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Author: Jonathon Wright

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Discover with us how to lead QA teams and do web and software QA better. We’re a QA community exploring the latest and best quality assurance approaches to help you with DevOps, Agile, Automation, Performance, API, Mobile, Analytics, RPA, AIOps, Shift-Left and right. Find the tips, tricks, how-to guides, and tools you need to build your QA team, and banish the bugs! Hosted by CTO of Digital Assured, President of Vivit-Worldwide, and Tedx Speaker Jonathon Wright.
34 Episodes
Jonathon speaks with Ileana Herrera, an organizer for Ministry of Test in Salta. They discuss challenges and successes in team building and engagement.
Jonathon covers gamification, its uses across industries and applications, and important considerations when implementing the tactic with guest Pete Jenkins.
Jonathon chats with Senior Test Consultant Laveena Ramchandani about data science, big data, and finding opportunities to learn from your peers.
Lewis talks about how QA approaches are changing as NoOps begins to replace DevOps. He talks about the tools, training, and culture of QA automation, projects he's led, and the future of automation in QA.
Jonathon chats with Royi Haddad of 21 Labs about autonomous testing, functional UI testing, personalizing tests to devices, and more.
Jonathon chats with Joel Montvelisky of PractiTest about changes in the testing world and how testers and quality assurance managers can keep up.
Jonathon chats with Henna Ashraf about the switch from software development to testing, tester interviews, career development, and more. Listen here.
Jonathan chats with Mike Lyles about service virtualization, crowd testing, and future importance of accessibility testing. Listen to the episode here!
Guest Mike Harris discusses GraphQL testing, knowledge graphs, and capturing data. Listen to the podcast episode here!
Jonathon chats with Adrian O-Leary of NIIT Technologies about quality engineering, the importance of using data, and how software testing has changed.
Join Bernardo Guerreiro, Senior Engineer at Auth0, as he explains his approach to contract testing, mutation testing, and applying design patterns across clients.
SQA consultant Niall Lynch talks about the Time to Quality metric and the trade-offs between shipping on time and shipping quality products.
In this episode, Test Architect Tatiana Zinchenko talks about how QAs can communicate well with teams, manage expectations, and defend their ideas while still maintaining great relationships.
How can automation testing be more inclusive to software testers? Brendan Connolly from Procore Technologies explains his approach.
How do you do quality at scale? Milan Kuveljic, Head of Quality Engineering at N26 Group, explains how they've provided the best digital experiences for 5 million customers.
Learn from a veteran of the QA community about his mindset around containerization and implementing and improving test automation frameworks.
Kolton Andrus, CEO and co-founder of Gremlin—the world's first "Failure-as-a-Service" platform—about the future of chaos engineering and shift right.
Join for an inspiring session about inclusion in QA with Theresa Neate, QA practice lead, developer advocate, and co-organizer of DevOpsGirls.
Huw Price, Managing Director of Curiosity Software, talks about the mistakes companies make when implementing complex data management systems, plus examples of how to do it right. 
How does "shift-left" actually work in real life? What kind of role can and should developers play in the testing process? In this episode, we learn about the role software developers can play in the QA process with Arun Kumar, Vice President of QA at JPMorgan Chase & Co.
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