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For founders, entrepreneurs, start-ups and those of you who just formulating your next big idea. The Joys Of Founding is a podcast that seeks out the very best hidden stories in business. Along the journey, we will share important lessons and hacks for businesses looking to close the gap between their dream and their current reality. For more information visit
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What a fun chat we had with Jeremy Fleming the leader of the poster-children of the 2020 pandemic-business pivot: Stage-Kings who became Iso-King.From big stage builders to master designers and manufacturers of iso-friendly desks and home furnishings that were a proper overnight runaway success as the work from home iso-culture became mandatory.  They had just finished building the big show stages for Miley Cyrus & Robbie Williams’s at the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Melbourne and Ninja Warriors sets for filming in March 2020.Then the pandemic arrived in Australia and $3.5million of sales disappeared overnight.  What they decided to do next has created the most successful full pivot of an Australian business that is now being studied globally.Great insights for every entrepreneur irregardless of COVID-19’s impact in this interview.  
We have the great please of hosting Anna Sheppard on the podcast to talk about her life and the role of impact in business. Her considerable expertise and passion in this space give an insight into how businesses can impact the world around them consistently and habitually.
This weeks episode we have a chance to interview Quirin Schwaighofer of MadeComfy. He tells us his story of moving from the Munich Beergartens, to the mining industry, to setting up AirBNB management company MadeComfy. This fascinating story delves into how an accommodation company is managing through the Coronavirus pandemic.
It's difficult to flip the COVID-19 pandemic into an opportunity and to stay positive. We talk to co-founder of Industrie & Co, Andrew De Bruijn, to discover the attitudes and insights he is using to navigate this global crisis as a business founder.These are the links for the books discussed in the podcast:
How did two young advertising industry stars, with New York ad land at their feet, end up opening a brewing company with an ex-Prime Minister and Australian icon? We had the privilege of chatting to Nathan Lennon and David Gibson of Hawkes Brewing Company about their journey so far. We discussed early life, rising up the ranks in the New York and London advertising world and the snowy day that changed the direction of their lives. Their story is an incredible example of what taking the leap into the unknown looks like and the rewards of following your purpose and passion.
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