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2023 is the 4th Season of The Boomer Woman’s Podcast, formerly the Two Boomer Women Podcast. The theme for 2024 is ”That was then. This now. Create your own next chapter.”
Each episode is a conversation between me – I’m Agnes Knowles, your host – and a guest who talks to a subject that, someway, somehow, is relatable to Boomer Women. The guests can be any age, any gender, as long as their message is positive, informative, pertinent to our demographic.
You, dear listener, might need to be open-minded, curious, tolerant, inclusive… and if you are, you will enjoy these conversations, maybe learn something, and I encourage you to share each and any episode!
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Tina Davidson has a very unusual childhood story… which she didn’t learn the truth of until she was a young adult.  As an adult she became a highly regarded pianist and composer. Tina discusses her road to success with no female role models and her experience now as the subject of dissertations by students who probably do see her as their role model.  She is also so generous in expecting her listeners to claim the music as their own as they listen to it, and other musicians to consider themselves collaborators as they express her music their way. Both travel and secrets were a large part of her childhood… Tina shares the story of the secrets quite candidly.  She also talks about the effect of having her daughter on the music, and the secrets from her past, and life as a single parent.  As for the secrets… “what a tangled web we weave…” However, stay tuned for the “gift of love”. Find Tina at Learn more about Tina and her music at  
After a career in media and entertainment media, Sandy Kaye was a natural to interview all the musicians we know and love across three continents. In this episode, Sandy has memories, anecdotes, and shares so much about so many music artists.  When I listen to her podcast (which I do now, often!) I'll think "I don't know that musician..." and then "Oh, wait a minute, I love that song!" Today she tells us: which interviews were coups for her her favourites who leaves her star struck all the good gossip - ok, there's none. If you have even a shred of music enjoyment from those earlier decades, you'll love this interview! Find Sandy and her podcast at Learn more about Sandy and find all her links at:  
Clutter.  Angie Hyche talks about physical clutter, the to-do list, calendar clutter, brain clutter, gadget clutter.  Our possession-seeking and -keeping is a lifestyle thing, as is keeping it to a minimum. Starting with the physical clutter, Angie gives some tips on where to start.  With some thoughts specifically for our demographic – whether we’re dealing with our own belongings or our parents’! Your calendar – does it align with and serve your life’s priorities? People “clutter” – sounds dreadful but many of us have a person… or people… in our lives that we need to shed. And then there’s the “need to remember” clutter in your head: the groceries to pick up on the way home, email that person, but tickets…. There’s an app (tool) for that! Angie admits where she has struggled with the clutter – of all sorts – in her life.  So, if you struggle, that’s ok, keep at it… so do the pros. So many great tips… actionable tips! Angie geeks out with this stuff to such an enthusiastic level that you’ll be taking her advice in no time! Find Angie at Find all of Angie's links and references at  
Wendy Green is both a Boomer podcaster and a coach to help people find their vision for the next chapter of life. In this episode we discuss: Estrangement from siblings Estrangement from children Estrangement from friends Interesting topics as both of us have estrangement in our lives… and there’s a good chance you might too. I mentioned Wendy’s a Boomer podcaster too.  A bonus discussion is what an amazing experience podcasting is for both of us; how our boomer cohort is very much still on the outside looking in… and how we want you to help us spread the word what a great companion podcasts are, whether you’re a listener or a host.  The subject matter is as varied as the hosts and all the listeners – there really is something for everyone.! Find Wendy at Learn more about Wendy and find all her links at:  
From desert combat zones to a battle within, John Lawyer transformed from soldier to spiritual seeker. John’s military service took him to Afghanistan, Kuwait and Iraq.  John is candid about living in war zones with his wife, his culture shock in returning to civilian life, and the VA therapist who may have saved his life. He explains: What is dharma, why is it important? How do we navigate the spiritual path in the modern age? What is being open to the universe about? What is the Stream of Unconsciousness? What’s the difference between Spirituality, Art, Science, Philosophy, Religion and Self-Help? And finally: finding Joy, at any age. Find John at Learn more about John and find all the links at  
Dave Albin’s company is Firewalk Productions. Firewalking is a 1,000 year old rite of passage ritual and he’s firewalked hundreds of thousands of people. In this episode, he explains: firewalking glasswalking board breaks and arrow breaks why people don’t get burned why it is SO empowering for participants Dave also shares his morning ritual for health and energy. Stay tuned for his Mom’s dating advice and “Elf on the Shelf”! Find Dave at Learn more about Dave and find all his links at  
Dying.  We’re all going to do it, that‘s a given… but what happens to your property, your heirs, your business after you take your last breath? Scherrie answers: What exactly is estate planning? What are assets? What are they basic legal forms everyone should have, in terms of estate planning? Is planning with a small ,mom and pop business different from a large company with many employees? What are considerations for couples and families in asset planning and asset protection? Find Scherrie Prince at: Learn more about Scherrie and find all her links at:  
Social and media pressures haunt us from our early years all the way through to our crone years.  Even we, the wise women, are not immune. Did you know that, recently, the number of eating disorders in mid-life women has increased dramatically. In this episode I ask Nicole: Why eating disorders are increasing in mid-life women. What defines an eating disorder. Is there ever a time we might consider pharmaceutical help for weight management. The efficacy of apps and tools (think FitBit or Apple watch). Bonus topic: how we talk to our grandchildren. and stay tuned to Nicole’s story about her Zestful Aging including hunting pythons!! Find Nicole at Learn more about Nicole and find all her links at:  
Mitch Albom wrote the first book. Rob Schwartz lived the reality. What reality?  Morrie Schwartz… you know, Tuesdays With Morrie, was Rob’s dad. Almost thirty years after his dad died, Rob has released a book: The Wisdom of Morrie: Living and Aging Creatively and Joyfully – manuscripts he found in his dad’s desk years after Morrie had passed. I ask Rob about his dad, Morrie and also about his Mom, Charlotte.  I love the warmth and pride in his voice when he speaks of them. He gets emotional at one point – it’s such emphasis that love does last forever, even if the body is gone. Rob and I discuss Morrie’s advice for living a long and happy life, the concept of ‘tension of opposites’… and if you’re thinking those subjects sound a little esoteric, let me assure you, he is his father’s son and Rob keeps the conversation real, and in the present. I think you’ll find the “personal question” part of this conversation really interesting! Find Rob and the book at: Learn more about Rob, and Morrie, at    
Sometimes when I interview health professionals, their advice sounds great but when they’re 30-40 years younger than me I can’t help but think their knowledge is based on book learning, not experience.  Carol Ebert is the exact opposite: she's the poster woman for Boomer Women. In this episode I ask her: What is your definition of "wellness"? Your speaker topic: "Too Busy For You?" - does that topic hit home for mid-life women? And what do you say to women when that topic is the basis of your presentation? The important questions: If we have grandchildren at the school or college level, how do we talk to the kids about wellness – or encourage them to develop good habits - while still staying on our grandparent pedestal? Where so genetics fit into the equation? and my inevitable:  What haven’t we talked about that you want mid-age women to think about as they plan for the future? Find Carol at Learn more about Carol and find all her links at:    
Heather Whelpley started life as an audacious, confident, whole-life child… but as she grew through her teens into womanhood, she wore the societal rules so many of us grew up with, that many of us hold true to this day. Until one day, as she says… she woke up. How did Heather wake up to this reality? Are rules gender separate or gender neutral? How did she connect to her “grounded wildness”? How do we do that? What’s her advice for us mid-age women who want to recognize and break free from some of the “brules” we’ve been living under? Find Heather at Find out more about Heather and find all her links at  
Season 4 is done and dusted.  Who can believe it.  Before I kick off Season 5 I review the amazing guests of 2023.  It's a quick and easy review - the link to all the episodes is the show notes! Find the links to your favourite... or your missed episodes at  
My conversation with Gila Melamed, released in September was the most listened to episode of 2023. Gila Melamed is an acquaintance of an acquaintance of mine. I knew Miriam had travelled North America in a camperized van for six months last year and when she told me she was hosting a woman who was travelling North America in a camperized car for a year… I was intrigued. A Mazda CX-5 is a nice car… but to live in it? By choice?  I do ask some practical questions. Gila seems to be a colourful character by any standards so her adventures and stories are probably not a surprise… hopefully they will be an inspiration.  She also explains how women nomads connect with each other. So much growth for Gila as she embraces this lifestyle. Many of you will identify with her story and her experiences and her evolution. Could you be next? Follow Gila's adventures at: Find all of Gila's links at:      
Fernando Diez’ story starts with his mother, who fell in love with The Galapagos at age 16.  A decade later she introduced her future husband to the islands and he fell in love with them too.  The rest is, as they say, history! Fernando calls himself and his brothers the Mowglis of The Galapagos. Fernando shares some history of Quito, Ecuador and so much interesting info about The Galapagos as well as background around tours of the islands. His family’s company is Quasar Expeditions – and they quickly learned that tourism was the only way to preserve the islands: “people don’t protect what they don’t know”. Listeners will appreciate an insight into what we, as Boomer women, can expect on a tour with Quasar! (listen for a tip on when to score a deal or two with the company!) Fernando also tells us about their tours of Patagonia and Mainland Ecuador.  He is so good, you’ll be thinking about a trip for sure!  The company’s social footprint is as impressive as their tours! And, finally, Fernando’s wisdom before we close is worth noting… he must have gotten that from his mother! **  My guest and I were half a globe away for our conversation so parts are a little resonant.  And please excuse my faulty Spanish! Find Fernando and Quasar Expeditions at Learn more about Fernando and Quasar, find all the links at  
Barb Giatti experienced dementia with both her parents while she was living internationally, so she moved back to small town, Michigan to take care of them. Barb discusses some of the experiences with her parents – you’ll be relieved to know your parents aren’t worse than others. Barb’s mother would never understand a computer or the internet so Barb created hard copy workbooks.  You’ll find the content really interesting… just as Barb was interested in keeping the content as varied as possible. Don’t for a second think this conversation is just about senior workbooks… when Barb and I put our heads together there are so many other purposes for her various books... and maybe yours. I’m just a regular person… trying to help  - that might sound so familiar if you are caregiver of a person with dementia. (If you’re an aspiring author, tune in for so many tips from Barb about getting your book out there) Quite a random conversation!  Enjoy! Find Barbara Giatti at Learn more about Barbara and find links at  
Taru Fisher has been a guest on this podcast before.  New topic for us, old topic between us… age-old topic between us.  Ageism is the last socially accepted form of prejudice. We discuss Internalized ageism, Cultural ageism, Implicit ageism, and Benevolent ageism.  All are irritating, and wrong. The medical system, tech subjects, are areas where people feel quite free to talk down to elders. Honest and candid, personal experience and personal irritations… Both of us have great analogies for the ability of our brains to remember more and more as we get older.  You’ll hear a few tips for keeping things straight! Lots of laughter… because that never gets old! Find Taru at Learn more about Taru and find all the links at  
My guest today had a perfectly fine life… until age 48; Jeanne Andrus then uses the verb “clobbered” to explain what perimenopause did to her. That began her 4 year journey through personal experience, research, and training to understand how and why menopause affects women so completely. It's hard enough that our mothers probably never talked about menopause, and perhaps we don’t have too many friends we compare stories with, but when doctors and other health practitioners don’t talk about it either, it can be super confusing, even frightening.  A strong proponent of a natural menopause, Jeanne is firm that you need to support your body as it navigates the changes that come with menopause. “The gift of menopause is that we get to take ourselves and put ourselves in the center, in the very center, of our lives” Jeanne also has thoughts for men and relationships. Find Jeanne at Learn more about Jeanne at  
Beate Chelette has an amazing story… actually she has more than one. So many good ideas… and almost every calamity except pestilence… and then a gift: the Small Business Administration (U.S.A.) A smart business woman who could stay one step ahead of the trends – maybe she created them? – the truth lies somewhere between kismet and serendipity. This podcast doesn’t often pursue a business theme, but Beate’s stories and insights and wisdom make it really interesting.  Many pre- and early-retirement people consider another career, Beate talks to the entrepreneur and the VA. Beate has also written The Women’s Code – that’s a book worth picking up. Such an advocate for women and the issues that society inflicts. I give Beate several scenarios about a woman’s “work” situation… her answers are both insightful and so interesting… the words of a professional… and so inspiring! Find Beate at Learn more about Beate at  
Cristina Castignini had an eating disorder.  Once she had her PhD in Counseling Psychology, perhaps it was inevitable that she focus in on eating disorders. In this episode, Cristina explains eating disorders and blows some myths out of the water. As women, we tend to think that young women are the prime suspects for eating disorders, but menopause can also be a trigger. I’m fairly sure I’ve not had an eating disorder but some of Cristina’s examples really hit home for me… remnants of the diet mentality? What do you not say to someone with an eating disorder, or that you’re concerned might have an eating disorder? Cristina helps us out. Find Cristina at Learn more about Cristina at  
From bullets and bombs in Belfast in the 70s to a variety of civil wars in Africa… not to mention crossing the Sahara on a café racer… Chris Donaldson’s life did not lack excitement and danger in 1979/80. As Chris’ “trip” unfolded he realized the destination was no longer the “thing” – he was traveling for the sake of traveling (… still on the Moto Guzzi café racer!) From Ireland down through Africa to South America, L.A. to Vancouver and across Canada, south through the U.S. and Mexico to South America… that was Chris’ first trip. You might remember names like the Ayatollah Khomeini, Idi Amin, Pablo Escobar… Chris seemed to visit at less than opportune times! This conversation is adventure but nothing compared to the book!! Holy Moly! Find Chris at Buy The Book: Going The Wrong Way Learn more about Chris at:  
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