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Learn about servant leadership from a passionate servant leadership himself! Erik Hatch dives deep in this podcast and discusses the importance of servant leadership and how he displays it in his own life.
13 Episodes
#13- Take Action

#13- Take Action


As we wrap up Season 1 of the Hatching Leaders Podcast... Erik challenges his listeners to take action."Don't let inaction be your action." - Erik Hatch
In this episode of the Hatching Leaders Podcast, Erik dives deep into branding. For those of you who know Erik or his companies, you know he is a wizard when it comes to marketing and branding. Give this episode a listen to hear what his social media strategy is and how he has built an amazing brand by shining a light on other people.
#11- CAP Leadership

#11- CAP Leadership


Do you know what CAP Leadership stands for? Well if you don't... you definitely need to give this episode a listen.
This episode gets weird very quickly... a good weird though. Erik talks about cancer, and specifically a team member of his who recently went through a tough journey. Erik also talks again about the importance of servant leadership and how it is something that is proactive not reactive. 
In this episode of the Hatching Leaders podcast you are going to learn about the importance of being relational and building trust versus being transactional with folks. How we treat people matters and how we serve those in our world matters. 
Episode #8 of the Hatching Leaders Podcast is full of gold. In this episode Erik talks about the importance of spending time with your team members. He also dives deep into his strategy on hiring and how he has created incredible businesses by hiring the right people.
In this episode, Erik debunks the "One Size Fits All" philosophy especially when it comes to leadership. He argues that leadership should be customized & tailor-made for each individual. Erik also talks about how leadership is a slow process, whereas management is fast. Erik challenges us to look at where in our life were might be leading too fast, and urges us to slow down in those areas of life.
#6- Priorities Pryamid

#6- Priorities Pryamid


In episode 6, Erik dives deep into what he introduced in episode 3 of this podcast and that is the Pyramid of Life Priorities. He discusses how we need to be intentional and consistent with scheduling out this Pyramid of Priorities so that we can be the best versions of ourselves.
In this episode of the Hatching Leaders Podcast, Erik talks about situation identity crisis. He describes how we sometimes find ourselves living out different versions of who we are. Erik challenges us to honor our foundation and be authentic. 
In this episode, Erik describes a life-changing trip he embarked on years ago to Haiti. Learn about the importance of grace in our lives. Lastly, this episode dives into the priorities pyramid. What is this & how does this pyramid help us become a better servant leader?
In Episode 4, Erik talks about his favorite subject: Multiplying. Erik describes the story of one of his team members, Kyle. Kyle has an incredible mindset of multiplying at a young age. Have you ever pondered the question: "What am I on this earth for?" If yes, give this episode a listen.
In this episode of the Play For The Person Next To You Podcast, learn about how we become a chapter in everyone's book around us. Erik talks about the difference between being an "even-though" person vs. a "because" person. Erik dives deep into the importance of relationships and proximity.
#1- Introduction

#1- Introduction


Welcome to the first episode of the Hatching Leaders Podcast! Join us on a journey of servant leadership, you are not going to want to miss out on.This first episode is short and sweet, Erik tells you a little bit about himself and how he got here.
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