DiscoverThe Fertility Motherhood and Wellness Show -True Stories with Dr Rajeev
The Fertility Motherhood and Wellness Show -True Stories with Dr Rajeev
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The Fertility Motherhood and Wellness Show -True Stories with Dr Rajeev

Author: Dr Rajeev Agarwal

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Every woman is unique and so are her health needs. The desire to conceive, the agony of infertility, the doubts in pregnancy, the troubles of pregnancy and the various aspects of woman's health that are un-diagnosed, not discussed and untreated are the issues that I will be touching upon in this podcast. During this journey, along with facts, I will be telling you some true stories and also inviting some guests to share their experiences. A huge thank you to Mr Navin Daga ( Music of Dhwani) and my wife Saroj for pushing me to make this happen :)
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The Fit Mom's Life

The Fit Mom's Life


Someone rightly said: A healthy outside starts from the inside. Any mum that is working on losing weight and creating a healthy lifestyle can tell you it takes time, dedication and patience. With juggling between multiple roles as the primary caregiver, to being business heads, giving time to fitness becomes imperative, but difficult.  Multitasking is indeed an art and science. In this podcast I have in conversation with me, Shivani Agarwalla, a mom to a 5-year-old, a practising Chartered Accountant by profession and India's first Woman World Champion in Kettlebell Sports to throw light on jee journey of raising a child, being a professional and chartering her journey into the world of fitness. Let's find out her secret to success and healthy life and what fitness means to her. To know more about Shivani visit her website or follow her on Instagram @shivani_kettlebell or connect with her via  email --- Send in a voice message:
Foetal movement counts are both reassuring as well as a means to bond with the unborn child. Despite having such profound importance, there are myths and misconceptions surrounding it. When does the baby start to move inside and when does a mother start to perceive the movements? Is it the same for 1st time and 2nd-time mothers? Should you keep the counts? If yes, how should you do it and from when? If no, then why shouldn't you and then how would you know if the baby is doing alright? What do these movements signify? What to do if the movements are less, what is the next step? The answer to all your questions lies in this podcast, so go ahead and click the button to 'play'.  --- Send in a voice message:
Let me take you to a true story with this podcast. Rebecca met Vaginismus on her honeymoon. Now.. Vaginismus is not a person.. it's not someone she befriended.... No.. it's a medical condition!  I'm not amazed some of you are unaware because it's hardly talked about. Yes, it's still quite taboo but a lot of women are walking hand in hand with it, trying very hard to break free from this alliance.  It's an uphill road and the slope is steep. Vaginismus stems from physical and emotional factors. For Rebecca, it also affected her relationship. When Rebecca reached out to me and told me that she had tried but couldn't get rid of the problem we attempted Botox and it worked! I was so happy to hear that she could return to normal life and a normal relationship with her partner after 18 years of marriage! If you have Vaginismus please seek help and don't let it get you down. 18 years is a long long time! Still don't believe me? Let's hear it from Rebecca then! --- Send in a voice message:
Vaginismus is a condition affecting women where vaginal penetration for the purpose of intercourse, or gynaecological examination by a doctor, or Pap smear or any other such activity is either extremely painful or impossible. Vaginismus would not allow even superficial penetration and the typical experience of intercourse is described like hitting a brick wall. Despite most women having experienced the problem during their lifetime due to one reason or another, there are myths and taboos surrounding it. Discussing sexual problems out in the open is seen as being frivolous, or available or too sexual. Vaginismus has both psychological and physical roots and this interplay is what makes the problem more complex. The good part is its almost 100% curable with the right team approach. This podcast is in conversation with Psychotherapist Mrs Mansi Poddar as she throws light on the psychological problems leading to Vaginismus, based on her and her team's work with various women. To know more about them visit  For further queries, you can email  --- Send in a voice message:
The birth of a new baby also brings a lot happiness, joy as well as responsibilities for the new-mother and family. Being responsible of this tiny bundle can get overwhelming. Most women can relate to the emotional roller coaster that dominates the first few weeks after a baby is born. But many experience symptoms that are perplexing to say the least. For instance, perpetual sadness, not wanting to bond with the baby, feeling inadequate and so on. I come across so many women who go through this, without much understanding and knowing what to do. The new mother feels like the loneliest person in the world when she’s battling postpartum, because families also don’t know enough to understand and help her.  So I decided to dedicate a Podcast on addressing Postpartum Depression as part of the Fertility, Motherhood and Wellness Show. What this podcast covers, · What is Postpartum Depression and Causes · Stories of women who have gone through it · Signs of Postpartum Depression · Symptoms to watch out for during pregnancy · What Husbands can do · Role of families · Self-Care to support yourself during that phase / How to deal with it yourself during that phase? · Importance of getting treatment I am thankful to Mrs Shubhika Singh for the wonderful insight into the world of Postpartum Depression. She is a Consultant Psychologist, with both her Bachelors and Masters in Psychology from the UK. She has been practicing for over a decade at her private clinic New Leaf: Mental Health & Well-Being, she also consults at various organizations, and has recently launched She can be reached at --- Send in a voice message:
Ectopic pregnancy happens when the embryo implants in a site other than the womb. Most commonly it happens inside the fallopian tube. Wherever it may happen, the result is always the same. The pregnancy will always result in a miscarriage but unlike other reasons for a pregnancy loss, ectopic pregnancy can be life-threatening. Why does it happen? Who are the women who are more likely to have one? What are the signs that one should look out for? How do we doctors diagnose it? Why is ectopic pregnancy so dangerous? What is the correct management for ectopic pregnancy? What is the way forward to get pregnant the next time? So many questions and one podcast that answers it all !!! --- Send in a voice message:
The first 3 months in pregnancy or the 1st trimester are the most vital as the chances of miscarriage are the maximum during this period. Why do some women experience more miscarriages? What is the most common reason for recurrent miscarriages or pregnancy losses that keep happening again and again? How does the body try to ensure that abnormal babies are not born into the world? How do we go about evaluating such a case in a stepwise methodically manner so as to be able to come to a diagnosis? Miscarriage is never an easy event to go through, a recurrent one, even more so. It requires us to medically AND emotionally ensure that the mother is safe and ready for her next pregnancy in the shortest possible time. This podcast deals with every aspect of this difficult situation and gives you an insight into things that can go wrong and what we as doctors can and should do for you.  --- Send in a voice message:
In about 2 to 3 % of pregnancies, there is a possibility that all may not be right with the baby. sometimes there is a past history which is suggestive, other times there might be some abnormal reports during the pregnancy which might give us a lead. Prenatal diagnosis is the attempt to unearth all such problems during pregnancy by one means or another. It requires close collaboration between the Obstetrician, The Geneticist as well as the Foetal Medicine Expert.  In this podcast, Dr Dipanajana Dutta, Medical Geneticist and West Bengal State Coordinator for Organization of Rare Disease India spoke extensively about the role of prenatal diagnosis and who are the likely couples who might need this service. She can be reached at Mrs Shikha Methermani, Founder and Director of Indian Prader Willi Syndrome Association has spoken about her own personal journey as well as the importance of preconception counselling. She can be reached at Mr Prasanna Shirol is the Co-Founder and Executive Director, Organization for Rare Diseases and an Ashok Fellow. He spoke about the difficulties he faced as the father of a child with Pompe's disease and the need for creating awareness amongst the masses and doctors alike for all the rare diseases that might affect newborn children. He can be reached at --- Send in a voice message:
The most physiological and fundamental aspects of motherhood is breastfeeding. Amazing how nature has given the power to a woman not only to give life but to also nurture that life. Obviously the practice of breastfeeding one's baby has been around from the time the first human life came to this planet, yet the importance of it still doesn't seem to have percolated into our minds sufficiently. The World Health Organization still struggles with only 40% of babies being breastfed around the world. Why is there this gap? How does one prepare for feeding even while she is pregnant? When to start feeding, how much, how often and many more such questions are answered in this podcast by Mrs Ankita Malik. She is a Certified Lactation Educator having had her training from CAPPA, a US-based childbirth and lactation training institution. She is only the 2nd such Consultant we have in this city and in the past 2 years that she has been around, she has helped many a mother who has struggled with the woes of breastfeeding. For more details about her look up her website --- Send in a voice message:
Urine infections are not uncommon, especially in women but why so? Why are men blessed in this regard? Women keep talking of getting recurrent UTIs but are they really recurrent or are they just badly diagnosed, wrongly treated and poorly understood? Who are the women who actually have recurrent infections? How to prevent getting them? What is Honeymoon cystitis? What is the correct way to give a urine sample for testing? What should one do when they get an attack of urine infection and lastly busting some myths like does using public toilets really increase the chances of getting a UTI. Listen to the podcast for all the answers.  --- Send in a voice message:
PCOS or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is a hormonal problem that has its origins to genetic inheritance or to environmental exposures during the life inside the mother's womb. Almost about 20% of Asians suffer from this problem. Although we have known of this issue for hundreds of years, yet myths and confusions abound. There are blogs and videos a plenty but there is no comprehensive summation of all the facts and information from origin to treatment at one place. That is what I have attempted to do in this podcast.  #pcos #polycysticovariansyndrome #pcod #polycysticovariandisease #acne #hirsutism #irregularperiods #delayedperiods #weightgain #difficultyinlosingweight #infertility #miscarriages #gestationaldiabetes #ovariandrilling #dietandpcos #lifestylechangesinpcos --- Send in a voice message:
Every woman is going to undergo menopause at some point in her life...we can't change this fact. But when we know we have a fight coming what we can do is arm ourselves to understand the enemy better so that we are better prepared for the fight. let's understand what tools are needed for this fight against a tough situation. does diet help? What kind of exercise gives better results? Should I worry more about cancer or osteoporosis? Is hormone replacement therapy safe? Listen to this podcast for all your answers !!!! --- Send in a voice message:
Pre Menstrual Syndrome or PMS as it is commonly called is a disturbing and recurring problem which instead of being seriously addressed, has become a subject of jokes and memes. Its high time, we try and understand this complex problem and work towards controlling or solving the issue. Is every anxiety, every symptom, every problem around the time of periods due to PMS ? How common is PMS ? How do we diagnose the problem ? Listen to all the above as well as a 10 Step Approach to solving PMS.  --- Send in a voice message:
India being the Diabetes capital of the world, the chances of a pregnant woman having issues with her blood sugars in pregnancy is quite high. Who are the woman who are at higher risk ? What is the difference between pre existing diabetes and gestational diabetes? How do we diagnose the problem ? Are simple blood sugars that we do in a non pregnant state or while doing health check ups good enough? What are the risks involved for the mother as well as the baby ? Does the problem disappear for them once delivery happens or are there complications for life ? The most comprehensive information ever on this subject is now available via this podcast.  --- Send in a voice message:
There are some who are scared to take the journey, then there are others who are scared to tell. Nandini is that brave heart who took the bold step and also took it upon her to share the message so that others benefit too. A very open and candid chat with Miss Nandini Khaitan, A lawyer, Poet and Bibliophile. She loves to call a spade a spade and this is not just because she is a lawyer, it's in her DNA. The journey of egg freezing from hearing about it to dilemma and confusion, to decision and finally the plunge and what happened thereafter. Hear her views on feminism, difficulties women face as lawyers and the superwomen that they are juggling multiple roles. Finally, catch her reciting what she believes are the most important but often ignored lines from Harvansh Rai Bachhan's famous poem "Madhushala" --- Send in a voice message:
Constipation in pregnancy is not just a reality but also a common problem affecting scores of women. Learn about what causes this consolation and how does it get aggravated. Is there a remedy? If yes, then how? Hear Mrs Juhi Mimani, Celebrity Nutritionist in conversation with Dr Rajeev Agarwal. She speaks on the role of Diet and how a 5 step approach can solve most constipation issues in pregnancy.  To know more about her you can send mail on or call on +919830503818 Lastly please don't forget to like and subscribe on Apple Podcast and also leave a review and how you would like it to improve or any topic that you want me to cover.  --- Send in a voice message:
Pre Conception Counseling is a series of advise given to couples who wish to have a baby in the near or distant future. Although it is a quite common in the western world to undertake a counseling but in our parts of the world, fertility is something which is taken for granted. The confusion maybe arises because of the overpopulation giving us a false sense of belief that fertility problems cant touch us. To be very honest preconception counseling is not just about fertility or infertility, it is also about having a safe uneventful pregnancy and ensuring that both you as a mother and I as a doctor have done our best and the best that is available to ensure that the baby is safe and healthy.  --- Send in a voice message:
Vaginal bleeding in the first trimester or the first 3 months of pregnancy is a common event and a scary one at that. How does one differentiate between spotting and bleeding? What could be the probable reason for this happening? Does it always mean bad things? What does one do when spotting or vaginal bleeding happens? Is bed rest necessary and does it help? Find your answers when you listen to this episode !!! --- Send in a voice message:
Egg freezing is about converting challenges to chances !!!. Women of today are sometimes caught between career and motherhood. This podcast deals with the problems and questions of these women. Everything that one needs to know about egg freezing. There is also a lot of taboo surrounding IVF in general and egg freezing in particular. The 18 questions and answers discussed here should clear each and every doubt in your minds. Is egg freezing for you ?? Dr Apoorva Pallam Reddy, the Guest on this show is a young dynamic Fertility expert, Obstetrician, Laparoscopic surgeon and Aesthetic gynaecologist from Bangalore. To know more about her click on these links or --- Send in a voice message:
Millions of women suffer from leakage of urine which is beyond their control and in their selfless zeal to look after the family first, they ignore their own problems until it becomes severe. There is also the aversion to take medicines or to avoid surgery. What is this problem and why does it happen? Who are the women who are more susceptible to it? Is lifestyle linked to this? Will having a normal delivery increase the chances? Is there a solution or does one have to suffer with this lifelong? Listen to this podcast to answer all these and more !!! To know more visit --- Send in a voice message:
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