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What is the best way to organize my 200+ shoe collection? How do I get my husband to put his clothes away and not just throw them on the back of a chair at the end of the night? What is the most efficient way to edit my closet? These are just some of the questions that will be answered on your new go-to podcast about all things organizing! Join Closet Designer, Debra Russo and Professional Organizer, Drea Montali every Tuesday as they discuss what's hot in the world of closets and organization. Together they are "2 Girls 1 Closet" Follow us on Instagram: @2Girls1Closetpodcast.
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Interior Stylist, Joanna Thornhill is back on the podcast to talk all about her new book, “The New Mindful Home.” We chat about the inspiration behind her new book, living intentionally and mindfully, how responsible consumerism plays a role in interior design and how the recent pandemic made us realize that our home needs to be a calming and relaxing place. Joanna is also hosting a 90 minute workshop on 7th July, all about designing a home to support your wellbeing, as part of 91 Magazine’s Creative Sessions (it will also be available to purchase as a playback if you miss the live) - all the details can be found on her website or bio link on Instagram.Make sure to visit her website, follow her on Instagram and shop her new book!
In lieu of  Father's Day approaching, we are re-releasing our episode with the one and only, Tidy Dad!--------------------On this Father's Day episode, we have Tyler Moore aka Tidy Dad as our guest. Inspired by the legendary Marie Kondo, Tyler and his wife began their tidying journey back In 2018. He now helps others tidy and simplify their lives!In this episode, we discuss the difference between organizing, tidying and cleaning, how he gets his kids involved in the clean up process, his goals of one day being on a baking show and just how important communication Is when it comes to keeping things orderly at home. Dads get ready to be inspired and everyone else get ready to be wowed. You will not want to miss Tyler's awesome tips. Make sure to follow @tidydad on Instagram for tips, tricks and hacks to keep your home organized.
Did you know there is wall art that improves your overall productivity, lowers your stress levels, enhances your learning comprehension, absorbs sound, regulates humidity and increases positivity!? The Moss Boss NYC Founder, Adzi Jasari, brings the outdoors inside. He talks to us about his journey to creating Moss Boss, how easy it is to care for moss, the soon to be "Moss and Sip" parties and what other plants are easy to keep alive. Make sure to to follow him on Instagram and check out his website to custom design your next Moss Wall Art!
Sarah Gualtieri is a New York based product photographer, recipe developer and creative director at "The Boozy Ginger."  After 10 years of being a graphic designer in the corporate world, she decided to branch out on her own and offer marketing, design and photography services to her clients.  She began working with more and more beverage brands which led to developing her cocktail blog, "The Boozy Ginger."Sarah talks to us about her business, what staples we all should have on our bar carts, what's trending in the cocktail scene and websites to help keep your recipes organized. Make sure to follow her on Instagram and check out her blog for all things cocktails.
If you are a real estate agent looking for a modern approach to marketing and using social media, you have come to the right place! This week, we talk to Chelsea Peterson, the CEO of Modern Agent Social Club about her business which offers an exclusive marketing membership for the modern real estate agent who wants to learn how to use social media the right way. She shares amazing insight and tips that you won't want to miss.Make sure to follow Chelsea on Instagram as well as Modern Agent Social Club for the best tips! Also, make sure to follow the 2 Girls 1 Closet Instagram page for all your closet and organizing needs.
This week, we welcome Bianca D'Alessio to the podcast!  Born and raised in New York, Bianca currently manages over $800m in pipeline and active new development sales inventory for Nest Seekers Development Marketing.Did you know you can live in a building that has stroller parking? We talk about new development buildings in NY, what amenities are currently trending, if storage and closets are in high demand and so much more.Make sure to follow Bianca on Instagram and check out her website to work with her! Also, make sure to see her on Season 9 of Million Dollar Listing!
We New Yorkers know  the challenges of small space living. Every nook becomes storage and vertical height is our savior. On this week's episode, we have Danielle Blundell, the Home Director of Apartment Therapy as our guest.  She talks to us about how she became a journalist, what trends she is seeing in small space living, what resale site has great home decor items, Apartment Therapy's upcoming "Small Cool Experience" event and SO much more!
When most people think of garment hangers, they think of their closets. What they may not know is that Henry Hanger set the stage for the evolution of garment hangers as we know them today.On this week's episode we are joined by Roger Heydt and Christine Murphy from Henry Hanger.  They talk to us about their history, which types of hangers are best for certain garments, what color finishes are currently trending, why acrylic hangers are great for humid climates and much more! They also share ways to customize your hangers and how to place orders from their company. Makes sure to follow Henry Hanger on Instagram and check out their website to check their product options. 
Scott Barnes, the business development manager for TAG Hardware joins us on the pod this week to talk all about their new "Symphony Wall Organizer." This product is great for open wall spaces and not only functional but beautiful and artistic to look at. It's great for storing shoes, jewelry and accessories. If you love organizing accessories, you will not want to miss this episode!We also talk to Scott about the history of TAG hardware, other products they offer, how to order TAG products and more.Make sure to visit TAG Hardware on Instagram and website for more information.
This week, we talk about what spring cleaning looks like for 2021. After our year of Covid, we have both noticed organizing opportunities in our homes and are excited to share our thoughts, tips and product recommendations. Make sure to check out our Instagram posts and highlights for the products we talk about as well as some photo inspiration. Have a topic that you think would be a great fit for our show? Visit our website and fill out the contact form.
Rated 18 Shoes is a Zimbabwe based purpose driven start up shoe brand that empowers girls and women who were subjected to child marriage by employing them to craft handmade shoes and allocating profits to pay schools fees so they can finish their education.With their vision to transform each child bride's story into an instrument for her empowerment and their mission to employ, educate and empower 18 million survivors of child marriage by 2050 we are excited to talk to founder Natsai Musarurwa all about her journey.We talk about her company, how covid 19 impacted her business, the future goals for the brands, sustainability and more. She also share some great advise for entrepreneurs. Make sure to check out Rated 18 Shoes on Instagram and visit their website for more info. 
In lieu of recent travel restrictions being lightened, we decided to release our episode with Hollis Brown's, Mike Montali where he shares his tips and tricks for packing minimally.--Have you ever packed for a road trip and then thought to yourself, "why on earth did I pack all this stuff?" Well, we've been there too! On this week's episode, Mike Montali from the critically acclaimed band, Hollis Brown Is our guest. When he told us that he only uses one small carry on for a 6 week tour across the USA and Europe, we needed to hear his packing tips. Follow Hollis Brown for upcoming show dates, new releases and behind the scene fun.
Many of us have great ideas about starting a business but it's the little things like running social media accounts, getting our thoughts together and creating a brand that is overwhelming. Branding and PR expert, Hannah Nieves is our guest this week and she shares tips about how to get your brand in order and organized.We also discuss social media platforms and how they may work for you, the apps and websites she uses to keep her business organized and how she helps her clients reach their career goals.Make sure to follow Hannah on Instagram and learn how you too can work with her and check out her website:
On this week's episode, we talk to Kristin and Kaylin Scanlon AKA The Scanlon Sisters all about what's hot in NY Real Estate. They also share ways they are mastering social media, how getting involved in local community helps draw in business, why mindset is important, how COVID impacted their business and much more. New to real estate or just need a fresh perspective? This episode is for you!Make sure to follow them on Instagram for their latest listings and tips to be successful in real estate.
Garde Robe® pioneered the luxury wardrobe management and Cyber Closet® valet concept to service the needs of couture collectors, city residents with inadequate closet space, business travelers, globetrotters, multiple home owners, and fashion designers.  We are so excited to have VP Doug Greenberg and Archivist Danielle Morin as our guests this week.They talk to us about ways to protect our clothing, if cedar closets are actually effective, what garment care mistakes people make at home and more. They also teach us about their services and answer some fun questions from our followers on Instagram. Make sure to follow Garde Robe on Instagram and check out their website to see if their services are for you. 
On this week's episode, we chat with hair colorist and extension expert, Jan Marie Lozada about all things hair. She shares her tips about how often to get your hair cut and colored, which hair products are a must have and some of her go-to hair organizing recommendations.We also find out of styling tools such as Dyson hair wrap, crimpers or hot rollers are worth the cabinet space!Make sure to follow Jan Marie on Instagram and if you are in the NYC area book your next appointment with her at Sally Hershberger Salon in Hudson Yards.
Did you know that sleep can play a HUGE roll in our daily productivity, organizational habits and mental clarity? Mollie McGlocklin founder of "Sleep is a Skill" is our guest this week. We talk bout how your space and clutter can effect your sleep,  how much sleep we should be getting a night, what sleep devises/apps she recommends, how caffeine actually effects us and much more.Make sure to follow Mollie on Instagram, check out her podcast and website to optimize your sleep!
Valentine's Day is next week and if you are in the market for some outside of the box gift ideas, search no more. We put together a list of  our favorite sustainable and experience gift ideas that will not only create great memories but not add unnecessary clutter in your home.Make sure to visit our website for links to each of the companies we mention in this episode. 
On this week's episode we talk to Rebecca Gordon, a renowned New York City astrologer, founder of a 15-year running Astrology School, and author of 'Your Body and the Stars' (Simon & Schuster). She's the resident astrologer for Harper’s Bazaar and has been featured in leading publications like The New YorkTimes, The New Yorker, The Financial Times, Forbes, Oprah Magazine, Vogue etc.We talk to her about the work and organization strengths and weaknesses of each zodiac sign, learn how she created an established business as an astrologer and all about her new "Astrology for Entrepreneurs" course.Make sure to visit her website and follow her on Instagram.
If recent politics have got you thinking about running for office, stop right here and listen to this episode!Felicia Kalan, is running for city council in District 22 of Queens, New York.  As the Chairwoman for the Interfaith Coalition for Peace & Safety,  Kalan wants to run a truly people powered campaign fighting for your needs with common sense solutions, and not her own agenda.  Her goal as councilwoman is to restore servant hood and ensure all New Yorkers and next generation will have the opportunity to rise.She talks to us about how to plan and plan a political campaign, tips she has to stay organized, how she manages life/work balance and much more. Make sure to follow Felicia on Instagram and check out her website.
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