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The Day to Day Carp Angler

Author: Simon Fieldstead

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My name is Simon Fieldstead. I love my carp fishing, although most of the time my Mrs would say that I just go camping to get away from her. This is partially true, but in the main I'm a carp angler on a part time basis. Carp fishing is my passion. I could talk about it for hours on end. This is why I decided to record a carp fishing podcast and to see if anyone will listen. I am not going to proclaim to being good at it. I like to think I'm not bad, but I am by no means at the top of my game. So in this podcast I will most likely chat about my experiences, funny stories (at least I think they're funny), places I've been, fish I've caught, tactics, things that annoy me (there are lots of these) and I'll probably ask the listeners for tips to help with my future angling.
7 Episodes
Here in the UK we have been in lock down for nearly 5 weeks and I have personally been on a self imposed 6 weeks lock down. There is still at least another 3 weeks to go and all the carp fishing lakes are closed. I am sure I am not the only one here, but I am getting massive withdrawal symptoms I need a carpy fix quickly.In this episode, I literally try to curb my carp fishing cravings by telling you all about my local syndicate lake - RK Leisure's Jones Pit. I love this place and the carp have just hit 40lb (well... two have). 
The concept of the quick over nighter gets me thinking more than any other type of session. How can I maximise my carp fishing in such a short space of time, how can I minimise the non-fishing time, what lake shall I fish, what swim will I end up with.. and so on and so on..In this Episode, I talk about what I do to try and make the most of the session and a few, common sense, tips to maximise your carp fishing whilst squeezing in a quick session because, let's be honest, you managed to get permission from the Mrs.
It is my belief that you don't just have to eat bad food on the bank because it's convenient. Don't get me wrong, I am still partial to the odd Pot Noodle or cheese and ham toasties. But I like to think that we can still eat a decent meat and two veg and a well made stir fry on the bank.I also believe that when I am eating well and keeping myself topped up with good fuel, my carp fishing improves no end.In this episode I will chat about how I eat well on the bank as well as a few little tips and tricks.If you have listened to this episode and want to know what the little portable oven is called. It's a "Cobb Premier BBQ/Oven" and contrary to my instructions on the podcast it is powered just like an ordinary BBQ (but there is a gas option).
I recently went on my first carp fishing trip to France and what a trip. In this episode I will tell you all about the trip, the new PB and the gigantic cat fish capture.Plus, a run down of my top tips for carp fishing in FranceI have a question for my listeners:When you catch a big one is France is this still your PB or is this just your France PB?Hit me up on Twitter and let me know what you think @KarpyStuff
There is a slight blip with the sound at the beginning of this podcast. So apologies in advance. The rest of the podcast is in perfect working order.In this episode I discuss the influences that drove me to move almost all of my carp fishing to syndicate lakes rather the day ticket lakes. I also chat about what I believe to be the key benefits of joining a good syndicate.Literally the only reason I go to a day ticket now is because it's close to my house and the Mrs wants me home early in the morning.
For me, success in carp fishing comes with preparation, patients and a little bit covert pre-baiting. In this episode I talk about the importance of keeping your hard work a secret. Because before you know it someone will definitely start fishing on your spots. I will also briefly touch on how I go about creating a new spot, as well as my top tips on how to keep your new spots top secret. 
This is the introduction to the Day to Day Carp Angler podcast series by Simon Fieldstead. A short but sweet introduction to a series a podcasts covering all aspects of day to day carp fishing from a normal, non professional carp angler.
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