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Author: Felice & Peter Hardy

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Welcome to Action Packed Travel! Our podcast features amazing travel stories...without having to go anywhere. The episodes are interviews with people who've been inspired by their adventures. They're also full of information and useful links, all of which you can find on our Show Notes. Our podcast can be used for future travel ideas and plans for the days when we can explore the world again! About us: we're Felice & Peter Hardy and we’ve spent half a lifetime travelling to just about every corner of the world, making a living as travel writers out of what we like doing best – and that’s skiing, biking, hiking, eating, exploring, city breaks, seaside…and a whole lot more. "What an interesting and diverse world you are opening up for us in a nicely laid back way. Very informative and some are also wonderful archive material."
65 Episodes
It's been dubbed the most Instagrammed hotel in the world and we can see why. At certain times of day, giraffes are everywhere with heads popping up on balconies and at the breakfast table, helping themselves to your toast and cornflakes. Music ©Barney & Izzi Hardy 
Too good to miss...we've giving one of our favourite episodes another airing. Joanna is one of the world's leading experts on jewellery and one of the leading lights on the BBC Antiques Roadshow.Music © Barney & Izzi Hardy 
We're looking back over a thousand years of action-packed history at Warwick Castle in the heart of Middle England. This medieval fortress, complete with battlements and dungeons, is situated in Shakespeare country, barely a ten-mile drive from Stratford-Upon-Avon. Music © Barney & Izzi Hardy – and Warwick Castle 
This week, we are veering slightly off our normal track to take a look at a food of British origin. Music © Barney & Izzi Hardy 
In Hampshire and Dorset in the south of England, we explore the country's most visited national park. It's a wild and beautiful place where the locals, ponies, cattle and even pigs roam free under obscure common laws that date back to feudal times. We met up with Anthony Climpson who is the boss of the tourist enterprise, Go New Forest.Music © Barney & Izzi Hardy 
Di Luden is Executive Director for the Community Conservation Fund Africa (CCFA)  and one of her projects has been to rehome honeybees. The charity has already rehomed over 150 beehives across Mantis eco-estates within the Eastern Cape – creating a habitat for around 11 million bees. The CCFA educates members of local communities about the importance of bees and their critical role in the environment and  offers training in the art of beekeeping. Music © Barney and Izzi Hardy 
Oscar Wood of Seenaryo transforms education and equips refugees in Lebanon and Jordan with the tools for the future.Music ©Barney and Izzi Hardy 
This week, we're exploring the high octane and sometimes dangerous world of powerboat racing. Daisy Coleman and her brother Sam are the reigning P1 world champions. Music © Barney & Izzi Hardy
When Claire Copeman married a Welshman, she gave up her marketing job across the border in England and the couple decided to bring the world of adventure to Wales. It all began with mountain biking.Music @ Barney & Izzi Hardy
We decided to celebrate our one year podcast anniversary with a look back at a dozen of our favourite episodes. Of course, there are 55 incredibly varied episodes you can listen to, 56 if you include this one!Music @ Barney and Izzi Hardy
This week we're exploring the extremes of travel as opposed to traditional organised holidays. Unquestionably, Tom Morgan is our most eccentric and daredevil traveller to date. Music @ Barney and Izzi Hardy Water-To-Go For Clean Drinking Water BPA-free and based on technology developed for NASA. The filter removes 99.99% of all contaminants. Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you.
He's never happier than when he finds himself astride an elephant in India or paddling a dugout canoe in the South American rainforest, or shooting rapids in the crocodile-infested waters of the Nile.Music @ Barney and Izzi Hardy
Geraldine’s idea of a little light, adrenaline-fuelled recreation is to climb one of Europe's highest peaks and then dive off it in a wing suit at speeds of up to 180 kilometers per hour. Music @ Barney and Izzi Hardy
All you really need is a pair of Speedos, goggles, a hat and the ability to swim a few kilometres in the warm waters of the Mediterranean or the Caribbean or perhaps a rather chilly North Atlantic Ocean. Music @ Barney and Izzi Hardy
The top fashion and reportage photographer and worldwide adventurer started out as a scientist in Africa before switching careers.Music @ Barney and Izzi Hardy
The legendary freeride skier runs his Ski Academy in Verbier in Switzerland and in Cervinia in Italy, where he fixes those parts of your ski technique that you simply can't fix on your own. Music @ Barney and Izzi Hardy
Penny Walker fell in love with the region and emigrated from her native Yorkshire. She now lives in a remote hamlet on the French side of the mountains. Music © Barney and Izzi Hardy 
British rowing star, Frances Houghton's 21-year quest for gold. During an illustrious career, she was four times world champion, picked up three Olympic silver medals and, astonishingly,  took part in no less than five Olympic Games.Music @ Barney and Izzi Hardy.
Dan’s one of the greatest stars of American extreme skiing, and for the past 30 years he's been jumping off cliffs and making first descents of impossibly steep mountains all over the world.Music © Barney & Izzi Hardy.
This week, we're talking to a remarkable  writer, artist, public speaker – a master of the arts at large.  Music © Barney & Izzi Hardy.
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