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Carine is a practitioner of eastern medicine and explains acupuncture and has interesting ideas on the use of nature and its healing abilities.  Interestingly, she pulls in politics and it all makes sense. Are we more global than we ever thought? Carine talks about accepting and loving her aging – she did dread it when she was younger but shares how she grew into it. Interested in learning about rejuvenation acupuncture? How about styles for older women? Carina is like one-stop shopping for us mid-age women!! Find Carine at and at For all the links go to  
Today’s episode starts off the an unexpected lesson in pronunciation and anglicization of names. But the real story:  Andrew Wang has a career rather unrelated to music.  He decided to learn guitar, however, and found himself experiencing serious stage fright when he played in front of people.  Ring a bell with you?  Start a new project as an adult only to realize doing it in front of people was nerve-wracking. Andy chose a genre of music that was relatively popular but with very few musicians playing it live.  The invitations to play started to come in.  It’s hard to say No to a cousin’s wedding. When you keep saying Yes… where can that lead you? Andy shares several stories about saying Yes, and has a great philosophy about sharing our gifts.  AND he ties it back to retirement. Stay tuned to the end when I ask Andy a question from out of left field! A wonderful conversation with a delightful person. Andy mentioned "Playing For Change": Find the musical Andy at Read more at:    
We are aware of DNA as it pertains to our physical traits, but how about emotional DNA? The physical may be inarguable, but what if you challenged your emotional place in the world and decided to change it? Food.  Money.  Relationships. Huge triggers of negative emotions or experiences.  Judy explains that Genealogy 1.0 is “Here’s where you belong” and Genealogy 2.0 is  “Here’s what happened, and how it matters to where you belong”.  Most of your “inflated” feelings are results of your emotional dna. Judy also shares an interesting exercise she does with clients… you might want to try it yourself. If you’re a newcomer to emotional DNA, Judy has written a book that explains and assists you! Find Judy at  
The podcast starts its 4th season with the father of a struggling teenage daughter.  If you’ve been a parent to a teenager – or maybe you now have teenage grandchildren - the issues might resonate.  Peter did realize that he couldn’t “fix” his daughter’s problems, and he is quite candid that this story is as much about his growth as Belle’s.  He learned to be a listener and a support as Belle worked to find her path. Peter and Belle’s story may not be unique, it is definitely heartfelt.  Spoiler alert: they find many positives as time goes on. This episode might be a little unusual as Peter requests and is truly open to suggestions and assistance as Belle (and her silent partner, Peter) develop the endeavour that has grown out of their mutual growth. The story of a special father and a very remarkable young woman. Your A Nuff Website:
Who can believe another year concludes. In this episode, as is my habit, I review all my fabulous guests of the past year.  Plus a bit of an update on the podcast.  Changes are in the air. If you've missed an episode of interest, you can find the line-up of great guests at It's a been a wonderful year.  We have much to be grateful for, even as hardships might enter our lives.  Thank you for listening this past year. Happy New Year... and have a great rest of week.
This episode with Jennifer Conroyd was the Most Listened To episode of 2022.  Here it is again! What does a marathoner do when she gets injured 6 weeks before the most important race of her career?  Dr. Google of course. And what does she do when the healing modality of choice leads to a recovery that qualifies her for The Boston Marathon.  She builds her own company around that modality, of course. Whether you’re an Olympic athlete or an 86 year old Gramma, Jennifer Conroyd explains how Fluid Running can make you stronger, fitter, healthier. Deep water running offers not only as much resistance training as you want, it is completely non-impact.  Whether you’re treating an injury or maximizing your training or completely new to exercise, Jennifer discusses how fluid running gets you to where you want to be. Needless to say, get clearance from your doctor before trying any new exercise regime… but this is something maybe your doctor will take up too! If you have heart issues you’ll be interested to hear Jennifer’s description of deep water running’s effect on heart efficiency – again, talk to your doctor first! Athletes, non-athletes, overweight, para-athletes… the list is endless who can benefit! Find Jennifer at  
Nothing like having a health issue to make you sit up and take notice of how unhealthy your lifestyle has become.  And of course when you clean up your act you may as well become certified as a nutritional therapist so you can teach others. “Consistent and Persistent” is Sue Thomas' mantra.  She will assure you that when you feel like  giving up your quest to reduce your sugars at day 5-6, if you stick with it, by day 8-10 you’ve come out the other side of the “it’s so difficult” slump.  In this episode you'll get a lesson in physiology – your digestive system – in such an understandable way! You’ll also get a lesson in sugar intake, hormones and menopause!  And how to read nutrition labels!  Sue offers great tips on quick starting your sugar reduced lifestyle and reminds us there is no one-size fits all.  Quotables: “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.”  "Balance your blood sugars  - nourish your body." Find Sue at on FaceBook: on LinkedIn: on Instagram:    
Agnes has, for a long time, had a fascination with El Camino de Santiago - a pilgrimage with a series of routes, all of which end at the city of Santiago de Compostela in northern Spain. Today's guest walked her first Camino at age 70. Alone.  Like so many mid-age women, she had spent her life as a daughter, a wife, a mother... and telling her own sad story.  After caring for her husband through his 17-year Parkinson's journey, she decided to create her own "next chapter". With an open heart and a message she was willing to share, Kathleen traveled, enjoyed and experienced two journeys on two different caminos and inspires us to embrace the opportunity as well. Her book "Wisdom on the Camino - A spiritual Journey Sharing Forgiveness and Possibilities to Inspire the Rest of Your Life" can be found at  
There are two main types of bladder leakage for women - stress incontinence and overactive bladder. Did you know you can drink too much water?  Did you know bladder leakage is common amongst athletes?  In this episode you'll learn what health issues can make bladder leakage more common; you'll learn about interesting interventions and procedures... and of course, exercises. A few technical glitches on Sarah’s mic.  Interesting procedures or interventions… and exercises of course Have you heard about pelvic organ prolapse? Bottom line: you may be embarrassed, you don't want anyone to know... but talk about it… then you can talk about solutions, or incontinence products - normalize it! Stay tuned for a lesson in Botox you've never thought of. And think of the freedom and self-esteem improvements that come with solutions for leakage. Such a common issue for women (yes! it is!) (A couple of tech glitches with Sarah's mic, apologies!) Find Dr. Sarah Boyles at on Facebook: on Instagram:  
Justin Smith is no ordinary financial planner.  He specializes in wide screen retirement planning, in other words, it's not all about the money. Whether retirement is in the crosshairs or up the road a ways, thoughts, ideas... plans... need to get out of your head and on to paper.  Having some trusted allies review them is a good idea too. Justin has some interesting thoughts about this next stage that we are, hopefully, considering. Be sure to download Justin's Career Crossroads Workbook at: Find Justin on LinkedIn:  
Juni Bucher was only 41 when she was diagnosed with breast cancer.  In this episode, she describes the early stages of her diagnosis, the tests, the waiting, the options and her choices.  Juni also came into this as, in her words, a research nerd.  Combine that with her career in the legal industry and her story becomes really interesting and fact driven. Breast cancer seems to be on the rise among younger women – that part is worth the listen as many of have daughters. Juni talks about several aspects of our environment – internal and external – that can contribute to our risk. Meditation is trying to get quiet. Mindfulness is experiencing all the facets of your environment and your actions, moments that bring us into the present. We don’t have all the answers to all the questions but they give you a headstart on questions you should ask your oncologist.  Juni is sensitive and sensible. Find Juni at: Social media links at the website:  
Cathy Jean-Francois had had a long relationship with her unhappiness before she received a diagnosis of depression in her late 20s.  It took many more years before she recognized what had catapulted her, as a young child, into her roller coaster emotions. Like so many other health issues, you get help when you have medical coverage and when you don’t have coverage, you don’t get help.  Such was Cathy’s story. It makes sense that an English teacher would write stories… Cathy explains that while it’s something she’s always done, it’s also been a lifeline, it’s been therapeutic, and perhaps, now, she could be helping someone else. An honest, candid chat with the author of Cathy’s Cross: A Depressive’s Positive Perspective.   Read Cathy's blog at Cathy can also be found on Clubhouse.  
Lynn Cherry found Pickleball only a few years ago, but she is hooked... to the point that she has a Pickleball podcast and a magazine. In this episode, Lynn explains the origins of Pickleball, why it's so popular... amongst all age groups.  The game is slow enough and strategic enough to be both agreeable with and challenging for older adults, but also can be played to a more aggressive level that stimulates fitter, more competitive athletes.  There are Pro level competitions for both types of player. Lynn's enthusiasm is contagious and her explanations are persuasive enough that you'll want to give it a try.   Find Lynn at  
This episode is a partial replay of Louisa's interview from December 2021. Louisa Hext is a skilled and experienced mediator, coach, speaker, and consultant. She partners with her clients to explore forgiveness, reconciliation, and conflict resolution, and ways she can support her clients to create positive change in their lives. Louisa is the North American coordinator for the traveling photographic exhibition, The F Word: Stories of Forgiveness (a program of The Forgiveness Project a London, UK based non-profit). She serves on The Charter for Compassion’s Global Team and is the lead organizer for the Restorative Justice sector.  In today's episode, Louisa discusses Forgiveness, how complicated a subject it is and its potential in our life. She touches on the subject of self-forgiveness, curiosity and empathy and shares stories of forgiveness that are very powerful. A powerful episode that will give you much food for thought as we approach the coming season and prepare for a new year, possibly with new hopes. Find Louisa at or connect on LinkedIn: Listen to last year's full episode at: Find out more about her up-coming webinar, and register, at  
From a banking career to integrative health coach.  From fanatical exercise to healthy moderation.  Sheryl’s journey has had its ups and downs. Sheryl shares so much info in this episode… some will be too late for us Boomers, but many of us have daughters!  Sheryl’s HRT info is up-to-date, and she goes into detail, with interesting insights for our daughters and for us. What age do you want to live to? Sheryl has a novel idea: reverse engineer your life from that date!  And… beware the self-fulfilling prophecy when you talk about feeling old or getting forgetful. Find Sheryl at  
Kathy White found yoga in her 20s, and there’s been no looking back.  Kathy shares a lot of info in this episode… as well as sharing how her yoga practice was vital to so many parts of her life.  And then she turned 50. Yoga became difficult at a time when life changes were on the horizon. A trip abroad led Kathy back to yoga with, as she says, “wild abandon”! Which led to the series of events that resulted in Kathy creating her Joint Renewal System™ - designed specifically for us over-50 types! If you or someone you know is a) getting older or b) experiencing joint discomfort, you’ll want to listen to Kathy.  An aside: prepare to laugh as Kathy and Agnes share more than a few chuckles! Oh, and don’t let Kathy hear you say you can’t do yoga because you’re not flexible!  She’ll tell you it isn’t about flexibility, it’s about healthy joints. Kathy mentions the Scaravelli book: Learn more about Kathy at: Get on the waitlist for her 7Cs Challenge at    
Boomers have experienced some form of grief by this age.  When great grief and great joy arrive on the same day, Veronica learns there is no instruction book, so she relies on her faith and her family to help her.  They are what helped her find meaning in the grief. Her insights are an example of moving through sorrow and “Accept the help” is her go-to advice. Veronica shares tips on revitalizing a tired marriage: communication, honesty and authenticity.  The difference between sex and intimacy; Nugget: your empowerment won’t be persons, places or things Las word for Boomer Women: Love yourself first. Stay tuned for the name game laugh at the end! Learn more about Veronica at  
So much discussion about all the things woman say to themselves… and believe about themselves… and the older we get the more there is in our histories. But “accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative” is the theme running through this conversation with Pam Drzewiecki, who encourages us to find not only a good friend but a ‘strategic thinking partner’.  We don’t need anyone to remind us of our short-comings because no one can be harder on us than we are ourselves. Pam’s whole mid-life identity and mission in communicating with other women is summed up in the name of her website “Powerful Purpose”! and the Purpose Den is the she-lair for those women to be honest and supported, no judgements allowed.  And then there are Pam’s “Pillars”.  Which pillar are you under? Pause Discover Design or Propel? So many free tools and resources on Pam’s website: If that’s not enough, make sure you listen to Pam’s “Fill The Purse With Purpose” project.  
Chris Odegard is the author of "Get off Your A$$ and Manage Your Money: Why You Need Alternative Investments." In this episode he explains why conventional investing wisdom is seriously flawed and why so many North Americans will never have an abundant retirement lifestyle, much less achieve financial freedom at a younger age.  Chris discusses alternate investments, their how and why, with some interesting insights and logic. Test yourself by taking Chris' "Conventional Wisdom Quiz" at Review his list of alternate investments at the website too.
Infertility.  A serious subject? A sad subject? A frustrating subject? Today’s guest took her own experiences with infertility and, finally, when she was ready, relied on her profession as a comedian to relate the subject with humour. The podcast is for Boomer women so listen in as we discuss how we need to think, how we need to consider, why our children aren’t producing grandchildren for us… because apparently it’s the one area where someone else’s lives can be all about us. Can you step back? can you consider that their reality is not what you suspect? Can you find a way to listen and understand so your lovely family feels safe sharing their reality? Meirav Zur gives us some insights and some great tips. Find Meirav and Inconceivable at
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