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Barry Davis

Barry Davis


Barry Davis shares his experience growing up in Yellowstone National Park, his path from the Bluegrass, and his myriad entrepreneurial ventures: including a chain of fried chicken restaurants in Colorado and the world’s most high-end bowling alley.Check out some of Barry's stories animated as "Rusty Fables".
Our guest today is Shawn Rubel the Founder and CEO of Eezy, a technology company in Bowling Green, KY which connects creatives with people who need their products. Eezy has a family of sites which focus on vector images, videos, themes, and more. Shawn talks to us about his move from a college student who had second thoughts on completing his degree in Canada to starting and running a 70+ person company. We  get into his hiring philosophy, how far in the future he likes to plan, and when will Bowling Green get it's own NHL team (spoiler alert...not soon).We would love your feedback on this episode or any of them. Feel free to reach out to us at CrowdSouth and let us know what you think!
Today Chad and Jason talk with Wicksell Metellus. Wicksell is a Senior Interaction Designer at Google in their Seattle office. Before Google, Wicksell spent 5 years at Amazon as a Senior UX Designer. Wicksell tells us about his experiences at those companies and his transition from NYC to FL to Seattle. We learn about break dancing and his thoughts on UI and UX. We even have "Owen Wilson" stop by for a quick chat. Wow is right!Be sure to check out Wicksell's and his wife Crystal's websites. xtaldesigns.comdesignbywicks.comWe would love your feedback on this episode or any of them. Feel free to reach out to us at CrowdSouth and let us know what you think!
Today Chad chats with Glenn Kurban. Glenn is currently a VP at Randstad in Atlanta and was Chad's first manager after graduating college.  Glenn has a ton of experience in the consulting and management world and shares his insights.How to motivate employeesHow is consulting changed since the pandemicHow to separate the job from the employeeHow to create a legacyWe would love your feedback on this episode or any of them. Feel free to reach out to us at CrowdSouth and let us know what you think!
Today Jason, Chuck, and Chad speak with Jason Loehr. Jason has been a long time friend of those guys and has done a TON of different jobs at lots of level. He has lots of good insights and we cover many topics over his career. How he started in catalogs and moved to web site designGathering data and how that is used for marketingHow the view of leadership changes through lifeHe knows lots of famous peopleWe would love your feedback on this episode or any of them. Feel free to reach out to us at CrowdSouth and let us know what you think!
In today's episode we speak with Shawn Perry. Shawn is a Director at The JPR Group in Bowling Green, KY and a long time friend of Chad and Jason. Shawn speaks about his time growing up in southern Kentucky and his path through college and beyond to get to where he landed today. He dives into how his relationship with his business partner started and how he has seen things change at his office during the pandemic. Shawn is an avid reader and made some book recommendations at the end of the podcast.Setting The TableWill Power Doesn't WorkThe Ruthless Elimination of HurryWe would love your feedback on this episode or any of them. Feel free to reach out to us at CrowdSouth and let us know what you think!
In today's episode the 4 hosts get together for another episode of just chatting and talking about silly things. FloridaBidetsBass GuitarsHigh School Musicals$100 MealsRon SwansonButterfly EffectHuddle HouseNot a lot of business discussion in this one, but we had fun. 
Today we spoke with Katie Hutchinson of KHIT Consulting. KHIT is an IT consulting project management company focusing on behavioral and mental health companies. KHIT builds and configures systems for them to capture data and bill correctly. We discussed her path through education to start KHIT, some book recommendations, and her perspective on being a female CEO in a male dominated industry.
Today's episode is with Mike Siemens the former president of Good Sam Club. Mike spent 30+ years at Good Sam Club and it's associated brands (Camping World and Affinity Group).Mike talks to us about starting his career at Camping World in the mail room and growing into the roll he recently retired from as president. He speaks about how growth comes through being adaptable to change that comes at you during your youth. We also get into how the Good Sam Club grew it's list of members over his time with the brand. Jason, Chad, and Chuck all worked with Mike before moving on to CrowdSouth and were thrilled to have him on the podcast and hear about his history at GSC.
Today we talk with Jerry Webb of Bowling Green. Jerry is from Auburn Kentucky and started a furniture business and self storage business in the 90s. Jerry has since sold the storage company and is enjoying retirement and climbing ladders when he obviously shouldn't. We talk about his early jobs, starting the businesses and selling his businesses. He has 3 kids, one of which is obviously his favorite. You can follow Jerry on social media at....just kidding, he doesn't do that stuff. 
Today Jason, Rachel, and Chuck talk with Matt Simpson. Matt has a history in Banking and Real Estate and we talk about how banking actually leads to consulting and being a mentor. Also we spend some time talking about 90s hip hop music. Follow Matt on Instagram and Twitter: @MattPSimp. Matt played college basketball at Transylvania University sometime in the late 1860s, he doesn't really get into that, but we did want to mention that his shot is broke.
Tyler Brown is the owner of FHG Clothiers and ManBox both located in Bowling Green KY. Our hosts today are Jason Heflin, Rachel Kirby, and Chuck Gregory. They talk with Tyler about his military background, taking over a business from his father, and developing relationships with his clients.
This bonus episode is the audio from a Zoom call Chad Webb and Jason Heflin did with the Bowling Green Area Chamber of Commerce April 6th. The call was around marketing efforts in light of the current Covid-19 pandemic.
For our first official episode Chad and Jason talk to Neil Griggs from FASTSIGNS. He is a franchise owner in Bowling Green, Kentucky and has done a lot of interesting things in the corporate world and as an entrepreneur. He talks about where he came from, his time in the Marines, some of the businesses that he thought about doing before jumping into FASTSIGNS, as well as some of the struggles he's had. Neil was a great first guest and we were happy to have him on. 
We have learned a lot in the past few weeks about how the public is reacting to the coronavirus. We’re learning how they are changing their behaviors and how we, as advertisers, can reach them and focus on building a brand and solidifying long term relationships. Chad Webb and Jason Heflin recorded a quick podcast with tips on how to get through these uncertain times with your business intact!
Since this is our first episode (or episode 0) we take some time today to get into it with four of the people from CrowdSouth who will be hosting the podcast: Chad Webb, Jason Heflin, Chuck Gregory, and Rachel Kirby. This episode will be different than most as it focuses less on the business world and more about your hosts' personalities. We freely admit it was a goofy one. We hope to see you back in a few weeks when the first official episode launches. Be sure to reach out to us on our website,, if you are interested in being a guest. 
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