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When an opportunity comes to expand your understanding of the world, do you take it? Even if it means learning some painful truths? Today on the podcast we have two wonderful leaders from Central’s staff joining us to talk about a recent trip they took to the south. This trip wasn’t for pleasure or for relaxation, it was to learn about the awful truths of slavery in our country and how the effects of slavery are still being felt by our brothers and sisters of color. We talk about the value of having our eyes opened to realities of America’s past and it’s present so that perhaps we can have a hand in making its future better for all. Show Notes: Amplify Peace:
How can we better listen to and love our Muslim neighbors? It all begins with getting to know them as people and hearing their stories. Today on the podcast, we have A delightful conversation with Imam Didmar Faja. An Imam is a Muslim religious leader and teacher. In our conversation with Imam Didmar we get an amazing opportunity to hear his perspective on September 11th and how his Muslim community was affected. We also get to understand better some of the similarities Christians share with the Islamic faith. Though Christians and Muslims may not agree with each other on every level when it comes to theology, there is great opportunity for us to live with mutual respect and love for one another. I can’t wait for you to hear today’s podcast and perhaps learn a new perspective. 
What happens when survival is all you can think about and when the education you have been given doesn’t allow you to consider all of the options available to you? Sometimes people make bad decision because of the terrible situations they are born in. Today on the podcast we have Dwight Crocker. Dwight is one of the pastors on our church’s staff and he has an incredible story to share with us. Find out how poverty in his mother’s life led her to have a warrant out for her arrest because she couldn’t pay the parking tickets she accrued. Dwight talks about how he considered as a young teenager selling drugs so that he wouldn’t lose his mother to prison. Today we learn the importance of hearing everyone’s story even when they’ve made bad decisions. Show Notes:2Pac - Changes :  YouTube (so you can see Dwight’s great shirt): 
Homelessness continues to rise in the United States. How can we better love our sisters and brothers who have hit rock bottom and are living on the streets? Four years ago you could have found Justin drunk and on the streets of Phoenix, but today he is the founder of several business including a non-profit. He has created an organization that is designed to help others like him find hope in the midst of their darkness on the streets. Join us today as we hear his powerful story and learn a little of what we can do to help our neighbors who have nowhere to call home. Show Notes: Acts Homeless Ministry at Central: Justin’s Non-Profit: 
When is Evangelism Harmful?  How have Christians missed the mark in how they share the good news?  Where do we need to apologize for our bad behavior and how can we change in order to love better? For this special Easter episode of Beyond the Lines we have Tom Kopp on the podcast to talk about the good news. Tom Kopp is a pastor at Central and a guy who loves evangelism but maybe not the evangelism you were taught. We can't wait for you to hear this episode of Beyond the Lines!
What is Christian Deconstruction and should we fear it? Deconstruction has become a buzz word over the last year in the Christian community so we wanted to have a conversation about what it is and how we can love those who might be experiencing it. Maybe you're deconstructing your faith right now, we may have some helpful insights for you as well, but please don’t take my word for it. Listen to the podcast today and decide for yourself as you figure out your own journey with Jesus. Subscribe to our YouTube: and John Wayne Book: Bullies and Saints Book: Ways to find Community at Central: 
How do we better listen to indigenous people and learn more about God in the process? Today on the podcast we are discussing a fantastic speech from Native American Theologian Richard Twiss.We talk about how native people have been excluded from the theological conversation in church history and how we can start changing that. We all miss out on when we choose to dismiss other people’s understanding of God because it seems weird to us. We discuss how this could be because in our pride we have subjugated God into a theological box. Our Youtube: Notes: Richard Twiss’ Teaching: Sundusts’ Podcast: 
How can Christians do a better job of building relationships with Jews and Muslims?  Today on the podcast we have Josh Prather who is the pastor of Pioneering at Redemption Church in Phoenix. We talk about how Christians can learn a lot from visiting a Mosque or a Synagogue. We talk how those of us in the west need to start seeking out and listening to our sisters and brothers from the global church. Also, what does this all have to do with learning to choose suffering in our everyday lives? You’ll find all of this more in today’s podcast with Josh Prather! Show Notes:Josh Prather’s Email:
Deaf people can do everything those with hearing can do except hear. Where have we failed to love the deaf community and what can we learn from them about how to view our world? Today on the podcast we have two incredible guests in Hailey and Julia. Hailey has been deaf her entire life and has faced some challenges because of that. Julia is her mother and has been Hailey’s faithful advocate when hearing people choose not to listen. We talk about stereotypes that have been perpetuated in culture about the deaf community. We talk about some of the challenges that the deaf face in getting the services they need. We also get to hear some fantastic perspective from the Bible about being deaf.  We can’t wait for you to hear all of this and more in this special episode of listening to the deaf. Hailey's Video Podcast: ================Show Notes: ================Arizona Center for Deaf andHhard of Hearing About ACDHH: Center for the Deaf Company Theatre (an inclusive theatre company) www.detourcompanytheatre.orgArizona Center For Disability Law Arizona Center for Disability Law & Phoenix, AZ Gallaudet University Movies: “For Hearing People Only” by Matthew Moore & Linda Levitan“Train Go Sorry” by Marlee Matlin
Christians need unity. How do we know that? Because Jesus' longest prayer was for his followers to have unity. Joe Tosini is the founder of the John 17 Movement. John17 is designed to be a tool for unity. We talk about the reasons why Christians have become so divided and why our history is full of hostility toward one another and the world. Join us today as we talk with Joe Tosini about what it means to love one another. Show Notes: Special Event in Phoenix Area: To Be Announced Learn more about John 17:
The Christian church is full of people, so it should be no surprise that it has a history full of errors. Some of these errors are racism, complicity, and segregation.Today on the podcast we reflect on an interview with Reverend David Wade. We talk about the beauty of the black church’s faith despite the long tragic history of mistreatment they have endured in the United States. We also talk about why 11am on Sunday can still be the most segregated hour in Christian America and what we can do about that. In the midst of all of this tension, we also reflect on how we can all come together and build bridges of unity and understanding. Show Notes:Reverend David Wade’s Full Interview: Mount Calvary Baptist Church: Dr. Jeff McGee Podcast: 
Today we listen to an ex-convict, David Prian, give his story on how he turned his life around. Spoiler: it wasn't easy. David Prian had to deal with a lot of stereotyping that made it hard for him to succeed. Nevertheless, today, David has started and owns multiple successful businesses and serves the homeless. He is truly an incredible person and his life begs the question, "what are we all missing out on when we don't give people a second chance?" Show Notes: Inspired Marketing: https://inspiredmarketing.designDavid’s Testimony: Acts Homeless Ministry: 
How do we get along with our family this Christmas and Holiday season? Sometimes family conflict can leave Christmas dinner tasting sour. How can you prepare yourself now  so that we can have a Christmas that we want to remember with our families later. It is possible! Join us as we learn from the Lisa & Cal Jernigan on how to manage conflict during the holidays! 
Preventing violence in our communities and nation starts with us. Together we can be a part of making a difference in the world. Identity-based violence is being spread by a few loud voices, but more of us want unity and understanding. Together we can rise up above violence and prevent it from silencing minorities and marginalized communities. Rachel Brown is a brilliant historian and researcher at an organization called Over Zero. Over Zero is using communication to prevent, resist and rise above identity-based violence. Show Notes: Learn more about Over Zero: https://www.projectoverzero.orgOpting Out of War: Get access to exclusive content and watch the video podcast on our YouTube! 
Welcome to the special Thanksgiving Episode of the Beyond The Lines Podcast! In this episode, we are breaking down how we've grown and what we learned throughout this journey of loving beyond the lines. And of course we are so thankful for you to have been listening alongside us. Enjoy the episode and Happy Thanksgiving!Get access to exclusive content and watch the video podcast on our YouTube! 
Native American Heritage and History has long been ignored in the history of the Western world. Native and Indigenous people from all over North and South America have suffered and lost their culture through colonization. Today we get the opportunity to hear the person perspective and history of Mikhail and Charissa Sundust and what they are learning from their own native heritage and parents. Get access to exclusive content and watch the video podcast on our YouTube! 
Single Moms are often judged because of their circumstances. They don't feel accepted for who they are and very few people  want to actually listen to their stories. Renee Bennet shows us that this practice isn't based in truth. It is based in fear.  In reality, Single Moms are some of the greatest heroes we should all look up to. Get access to exclusive content and watch the video podcast on our YouTube! 
Join us this week on the Beyond The Lines Podcast as hosts Jon Miller, Clayton Eddleman, and DJ Heyward reflect on the past couple of episodes on Suicide Prevention, Addiction, and Central Christian Church's Through The Valley series.Get access to exclusive content and watch the video podcast on our YouTube! Show Notes:How to Best Love People Dealing with Addiction: to Talk to Someone Considering Suicide: The Valley Series: Jernigan Episode:'s Rooted Testimony:
As Christians, we are called to love others in a way that is Christ-like. So how do you best love someone who has an addiction? So often we want to help but we don't know how or what to do. In this episode of Beyond The Lines, Central Christian Church's Cares Pastor, David Wilinski provides practical ways that we can love them while giving them grace, truth, and time.Get access to exclusive content and watch the video podcast on our YouTube! Show Notes:Central Cares (Celebrate Recovery, Boundaries, Parents of Addicted Loved Ones): Addiction Resources: & Teen Challenge: episodes every other Wednesday!
How are we supposed to help someone who has suicidal thoughts? Suicidal thoughts are far more common than you might think. Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the US. In 2019 it claimed the lives of over 47,500 Americans (CDC).The good news is that suicide is preventable. You can be a part of a group who knows how to help those are struggling with suicidal thoughts. With a little training anyone can save a life.  Join us on this week of Beyond The Lines as we talk with suicide prevention expert Mark Faul and how you can provide the life-saving conversation someone needs.  Get access to exclusive content and watch the video podcast on our YouTube! Show Notes:National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 800-273-8255Teen Lifeline is answered by youth peer counselors Monday through Friday from 3pm – 9pm: 1-800-248-8336Central Cares Website: Gift of Fear Book: trained in Suicide prevention with Living Works: New episodes every other Wednesday!
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