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Jonathon Wright is joined by Niko Mangahas, the global practice lead for quality engineering at RCG Global Services. Listen to learn more about redefining quality strategies for agile and DevOps, and what modern QE looks like.
Jonathon Wright is joined by Sanjay Kumar, creator of Selectorshub, and James Walker from Curiosity. Listen to learn more about how open source tools help simplify xPath writing and integration in automation engineering.
Jonathon Wright is joined by Michael Ritchson, Flight Data Enterprise Solutions Architect at NASA. He has more than 20 years of Software Application programming experience developing solutions for several NASA Centers. Listen to learn more about teamwork, AI, and containerization.
Jonathon Wright is joined by Bertold Kolics, Software Quality Manager at mabl. He works directly with the team to elevate the software testing practice following The Modern Testing principles. Listen to learn more about autonomous automation and what the next generation of automation looks like.
This week, host Jonathan Wright is joined by two special guests. First up is Artem Golubev, Co-founder and CEO of testRigor, to talk about what they’ve been working on in the test automation space (it will blow you away). Second is the Dark Art Wizard himself, Paul Grossman, to share his insights into how testRigor is solving his automation challenges.
Jonathon Wright is joined by Eran Kinsbruner, Chief Evangelist at Perfecto. Eran is a recognized mobile testing influencer and thought leader, as well as an experienced speaker in major software engineering conferences. Listen to learn more about the next generation mobile testing.
Jonathon Wright is joined by Paul Gerrard, a consultant, teacher, author, webmaster, programmer, tester, conference speaker, rowing coach, and publisher. He has been working in the test automation arena for nearly 30 years. Listen to learn how to use machine learning and AI to improve your test automation.
Jonathon Wright is joined by Sarah Saunders, a Senior Developer at Capgemini. She designs and builds performant, maintainable, cloud-native distributed systems in Java and C# with a DevOps mindset. She worked at all levels of the technology stack from shell scripting to agile coaching. Interested technologist, she enjoys staying abreast of current trends. Listen to learn how we can relate technology to business problems.
Jonathon Wright is joined by Wayne Ariola and Thomas Pryce from Curiosity Software.5 or 8 years ago, they met and had a conversation about the idea of nodes and connected nodes and the interconnectedness of what necessarily needs to have in order for the actual test to execute.Listen to learn how to curate information to make testers more productive.
Jonathon Wright is joined by Giles Lindsay, CEO and Business Agility Coach of Agile Delta Consulting to celebrate Agile Manifesto turning 20 and about an upcoming event celebrating this massive milestone in the agile world.
Jonathon speaks with Ileana Herrera, an organizer for Ministry of Test in Salta. They discuss challenges and successes in team building and engagement.
Jonathon covers gamification, its uses across industries and applications, and important considerations when implementing the tactic with guest Pete Jenkins.
Jonathon chats with Senior Test Consultant Laveena Ramchandani about data science, big data, and finding opportunities to learn from your peers.
Lewis talks about how QA approaches are changing as NoOps begins to replace DevOps. He talks about the tools, training, and culture of QA automation, projects he's led, and the future of automation in QA.
Jonathon chats with Royi Haddad of 21 Labs about autonomous testing, functional UI testing, personalizing tests to devices, and more.
Jonathon chats with Joel Montvelisky of PractiTest about changes in the testing world and how testers and quality assurance managers can keep up.
Jonathon chats with Henna Ashraf about the switch from software development to testing, tester interviews, career development, and more. Listen here.
Jonathan chats with Mike Lyles about service virtualization, crowd testing, and future importance of accessibility testing. Listen to the episode here!
Guest Mike Harris discusses GraphQL testing, knowledge graphs, and capturing data. Listen to the podcast episode here!
Jonathon chats with Adrian O-Leary of NIIT Technologies about quality engineering, the importance of using data, and how software testing has changed.
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