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Welcome to the Every Nation Podcast where leaders from around the world share messages to encourage you as you lead in your community and on your campus.
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Does our lack of faith cancel the faithfulness of God? Jun Escosar reminds us just how much we can rely on the unmatched and unchanging character of God.
How can we recognize when we are “sitting in the company of mockers?” Danielle Burkholder entreats us to be trees of life in our communities by delighting in God’s presence, rather than meditating on the world’s understandings. 
What does faithful waiting look like? Gilbert Foliente preaches that we can wait patiently, proactively, and positively on God because we know that he will always come through for us.
Every leader faces fear. Fikri Youssef draws encouragement from the story of Rahab, showing us how to turn our fear into an active faith.
Is your faith weaker or stronger? Steve Murrell breaks down three things that can happen to our faith and how we can ensure that it will grow.
How can we keep faith for God-given dreams in hardship? Sheila Thomson exhorts us to train our eyes on God and let go of rose-colored views of the past.
How can different generations work together in turmoil? Carol Mkize teaches that working together is a nonnegotiable standard that enables us to walk in obedience to God's will.
How can we lead others through pain? Siviwe Notshe helps us retrain our souls to be anchored in certain hope. 
What questions should we ask in crisis? After a physical attack in their church, Jim Critcher searches for answers, looking at God’s responses to our questioning throughout the Bible.
Are we willing to be anonymous heroes? Mye Nunag challenges us to take risks of faith that cause others to flourish, teaching from the story before Moses.
How can we trust in God’s promises when things look bad? Phil Bonasso teaches why we can live a faith that looks forward to promises every day.
When we pray for God’s glory, do we mean it? Tim Johnson asks this question as he reminds us of the strength that faith in Christ gives us to combat heaviness in our communities.
Do we need to check our definitions of faith? Sam Aiyedogbon tells how he was challenged as a pastor to express the truth about faith in a heart-wrenching situation—and how embracing true faith gives us greater victory than anything else we hope for.
In this world, we are constantly bombarded with information. Paul Barker declares that we have an analyzer to help us interpret present-day facts through God’s promises—the spirit of faith.
How do we intentionally live life with people who don’t think or act like us? Brett Fuller challenges us to form real, genuine relationships in the diverse body of Christ, no matter how uncomfortable we may get.
What produces hope in times of hardship? Joseph Bonifacio teaches us to remember God’s faithfulness and endurance.
Should Christians be surprised when there is trouble in the world? Clayton Bell reminds us that God can use times of crisis for our spiritual growth and benefit.
How do we find the root of our motives? Adrian Crawford teaches us how to become healthier leaders by digging deep into our motivations and confronting the idols in our lives.
How do we maintain spiritual health? Paul Barker looks at two opposite concepts and shows us how both are vital in our Christian walk.
When we follow a missional God, we inevitably become more missional. Ernie Kruger shows us how the grace of the gospel and the work of Jesus empower us in evangelism.
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