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The Slob Show Podcast #16

The Slob Show Podcast #16


Abe is joined by Roker and Bass. Thanksgiving dinner and many other topics are discussed.  --- Support this podcast:
Store-bought mashed potatoes are the main topic of this episode of the SLOB Show. Abe, Roker, and Bass also discuss Roker's unbelievable amount of Jersey Mike's Shore Points.  --- Support this podcast:
Ryan and Sam join me to discuss the new WWE Thunderdome and everything else going on in the world of wrestling.  --- Support this podcast:
The two youths, Eddie and Case, join me. We talked about high school coaches, subs, meeting the band Hinder, and your questions.  --- Support this podcast:
Sam Kanan and I, who starred in the cult classic "Bloody Skull," sit down with radio legend James VanOsdol to discuss the film 21 years later. --- Support this podcast:
Abe and Roker talk about their birthday meals. Also discussed are Abe's gallbladder and Roker’s ears. --- Support this podcast:
I am joined by Bass. We talk about Bass' car getting destroyed, Abe's childhood, wearing zubaz to a wake, Fogo De Chao pit stop technique, more retention department hacks, talking to people on the phone, and spelling things out in front of kids.  --- Support this podcast:
Abe was in the hospital for a week. We discuss on this week's episode of The Slob Show. We also talk about trying to live the slob lifestyle post-surgery. I am joined Roker.  --- Support this podcast:
Abe Kanan and Roker discuss the legendary trip to the Sterling Brunch Buffet in Las Vegas. We discuss ll you can eat lobster and the unfortunate aftermath. --- Support this podcast:
Abe Kanan and Ryan Manno discuss... 1. The current state of wrestling 2. Abe's controversial haircut 3. How do wrestling announcers know the changed name 4. Undertaker story about tombstoning Hulk Hogan 5. All wrestling business was done in the showers 6. AEW announcers seem thirsty for the female wrestlers 7. Who has the best current presentation 8. Who do we care about 9. Who would make you pop in 2020 10. Things were better twenty years ago 11. The shock of Saturday Night's Main Event 12. Vince loves great bodies 13. Cody is delivering great promos 14. Comparing the attitude era to today 15. We spend five minutes remembering Angel Garza's name 16. The miss with the women's title 17. Unifying titles would help a lot in wrestling --- Support this podcast:
The Voices In My Head #2. 1. I talk about my favorite character in cinema history. 2. I play my favorite prank call out of the thousands that I have made. 3. I tell the classic personal training story about the trainer who takes his shirt off at parties. 4. I got the last laugh on a guy trying to sell me gambling picks. 5. Please comment, rate, subscribe and share this podcast. --- Support this podcast:
The Voices In My Head #1. 1. I am joined by Ryan Manno to explain the Genesis of this new podcast. 2. I am disappointed with the quarantine songs put out by Metallica and my hero Paul Stanley from Kiss. 3. The Andrew Cuomo briefings have become a vehicle to talk about eating dinner as a child and stories involving his family and spaghetti. 4. I was caught again in the youtube vortex and watched David Draiman from Disturbed. 5. I hate ALL cable news. Please subscribe and share this podcast. Thank you. --- Support this podcast:
Abe Kanan, Roker, and Bass talk about ordering food and trying to live the Slob Show lifestyle while under quarantine. Excuse the audio, of course we had to use zoom. --- Support this podcast:
Abe Kanan and Roker discuss... 1. Abe almost got killed because of a fast food app 2. Run-ins with police stories 3. Chicago court incidents 4. Roker presents Abe with a major gift 5. Abe is willing to sell out for right price 6. Roker is the last person who pays for porn channels 7. Roker watches simulated PlayStation football games' 8. Using coupons 9. Abe's tip when returning an incorrect sandwich 10. Roker's amazing Lent tip 11. Fogo De Chao coupon 12. Abe is a "gold star" customer for fast food restaurants 13. Fogo De Chao has a lower-tier card for a cheaper price 14. The way to eat a Jersey Mike's giant sub & feel great 15. The secret board of trade bar 16. Rokers Medical Marijuana card 17. Roulette tip 18. Uber Eats --- Support this podcast:
Abe Kanan and Roker talk about... 1. New Star Wars Movie 2. Eating at movies 3. Jersey Mike's text code 4. The aftermath of eating a Jersey Mike's giant sub 5. Bang-Bang 6. Entertainment coupon book 7. Roker's old Chipotle coupons 8. Dunkin Doughnuts meatless sausage sandwich 9. Watching people eat Crab Legs is vile 10. More food hacks 11. No one gives napkins anymore --- Support this podcast:
Episode 8 topics... 1. Roker gets prank called by Abe about his broken refrigerator 2. Candy 3. Chocolate covered Gummy Bears 4. Story of Abe breaking through the glass of a vending machine 5. Video games and playing people who sucked 6. Sitcoms with bad-ass father's 7. Chicken sandwiches and best sauces 8. How many waffles fries should you use for each sauce 9. Why do fast food places no longer give napkins 10. We are your cardio buddies 11. Gym etiquette 12. Abe's grill debacle --- Support this podcast:
Episode 7 topics... 1. Lot's of talk about the loo 2. Roker's Bunny Ranch update 3. Charging for extra mayo is blasphemy 4. Food Timing 5. New Orleans Food --- Support this podcast:
Episode 6 topics... 1. Abe dressed like Roker and Bass 2. Slob Show Breakfast Sandwich 3. Abe took relationship with Dunkin Doughnuts barista to next level 4. Tons of other Slob Show tips! --- Support this podcast:
Episode 8 topics... 1. Scott Hall and Kevin Nash remember everything 2. The Bret Hart trash talking formula 3. The Genius Lanny Poffo 4. Watching old wrestling matches 5. Harley Race 6. WWE Kings 7. Being a stupid wrestling fan would be great 8. Dumb comments by commentators 9. Maria Kanellis is currently the best thing in WWE 10. Mid card story-lines make the product better 11. Samoa Joe 12. Bray Wyatt and the Fiend 13. Horrible big men in wrestling 14. Is CM Punk coming to AEW 15. AEW review so far 16. CM Punk classic audio talking about Undertaker --- Support this podcast:
The Slob Show with Abe Kanan and Roker. Two friends in Chicago talk about their daily love of fast food and the Slob Lifestyle. Episode 5 topics... 1. The Slob Show Whopper 2. Buying clothes and how to dress your best 3. Eating after doctor appointment 4. Constructing the Slob Show Whopper 5. Blue people are better than green people 6. Abe's KFC story 7. Roker's brilliant pizza life hack 8. The apps that you must download to get free food --- Support this podcast:
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Dill Bolich

Abe your the shit and I miss your show on Howard 101!!

Aug 10th
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