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Welcome to the Every Nation Podcast where leaders from around the world share messages to encourage you as you lead in your community and on your campus.
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How do we intentionally live life with people who don't think or act like us? Pastor Brett Fuller challenges us to form real, genuine relationships in the diverse body of Christ, no matter how uncomfortable we may get.
What produces hope in times of hardship? Pastor Joseph Bonifacio teaches us to remember God's faithfulness and endurance.
Should Christians be surprised when there is trouble in the world? Clayton Bell reminds us that God can use times of crisis for our spiritual growth and benefit.
How do we find the root of our motives? Adrian Crawford teaches us how to become healthier leaders by digging deep into our motivations and confronting the idols in our lives.
How do maintain spiritual health? Paul Barker looks at two opposite concepts and shows us how both are vital in our Christian walk.
When we follow a missional God, we inevitably become more missional. Ernie Kruger shows us how the grace of the gospel and the work of Jesus empower us in evangelism.
When we face a mountain in our life that will not move, we have to climb. Pastor Jim Laffoon encourages us to see the mountains we face today as preparation for the mountains we will climb to fulfill our calling.
How do we find the strength to push through difficult and unexpected moments? Morgan Stephens teaches how God can take us through times of loss to experience the grace of God.
How does a good God deal with our sin? Kevin York shows us the power of God's grace that gives us peace with him.
Where does gratefulness come from? Pastor Steve Murrell teaches how gratefulness emerges from the invisible, eternal gifts of God.
What does loving one another have to do with our mission? Pastor Gilbert Foliente teaches us that Jesus’ new commandment to love one another brings a new standard and a new source.
How can we see God moving in our midst? Pastor Keith Tower teaches us how to take notice of the miracles God does around us. 
How do we wait on the Lord well? Pastor Wolfi Eckleben encourages us to practice the principle of being filled up in God's presence before we go on mission.   
What role does faith have in our prayers? William Murrell encourages us to keep praying mountain-moving prayers and reminds us that our "Abba Father" in heaven is listening.
Troubles are often unwanted, unexpected, and unplanned. But our faith in Christ is designed for those moments. Pastor Kevin York encourages us to hold on to the faith and peace we have in Christ in times of trial.
How do we respond to pressure? Pastor Paul Barker teaches us how God matures our faith and builds our confidence in his power in times of pressure.
How do we process anxiety, bitterness, discouragement, and other negative emotions? Pastor Phil Bonasso teaches how focusing on God's Word will transform our perspective and build faith that overcomes.
How do we respond to the brokenness we see around us? Pastor Chris Johnson shows us how to partner with God for spiritual revival in our world.
When things don't go according to plan, what does that say of God's character? Pastor Jim Laffoon speaks about God's trustworthiness and reminds us how to walk by faith.
How do we deal with suffering? Pastor Steve Murrell looks at how the Apostle Paul kept his eyes on eternity while he endured suffering.
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