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Author: Dr. Don Trest

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Our small church led by Dr. Donald Trest and a team of elders teaches the Bible and explores the truth contained in its pages. Our goal is to help you understand God's revealed word about humanity, sin, and the nature of God. You can only grow if you have a biblical framework in which to live your life! Subscribe to our podcast and allow us to help you with some of life's difficult questions!
83 Episodes
Pastor Don is Back! He's teaching from Isaiah and showing us the knowledge of the coming kingdom that the people in Jesus' day would have understood.
Teaching from the book of Ephesians, Chuck Bates shows us how we can walk with the Lord and Stand with Him in this life!
Missionary to Ukraine, Paul Miles, teaches on the topic of Soteriology (salvation). He gives a great presentation showing how adding these terms to your vocabulary can help you in evangelism.
Elder Jacob Davis looks at the Genesis account and teaches about the assumptions made in Science that exclude a creator and the problems it creates. Science or the scientific method is neither good nor bad and can be used to glorify God if we will stay engaged and not allow the godless to exclude Christians from the discussion.
Elder Dr. James Mahler speaks from the scripture showing the importance of the Genesis account to the faith of a believer.
Pastor Bob fills in this Sunday to speak from the Book of Ephesians. What is this Church thing all about? How do you fit as a believer within the context of the Church?
Seminary Student Chuck Bates teaches from the Epistle to the Ephesians. We can walk with God if we are equipped with the knowledge of scripture and develop the love that can only come from God.
Missionary Mike Ball updates us on the work in Fiji and teaches from the Book of Philippians.
Pastor Bob teaches the truth of Grace and Peace from the teachings of the Apostle Paul in the Book of Ephesians.
Beware False Teachers

Beware False Teachers


In a world today of competing narratives, how do you know what's true? Pastor Scott teaches about false teachers from 2 Peter 2 and explains that by learning and holding to what's true in scripture, we can more easily identify when we hear or read something false.
Guest Speaker, Missionary Jesse McBride, speaks from Isaiah and gives a message of hope and encouragement concerning what God is doing next!
Grace and Peace

Grace and Peace


Pastor Scott Kimball gives the message this Sunday on the topic of grace and peace.
Pastor Bob looks at salvation and asks the question, "Are you saved"? What does that mean? How do we respond to the message of the Apostle John in his gospel? 
Dr. Don Trest teaches from the Book of Matthew about the Second Coming of Christ and the period of postponement we live in now. How should we live in light of our knowledge of this time and the future return of the Messiah?
Pastor Don shows us in the scripture why the world is the way it is today and what we look forward to in Christ's return!
Dr. Don Trest teaches from Chapter 42 in the Book of Isaiah. How does having this knowledge help us to keep a correct perspective on life today and our hope for the future?
Dr. Don Trest steps back to help us understand the big picture of Isaiah. It seems as though each message of Isaiah speaks to our circumstances today even though it was written over 2500 years ago. When you take the larger view of what Isaiah was trying to express, it is easy to understand why.
Pastor Scott gives a message to help believers to be productive and effective in life and ministry by developing the seven virtues listed in 2 Peter 1:5-10. Our lives can have meaning and purpose if we will follow the calling God has put before us!
Dr. Don Trest looks at Isaiah 41 as God makes His case as the rightful author of history. How we view history determines everything about the outcome of our lives. as our society today fights over the proper view of American history, we need to be reminded that the only version of history that matters is God's version.
Dr. Don Trest teaches from Isiaih 41 beginning with verse 8. Our God has made specific promises to the Nation of Israel and keeping those promises gives us confidence that He will keep the promises he has made to us, His Church!
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