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Laura Gibson-Lamothe and Georgia Fintech Academy students discussing various Fintech related topics with special fintech executive guests.

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Welcome to the Georgia Fintech Academy Podcast, where innovation meets insight! In our latest episode, we're thrilled to have Steven Nigri, Co-founder of Nxt-Moves, and Yagazie Anyanwu, international MBA student at Georgia State University - Robinson College of Business and entrepreneur.Join us as we embark on a captivating conversation, exploring the dynamic realm of entrepreneurship in fintech. Steven Nigri, with his wealth of experience as a co-founder, brings invaluable perspectives on navigating the fintech landscape. Meanwhile, Yagazie Anyanwu, an international MBA student and entrepreneur, adds a unique global viewpoint and questions to our discussion.Get ready for an engaging dialogue that delves into the challenges, triumphs, and the evolving landscape of fintech entrepreneurship. Whether you're a student, seasoned professional or just starting your journey, this episode is packed with insights to inspire and inform.
We are thrilled to bring you an exclusive episode of the Georgia FinTech Academy Podcast, featuring Momnt President and Co-founder, Brian Lanehart! Join us as we embark on a deep dive into the dynamic world of Embedded Payments.Episode Highlights:🌐 Exploring Embedded Payments: Unravel the mysteries behind Embedded Payments and understand how this transformative technology is reshaping the landscape of financial services.🚀 Innovation Unveiled: Discover the cutting-edge solutions and innovations that Embedded Payments bring to the fintech table, revolutionizing the way transactions are conducted and financial services are delivered.💡 Impact on Customers: Gain insights into how Embedded Payments enhance the customer experience, making transactions seamless, secure, and more convenient than ever.🔄 Ecosystem Dynamics: Delve into the intricate web of relationships between multiple parties involved in the Embedded Payments process. From businesses to customers and financial institutions, understand how everyone stands to benefit.Special Thanks to Arketi Group: A heartfelt thank you to Arketi, our valued partner, for making this connection possible and for their unwavering support of the Georgia Fintech Academy. 
Are you ready to dive into the world of FinTech and explore a groundbreaking partnership aimed at shaping the future of finance? We're thrilled to invite you to an exclusive podcast recording featuring Georgia FinTech Academy and Kennesaw State University, two powerhouse institutions coming together to fuel the development of FinTech talent!Join us as we discuss the remarkable partnership, the KSU FinTech Program, its cutting-edge curriculum, and much more!
A new episode of the Georgia Fintech Academy podcast is here! Join Laura Gibson-Lamothe (Executive Director of the Georgia Fintech Academy) and Morgan Blackmon (GSU graduating senior) as we discuss with Jennifer Frasier (Chief Inclusion and Diversity Officer at FIS) the approach FIS is taking for Inclusion and Diversity both internally and externally, as demonstrated by the partnership with Greenwood's Ryan Wilson (Chief of Community and CEO of The Gathering Spot), whose mission is to continue to build a community focused on advancing the economic empowerment of minority and underserved communities.  Listen wherever you listen to podcasts! 
Kevin Lee is a serial fintech and technology entrepreneur in Atlanta and the CEO of Kobiton. He has led fintech companies including CRE Secure, TransCentra, Vanco Payment and more. He discusses Kobiton's business and the challenges fintech's face in developing applications for mobile devices. 
Ade Sturley is a Vice President in the FIS Global Impact Ventures team. Nick Lommen is a star baseball player at Georgia State University and deeply interested in fintech. Listen to this great conversation on the present and future of Bank as a Service. 
David Berglund is the Global Head of Artificial Intelligence at FIS Global. He joins Vijay Ahuja, a recent undergraduate from Indiana University to discuss that state of AI in financial services, ethics in AI, and the Metaverse.
Rohin Tagra ( founded Azimuth GRC 3 years ago to address compliance challenges in the mortgage industry. Morgan Blackmon is a rising senior at the Robinson College of Business at Georgia State. She is engaged with the Georgia Fintech Academy curriculum and will intern with Wells Fargo this summer. 
Zoe Newman is the U.S. Managing Director of UK based fintech CapitalOnTap. She joins Anna Gelderman who is a graduating senior at the University of Georgia. This discussion explains the CapitalOnTap business model and approach to the USA market for small business credit cards. 
Somesh Chablani, Global Head, Go-to-Market, FIS Global Capital Markets joins Jonathan Laurent, a senior at Georgia State University Honors College to define the Go-To-Market approach of a major global fintech player. They dive into sales, marketing, product strategy, and client support. 
Akita Somani, SVP, BNPL/POS at U.S. Bank - Elavon joins Divij Sharma, a fintech focused senior at University of Georgia Terry College of Business. This conversation explores global trends in payments along with an overview of the Elavon business in Europe.
Oliver Burns is Head of Global Strategic Partnerships for FIS Global. In this podcast he joins Astrid Cuella-Benitez, a top student in the Georgia Fintech Academy program to discuss the role of strategic partnerships in creating enterprise value. 
Greg Cunningham, Chief Diversity Officer of U.S. Bank joins Georgia State University senior Bri'Asia Acklin to discuss the U.S. Bank Access Commitment initiative, key partnerships, and starting a career in fintech
Danny McDowell is the Senior Director of Global Transformation Delivery at FIS Global. He joins senior Charles Gibson of the University of Georgia Terry College of Business for a discussion on how large change is managed on complex projects throughout the world. This conversation centers on methods, scope management, and stakeholder communication.
Steve Ledford is a career payments strategist and the SVP of Products and Strategy at The Clearing House. Steve joins Lilly Sharples, a senior at the University of Georgia to discuss the important topic of Real Time Payments or RTP.
Jamie Walker is the CEO of U.S. Bank's Elavon division. He shares his story of being with Elavon for 20 plus years along with key trends that Elavon is leveraging to further grow its payments business including digital transformation. Miracle Golden joins the conversation as a recent graduate of the University of West Georgia and someone who intends to join the fintech industry full-time.
The third season begins with a bang as Darin Carter, Program Manager of Coinbase Giving joins Nick Carden, Senior Counsel at Coinbase and Keshav Laul a senior at the University of Georgia. This discussion dives into the growth of digital assets and where things are heading in the next year. Decentralized Autonomous Organizations, Non Fungible Tokens, Web3.
Atlanta is now the 3rd largest office location for Microsoft. Tony Evans, Americas Business Lead for Microsoft Financial Services joins Andy Su, an information security undergrad from University of North Georgia to talk about Microsoft and its support for financial services globally.
Learn the ins-and-outs of Buy Now Pay Later with the US Head of Risk from OpenPay, a leading global BNPL player inventing BNPL 2.0. He is joined by graduate student Tony Erwin from Georgia State's Robinson College of Business. 
Don Ault is the Vice President of Prepaid Product Management at COMDATA, a Fleetcor company. Don talks with recent University of North Georgia graduate Ansley Israel about the FinTwist product and its successful use as an employee benefit. 
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