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In Part One, Deb and I talked about crossing boundaries in data science and the humanities, our relationship with machines, finding a world without domination and how it is not the size of your data that counts but it’s what you do with it. In Part 2, Deb she gets into how she is using data to take on gender offenders in Australia’s Film industry by looking at them in the same way as police and counter terrorism agencies might look at a criminal network. 
Deb Verhoeven is an incredible speaker, researcher, film-lover, data wonk and gender equality commando. Her collaborative research on gender disparity in the Australian film industry and the research sector has opened the minds of many of us and asked entirely new questions about the problem."Has Anyone Seen A Woman?" Deb speaking at DH2015
Josh Harle is a researcher with a computer science background. Josh feels that many computer games are about colonising spaces and he is interested in crossing the boundaries of how VR has been approached in the past by getting visual artists more critically engaged in a medium that is dominated by computer scientists right now. We talk to Josh about his recent VR work in the style of a first-person video game with Joan Ross who is one of Australia's leading visual artists.
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