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Marketing With Meg Podcast is a go-to resource for business owners who want to build a business they love for long lasting success. This podcast focuses on providing you with proven digital marketing strategies, website hacks and more to help you get the most out of your online marketing. It will also touch on developing your skills and mindset as an entrepreneur. For more -
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Angela Mckillop is a business owner and author of Win Win at Business. After her multi-million pound business collapsed just a few years ago, she's back to build bigger and better than ever! In this episode we speak about that journey, and everything that comes with it! 
019: My 2021 Goals...

019: My 2021 Goals...


In todays episode I'm sharing with you the personal, intentional 2021 goals that I've set myself. Many coaches encourage you to be 'goal setting' when a new year dawns (guilty!) but then never share their own. I think sharing can only inspire, and so that's what today's episode is all about. Copy and paste this 5 tier framework to set yourself some 2021 goals and go make a plan! 
Struggling with sales? Or simply want to get more out of your business? These three audience groups are key to ANY and EVERY business and marketing plan. Check them out inside this short blast episode so you can start to think about who these people are for your business. 
Posting on socials ADHOC? In this (crazy-valuable) episode I'm joined by Content Marketing queen Rachel Kurzyp! Discover how to reduce the overwhelm and create content that actually sells. We chat about Rachel's 7 pillars of content and deep dive into how to organise your content in a way that works. A must-listen for any business owner! 
In todays episode I share with you the story of my first business, and reflect on three important, valuable lessons I learned from it. 
Imagine running a business that you weren't 100% aligned with... In this episode we deep dive into getting hyper specific on messaging for your business -- and why that is so important. This is one of those things that you know you should do, but you never do. There's a reason for it, which we go into in this episode. Inside I drop 3 Q's that you can go away and ask yourself, to get super clear on the direction you're headed! 
In this episode I let you in a 5 ways you can find more time in your day, without having to get up hours earlier. I use these every single day, and they changed the game for me. 
Here's 6 ways that you could look to generate more revenue over the Christmas period! 
I've taken the most popular searches on Google, and answered them all in this podcast. Enjoy! 
Ahh, the common panic question! In this episode I speak about one of the most common reasons that your Facebook Ads will perform and under-deliver. 
This week I want to give an insight into the mistakes I've made in the past when it comes to my business model, and how I've adapted to find a business model that suits me.
In this episode we dive deep into 11 ways you can gather more social media followers, without having to spend a single penny! 
008: Confidence

008: Confidence


Lacking confidence? I've found that there are lots of business owners out there who have hit a stumbling block in their business because they don't have the confidence to get their business out there. Here's some home truths, and hopefully a little bit of encouragement for you! 
The big debate! if you're thinking about a website redesign or looking to launch a new website, give this a listen where I compare Squarespace v Wordpress to help make the decision easier! Free Training - 
006: Expectations

006: Expectations


The one big expectation we put on ourselves. Here I talk about how I dealt with it that which resulted in my business growing faster than ever, and how you can do the same. Free Training: Instagram: @meganburns_mbm
Don't fall into this trap like so many others do! In this episode I share with you one reason you might be wasting your marketing budget, and how to avoid doing that. Free Training: Instagram: @meganburns_mbm. Catch you all next week! 
I get uncomfortable in this episode and discuss a tough time I've gone through in my business, but I also want to share with you why I know you can get through tough times too. Instagram: @meganburns_mbmFacebook: Made By MegFREE DOWLOAD: 
We all want to be prepared ahead of re-opening after Covid-19. In this episode I discuss 1 way you can look to fill your books ahead of time, and detail the 4 email sequence framework. 
This episode is all about what is at the core of getting the results you want from anything in life, whether that is business or a personal goal. 
Welcome to Episode number 1! As well as introducing you to the MBM Academy, Meg discusses 4 easy opportunities you have that will allow you to make MORE sales!
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