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Author: Ashley Hand

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In this podcast we talk about the core principles of deep health: mindset, nutrition, and movement. For me that includes a lot of reading, running, and... pizza. Let's dig in!
12 Episodes
In this episode Miss Guillory (an angel, teacher of first grade, and Just Eating grad) talks about how she plans to use her new skills and mindset to help her students, fellow teachers, and the parents of her kids grow a positive relationship with food. Whether you are a teacher, parent, aunt, let's be real just a human... this episode is FOR YOU. Bri brings her contagious energy and FIRE for empowering her kids and tells you exactly how you can do the same.Find her on her instagram and twitter.Mentions:Just Eating CourseFacebookInstagramWebsite
In this episode we're kicking off a series of podcasts that will teach you why and how you should put your Diet on notice. Today we're talking about how Diets are really TOOLS and SKILLS are what let you use tools effectively. You CAN have the confidence to make your own choices, you don't need a diet to tell you what to do. You've got this. LYMIMentions:FREE One Hundred Day ChallengeJust Eating CourseFacebookInstagramWebsite
In this episode we are talking about why you should STOP "starting tomorrow." We go over WHY you do this in the first place, WHY it's actually a good thing, and WHY it says nothing about YOU (and your willpower/motivation/determination despite what you've told yourself). Then we go over HOW to stop doing it and START taking action NOW. YOU GOT THIS.Mentions:Just Eating CourseFacebookInstagramWebsite
In this episode we talk about an easy (but probably difficult) exercise you can go through to make sure you're moving in the right direction. We talk about identifying things that you're doing that are draining your tank, things that you want to do but are scared to (because growth is scary), and HOW to put into action a plan to get moving. YOU GOT THIS.Mentions:Just Eating CourseFacebookInstagramWebsite
In this episode we're talking about how YOU can be a more efficient and effective learner! Whether you're in school, growing a business, or working on skills for fun this is for you. As a bonus this mindset "hack" will also help you build better connections with the people around you.Mentions:Just Eating CourseFacebookInstagramWebsite
In this episode we're chatting about deceptive marketing - what it is and how YOU can be an educated consumer just by being a little more aware! Specifically I go through one example of two nutrition labels and how one was marketed to seem healthier but in reality there were some compromises made that you might not be okay with. Mentions:Just Eating CourseFacebookInstagramWebsite
In this episode we talk about how to mentally thrive through COVID-19... and really ANY time.  It's all about controlling the controllable. You've got this!Find me:- Instagram- Facebook- Website
In this episode we talk about WHY you should be intentionally crafting your affirmations and HOW you can tweak the affirmations you already use and craft them to help you push forward.This intentional method of focusing on EFFORT has changed my productivity and growth over the last four months, pushing me to finish my Precision Nutrition Certification, launch this podcast, launch a nutrition course, and kick off the first class with a full group of students. FIND ME:- Instagram- Facebook- Website
Start Running

Start Running


In this episode we cover everything you need to know to start running. I go over WHY you should start running (particularly with what we're going through right now with many people being asked to stay home as much as possible), WHAT you need to start running (it's a pretty short list of NECESSARY things but I also go over some nice-to-haves), and HOW you should start running (both physically AND mentally). If you're someone who has wanted to start running I hope this episode helps you, if you're already a runner I hope it's a good quick reminder! Mentions:- FREE home workouts- Sunscreen I wear running (body) (face)- Inexpensive bluetooth headphones- Flipbelt- Gu- Running watch- Nike run club appFind me: - Instagram- Facebook- Website*Links to Amazon are affiliate links, thank you for supporting me and keeping this podcast up and running!  LYMI
In this episode we talk about HOW to find your vision and harness it to push yourself to accomplish your dreams. YOU are capable of anything you set your mind to.Mentions:Just Eating CourseInstagramWebsite
The Scientist's Diet

The Scientist's Diet


In this episode we are going to talk about the HOW so you don't need to be focused on WHAT you're eating. Mentions:Just Eating CourseInstagramWebsite
In the first episode of Run Now Pizza Later we talk about what running has taught me:- How letting my running ability define my identity held me back literally and figuratively- How running taught me you have to go slow in order to go fast - How running taught me to enjoy the journey- How just executing is my "secret sauce"- Why finding something you like is the key to committing to exercise- How running taught me to have blind faith in myselfMentions:InstagramWebsite
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