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Greater Faith Apostolic Church
3416 Clays Mill Rd
Lexington, KY 40503
135 Episodes
2020-05-03 Sunday Service - Rev. McGraw "God's Answer For A Pestilence"
2020-04-30 Midweek Service - Rev. McGraw "Our Reasonable Service - Part 5"
2020-04-26 Sun. Preaching - Rev. McGraw "Gods Stimulus Package"
2020-04-26 GFAC P&W ~You Are Good, Glorious Day, Psalms 23 (I Am Not Alone), & You Are My Strength~
2020-04-23 Midweek Service - Rev. McGraw "Our Reasonable Service" Part 4
2020-04-19 Sun. P&W & Preaching - Rev. McGraw "The Advantage Of Having An Adversary"
2020-04-16 Midweek Service - Rev. McGraw "Our Reasonable Service" Part 3
2020-04-09 Thurs. Teaching - Rev. McGraw "Our Reasonable Service" Part 2
2020-04-02 Thurs. Preaching - Rev. McGraw "Our Reasonable Service" Part 1
2020-03-26 Thurs. Teaching - Rev. McGraw "The Work Of The Tempest"
2020-03-19 Thurs Teaching Rev. McGraw "The Vehicle Of Pleasant Words"
2020-04-12 Easter Sunday - Rev. McGraw "He Is A Risen Savior"
2020-04-05 Sun. Preaching - Rev. McGraw "Falling Asleep In A Friendly Tent"
2020-03-29 Sun. Preaching - Rev. McGraw "Please Tell Me Again What God Is Going"
2020-03-22 Sun. Preaching Rev. McGraw "40 Miles From Home"
2020-03-15 Sun. Preaching Rev. McGraw "Our Light Affliction"
2020-03-08 Sun. Preaching Rev. McGraw "Get It Out"
2020-03-08 Choir ~Pain Into Praise & If I Shout~ P&W ~Good Good Father, My Response, & Worth~
2020-03-01 Sun. Preaching Rev. Paul Hook "We Have A Champion"
2020-03-01 Jesus Said It, Baptize Me Jesus, King Of Glory, & Surely The Presence~
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