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Author: Ryan Kohler

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Great hiring is vital to any organization... but the talent shortage seems to impact smaller employers even more than large. This podcast covers a proven approach for smaller HR teams & business owners to not just compete but to beat out the bigger employers in their industry & city. We will teach proven techniques to attract and select high-quality candidates for your job openings.
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In today's episode, Ryan Kohler will be taking you along to one of his live sessions at a SHRM event in Orlando, FL. If you'd like to follow along with his presentation, click the link below to download the slide deck! of course, if you have any questions, comments, or feedback... shoot me an email at!
How do we avoid generating bias when our employees are bringing in applicants? This podcast will tell you just how to avoid bias and how we can share our success. The employees take the current job openings and throw them into the world. Find out how they do this and what benefit comes from the way we have it set up. Tune in to learn!
Employee referrals have so much power. A lot of employers offer compensation or make it some kind of competition in order to improve the number of employee referrals sent their way. This podcast goes into detail on how employees aren't recruiters but they are great resources for people looking for jobs and how they go about being a great spokesperson for the company. Tune in to find out what they are doing and how you can start implementing employee referrals as well.
Herd mentality has so much to do with sourcing the right applicants. Segment the market, commoditize, differentiate, maintain that profitability, and socialize. Making your offer different is going to make all the difference when it comes to drawing the right applicants in! This podcast will walk you through the steps of our to differentiate it from the others. Tune in and apply these ideas to your own model!
Employee referrals work! We did our very own case study... and honestly, I think you would be really intrigued to find out the results. This podcast goes into great depth as to how we started, what we changed, and how the flywheel had a huge part to play in all of this. Tune in for the breakdown and results of this process!
The most powerful and sustainable talent attraction engine for your organization is the employee referral flywheel. An effective employee referral program is something that will continually deliver high-quality hires and something that your team can constantly improve, optimize, and make changes to ensure it’s producing the best possible results. A healthy sustainable employee referral program is a predictor of the overall health of your culture. This podcast explains the importance of the em...
Direct interest applicants are a great source for qualified, fit, eager candidates. You have to actively drive the flywheels in order to maximize the results from direct interest. People with direct interest are looking for you specifically because they know, like, and trust you. They like your products and services, or your brand, culture, and values. Tune in to learn the three-step process to maximize those results from direct internet sources. I'll give you a hint... Manage your buy-...
Let's get this breakdown started! This podcast will run you through each of the direct interest sources and help you make a roadmap for setting up a source. You will be able to get the initial momentum going to reach the point of inertia for that source. We have to expand our sourcing beyond just job boards. When we do that, we focus on what I call high power sources. Once we focus and optimize these sources, we can build flywheels that spin faster and feed themselves in the future. If ...
There are many powerful ways to use social media for recruiting. Use Facebook to attract your fans and followers! While Facebook groups generally don't cost any money to post to... they do require your time, attention, and creative effort if you want to maximize your results. This is yet another reason to use a flywheel. Add that fuel and remove and reduce the friction! Tune in to learn the 5 steps to building that successful social media flywheel!
Sometimes it feels like getting the right applicants is just out of our control or that the only way to increase our applicant flow is to throw money at it. If you feel that way, Ryan Kohler has a solution for you! It's all about a power source, which is a way to generate applicants and focus on engaging people who have the highest potential to be hired. Tune in to learn about the different flywheels and sources that will help you obtain the highest quality applicants out there!
Sometimes it's time to switch it up, like... adding a different type of sourcing power into your recruiting mix. As we have learned, when it comes to sourcing applicants, it's just marketing. We start with the low-hanging fruit and then move up the tree! Once we have moved up, we have to find a way to the very top, that last rung. Listen in and hear how Ryan Kohler breaks it all down. From the sourcing issues to new sourcing ideas, and then ending with a solution for any company!
What do you call a hidden gem? You know... a place with great food, awesome service, friendly staff, and it feels like you belong there. But then... it just disappears. It goes out of business. You don't get to enjoy that comfortable and homey atmosphere anymore. Ryan Kohler explains why hidden gems go out of business, what causes it, how to craft your job ad to express to job seekers why they should want to work for you... and just all-around how to solve the problem!
The massive talent shortage just is not improving. I think sometimes we forget that even though it may feel like we don't have the right person or the right amount of applicants... they're still out there somewhere, just looking. Ryan Kohler lays out 5 core focuses for job board recruiting success. He goes in-depth and discusses the importance of putting out the right ad, with the right information, to the right people.
The country is opening back up and we are finding that applicant flow is not what we thought it was going to be and job boards just don't look like they used to. Needless to say, it's worth figuring it out. How do you stand against your competitors? Understand what your competitors have to offer and use that to add to your job board strategy. The goal? figure out how far off you are from your competitors and get to work!
It's not that qualified job seekers don't exist... it's that they're currently employed with your competitor. First, it's important to make sure that you have the right requirements listed. Second, it needs to be enticing. Focus on where the job seekers are right now and ask the questions. What is it about where they are that makes it more compelling than what you can offer them? What can you offer them that will be a solution to the frustrations they are currently experiencing? Use these tip...
Everyone is still struggling with sourcing applicants. We have found that the most effective way to better your sourcing efforts is to focus on your job ad. So... let's learn how to write an engaging job ad! The most important factor in all of this is to refrain from letting the job ad turn into a job description. If you follow the 6 elements that I have laid out for you in this podcast, you'll see an increase in applicant flow from 50-300%. Now, let's create that job ad!
Great marketing starts with content and great content comes from knowing your target. You might think your best hires fit all the job requirements listed... but I think you'll be surprised! Validate the requirements for the job and get to know your target job seeker. These steps will help ease you into the 5 steps that are laid out for you to write the best job ad that will inevitably help you find the highest quality candidates that your company deserves!
Like it or not, sourcing applicants is just like content marketing. Ryan Kohler explains what the 4 most costly and detrimental mistakes are when it comes to sourcing qualified applicants. Tune in to find out how you can avoid making these mistakes, why it is important to move past this, and why it leads to low applicant flow. Then... find out what Ryan did to help his friend's restaurant generate 20x more applicants than what he was getting before!
We know we need to act. Our recruiting problems are all similar in some ways. So... I have found the solution for you. I call it "the recruiting roadmap." Our goal here is to create an efficient strategy that drives success. Tune in to learn how to make the most of the 5 steps of the recruiting roadmap. Let's learn how to make the biggest impact, with the least amount of effort, and the highest amount of certainty that it will work inside your organization.
We are all struggling to attract qualified applicants for our jobs. The economy will always have its ups and downs. The entire hiring ecosystem of job boards, competitors, software, and job seekers’ desires… it’s all constantly changing. That's why we need to be proactive and build a recruiting flywheel. Tune in to learn the 5 pieces of the recruiting flywheel... these steps will set you up to keep that momentum going so you can continue attracting the most qualified applicants.