations and people they’ll meet along the way, and we detail what it could mean, should they succeed in their quest for truth, not only for the team but for all of those following the story as it unfolds. And now, I invite you to join me for an all new UFO Edition of Dead Hand Radio and find out more about these extraordinary individuals and their journey In Pursuit of UAP. Thanks for listening. In this ongoing series titled DEAD HAND RADIO UFO EDITION Andrew talks with UFO researchers, investigators, witnesses and experiencers to uncover truths about the topic. --- Send in a voice message:
My guest for this episode is Kevin Kammann, musician, former US Navy Corpsman and UFO Abductee. In 1982 Kevin had an experience that changed his life, and simultaneously upended his perception of reality and solidified his belief system. We talk about the details of his experience and the knowledge he gained during and after this encounter. Then we talk about the negative and positive effects this event had on his life. Kevin’s experience lasted about an hour and involves time travel, a trip to the moon, an encounter with giant insectoid looking aliens and images of the apocalypse. It’s a fascinating journey and one worth hearing. --- Send in a voice message:
My guest for this SciFi Edition of Dead Hand Radio is Comic Artist Robert Marzullo. Rob is an Artist, YouTuber and Comic Book Aficionado who uses his skill and knowledge of drawing to teach others how to improve their drawing skills for the Comic Book industry. Rob and I have known each other for years and we first connected on Twitter, while I was running Comic Art related blog called ComicArtDepot. I have since discontinued that project, but Rob and I have remained in touch, occasionally exchanging tweets and messages on social media is support of each other's endeavors. I've interviewed Rob before as part of a series I was doing years ago in which we got into his background as an artist, his early influences etc. That was a written interview and is still available on my website if anyone's interested. Here's the link As I mention in this episode, I've always wanted to bring Rob on the podcast as a guest, and once I launched the SciFi Edition I knew that was my opportunity to invite him to join me. During our conversation Rob and I discuss some of the ideas that he's exploring while working on his own comic book Blackstone. How he came up with the idea for the character and what the future holds for this project. We also talk about the importance of Science Fiction in Rob's life and how it continues to influence him in his work. --- Send in a voice message:
My guest for this SciFi Edition of Dead Hand Radio is Editor and Publisher of Apex Magazine and Apex Books, Jason Sizemore. Jason and I talk about the cold war, science fiction and what it's like to run an independent publishing company. We discuss his early influences and some of the challenges he's faced during the evolution of Apex. Then we talk about some of the new and upcoming talented writers working in the genre of science fiction. Jason also discusses what projects are in the works at Apex Magazine, and announces the launch date of their next Zine. It's definitely an informative episode and I hope you enjoy. Thanks for listening. --- Send in a voice message:
UFO EDITION 09 My guest for this episode is Dave Scott, creator and host of Spaced Out Radio. He's a trained and seasoned journalist whose broadcasting career spans multiple decades. Dave is also an experiencer with numerous UFO sightings, paranormal encounters, and has crossed paths with sasquatch and extraterrestrial beings on multiple occasions. In this episode Dave and I discuss his career in Radio, how he got started and some of his influences throughout that journey. We also touch on how the industry has changed over time. In the second part of the episode we talk about Dave’s experiences with UFOs and the Paranormal, his encounters with Sasquatch, aliens and a being he refers to as “The Angel of Death”. And how these experiences have led to his development of certain psychic abilities. Then we talk about how all of these things have impacted his life and Dave gets very personal in the later part of the interview and shares an incredibly profound message for experiencers,  members of the community, critics of the phenomenon and even those with a passing interest in these topics. So be sure to listen all the way to the end. I’m so grateful that Dave spent this time with me and shared his experiences. His willingness to talk about such intimate topics are evidence of his integrity and demonstrate how much he truly cares about this subject. He literally left me without words, multiple times during this conversation. I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I enjoyed creating it. Thanks for listening. In this ongoing series titled DEAD HAND RADIO UFO EDITION Andrew talks with UFO researchers, investigators, witnesses and experiencers to uncover truths about the topic. --- Send in a voice message:
My guest for this SciFi Edition of Dead Hand Radio is JD Kellner. JD is an author of science fiction and fantasy novels and short stories. In this episode, we talk about JDs influences and how he got started as a writer and we talk about some of his most recent works. We also talk about JD’s interest in the cold war, and some of his favorite science fiction movies from that time period. We talk about the future of science fiction and some of JD's work outside of being a writer which could possibly lead into a future follow up episode. So strap in dear listener and prepare for a ride on the SciFi Rocket Train on this edition of Dead Hand Radio. --- Send in a voice message:
My guest for this episode is Linda Zimmerman, paranormal investigator, UFO researcher, experiencer and Author. Linda has a background in science and approaches all of her investigations using the scientific method and applies critical thinking in each case that she looks into. Recently inducted  into the Scientific Coalition for UAP Studies she’s also written 30 books. In this episode Linda and I start off talking about her early days as a child of the Cold War, what she remembers first hand of living under the threat of Nuclear War, then we talk about our shared interest in the space program and discuss how it has evolved as well as the positive direction it’s going now our hopes for the future of that program. Linda then shares her background as a scientist and her journey from working in the medical industry, to becoming a writer and pursuing a career of studying the paranormal and UFO subjects, and how her training and education as a scientist is applied to these areas of study. We open up several of her case files from both the paranormal and the UFO studies she’s done, we talk about her latest book that’s out now, and Linda shares some of her personal experiences with the paranormal as well as a UFO sighting she had first hand. All of which has helped solidify her conviction that these topics warrant further study by the scientific community. All this and more on the UFO Edition. Thanks for listening. --- Send in a voice message:
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