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We  examine the recent rise of white nationalism and anti-Semitism in American politics.
We chew over  the future of Los Angeles under new political leadership.   And we wonder whether the prospective  speaker of the House of Representatives, Republican Kevin McCarthy, has the smarts of Nancy Pelosi. 
The Next Los Angeles

The Next Los Angeles


We get a view of Los Angeles' new mayor Karen Bass  through the eyes of  her Community Coalition colleague,  now city council member,  Marqueece Harris-Dawson.   He also gives us an inside look at the controversy over the leaked audio of racist remarks by three of his Los Angeles City Council  colleagues.
The Post-Game Show

The Post-Game Show


Sherry and Bill offer fresh perspectives on the midterms,  including an analysis of women's gains and the impact of abortion. We also discuss whether the election is shifting  Los Angeles city government to the left. 
We discuss whether people will believe the election results. We consider the emergence of Elon Musk as  an influencer in  the political dialogue.   And we take another   look at the race for mayor of Los Angeles.
Although the media seems to have downgraded abortion  as an issue,  we think it could prove decisive in some Senate and House races.  We also examine the role of women in next Tuesday's election. And we pay tribute to the late Mike Davis, a voice of Los Angeles. 
Pre-election Punditry

Pre-election Punditry


Our guest, political analyst Bill Schneider, says if President Biden doesn't run, Vice President Kamala Harris will be a cinch to win the Democratic presidential nomination. And he says former President Trump may not  be the Republican presidential nominee.  This is the 101st episode of Inside Golden State Politics. Thank you.  
With our guest, Los Angeles Times columnist Steve Lopez,  we ponder the future of Los Angeles after the  disclosure of a racist dialogue among three city council members.   Can the wounds ever be healed?  
Our guest, journalist and political expert Pilar Marrero,  tells us the Bass campaign is falling short in winning  Latino voters.   And we also examine the battle for Latino voters between Sheriff  Alex Villanueva  and his challenger, Robert Luna.
We discuss the recent  debates between the candidates for mayor of Los Angeles and between the candidates for Los Angeles County sheriff.  Who won?  Listen to our podcast.
Fight On For LA Mayor

Fight On For LA Mayor


    Our guest  political columnist Jon Regardie talks  about how the race for L.A, mayor is now a real slugfest.  Will it be corruption versus abortion ? And we explain the importance of the University of Southern California in the election  campaign.                                                                                                                                                                                   
With our guest,  veteran television  political reporter Dave Bryan,  we unpack  the Bass and Caruso homeless plans.  And we wonder whether Gov. Gavin Newsom  has the right stuff to  be president.     
Bill and Sherry have an open discussion with retiring Los Angeles City Councilman Mike Bonin about the frustrations and satisfactions of L.A. politics  and  the difficult policy questions  he's had to face.
Was Donald Trump helped or hurt by the FBI's Mar-a-Lago search and by his taking the Fifth?And was Kamala  Harris helped by the rise of abortion as an election issue?
Politics After Kansas

Politics After Kansas


We discuss the Kansas abortion earthquake and MAGA nation's effort to take over election machinery in battleground states.  And we take a look at the impact of President Biden and Vice President Harris endorsing Karen Bass for mayor of Los Angeles. 
What is Gov. Gavin Newsom up to--in California and on  the national stage?
Berkeley law school dean Erwin Chemerinsky regales Sherry and Bill with his insights into the current Supreme Court and its recent decisions.    We also discuss whether Trump should be indicted.   



With our guest Cragg Hines, award winning Washington journalist now a political activist,  we explore issues of a tumultuous week.  Should ex-President Trump be indicted? Will President Biden run for another term?   What will be the political fate of Kamala Harris?
We ponder the past half year of intense crises that preceded Independence Day.  And we wonder what it all means to the UNITED States of America.
Sherry, Bill and  political reporter Dave Bryan  wrestle with a tough question:   Will  the Republicans overcome the backlash  from the Supreme Court's abortion decision and the House January 6 committee hearings?
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