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The Tales of Kirby City

Author: Insomniac Zac

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A Real Play (RPG) Role Playing Game podcast powered by FATE. A rotating group of friends play an adventure narrative as original super people, who fight to keep their capes clean as they battle evil in a strange comic book inspired world with fiends, friends, monsters, and mystery! Great for Newbies to RPG games, or anyone who wants more superhero fun in their ears. KA-POW!
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THE HERALD RETURNS ! But he returns amidst tragedy, and the Patriot contemplating abandoning his post ? With the recent losses leaving the morale of Mercy, Chiller, and KI-11 at a devastating low, everyone at the Cape Force Base struggles to bounce back. When an unexpected offer from Razor Rose requests ( blackmails ? )  the team back undercover as the faux villains The  JACKALS, to clear her new bar of a mutant rat infestation,  can Delta Squad stay focused as a force for justice ? 
When a group of select civilians is given a rare chance to tour the Cape Force Headquarters, the rookie capes of Delta Squad might be dealing with more than just gaining the shaky trust of the Kirby City public.  As Chiller, Iota, and Mercy navigate the questions of the curious crowd, the machinations of a deadly foe may be unfolding all around them. Can Cobra Kid, Starlight, or the Patriot help deduce whats going so wrong with this tour?Brace yourselves.  This time, not everyone makes it out alive. 
MERCY ARRIVES. Delta Squad adds a new hero to its team, and just in time as the Patriot sends the squad to return the body of a fallen hero to the FRONT LINE tower. Will the premiere super team welcome the Delta Squad with open arms? Will the death of a young cape cause a rift between Kirby Cities dual forces of justice?Will a cliffhanger leave Delta Squad in its deepest dilemma yet?STOP ASKING QUESTIONS, AND FIND OUT !
What was it like brainstorming the Kirby City RPG, its city and its characters into fictional existence ? Pure chaos! No really. This should have been the first podcast posted.I'd never played RPGs, or ran such a narrative - but this proves that anyone can! This episode is straight cobbled together from dozens of recordings, as I stumbled through making it the awkward screeching lumbering back alley mutant it is !Good thing I had cosmically crucial creative assistance from comic book fans like Rob (The Herald) , Dave M (Brass Lion) , Tyler ( KI-11 Droid), and David L (Chiller) to help me out, with special guest Jose R.  Legends. All of em'.Don't forget to follow the show on Twitter  @Kirby_City !
With a dangerous undercover mission behind them, you'd think Delta Squad would have a moment to catch thier breath. Too bad the life of a first year superhero is non-stop!Too bad a distress call from the Mayor of Kirby City rockets the team to save trapped civilians on Noble Bridge. Will the team find themselves dropped into a rivalry between the Front Line Hero Phantom Man and a mysterious old foe ? FIND OUT ! 
You didn't think we'd leave you on a cliffhanger forever did you ?Delta Squads undercover mission hits a major snag as they find themselves trapped in the grinding gears of supervillain underworld, where trust is scarce and betrayal is all too frequent! Will they escape as heads literally begin to roll ? Does the Patriot have a powerful new team member up his super sleeve ? Will the Herald accept his status as a team player ? Will Chiller dance again ? Will the team keep their new "villain" cover ? Find out now! 
The Patriot sends Delta Squad undercover within a known super-villain dive bar. The squad makes a risky move, disguised as an 'out of town' henchmen group - The JACKALS. Chiller, The Herald, and Brass Lion may be in way over their heads this time, as they must blend in among the strange group of low level criminals. Will everyone make it out alive ?
As the fledgling hero team settles into their new dorms within the Cape Force headquarters, their peaceful nights rest is shattered as a silent assassin attacks the Herald with plans to steal one of his mothballed inventions. A device that could spell certain doom for Kirby City : The Mercury Mirror !
THIS TRAILER PARK. THIS BATTLEFIELD.Poor Delta Squad hasn't been a team for more than a day, but it may be their last if they can't take down a renegade battle mech and save the day!  
The story begins! It's the first day on the job, as three new capes join the superhero squad, known as the Kirby City Protectors. This 'Delta Squad' of third stringers known as Brass Lion, Chiller, and the Herald are inducted into the cape and cowl service, but find themselves suddenly thrown into their first mission faster than a speeding bullet.   
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