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Author: Tom Gaddis

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On the What’s the Secret Podcast, former restaurant manager turned seven-figure entrepreneur Tom Gaddis shares with you the real strategies most gurus won’t tell you about growing a successful business. Discover the steps and strategies he used, to go from being on unemployment to starting and growing his own 7-figure business and helping 50,000 students all over the world.

Each season on the podcast Tom dissects one critical key to building a business that helps you create financial security in less time and with less stress.

Discover the tools, winning systems and mindset you need to stop stressing about money and start building a fulfilling business to replace your income and more.

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40 Episodes
When people say “provide value”, what does that really mean? It’s as simple as this: Talk to people you care about. In Gina and Jamie Atkinson’s case, they dedicated their time to talking to people whom they admired, and it paid off. In this new episode, Tom sits down with the couple to discuss how they met and combined skill sets to find success, how they support each other through the tough times, and a freakishly easy strategy that will make you the guru in any community. “So many people overcomplicate success, but for me, it’s about connecting with people on a real level.” - Jamie Atkinson   In This Episode: How the couple’s serendipitous meeting was a match made in marketing heaven Why a $30,000 course and draining their savings were the key to the couple’s success The ways the couple supports both their individual and collective goals Jamie’s simple “three word” social media strategy that provides value to people who matter and makes you the go-to expert in a community     Connect with Gina and Jamie Atkinson: Check out their podcast here: Website: Facebook:     Connect with Tom Gaddis: Join Tom’s program here: Website: LinkedIn: Facebook: Instagram:
The world is always in need of exceptional leaders, but for someone who has little experience or says “I’m not a natural leader”, what do they do?Today’s guest, former VP of the Magic Kingdom and renowned keynote speaker Dan Cockerell, shows us that leading others begins with leading yourself. In this new episode, Tom sits down with Dan to discuss how Dan flips the “life’s a marathon” analogy on its head, why Dan refuses to micro-manage anybody, and what Dan does every single day to keep his life full of magic.     “You, as a leader, have to take an interest in your people and see the job from their point of view.” - Dan Cockerell   In This Episode: How Dan puts his philosophy into tangible ACTION everyday Why life ISN’T a sprint and rest is NECESSARY to success Dan’s advice for developing TRUE leadership, no matter where you start Why Dan ALWAYS assumes good intent and NEVER micro-manages What Dan does to practice TOTAL leadership and own his mistakes   Connect with Dan Cockerell: Get Dan’s book here: LinkedIn: Twitter: Website:     Connect with Tom Gaddis: Join Tom’s program here: Website: LinkedIn: Facebook: Instagram:
In a world full of noise, how do you stand out? How do you spread your message in a world of a trillion others? It’s not easy, but it’s surprisingly simple. Brendan Kane, an innovation strategist and social media guru, has helped Fortune 500 companies and high-profile people make their mark in the world. Tom sat down with Brendan to discuss his keys to success, including the crucial anatomy of a hook point, why you need to always innovate to stay relevant, and how to cater your message to reach the widest audience possible. “At its highest point, a hook point equals grabbing attention.” - Brendan Kane   In This Episode: How to stand out in a world of 60 billion messages sent every day The KEY three pillars of grabbing and KEEPING attention Why a perfect hook can’t last forever The difference between what people WANT vs. NEED Why hooks need to cater to the largest possible audience     Connect with Brendan Kane: Get Brendan’s books here: Website: LinkedIn: Facebook:  Instagram:  Connect with Tom Gaddis: Join Tom’s program here: Website: LinkedIn: Facebook: Instagram:
If you’ve ever considered starting a podcast but didn’t know how to distinguish yourself, here’s the secret: It’s not as hard as you think, and if you have good ideas and consistency, you WILL distinguish yourself from the pack! Today’s guest, Luis Diaz, learned that very lesson years ago, and now his production company has produced over 40 podcasts with a collective 5 million downloads! The two discuss how Luis found and got passionate about podcasting, why those who want to make an impact would benefit from a podcast, and the tactical strategies to begin your journey ASAP.   “As long as the content is good, people will listen.”  - Luis Diaz   In This Episode: How Luis went from personal trainer to podcast guru The types of businesses that would benefit MASSIVELY from starting a podcast The no B.S. steps to creating an impactful podcast and enhancing your business Why “podcast storming” DOUBLED a podcaster’s audience What you can do RIGHT NOW to embark on your podcast journey   Connect with Luis Diaz: Download Luis’s book FOR FREE here: Website: LinkedIn: Facebook: Instagram: YouTube: Connect with Tom Gaddis: Join Tom’s program here: Website: LinkedIn: Facebook: Instagram:
If you love connecting with people and supporting businesses you believe in, affiliate marketing is a great career path. However, so much goes into providing high caliber services, and that’s where today’s brutally honest conversation comes in. In this episode, Tom talks with Amber Spears, an industry leader in the affiliate marketing arena whose primary company, East 5th Avenue, has generated $68 million in front-end launch sales and helped over 250 companies generate profits in excess of $320 million. Amber discusses her formulaic approach to finding quality affiliates, why you need to have candid conversations to protect yourself, and the steps beginners can take right now to get started. “You have two focuses. One focus should be building relationships with your network, and two should be improving your offer. Always!” - Amber Spears   In This Episode: How Amber transformed her abusive childhood into inspired action Amber’s take-home advice for anyone starting out The proven formula for finding clients and building trust How to protect yourself from partners not keeping their word The characteristics of high caliber affiliates and where to find them   Connect with Amber Spears: Listeners can collect their free gift here: Join the Traffic Tribe: Website: LinkedIn:   Connect with Tom Gaddis: Check out Offline Sharks here: Website: LinkedIn: Facebook: Instagram:
Everybody wants to know the “secret” to networking, but the “secret” is that there isn’t one at all!  Today’s guest, best selling author and copywriter Paul Edwards, shares that anyone can become an excellent marketer and work with world-class clients. Paul and Tom discuss questions that you MUST ask every potential client, the reversible mistakes everyone runs into, and a mindset shift that will make potential clients trust you more. “If you do a lot more listening than talking, you’ll start to hear what’s important to people.”  - Paul Edwards   In This Episode: Why the “secret to success" is a simple practice anyone can do RIGHT NOW How to work with world-class mentors without breaking the bank Why you NEED to accept being the “dumbest person in the room” The ONE question that will make prospective clients feel heard The BIGGEST networking mistake and how to REVERSE it Why you want to be a SERVICEPERSON, not a salesperson   Connect with Paul Edwards: Get your copy of Paul's book here: Website: Podcast:   Connect with Tom Gaddis: Check out offline sharks here: Website: LinkedIn: Facebook: Instagram:
The key to wealth isn’t about being the best at something—it’s about being the only one doing something else. In this new episode, Tom sits down with Ian Stanley, a well-known writer whose writing has sold over $100 million worth of products and services. They cover the secrets to noticing the abundance of wealth around you, the undeniable power of meditation, and the steps to escaping the rat race and never trading your time for money again. So, what’s the secret? “Don’t be boring.” “We’re so conditioned to trade our time for money, and it’s not the path to wealth.” - Ian Stanley   In This Episode: ONE “trick” that will separate you from the pack The myth of the “saturated market” How to avoid boxing yourself into one profession The secret to mastering anything How to reprogram your mind to see an abundance of money everywhere   Connect with Ian Stanley: Get Ian’s book here: Get Ian’s “Money Morning Challenge” here: Website:  Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: YouTube: Connect with Tom Gaddis: Check out Offline Sharks here: Website: LinkedIn: Facebook: Instagram:
In today’s market, anyone from any background can make money online but you have to find your focus and put in the work to find success. In this new episode, Tom sits down with Paul James, a nursing student turned marketer and YouTube content creator, to discuss how Paul shifted gears and found success. Paul lays out the actionable tips and tricks for changing your career and finding consistent success, as well as the mindset shift needed to transform an online hobby into a thriving business. Making money online has never been easier, so what are you waiting for? Get out there and make it happen.   “People don’t come to hear the juicy, crisp microphone. They come to get the content.” - Paul James   In This Episode: THIS simple strategy helped Paul pay off tens of thousands in debt How making his first $20 led Paul to so much more The power of Facebook groups Paul’s secrets for building a YouTube audience RIGHT NOW Why content trumps resources every time   Connect with Paul James:Grab your copy of Paul’s book, “Reverse Engineer Your Future: Stop Waiting for Success — Go Out and Make It Happen Now” here: Website: YouTube: Facebook: Instagram: Connect with Tom Gaddis: Check out Offline Sharks here: Website: LinkedIn: Facebook: Instagram:
Everyone knows how lucrative advertising on Facebook can be. But the compliance rules can be difficult to navigate. So if you want to promote your business there, you need to thoroughly understand how Facebook operates first. In this new episode, Tom talks with Ed Reay, the guy 7, 8, and 9 figure business owners call when the stakes are high and it's do or die. Ed has worked with some of the biggest marketers out there--Stefan Georgi, Justin Goff, Ian Stanley, Traffic & Funnels and many more--helping them scale fast and furiously on Facebook without fear of getting banned or shut down.   "At the end of the day, it’s about one thing and one thing only: User experience.”  - Ed Reay   In This Episode: How one sentence changed Ed’s life at such a young age The biggest misconception that people believe about Facebook ads One simple but critical tip to keep your ads effective and compliant Ed’s approach to naming products How to utilize Facebook’s new system for ads   Connect with Ed Reay Website: LinkedIn: Facebook: Instagram:   Connect with Tom Gaddis: Check out Offline Sharks here: Website: LinkedIn: Facebook: Instagram:
All right, so what’s this hubbub about copywriting? Is it really that important? Absolutely, and it’s growing by the second! In this insightful new episode, Tom talks with Stefan Georgi, another giant in the copywriting and sales world, whose words have grossed over $700 million across multiple sectors. They cover what brought copywriting into Stefan’s life, the scalable tips and tricks, and Stefan’s personal strategy that freed him of his 9-5 and carved his name into history. Copywriting may not be easy, but starting is way simpler than you think.   “Copywriting is really valuable and not even really about writing—it’s a framework for selling.”  - Stefan Georgi   In This Episode: How one trip to Vegas changed Stefan’s life Stefan’s formulaic approach that makes quality copy every single time The one way to look at copywriting to change your perspective on sales and entrepreneurship How brutal honesty elevated Stefan’s business Why Stefan believes that the growing number of freelancers is changing the game   Connect with Stefan Georgi: Website: Email List: LinkedIn: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter:   Connect with Tom Gaddis: Website: LinkedIn: Facebook: Instagram:
Becoming a Navy SEAL is reserved only for bodybuilders and Olympic athletes, right? Just like the myth of who can build a business, the answer to this is a resounding “No.” On this episode of “What’s the Secret?”, Tom sits down with former Navy SEAL, Brad McLeod, to discuss Brad’s journey from ordinary guy to extraordinary Navy SEAL. Brad covers how any journey begins with tiny steps, how a disadvantage can become your trump card, and how this unshakeable philosophy can transform small steps into giant leaps.   “You just gotta hang in there longer and tougher than anyone else, keep a smile on your face, and never ever quit.” - Brad McLeod   In This Episode: Brad’s philosophy for defining the odds How starting from behind could be your ultimate advantage What the 1% Rule is Brad’s core principles of discipline for folks young and old alike How to be Unshakeable   Check out Tom’s post about his SEAL fitness journey!   Connect with Brad McLeod: Website: Facebook: Instagram:   Connect with Tom Gaddis: Website: LinkedIn: Facebook: Instagram:
Building a business is only for those with trust funds or business degrees, right? Not at all. Manifesting your idea from scratch has never been more possible than today, but too many people either feel overwhelmed and never start, or they chase money and feel no different when they attain it. In this episode, Tom dives into the details on what it takes to transform an idea into a business, no matter your background. We all know that hard work always trumps talent, so only one question remains: What’s the secret?   “A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.” - Tom Gaddis   In This Episode: How to set realistic yet satisfying goals The essential steps to getting through money uncertainty The secret to scaling your business consistently How to avoid this one critical mistake that can stifle your cash flow Focus on THIS instead of money A checklist that will help you make every one of your products stand out from the last How to build a dependable and effective support system   Connect with Tom Gaddis: Website: LinkedIn: Facebook: Instagram:
The launch is here! Hooray! Time for some R&R, right? We wish. All of your preparation for your stellar launch has paid off, but the work is far from over. In this episode, Tom lays out the critical steps for successfully managing your launch, whether tackling errors or building trust. Remember, launching a product is a marathon, not a sprint, but if you can push through doubt and stay on top of it, you will be on your way to that long-awaited rest and relaxation.   “The better prepared you are, the better your chances for success.” - Tom Gaddis   In This Episode: Get an insider’s look into what it takes for a successful launch How to strategically schedule your launch for maximum effectiveness One crucial step for keeping track of the details and eliminating issues The model that Tom follows for guaranteed results How to increase participation and competitiveness in your JV partners   Connect with Tom Gaddis: Website: LinkedIn: Facebook: Instagram:
No man is an island, and neither is a business. It takes a village to build and launch a successful product, and that’s where affiliate partners come in. In this episode, Tom discusses the politics of launching a product, as well as how to forge meaningful relationships with partners to create a quality support system of product promotion. Tom also dispels the myth that an online business is a vacation—work is required.   “The name of the game is reciprocation.” -Tom Gaddis   In This Episode: The tactics to convince affiliate partners to work with you How to prepare for your launch One trick that will increase your odds of your launch getting noticed What to do once you’ve established a relationship with an affiliate Why your audience is only one of many to buy your product   Connect with Tom Gaddis: Website: LinkedIn: Facebook: Instagram:
Congratulations! You landed your first customers and are grateful for them. You appreciate whatever they buy, but how do you bring them even more value? How do you make your customers feel supported, appreciated, and understood? In this episode, Tom breaks down how to utilize upsells, down-sells, and funnels to make more sales the right way. Tune in to find out how!   “When it comes down to it, the conversions of you upsells and your down-sells and the steps in your funnel are really gonna drive the majority of the revenue from your launch.” -Tom Gaddis   In This Episode: Why a funnel is critical to sales success How to upsell effectively The secret to down-selling The best way to use a “bump” The steps and importance of making your buyers feel supported and appreciated   Connect with Tom Gaddis: Website: LinkedIn: Facebook: Instagram:
In this episode, Tom attacks the daunting challenge every business owner knows all too well: How to create front end offers that will entice customers and keep them coming back for more. It’s simpler than you think. “People buy from people.” -Tom Gaddis   In this episode:  - Tom’s “M.I.L.K. It” method that was crucial to his successful six-figure launch  - The importance of understanding and connecting with your audience  - How to optimize every detail of your product through research and fundamentals  - The components of a website that will make new visitors permanent customers  - How learning this one skill will elevate your brand and multiply your customers    Resources:  14 Day Free Trial of Click Funnels -  Free account for Groove Pages & Groove -Sell  A Technique for Producing Ideas by James Webb Young Your First 100 Million by Daniel Peña    Connect with Tom Gaddis:  Website:  LinkedIn:  Facebook:  Instagram:
In this episode, Tom explains some of the key factors to launching your product. Tom has had several six-figure launches and dives deep into the details needed for a successful launch. From being organized with a launch schedule, to building relationships with others in your field, Tom leaves no stone unturned. Tune in to gain some great insight from Tom!   “Product launches are something that you cannot do alone. Start building relationships now.” -Tom Gaddis   In This Episode: - Why it is important to be organized and have deadlines   - Why you should be making checklists to stay on task (pre-, during-, and post-launch)   - How to create a JV web page and document   - Websites to help you have a successful launch   Resources: Example JV web page - Example JV document -    Connect with Tom: Website - LinkedIn - Facebook -
On this episode, I peel back the curtain on exactly how we design our product launches to maximize revenue without having to do frequent launches. Using our Funnels Inside Funnels Strategy, I'll walk you through the steps of reverse engineering your launch and mapping out your customer journey. If you're looking for a way to build more consistent cash flow and grow your business faster, you don't want to miss this episode.   “Constantly put your customers desires, their problems, and values at the forefront and you'll be able to grow and scale your online business.” -Tom Gaddis   On this episode: - Discover how to reverse engineer your product launch - Learn the key elements to a good back end offer - Maximize your profits with our Double Tap Strategy - Find out the key elements to focus on to develop long term clients - And much more... ---   Connect with Tom Gaddis: Website - LinkedIn - Facebook -
At the start of our fourth season, we’re going to get into a new topic, product launching. We recently launched a new product, our most successful one to date, with over 4000 units in four days. In this episode, join me as I reveal what the gurus don’t tell you about product launching. Many things have caught me and my partner, Nick, off guard. I’ll let you know what those are so you can better prepare for them.   “We don’t have to worry about making money on the main product launch.” – Tom Gaddis   On this episode: - It’s never too early to start building your audience. - Launching your products on a network. - Building relationships with people who create products themselves. - The short life cycle of product launches. - Creating a community and building a tribe --- Connect with Tom Gaddis:Website - - Facebook -
Join Tom Gaddis and Mike Michalowicz as they talk about profits. As Mike discusses in the show, 83% of small business owners live paycheck to paycheck, not knowing how to get out of this crazy loop! We start these businesses to get to financial freedom, so we have to take it upon ourselves to make that happen as entrepreneurs. You’ll know the thing you have to focus on first that will make your business thrive and start having it pay you. Stay tuned to the show to learn Mike’s four core principles of profit first and his take on the phrase “wallet over words.”   “If profit is important, profit must come first.” – Mike Michalowicz   On this episode: - The problem with the formula of sales minus expenses equals profit. - Creating a system of bank accounts with the right labels, one of them for profit! - Taking distributions every 90 days and how it normalizes spending patterns. - Starting slow and letting it grow. - Choosing not to participate in the recession and taking the opportunity to reinvent. - Getting validation from people’s willingness to pay versus affirmation by words alone.   --- Mike’s Book   Mike’s Website ---   Link for the free E-Guide Connect with Tom Gaddis: Website - LinkedIn - Facebook -  
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