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Author: Nick & Mairi Franks

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“Breaching the Chaos of the Church” is the phrase we use regarding the Body of Christ to acknowledge that there is both a problem - a gargantuan one - and a stunningly blessed Hope. If you’re fed up, sick and tired of “church” and “christian spirituality” - and we expect you are - and if you’re also gagging for the Coming King - and we hope you are - this podcast will be a timely prescription for you. Maranatha...Come, Lord Jesus!
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In this week's stage through the book of 1 Corinthians, we reach the end of chapter 4 and begin to consider what it means to be an imitation-worthy father of the powerful kingdom of God. COVID is a pandemic of little significance compared with the pandemic disaster of absent fathers. If you would like to help support this podcast and the wider work we're pioneering, we would be very grateful as we increasingly find ourselves at capacity in more ways than one. You can give here.
In this week's episode of Into the Pray, Mairi and Nick are joined again by Dave Brennan for the second podcast in a long, trailing conversation about the abhorrence of abortion.Please listen to these podcasts with an open heart and a willingness for the Lord to bring you into a new realm of sensitivity to His heart regarding such matters. If you don't follow Mairi's Instagram account - My Heart Notes - you can do so here. We'd encourage you, especially, to prayerfully read the related collection of Bible verses that will cut us to the core...if we will allow them to. This is what this is all about, guys! We're calling this season on the podcast, as you'll know, "Work for Reformers", and this issue of the gift of prophecy is so pivotal for us to not waste our lives in the arrhythmias of "church business as usual". May we all think, speak and feel an awful lot more about these hard realities. Thank you to Dave Brennan of Brephos and CBR UK for partnering with us on these podcasts. If you would like to help support this podcast and the wider work we're pioneering, we would be very grateful as we increasingly find ourselves at capacity in more ways than one. You can give here. Until next week, let's continue to pray, "Come, Lord!". in Jesus' Name, LoveN&M xx
Hello everyone![CORRECTION: At the end of the episode Nick refers to a Messianic Psalm... this is Psalm 22 not Psalm 24. Also, the prophetic passage describing Jesus’ suffering is in Isaiah 52 & 53]This is a special episode of the Into the Pray podcast specifically with our Edinburgh neighbours in mind! Thank you for making the effort to come through to listen to this episode and we hope that we've managed to strike the right balance in both how and what we discuss. Thanks also to Gareth Hides for joining Nick to make this episode happen. Our priority in this podcast as a whole is to address the "chaos of the Church" - and the Church is more chaotic that any of us are currently able to see. (We've discussed this at length in the early parts of season 1).This chaotic landscape, (ie one church saying one thing, another church saying something very different, a lack of unity around the things that Jesus actually said), probably means that you're not interested in attending any of the 300+ churches in the city of Edinburgh. We completely understand that. We understand that there is often hypocrisy, contradiction, confusion and compromise regarding what the Church stands for (and doesn't stand for);  we understand that there is often no real substance or power to what is currently understood to be "the Church".We are so sorry that this is the way it has become, especially in recent decades in Britain. As such, as part of the Church ourselves, we apologise unreservedly on behalf of the Church. However, there also remains spectacularly, (incomparably!) good news that will never spoil or fade...What is the core of the gospel message, really? - That Jesus Christ, the Messiah, lived, was crucified, was resurrected to life on the third day and is returning to redeem a people who will be ready for Him... just as a Bride is made ready for a Bridegroom. Once again, the gospel integrally includes the urgency of the Second Coming firmly, daily, in mind. - That forgiveness for sin - any sin, absolutely any sin, once and for all - is immediately available by trusting in the name of Jesus, by believing in His "atoning" sacrifice on the cross, by believing in your heart that He is Lord and by confessing with your mouth that, by faith, He is yours.Why is this different from any other message on the earth?Grace is uniquely Christian. Only Jesus offers eternal salvation as a gift and that to receive this gift we need not do anything other than believe. Grace is the "unmerited favour" of God and there is nothing that any of us can do to make God love us more or less than He already does. This is very, very good news!We don't have all the answers but we do want to boldly give the most important answer of all: "For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life." (John 3:16). In what is arguably the most uncertain period of modern history, it is our obligation (and privilege!) to point you clearly in the right direction - to Jesus Christ, "...the way, the truth and the life..." and "...the only way to the Father".Please take our word for it: the Church is the problem, not God!Please feel free to drop us any questions or knock on our front door; we'd love to hear from you. in Jesus' Name, Nick & Mairi xx
This week on Into the Pray, we are delighted to be joined from the very beautiful Dartmoor in Devon by Ann Widdecombe (MEP).You may know of Ann from her time in government, from her leadership with Nigel Farage of the Brexit Party in recent years or even from her appearances in Strictly Come Dancing!It was a privilege to talk with Ann this week as, together, we broached the subject of what it really means to be a Christian with responsibility to witness to others in an increasingly cowardly church scene.What responsibility do we have to speak out, to intercede and, as Ann says, to take regular risks? We very much appreciate Ann's willingness to lift her voice and say it as it is!Ann's book, Sackcloth and Ashes, can be found here.  Ann, if you're reading/listening, thank you very much again for your time. You can also watch the video recording of this podcast via Nick's YouTube channel here. And for everyone else listening and tracking with this podcast each week, thank you very much for doing so! Please consider sending a link to someone who you think might appreciate listening to our guest conversations or, indeed, the teaching series - City of Temples - on Sunday mornings. Until next week, "Come, Lord Jesus!"LoveN&M xx
1 Corinthians (part 9)

1 Corinthians (part 9)


In this week's study episode of Into the Pray, we're fast approaching the 1/3rd way point of the book of 1 Corinthians, dealing with the fist section in chapter 4. - How should we view Christian leaders? - What is the place of conscience within our peace? - What did Plato and Seneca say about this; what does Paul say about this? - Are we "judgmental" when we speak boldly about the disgrace in the Church? Please find discussion on our Instagram channel here, as well on our JesusCome! community app here. As we continue to embark on this "Work for Reformers" we are increasingly finding ourselves out of our depth in terms of space, capacity and time. Therefore, if you're interested in helping to regularly support what we're doing, please consider regular giving here.  Thank you!Come, Lord!Amen?LoveN&M xx
In this week's episode of Into the Pray, we speak with Dave Brennan of Brephos, a Christian (not Catholic) organisation heralding the plight of unborn babies. (Correction to the podcast: “Brephos” is the Greek word for “baby” not “breath”).“They sacrificed their sons and their daughters to the demons; they poured out innocent blood, the blood of their sons and daughters, whom they sacrificed to the idols of Canaan, and the land was polluted with blood. ..Then the anger of the LORD was kindled against his people, and he abhorred his heritage.” (Psalm 106: 37-38, 40).Dave helps us with the conviction that we all need be having conversations about this in an ongoing, increasing way and, as such, a new weekly episode of this podcast will now be dedicated to this worthy conversation.  (More info to follow).Suffice to say, we need much more Christian action and much less Christian apathy/ignorance.How many people were killed during WW1 and WW2, combined? Do you know? Do you know how many people were killed in the last century through the abhorrence of abortion? As Dave begins to help us all to understand, this issue of babies being killed on an industrial scale is nothing short of "normalised" genocide and yet tantamount to many, many in our sick society today with merely personal hygiene choices - after all, "It's MY body!", right? We will all very soon stand before the Judgment Seat of Christ with this incomparable injustice firmly in His view - what will He say to us; what will we say to Him? More information regarding Dave Brennan & Brephos here, as well as the wider work of CBRUK here. As well as our regular Friday episodes (featuring guests/book reviews etc) we also have a dedicated Sunday morning session for solid biblical teaching. As we continue to embark on this "Work for Reformers" we are increasingly finding ourselves out of our depth in terms of space, capacity and time. Therefore, if you're interested in helping to regularly support what we're doing, please consider regular giving here.  Thank you.Come, Lord!in JesusNick & Mairi xx
1 Corinthians (part 8)

1 Corinthians (part 8)


This is the eighth part of our study through the book of 1 Corinthians.This week, Nick finishes chapter 3. By exploring the title of this study series, “City of Temples”, we look at the significance of verse 16 cf. chapter 6 verse 19...arguably the two key verses in the entire book!Catch up on all episodes and please share with someone who you think will benefit.Thank you for listening.Come, Lord!loveN&M xx
This week on Into the Pray, we are joined by Melvin Tinker, author of multiple books including a recent updated version of That Hideous Strength, a work based on C.S.Lewis' work of the same title. Melvin was a church minister in the Church of England for over twenty years but, in recent months, has set up a new network of churches separate to the Church of England. Melvin is a good example of a church leader with a God-given "conscription of conscience". Please see here for more info on what we mean by that. Sit back and listen to Melvin who helps us delve into and understand the dark, demonic cultural agendas that we are living in. In short, by the end of this podcast, you will have an understanding of cultural marxism and how this is something we should be resisting and exposing with every fibre (and prayer) of our being. Because this is a longer conversation this week, Mairi and I only have a short introduction at the beginning but an important one nonetheless. Please check out our friend, Steve Buckley's, podcast that he published yesterday. Personally speaking (Nick), it made me realise how easily compliant we can become with things that we shouldn't be. You can listen to Steve's podcast here.Don't miss the eighth part of our study through the book of 1 Corinthians (The City of Temples) this coming Sunday - we'll be completing chapter 3. As ever, please get in touch, including via Instagram, tell a friend and consider supporting this podcast (and the other content we produce) but seeing our website here.Until next week, Come, Lord Jesus!LoveN&M x
1 Corinthians (part 7)

1 Corinthians (part 7)


This is the seventh part of our study through the extremely relevant book of 1 Corinthians. The focus of this week is chapter 3 with specific attention to the defining issue of Christian maturity. Please be in touch via our instagram account here or via our brand-new community app here. Come, Lord. Love in Jesus, N&M xx
*Apologies that there was a slight technical problem with the podcast recording this morning. This is now sorted and you can download the track again directly from week on Into the Pray  we are very grateful to talk with David Robertson (aka The Wee Flea), former senior minister of St. Peter's Church in Dundee and now Director of Third Space  in Australia.  David and Nick produced some videos a couple of years back about some critically important issues relating to both the Church and the socio-cultural disintegration that we are all witnessing today. (You can find those via Nick's YouTube channel). In today's podcast, David says, "Scotland has descended and secularised quicker than any nation in history."If this is true - and it may well be - the British Church need to recognise that a proportional response of humility, repentance and prayer is the gracious, God-given order of the day, not harking back to previous times in our history where a genuine call to repentance may or may not have been issued or nationally observed. During the reign of King George 73 years ago, marriage still meant in British law what God says it means, millions of people hadn't been torn limb from limb via the horrors of abortion and our children weren't being told that they could select their gender or experiment safely with pornography - we have to get real!David and Nick may not quite see eye to eye on the place and responsibility of the Church in this particular conversation but they do both agree that until we corporately "come to the end of ourselves" (the exact focus of the book, Body Zero) there can be no hope for reformation, renewal or revival. You can read David's blog here: You can find our more about Third Space here: let us know what you think!Until next week, Come, Lord!Love in Jesus, N&M xp.s. The JesusCome! App is now available from Apple and Google stores. p.p.s. Don't miss part 7 of our study through 1 Corinthians this Sunday morning.  
This week we finish chapter two of 1 Corinthians. Please leave any thoughts/comments/questions via or the JesusCome! community app, more info for which is via https://firebrandnotes.comWe'll be away next week but excited to return as normal on November 1st with tag-teaming through some of the teaching sessions (Mairi and Nick discussing the passages). The implications of Paul’s estimation of the Corinthian church in the opening verses of our next session (chapter 3) should be alarming for us today.Please make sure that you listen to Nick’s conversation with Andrea Williams, CEO of Christian Concern, and please also consider sharing with someone who might be encouraged.For further reading, please find Matthew Henry’s commentary here: you for listening.Come, Lord!Love in Jesus, N&M xP.s. One afterthought re the teaching point in this episode regarding 2:15: our being spiritual (cf. the unspiritual person) is not something to feel superior about but, rather, quite the opposite. This reality of our knowing the secret wisdom of God, and the Person of Jesus, should make us meek and mild, bearing with those who do not understand and ultimately making us pray, “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do...”
This week on Into the Pray, we're delighted to be joined by Andrea Williams, founder/CEO of Christian Concern.The Christian Concern team are arguably the sharpest point of the primary spearhead of the kingdom of heaven in British society today. Please take some time to review their great work by visiting their website https://christianconcern.comIt was a real privilege to chat with Andrea about the Church, the ones that, in Psalm 16, David describes as, "...the saints who are in the earth...the majestic ones in whom is all my delight." (NASB).Like a mouth thawing after dentistry, the solemn, dawning reality is that there are many in the land who claim love, affection and allegiance to Jesus but who also want to argue with what He says. This isn't love; this is idolatry. Do you love Jesus? If you do, He’ll compel you.Faithfulness today will sound shrill to an anti-Christ world. But that’s OK. Political correctness and prophetic correctness will never be compatible this side of His return. Please sit back and listen with a heart that's prepared to "do whatever it takes....". More free resources, including information about a new community app as an alternative to Facebook, here: https://firebrandnotes.comWe salute and pray for you, Christian Concern.Thank you again, Andrea; it was a joy. Maranatha,N&M x
Here we are continuing in our study series through the book of 1 Corinthians. This is the fifth part looking closely at chapter 2 verses 6-10. Next Sunday, we'll pick back up from verse 10 to the end of the chapter and get ready for chapter 3!Please let us know your thoughts. You can find our Instagram account here:, Lord JesusLove in Jesus, N&M x
In this week’s episode of Into the Pray, we confront one of the biggest problems in all of our lives and surely a worthy area for our work in reformation: dysfunctional attitudes and practices on social media.How often does our behaviour on social media platforms like Instagram reveal our heart towards the people we say we love?Listen to Mairi’s story of how she came to say goodbye to Instagram following increasing concerns about its culture and the impact on her heart, before experiencing a powerful renewal in her personal devotions and a redeemed account that now helps thousands of people around the world.You can read Mairi’s blog about why she chose to leave and rejoin Instagram, below, and if you’d like to connect with her there, just look for @myheartnotesDon’t miss our conversation next week with Andrea Williams, Director of Christian Concern! Thank you very much for rating/reviewing/sharing the podcast 😊
In this week's teaching episode of Into the Pray, we continue our epic voyage through the book of 1 Corinthians. Now in chapter 2, vv1-5 might seem like a short passage but there is much to say. Please don't be put off by the length of these podcasts; we will typically sit through one two-hour film a week and we believe our appetites must change. I (Nick) am certainly being blessed by thinking much more deeply about Paul and, specifically, his time in Corinth. I can recommend John Pollock's book on Paul if you are interested in 'walking a mile in his shoes'.Please share the podcast with friends/family and let us know what you're thinking. Until next week: Come, Lord!Love in Jesus, N&M x
In this week’s episode of Into the Pray, Nick speaks with Paul Thompson, senior leader of an independent evangelical church in Henbury,  Bristol. Nick and Paul connected several months ago following the release of Body Zero and, since then, have been chatting regularly about the process of radical change within the Church.See more info about Emmanuel Chapel, Henbury here: is an encouraging example of a church leader who is prepared to lead from conviction, regardless of how ‘popular’ that may or may not be, and describes the current COVID pandemic as a “miracle” from the Lord.Look out for the 4th episode of our teaching series in 1 Corinthians this coming Sunday. Until then... come, Lord!love in Jesus,N&M xp.s. Here is the link to the “Ambush Satan with song” story
Hello!This is the third of our teaching sessions in the book of 1 Corinthians. This week, we conclude chapter 1 by going through vv 18-31, mainly referring to Isaiah 29, and getting ready for chapter 2 next Sunday.Keep in mind that these sessions are barely scratching the surface and, for the sake of time, are relatively basic.What else are you learning? What are you discovering? How does Paul’s shying away from eloquence and ‘lofty speech’ relate to the demonstration of the Spirit’s power?How does ‘the word of the Cross’ compel you today?Until next week: Come, Lord!Love in Jesus,N&M x 
Hello! Thank you so much to all of you who take the time to listen to this podcast and who generously share it on for us with others. We'd be glad to hear from more of you, so please reach out if you'd like to have your questions answered or even a specific focus or suggestion for guests to be considered for feature. Please do take 30 seconds to rate/leave a review. We have a new community app that is just a week or two away from launching. If you'd like more info, and especially if you're fed up of the negative, controlling aspects of Facebook, please visit and click on Invest. This week, we take some time to talk about the "core values" of our new online community and trust that it will be helpful to hear our voices about this rather than just having a document to read when you download the app. The JesusCome! app will be available to download for free from both Apple and Google; please pray that the tech issues are resolved swiftly!Look out for our third teaching session in 1 Corinthians dropping this coming Sunday! (Into the Pray will now be coming out twice a week, with teaching every Sunday). Come, Lord!Love in JesusN&M xp.s. the verse that Nick refers to during this episode, where his mind goes blank, is 1 Corinthians 3:6-7
In this week's episode of Into the Pray, we talk again with friend and compadre, Steve Buckley. Everything we say is with David's prayer of Psalm 139 firmly in mind. - What do we do, and how do we prayerfully process, when other believers whom we have trusted prove themselves not to be trustworthy?- What of misdemeanours and cover-ups? What of organisational complicity? - What of the spirit of gentleness (Galatians 6:1) articulating with the Spirit's fiery yearning inside (James 4:5)?- What do we then say when those we have considered worthy of trust are proven not to be? What we say is important.Beware! This issue of trust is far from cliche: Aquila and Priscilla trusted Paul enough to relocate both their livelihood and their very personal home..their oikos. Regardless of what an organisation's digital influence or presence may be, it is foolish to even consider this kind of life upheaval without proven, demonstrable integrity and trust. The leading of the Spirit will always have this front and centre.We are calling for a new ecclesiology and therefore a new (but ancient) level of integrity; there can be no comprise. Let's sow the seeds and watch them grow under His hand. We will be picking back up with our next teaching session in 1 Corinthians very soon, but stay tuned for our episode next week for more conversation on this important element of trust within our work as reformers...we didn't quite manage to get to it all!Until next week: come, Lord Jesus! N&M x
(Please drop us a line and let is know what you're thinking!)This week on Into the Pray, we pick back up where we left off last time in the book of 1 Corinthians chapter 1. Lingering for a while in vv 10-17, we begin to think more about the behaviour of the church in Corinth and the specific point of contention revolving around so-called "unity". - According to Paul, what divisions in the Church are acceptable and even essential?- And how does this relate to his stated desire that there be zero divisions?- Is this contradictory? Please see here for related film content from The Bothy Sessions: see here for the statement we very sadly had to make last weekend: this in mind this week, let's memorise Romans 15:5-6:"May the God who gives endurance and encouragement give you a spirit of unity among yourselves as you follow Christ Jesus, so that with one heart and one mouth you may glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ."Please drop us a line and let is know what you're thinking!Maranatha, N&M 
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