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Welcome to the Every Nation podcast, where leaders from around the world share messages to encourage you as you lead in your community and on your campus.
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What does it look like for us to use our voice for the voiceless? Brian Taylor examines God’s stance on slavery, the Church’s role, and the lasting effects of the stances we take.
Are you ready for what Jesus will bring from the darkest places? While fear seems to terrorize our communities, Jim Laffoon delivers a message declaring that we will see Christ’s Kingdom multiply.
The voices we allow in our head shape our soul. In this Awesome God series message, Steve Murrell reminds us of the importance of listening to the right voice about who Jesus is.
When God reveals his name, he is revealing an important dimension of himself. In this Awesome God sermon, Sheila Thomson takes us through the story behind God revealing himself as El Roi, the Lord Who Sees.
Are the end times near? Leaning into Scripture, Brett Fuller tackles the questions that many have asked in response to recent events.
What do we focus on if we’re to be a family focused on God? Preaching on the Awesome God series, Rice Broocks reminds us of what it looks like when the gospel shapes our communities and outreaches.
We need embodied presence, and we need rescuing. In a year that’s been full of challenges, William Murrell reflects on what we can learn from COVID-19 about the incarnation.
How can we respond to God’s purposes and promises with faith like Mary? Carlos Antonio shares challenges and triumphs that demonstrate how reliable God’s covenants are.
What does faith have for those in emotional pain? Jim Laffoon helps us wrestle through faith-filled responses to hellish seasons.
When the world around him sang of the power of other gods, David sang of Yahweh’s strength. What song does our faith bring us to sing? Pinky Katipunan guides us in revering God above all things, and relaxing in the assurance of his strength.
How can we continue to have bold faith for the lost when darkness tears our societies apart? Scott Douma reminds us of the power of God who turns former enemies into brothers in Christ.
What do we do when the pressure grows too great for us? Lynette Lewis talks surviving through painful losses with relentlessly hopeful faith.
What are you boasting about? What are you excited about? Rouel Asuncion preaches joy in the mission of Christ no matter our circumstances.
How can we resist the idols of comfort, control, power, and approval in times of adversity? Carol Gossman teaches on a faith that brings freedom in the fire.
When people begin to question their physical safety, what do we tell them? Joshua Opadiya shows us that God is forever our safest refuge.
Does our lack of faith cancel the faithfulness of God? Jun Escosar reminds us just how much we can rely on the unmatched and unchanging character of God.
How can we recognize when we are “sitting in the company of mockers?” Danielle Burkholder entreats us to be trees of life in our communities by delighting in God’s presence, rather than meditating on the world’s understandings.
What does faithful waiting look like? Gilbert Foliente preaches that we can wait patiently, proactively, and positively on God because we know that he will always come through for us.
Every leader faces fear. Fikri Youssef draws encouragement from the story of Rahab, showing us how to turn our fear into an active faith.
Is your faith weaker or stronger? Steve Murrell breaks down three things that can happen to our faith and how we can ensure that it will grow.
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