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In this latest episode of Doctor Who: Too Hot For TV Dylan is joined by Warren Green of BBV to look at two tales from the wilderness years. First up it's the P.R.O.B.E film 'The Devil of Winterborne'  Written by Mark Gatiss, directed by Bill Baggs and featuring Caroline John as Liz Shaw. It also features a whole host of other Doctor Who alumni in the form of Peter Davison, Louise Jameson, Geoffrey Beavers and Terry Molloy . Then we discuss audio play 'Race Memory' written and directed by Paul Ebbs and starring Sarah Sutton, Keith Drinkel and the Wirrn.For a look at a comparison between the original PROBE release and re release check out
In episode 6 of series 2,  Dylan and Iain Martin (@theIainMartin) of the All Of Time And Space Podcast (@TimeNSpacePod) do a deep dive into the wilderness years. In this episode they look at the BBC audio adventure featuring the 7th Doctor and Ace 'Death Comes To Time, written  by Colin Meek and directed by Dan Freedman. 
In episode 5 of series 2,  Dylan and Iain Martin (@theIainMartin) of the All Of Time And Space Podcast (@TimeNSpacePod) do a deep dive into the wilderness years. In this episode they look at the DWM comic strip  featuring the 7th Doctor and Ace 'Ground Zero', written  by Scott Gray, with art from Martin Geraghty and Bambos Georgio.They will be back next week to look at 'Death Comes to Time'
S2 E4 - Desert Island Docs

S2 E4 - Desert Island Docs


In this episode Dylan and Mark ( from On The Timelash ( take a detour even more than niche than Too Hot For TV's usual content.  As they look at the musical endeavours of the Doctor Who cast and the stage show, come musical, come audio adventure 'The Ultimate Adventure' written by Terrance Dicks. The Playlist!Roberta Tovey - Who's Who Hines - Whose Doctor Who Pertwee - Who is the Doctor Pertwee - Songs for Vulgar Boatmen Levene - In My Life Levene - Starbound & Tom Baker - Witness to a murder Miles & Dusty Springfield - Why Can't we be Friends? - Unavailable Peter Davison - Officer McKirk Artists - Doctor in Distress McCoy - Pied Piper Daak - Dalek Killer McGann - Red Lights Piper - Day & Night Piper - Because We Want To Tennant - West End Girls Tennant, John Barrowman, Catherine Tate - The Ballad of Russel & Julie Tennant - Sunshine on Leith Tennant & Catherine Tate - We Go Together Barrowman - Time After Time Darvill - Falling Slowly Darvill - Let it Go Darvill - Thoughts of Flight Capaldi - Shall We Dance 
S2 E3 - Sins of the Father

S2 E3 - Sins of the Father


In this Christm..... WINTER special Dylan and Jack look at Big Finish audio 'Death in Blackpool' with the Eighth Doctor and Lucie Miller, written by Alan Barnes and directed by Barnaby Edwards. Then it's over to BBC Audio for 'A Sting in the Tale' with the Fourth Doctor, Mike Yates and Mrs Wibsey. Written by Paul Magrs and directed by Kate Thomas. There is also a little side step to a 90' Doctor Who convention, you can see the clip we are talking about here
Doctor Who is bloody old now, and what better way to celebrate it than get a bunch of Doctors together and get them not to play the Doctor.  In this episode Dylan and Jack look at 30th anniversary "special" 'The Airzone Solution' staring Jon Pertwee, Peter Davison, Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy. Written by Nick Briggs and directed by Bill Baggs, this oddity has almost nothing to do with Doctor Who. Then they look at  40th birthday bash 'Zagreus' from Big Finish, much like 'The Airzone Solution'  this stars Jon Pertwee, Peter Davison, Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy not playing the Doctor at all, but fortunately Paul McGann is there playing Zagreus and sometimes the Doctor.  The 3 hour and 55 minute epic is written by Gary Russell (who also serves as director) and Alan Barnes.
Series 2 of Doctor Who Too Hot For TV launches with a look at Lance Parkin's novel 'Father Time' and the follow up comic series Miranda. We then take a rare dip into televised Doctor Who, with Stephen Greenhorn's episode 'The Doctor's Daughter'. The playlist for 'Father Time - The Album' can be found here
With Jack still passed out in his delta wave augmenter,  Dylan is joined by Mark from 'On The Timelash' to look at an epic run of eighth Doctor, Fey and Izzy comic strips. First up is 'The Final Chapter'  by Alan Barnes, with art from Martin Geraghty and Robin Smith. Then Nick Briggs is temporarily the Doctor in 'Wormwood' by Scott Gray with art from Martin Geraghty & Sean Longcroft.If you haven't heard of 'On the Timelash' (shame on you!), you can listen to them at or wherever you get your podcasts.
In a break from our advertised programming (aka a thing we said at the end of the last podcast), Dylan is joined by Rob from the Doctor Who Show to discuss the best and the worst of Doctor Who coffee table books. 
Episode 18: Shakedown Time!

Episode 18: Shakedown Time!


In episode 18 Dylan and Jack return to do a commentary on 90's straight to video spin off 'Shakedown: Return of the Sontarans', written by Terrance Dicks and directed by Kevin Davies. With an all star cast including Jan Chappell,  Brian Croucher,  Carole Ann Ford, Sophie Aldred and Michael Wisher.
In the latest episode of 'Too Hot For TV' Dylan and Jack encounter a time traveling voodoo cult and unconvincing fish people. First up it's Big Finish Companion Chronicle 'Peri and the Piscon Paradox' written by Nev Fountain, read by Nicola Bryant and staring Colin Baker. Then it's the only 2 issues of the Faction Paradox comic by Lawrence Miles from Mad Norwegian Press and Image comics.  
In this latest episode Dylan and Jack are looking at futures that never were, as they review Johnny Byrne's abandoned movie script and Marc Platt's Season 27 Audio 'Thin Ice'. If you want to peep the film script :
In this episode Dylan and Jack look at two Doctors the podcast has yet to cover. First up it's the third Doctor, Sarah Jane and the Brigadier in BBC radio play 'The Paradise of Death' written by Barry Letts. Then it's the second Doctor, Jamie and Zoe in the DWM comic strip 'Land of the Blind' by Scott Grey. 
In this episode Dylan and Jack look at eighth Doctor epic 'Neverland', written by Alan Barnes and directed by Gary Russell. Then it's more comic strip action with the 5th Doctor in Steve Parkhouse's 'The Stockbridge Horror'.
It's our one year anniversary! We celebrate by looking at two Sarah Jane Smith stories, with our very own Sarah Jane, our sister Maisie. First up is Sarah Jane Smith: Test Of Nerve an audio play from Big Finish written by David Bishop.  Then we revisit Enemy of the Bane from the TV show The Sarah Jane Adventures, written by Phil Ford and directed by Graeme Harper.
Dylan and Jack are joined by Ben and Mark from On The Timelash for a pub crawl through a virtual Edinburgh. First up they look at the Big Finish play 'Medicinal Purposes' written by Robert Ross and featuring the Sixth Doctor and Evelyn Smythe. Then it's BBV audio 'In 2 Minds' written by Iain Hepburn and featuring the Rutans. 
Christmas has been cancelled for most of us, but not for the Too Hot For TV team. We present our first commentary for BBV's notorious drama 'Zygon: When Being You Just Isn't Enough'
In this festive episode, the Too Hot For TV team look at some tie in fiction from the early days of the show.  Doctor Who and his grandchildren meet Santa in the TV Comic strip 'A Christmas Story',  the Doctor then returns to Vortis in the annual story 'The Lost Ones' and finally a myriad of adventures in the Doctor Who Give A Show Projector. Two of these stories are available on lineDoctor Who Give A Show Projector Chirstmas Story
It's Doctor Who's 57th anniversary, which means it's time for multi Doctor stories galore.  To mark the occasion Dylan and Jack take a listen to 'Out of Time 1' by Matt Fitton.  Which sees the  fourth and tenth Doctors unite against the Daleks. They also take look at DWM comic 'Emperor of the Daleks!' written by Paul Cornell with art by Lee Sullivan, which sees the sixth and seventh Doctors cross paths. 
In Episode 8 Dylan and Jack look at two stories featuring the Master.  The eighth Doctor DWM comic strip 'The Glorious Dead' by Scott Gray and the seventh Doctor Big Finish play 'Master' by Joseph Lidster. 
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