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Author: Jeran Price

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Our thoughts create our environment, if we want a better life, we must have better thoughts. This podcast is motivated to inspire the highest and most epic bad ass thoughts possible. We want all people to live, enjoy, and experience the greatest life possible and we must enable higher and healthy thinking to achieve this. A sovereign man is a powerful man. We as men must be autonomous and upright. We choose to be strong and directional in our thinking and actions. We believe in the necessity of tradition and sacredness. Our aim is power, wealth, health, and mastery.
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#betterman #masculinity #lifespurpose Imagine owning a big 4wd truck but never taking it off road. We have this ideas, strengths, even weaknesses that we never test. Man in all his virtue and masculinity never test himself therefore never knows what he's cable of. Test yourself test your potential and find some purpose in life
How to create POTENTIAL| THINK your own THOUGHTS| strengths, character, values, goals
#betterman #thinkoutsidethebox #courage Life is adversity, and often we are quick to draw in on what's comfortable and safe. However it is those that are willing to think outside the box that live outside the confines of the box. The courage to body own this day is the courage to extend your possibilities.
Life is an obstacle, and many times we get frustrated at the challenges it presents, but hell that's life men, and the sooner we push ourselves and compete to be better, the sooner we find a meaning that motivates us or at the very least gets our ass off the couch.
#betterman #masculinity #meaningoflife We often wrestle with the idea of man's meaning, what is the purpose of life. I would argue the purpose of life is to become, to always be becoming, something stronger, something better, a man more capable.
#betterman #morality #independence We have to define what independence means to us and where are we seeking independence, in our choice of morality, in our finances, in our right to do whatever the hell we want? There is a fundamental interplay between our morals and actions. If it's okay to be filthy rich, then your actions will coincide, if it's morally wrong to be rich your actions will be inhibited by your beliefs. What do I believe in and how can I achieve it?
#betterman #masculinity #patriarchy We are not dominated by Patriarchy, we are dominated by life. I heard this earlier and made me explore the idea that life brought about Patriarchy not man. Man is created and asked to fulfill the role of strength, assertiveness, and logic.
#betterman #powerfulmen #created He who writes history creates history, time to start writing.I want to speak to that greatness within you, not your personality or ego or biased perceptions, I want to invite your true nature to surface. So put your personality on the shelf for a minute and let's create powerful lives.
Seneca said, "a man that follows another not only discovers nothing, he investigates nothing."The idea is to actively think and engage yourself in thought. But we tend to be lazy and daydream our way though life. Stay sharp men, Free yourself.
A narrow mind allows for blind spots, this Idle laziness forbids growth. Be a stronger man, a Sharper man,a solar man with an elevated mindset.



Adaptation can be beneficial until it's not. To settle is to become stagnant and lose vitality.
It's time we as men align ourselves with a bigger cause, a greater value.
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