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Jordan and Kristen Pray for You

Author: Jordan Rickards and Kristen Rickards

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Join us for life-altering teachings along with prayer for you and your needs! As the Bible teaches us in Matthew 18:19-20: "If two of you agree on earth about anything they ask, it will be done for them by my Father in Heaven. For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them." So please feel free to submit your prayer requests (preferably through the Facebook page), and Jordan and Kristen will pray over them personally.
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Today we're starting our relationship series. There is a strong parallel between our relationships with other people and our relationship with God. In fact, I would suggest that God uses our personal relationships with each other in order to teach us what our relationship with him should look like.
Adultery in Marriage

Adultery in Marriage


Can a marriage survive adultery? Should it? In this video, Jordan and Kristen discuss, amongst other things: the story of Hosea, who God strangely commanded to marry the sluttiest girl he could find (and what happened when he did); the extent to which adultery in marriage can be overcome; and what God requires, and does not require, of the spouse who is cheated on. 
Fearing God

Fearing God


The Bible says we should "fear the Lord our God." But why should we fear someone who loves us? How do we reconcile these two competing emotions, and what are the real-world implications of it?
In this special episode, Kristen interviews April Barber, who talks about her daughter's heart condition.  April's daughter was born with a heart defect that had doctors convinced she would not live.  But ten years and numerous surgeries later, her daughter continues to defy the odds, and God continues to be faithful.  In this interview, April tells her story of faith, hope, and answered prayers. 
Having recently celebrated their first wedding anniversary, Jordan and Kristen discuss the lessons they've learned from their first year of marriage.
We live in a society where being offended is a favorite hobby.  No wonder we have no idea how to be successful in relationships!  Every relationship has in it opportunities to be offended.  Successful relationships are those where both partners choose instead to think the best of the other person.
In our last episode, we discussed how many people don't even know how to love themselves. In this episode, we discuss a key to loving another person: humility, because without humility there can be no growth, and if you're not growing together than you're growing apart. Humility is what causes us to reflect on how we can improve for the other person, and just as importantly, for ourselves.
Why do so many marriages and relationships fail? It's no surprise that so many of us don't know how to love each other, when so few of us know how, or even why, to love ourselves.
God accepts us the way we are, but He doesn't want to leave us the way we are. He wants to give us new life, conformed to His will, because he values us, as we are each unique and irreplaceable.
Divine Appointments

Divine Appointments


We all want divine appointments: meeting the love of our life, or someone with an exciting opportunity, or someone else who will propel us forward. But whether we realize it or not, we probably have countless divine appointments every day, and it's important to make the most out of those as well, as we wait for the ones we're believing for.
In order to get the good things that God has for us, we need to transition from "God give me" to "God use me."
A lot of people like the philosophical elements of Christianity, but have difficulty with the miracles, in particular Christ's resurrection. Some even wonder aloud whether the resurrection is a necessary component to Christianity. Why, is it not enough, to simply follow Christ's teachings? Because Jesus was not simply presenting a way of life, He was presenting Himself as life.
Last week we spoke about the importance of letting God take control. We continue with that theme this week, explaining how the best way to stop controlling things is to understand who God is, and what his promises are.
Marital Puzzle Pieces

Marital Puzzle Pieces


Marriage is like two people trying to use their own pieces from their own puzzles to put a single puzzle together, on a table that sometimes seems too small.  The problem is not the dream, the problem is trying to control what God wants to do.  The key to success is submission, and letting God take over the process.



"Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good, and His love endures forever!"
We can't always be everything to our spouse, but we can always be faithful, just as God is faithful to us.
When we pray for healing, it's important to remember the importance of praying for forgiveness as well.  Sickness is not punishment for sin, but it's sometimes linked to sin, and even more than that, is an opportunity that God uses to get our attention, and display His glory.
Most people are familiar with the story of the Prodigal Son, and the main lesson, which is that God welcomes us back when we repent. But there are two other lessons just as important to learn.
Speak Boldly

Speak Boldly


Successful relationships require that both parties speak boldly to each other. But that's often misunderstood.
We all want something better, but oftentimes, we're afraid to leave the old thing behind before the new thing arrives.
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