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Join us for this inspiring conversation with Shelby Hedgecock, the bright individual who has taken her experience with Long COVID and turned it into an organization to help others living with the long-term effects of the virus, Blooming Magnolia. We chat about her experience first getting sick in April 2020, how she navigated her health care providers not believing how sick she was, and how she's adapted her life to her current symptoms. It's an episode you don't want to miss! Make sure to connect with Shelby and Blooming Magnolia through the links below!'s Instagram Magnolia's InstagramFollow us on Instagram: Book "Live a Better Life": Book “Empowered Self Care”: hello@TheRealSpooniesUnite.comSupport the show
In this Real Talk episode, we have another conversation about whether an experience is something everyone goes through at one time or another or if it's mostly a Spoonie thing.  We all have weird stuff that happens to our bodies, but when do you need to be seeking medical care for those symptoms? We share our own experiences and our thoughts on the matter. Support the show
In today's Real Talk episode Cassie and Chelsea chat all about moderation.  Join us as we break down what moderation means to each of us and the role it plays in our lives. Support the show
In this episode, Cassie and Chelsea discuss what it's like to feel the need or desire to hide your illness and keep it yourself- which is a big contrast to how Cassie in particular usually talks about her illness. As the 'Real Life Show' we try to share our lives and experiences in real time, and this topic is a big issue in Cassie's life right now... listen towards the end in particular to see the ripple effect this has had throughout every aspect of life. As always, connect with us on Instagram and send us a message telling us about your experience :) Support the show
We're back!! After taking a few months off of podcasting, Cassie and I are back in your ears! Tune into this Real Talk to hear more about why exactly we decided to take a break from the podcast and to hear how the two of us handled our first big fight. Support the show
Hi dearest friends, we are taking a break from creating new content until this summer. Thank you so much for being such wonderful listeners, you can still connect with us on Instagram or in The Hub, and if you haven't listened to all our episodes, go back and check those out! Can't wait to chat with ya'll for season 5 this summer :) Connect with us on Instagram. Support the show
We're thrilled to have Jan back on our show for a brilliant and extremely interesting and fact-filled second episode! If you haven't listened to the first one, you can go back to March 2021, episode number 412 to check it out. Many of you already know how much we love our Vital Field Energy Cells, they're so frigging awesome, we're biased to the No-Pain cells and the Anti-Inflame cells, but have heard from many a spoonie that they love the Resistance cell the most. Be sure to listen to this entire episode because there's so much gold- you don't wanna miss it! And use code: SPOONIESUNITE for 20% off your purchase, yay! Connect with us on Instagram: the show
Finances and money can be so energy consuming, which is why we're re-releasing this gem of an episode to help you through those wealth woes! We have such a special guest and unique episode of The Real Life Show: Living with a Chronic Illness for you today. We interviewed the brilliant financial coach, Mandyy Thomas, who is the CEO of “Intentionally Wealthy Coaching.” She helps others who might have a good amount of savings like she did at a young age, but don’t know where it should go or what to do with it. Through her coaching, Mandyy helps her clients gain clarity with their finances, make progress towards their goals, and feel financially safe and secure. She empowers her clients to improve their finances so they have more options, opportunities, choices, and freedoms in their life. Mandyy dives into how a lot of her health struggles as a spoonie stemmed from her past financial troubles and all the stress that brings. Finally, she gives our listeners some tips on how to start changing how you view your money as well as to how to transform what you do with it.Mandyy's Social Links: Link: Media: New Book "Live a Better Life": Book “Empowered Self Care”: hello@TheRealSpooniesUnite.comSupport the show
We've had a lot of people writing in to us about this topic recently, so we've decided to re-release this episode for everyone who needs this right now. If this hits hard for you, DM us! We wanna talk it out with you. :) Many of us feel like a burden to our loved ones, or feel guilty when we can't do certain activities, or cancel often, the list can go on and on. This episode was another request by you wonderful listeners- Cassie & Chelsea discuss why and how you should and can drop the guilt and shame around your chronic illness! As always, their DM's are open, so feel free to message about anything on Instagram or email: Hello@TheRealSpooniesUnite.Com :) Instagram: Wellness Hub Community: the show
Heather has such an incredible story- from discovering she has POTS, needing gallbladder surgery, migraines and more- to finally finding out she'd been terribly ill due to black mold exposure... this entire episode is a rollercoaster of emotions. Heather is such a sweet and wonderful person, who we've very much enjoyed over the years, and we're excited for all of you to get to know her too through this episode! Connect with Heather on Instagram here: as always, DM us on Instagram here.Join us in The Wellness Hub with one month free! Support the show
In this week's episode, we discuss the differences and similarities between spoonies and non-spoonies. What are things we each have to think about in our day to day lives, do we both worry about if a bathroom is close by? Do we both make sure we have snacks on hand? Etc. Send us your spoonie questions! We want to know! Connect with us on instagram, and join us in our community The Wellness Hub! Support the show
An aerialist from Australia, Ollie's medical journey has been impacted by the fact that he is transgender, and because of this he has learnt about navigating the healthcare system when doctors come with unhelpful bias or misinformation. He is really passionate about patients being seen for their intersectional identities, and hopes to see a future where the medical system embraces diverse health experiences.  OIlie is such an incredible human, we can't wait for you to hear his story. He is one of our wonderful Wellness Hub community members, and a bright light in the world! Connect with him on Instagram here. And as always, shoot us a message on Instagram, or join us and chat more in The Wellness Hub community. Support the show
We're totally mindset junkies, we love all the personal development things- BUT for the last 6 months, neither of us have any effs to give about mindset stuff. This is an open, honest and raw discussion about the benefits of mindset work and the benefits of taking a break and just giving yourself grace.  We're excited for you to have a listen, and let us know your thoughts! Connect with us via email: and on Instagram or join us and others like you in The Wellness Hub online community. Support the show
In today's Real Talk episode, we discuss empathy, sympathy, someone's ability to be mindful and thoughtful of what someone else is going through, and how all of that relates to our spoonie lives. We'd love to hear your thoughts about this topic, as always, so reach out! Email us at or connect with us on Instagram or join us and others like you in The Wellness Hub! Support the show
We've been wanting to bring you an episode on this topic for ages! We truly can't wait for you to listen to this discussion- definitely listen all the way to the end, we ask all sorts of real questions about insurance input, patient responsibility and advocacy, doctor's control, wording, appointment preparation- all the things! This episode is packed full of useful information and insight into the frustrations medical professionals experience when navigating the healthcare system, too. We also want to say- THANK YOU to ALL the medical professionals out there for keeping on going during this pandemic and for everything else you do for us all! You are so appreciated!!! Connect with us: us: Support the show
That's right- We're talking food sensitivities! Come on the journey with us as we discuss our ups and downs with the battle of staying away from foods we know aren't the best for us. And, we of course offer some helpful tips and tricks to help you with your food sensitivity woes. As always, we love to connect on Instagram, so DM us anytime! AND we love chatting in our community- The Wellness Hub, so join us in there too! Support the show
We've all been there- when you feel like the smallest thing is going to be the straw that breaks the camel's back, what sets you over the edge, what finally makes things implode. After some incredible months, we both had a lot of shit hit the fan leading to us both hitting total burn out. This episode is about noticing what burn out is for you, and how to recover and get back to your best self. Don't forget- feel free to message us- we love connecting on social media, and we've got our incredible community: The Wellness Hub our community, click here! Support the show Use code SPOONIESUNITE for 20% offToday on The Real Life Show: Living with a Chronic Illness, we are joined by Keely Cat-Wells again. She is an entrepreneur and disability activist dedicated to systematic social and economic change in the world. With many awards to her name, Keely is the CEO and founder of C Talent and Zetta Studios. Keely founded her first company at a young age during a difficult time in her life. She is helping push the disabled community into the light; bringing awareness, fairness, and opportunities to disabled individuals. This chat with Keeley dives deeper into her journey with a disability and how it relates to dating, entrepreneurship, and having a healthy work-life balance.Keely's Instagram:'s Website: Talent Instagram: Talent Website: Social Media: New Book "Live a Better Life": Book “Empowered Self Care”: hello@TheRealSpooniesUnite.comSupport the show Use code SPOONIESUNITE for 10% offOn today’s episode of The Real Life Show: Living with a Chronic Illness, we talked to Lauren Cunningham. She is a certified holistic health coach specializing in autoimmune diseases and is a recipe developer. Lauren creates recipes that she shares on her blog and for peoples’ fitness programs. Lauren takes a more holistic view on chronic illness. So we talked all things health, wellness, and stress management to take a more holistic approach to your lifestyle. Lauren also shares her tips and tricks to having a more healthy life.Lauren's Instagram:'s website: Media: New Book "Live a Better Life": Book “Empowered Self Care”: hello@TheRealSpooniesUnite.comSupport the show Use code SPOONIESUNITE for 20% offMichelle is a life & biz coach who helps women attract clients, money, & health. She’s had different health conditions over the past 10 years including histamine intolerance, food intolerances, osteopenia, hormone imbalances, gut imbalance, HA, & anxiety. She had seen all the doctors (western, functional, holistic, specialists) & done different gut protocols with only short-term results. It wasn’t until she applied mindset coaching & emotional intelligence to relieve internal stress that she healed these conditions.Michelle's Instagram:'s Website: Media: New Book "Live a Better Life": Book “Empowered Self Care”: hello@TheRealSpooniesUnite.comSupport the show
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