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Jacob and Chris sit down for a chat with Shaun and Adam from Inhibitor to talk about their recent songs, their plans for the new album and their touring schedule, as well as discussing vinyl of courseSus their music and buy tickets for their upcoming shows through their website:
Hey Hey HeyWe are back. Sorry for the massive break but we honestly are going to try and do this more and more often in 2022.This episode we are joined by the wonderful @actfourphoto who dragged @Deaf.Chris along as well. Lester brought himself out just for this pod all the way from the UK so its a bit of an epic mess. If anyone successfully sends a potato to Lester you get a bonus Hi 5Thanks for listening legends
We sort of threw back to old pods and spoke about records for a bit. Then we bombarded you with AVVC goodies and secrets. Its so good to be back in the recording space......lets not make it a 3 month pod aye.Fuck lockdowns we just want to hug you. Go get vaxed so we can go to gigs and go to bars and be jolly
Hey Legends. We are back! We went nowhere but we just cant seem to find time around gigs and life to get a pod in......but we did. We talk about some releases we have picked up, some upcoming releases we are pretty keen on and most importantly we touch on all things AVVC and whats been happening in the AVVC world. Its been rad. for Insta for the support 
AVVC Split #2

AVVC Split #2


Hey LegendsWe sat down and spoke to both bands about AVVC002 and the how good these songs are. Back to back interviews and a rad chat with some awesome people. These bands were awesome to share this process with and have on our second split. Get on board and have a listen.AVVC
Hey Legends, We are back in the pod room earlier in the week and we roped in Jason Mack from WWDOTW to help us chat absolute rubbish. Records, Releases, Pre Orders/Orders, Bald Music.....Everything is covered.Couple of pod exclusives and some saucy info on some up and coming releases. EnjoySorry not sorry it goes for 2 hours AVVC
Hey Legends, We are finally back in the AVVC pod room and we are stoked to have our very good mate Darcy in to talk about all things Gravox. We covered a bunch of new releases and our incoming lists, Piky bores us with his lists and Jacob gets his early Christmas present live on the pod. Enjoy!!!
AVVC 7 Inch Split Episode 1

AVVC 7 Inch Split Episode 1


Hey Legends, The big reveal. We had a chat to both bands on our upcoming 7 inch split. This is a the first of hopefully many splits and chats. We hope you have a laugh and enjoy the legends that we spoke to Dont spoil it for anyone hahaCheersAVVC
Piky and Jacob talk all things AVVC and all things vinyl. Yours Truly, Alpha Wolf, Metallica, Box Sets, 300 7" Singles, Gigs and so much more. Movember talk and you chance to scoop a $100 voucher for 24 Hundred.Hit up our Facebook and Instagram pages and keep in touch!AVVC
Hey Legends, We are still in lockdown so its another one from just us. This week we cover Jacobs new amp and a bunch of Non Vinyl stuff. Of course we talk about incoming lists and recent preorders. We talk about whats new in AVVC merch world as well....Thanks for all the support and thanks for listening to us ramble on through lock down. Hope its a bit of an escape like it is for us. AVVCEpisode 6: Lockdown Level 4 
Hey Everyone, Lock down has struck and Jacob and I have had to do another remote Corona podcast. Never fear, it is packed full of all the normal vinyl news and recaps. We talk about our incoming and landed lists. Jacob has another surprise buy at the end. As always thanks for listening you absolute legend. AVVC
Hey Everyone, This one is massive. Like HUUUGE. We were stoked to have Lili from 24hundred and Social Club on and Jono 'Talking Heads' La Grua to talk absolute awesomeness. This one is a long one but its packed full of good vibes because our guests were rad. We had stacks of fun with this. Plenty of shout outs and good stories. Again, Thanks to the greatest band in the world Amanaki for the intro and Outro. AVVC
Hey Everyone,We upgraded a bunch of stuff and got some swanky new microphones so we should be sounding the part. To help with our shit effort at content we got our mate Chris and AVVC crew on the pod to talk Photography and all things Records. Hope you're digging the chat as much as we are enjoying the Guava Cruisers.Intro Music is from the Legends over the Ditch - Amanaki 'Home' chuck them a like and a listen. LegendsAVVC
Episode 2: Corona Vibes

Episode 2: Corona Vibes


Another episode down and Corona has really hit the vibes. Piky and Jacob battle technical issues to talk shit at you once more. T-shirt competition is done, winner announced right at the end so you have to listen to the whole thing. Piky is a Boomer and Jacob is carrying the team.Title Music - Amanaki - Home 
Episode 1: AVVC!!!

Episode 1: AVVC!!!


Hey Everyone.We gave a podcast a go. We think its a great start. Introduction to AVVC and a new year of awesome releases. We are going to continue this format with guests but for now you have Jacob and I talking trash about the records we have landed. Thanks for ListeningAVVC
AVVC One Year On

AVVC One Year On


Bit of a reflection episode this week with our 1st year podiversary!!!Jacob and Pike in the record room talking everything AVVC and what the last couple of months have delivered. What a ride! Thanks for listening to us talk rubbish for a whole year.....even if we only smashed out a handful of pods!
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