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Sporting the most rad mohawk any mechanical engineer has dared to wear, Austin Fielding is living the life in Austin, TX working at Samsung by day, and hitting the 1000 lb club at night when he's not rolling dice or creating costumes.   We talk about sacrifice, work/life balance, punk rock while on the 8-5 engineer crunch, career changes, and out dancing coked-up Australians.This episode's challenge: Make a list of all the hobbies you want to pursue, and then shave it down to only two items. Then, dedicate the next month's free time to only pursuing those two things. Keep in my the 14th-hour rule if that helps!If you'd like to learn more, check out
Being present is always difficult, but modern times make it even more so. Our distraction-oriented culture encourages us to respond to emails and texts ASAP, keep up to date with constantly breaking news, and to never be bored or satisfied. There's a lot to unpack and a lot to fix, but in an effort to keep things simple, our new challenge is going to be a combination of a daily picture and a food journal. The picture will help us stay "in the moment" more often, and the food journal will help us with being mindful of the present. This will be a really interesting journey, hope you guys enjoy!For show notes and more, check out Dead by Tomorrow's WebsiteThanks for listening!
We've got Larry, creator of Voracious Readers Only, on deck for this episode! VRO, as it's shortened, helps readers and up-and-coming authors connect. Readers get free access to books, and authors have a chance to broaden their audience. It's a great way to discover new authors, get free books, and help authors grow. We cover the creation of VRO, a deep dive into marketing and tactics, and how Larry has balanced a full-time job with creating an online, impactful business.For Voracious Readers Only (and free books), check out show notes and more, head on over to Dead by Tomorrow!
We're back with the results of Team Thunderclap VS. Team Hush in the Summer Games, our 5th Dead by Tomorrow challenge of the year. Find out how this battle of the bodies went, and jump in on our next challenge, language!For show notes and more, hit up for listening!
Get the mid-challenge updates for the Summer Games challenge!We cover the first two weeks (pushups and steps), how Daniel is such a monster, and what the next couple of weeks look like.For show notes and more, check out
WHAT. A. RIDE. Let us save you some money lessons after our month of trying to beat the sports betting bookies and the wall street conmen. But even better, it's a new month and a new challenge! Welcome to the June Summer Games episode! We'll not be doing this challenge solo, we've got teams and full-on competition going down this summer.Find out more at: for listening!
We're someone between the halfway point on our totally legitimate and not a gambling problem challenge on making money through options and sports betting. Find out how we've been doing, what options trading is, how to sports bet (not necessarily successfully), and what else we've been up to. For show notes and more, find us at
Get the results from our vertical challenge, and hear what we're up to next. For show notes and more,
Bret Kenney (@kennybret) is the most genuine and kind-hearted person you will meet.He's a project manager at Stryker, is still in the process of processing and enjoying the heck out of his firstborn child Eden, and is big into Jesus.This is also the update episode for our second challenge of 2022, the coding boot camp, which Bret is joining us on. Hear about how our chase of SQL knowledge is going, and Bret learning python. We also talk about board games, learning new things, and of course our progress in coding.For show notes and more, check out for listening!
Find out how the first challenge of 2022, Pursuit of Happiness, ended up and what our biggest takeaways were. We also jump into the second challenge of the year, learning SQL. For show notes and more, check out  Thanks for listening!
Our first challenge, Pursuit of Happiness, mid-challenge update! Big emphasis on relationships and gratitude.If you're interested in hearing about how the happiness challenge has been going, what we've discovered, what we have had trouble with, and a fair bit about relationships, gratitude, and everything in between, this is a good follow-up! We definitely recommend checking out the episode before this if you haven't already, as this is definitely a sequel episode.For show notes and more, check out for listening!
We're trying something a little different this year at Dead by Tomorrow.  We'll be creating challenges for each other to work on based on various research, books, podcasts, and YouTube videos. This is our first challenge and it's aimed at helping fight seasonal affective disorder and modeled off of the Scandinavian lifestyle. These nordic countries just keep winning the world's happiest country year after year, with Finland being first the last three years running.We cover cold exposure, outdoor focused time, The Art of Hygge, and the Happiness Index.To see some of our research or find more info on how to follow along, check out our show notes at   Thanks for listening!
Laura Ness (@lauraness_monster) is more than likely in better shape than you are.  She's an NPC Bikini Competitor sponsored by Innovative Nutrition Amarillo and Contagion Athletics, along with being a rad marketing specialist at Education Credit Union in Amarillo. She received her Bachelor's from West Texas A&M in Canyon, and can rock business casual just as well as some incredibly sparkly bikinis.   We cover bodybuilding, setting small, easy to achieve goals, making hard choices, and how she turned her life around after college.  For show notes and more, check out  Thanks for listening!
Daniel interviews the other host, Andrew, about principles and core identity values. Along with that, we have our first ever lightning round and cover Andrew's decision-making skills. Ninja antics make an appearance as well as moral problems and time travel. If Andrew's psychology is something you've always wanted to dive into, this is your moment.For show notes and more, check out for listening!
Never say no to awesome as a mindset leads to more opportunities than you'd expect. But like anything in life, it’s important to find a balance because as we all know, time is a resource well worth protecting. ‍  This is related to a chapter from our book, so if you want a deeper dive, go check out Dead by Tomorrow on Amazon.  For show notes and more, drop by  Thanks for listening!
Derek Porterfield is probably not who you'd expect him to be. He seamlessly transitions between rockstar, writer, poet, father, and entrepreneur. His latest project is even on Kickstarter, "I am Not in a Good Place - More Poems from Derek Porterfield" and has one of the coolest tiers we've seen- a custom poem for you, about you, and put into the official book before publishing.We cover imposter syndrome, writing, creativity, fatherhood, and self-employment in this jam-packed episode.For show notes and more, check out for listening!
Words have power, and using the right ones (or not using the wrong ones) gives you power too.We talk about some of our feelings towards different four-letter words unrelated to the ones you are used to considering "bad."  For show notes and more, check out   Thanks for listening and watching!
We talk about Daniel (yes, the host of our very own DxT Podcast) and his past, present, and future.Learn about his career trajectory, what he values and regrets, and a host of fun.For show notes and more, check out for listening!
Jonah Gray (@ajonahgray) is one of those men with too many hats. First, he's the host of Rethoughts, a podcast that teaches you how to think and question what you know. If that weren't enough, he helps in the family business at Gray's Studio doing marketing and simultaneously works in the newly opened TX Trends wheel shop that he and the family brought about. Finally, if that weren't enough, he's spun up his own merch brand with his youngest brother, Skelliez Clothing.We talk about the Vision Quest Jonah just went on, fasting, and all the cool tidbits surrounding his recent and enlightening trip to Utah.For more information and show notes, check out
Having a mindset towards building wealth, and being smart about your money, is key to making the most out of your career and providing a stable foundation for what you do not on the clock.We won't pretend to be experts on finances, but there are definitely some tips we think everyone should be following.For more info and show notes, check out
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