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Come Away By Yourselves

Author: Fr. John Grieco

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"Come away by yourselves to a secluded place and rest a while." These words of Jesus Christ are an invitation to personal and intimate prayer. The meditations offered in this podcast are intended to help the listener enter into his own prayerful relationship with God. By reflecting on scenes from the Gospel, on other passages from Scripture, and on the insights of saints and spiritual writers, we can strengthen our faith in Jesus and our love for God. In the Gospel of John, Jesus says, "I have called you my friends." By regular meditation and dialogue with Our Lord in prayer, our life can be transformed into an ever deepening and loving friendship with God.
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This was the Q&A session that followed the class on freedom.  
The paralytic at the pool in Bethsaida had "no man to help him."  We should always want to be "that man" for others.  Concern for our neighbor takes humility and detachment from our self-concern.  Our love for God is closely linked to this love for others.  You can't love God without being like him, and God is love.
Jesus' visit to Martha and Mary contains great insights for our Christian life.  Mary's attention to our Lord is a great act of appreciation and love.  Jesus' correction of Martha is not owing to her being busy serving, but more for her being distracted and worried.  Love, which includes prayer, is the one thing necessary.   And love unites our attention, giving focus and purpose to all that we do.
The Holy Spirit is the great advocate and counselor of our Christian life.  With open minds and hearts, we go to him to learn life in Christ.  The Holy Spirit always teaches us the basics: we are children of God called to live the fullness of Charity free from excessive fear and worry.
"He who loves his life will lose it, he who loses his life for my sake will find it."  Finding our true life, and our true selves, means handing ourselves over to Christ.  Losing our lives for the sake of Christ is a transformative union with him.  This takes work and an acceptance of suffering.  There is no resurrection of ourselves in Christ without the cross. 
On the occasion of the Memorial of St. Augustine, this meditation is inspired by some of his deep spiritual insights.  Augustine reminds us of God's transcendent goodness and his staggering nearness to each one of us.  Finding fulfillment in God takes work, the work of prayer and holiness, but it is a task that God himself promises to help us accomplish.
Returning to the scene of the Transfiguration, we meditate on Peter's exclamation, "Lord, it is good that we are here."  It is good to be in prayer with God and to be wherever God wants us to be.  Prayer is a necessary and healthy escape for the soul.  In a world of false escapes and omnipresent exterior noise, to be souls of prayer we should foster moments of solitude and silence.
Instead of sending a large crowd away hungry, Jesus miraculously feeds them with the multiplication of loaves and fish.  Thousands of people are relieved of their hunger while being fed by the Son of God himself.  God knows our spiritual hunger and also responds to it.  He feeds us in the Eucharist, in Scripture, in prayer, in doing his will.  Warned by God himself, we need to look out for destructive substitutes that do not truly satisfy our soul's longing for joy and peace.
Jesus' transfiguration is a momentary manifestation of his divinity.   This event reminds us of Jesus' beneficent power on our behalf.  St. Peter was struck by the wonder of the transfiguration and refers to it in order to bolster our faith in the reality of Christ's life and mission.  God the Father testifies to his Son's authority telling us to "Listen to Him." We do this in our prayer and in our humility in asking for and receiving advice. 
To truly meet Christ is to experience a great conversion.  Life becomes centered on his person and his mission.  This conversion entails taking on a new life and leaving behind our sinful ways.  To convert is to turn towards God and away from sin.  Leaving sin behind is no easy matter.   Above all it takes liberation--redemption--by Christ.   It also presupposes a courageous sincerity about how we minimize the importance of sin, giving into the illusion that sinfulness is actually good.
A meditation on Mary Magdalene and Jesus. 
Originally published July 2021Our Lord Jesus calls Christians the "salt of the earth" and "the light of the world."  The presence of believing Christians is fundamental for the health and salvation of humanity.  Realizing the gravity and urgency of our mission, we should put aside all division and distractions and commit ourselves to living our Catholic faith.  This demands daily trust in God, daily repentance from sin and daily conversion towards true charity. Please take a moment to rate and review "Come Away By Yourselves."  You can do this at Apple Podcasts here: our website at:
Resting in God

Resting in God


Jesus promises rest for those who come to him labored and heavy laden.   To receive rest from God happens in a special way in our prayer.  Accepting God's will and growing in trust help us to rest even when we have serious concerns in our life.  Adoration especially refreshes the soul.  To adore God is to relieve ourselves of the burden of trying to live without him.
The Bible refers to the moral law as "written on the heart."  In this class we discuss the principles of the natural law.
The Christian life entails a struggle.   Growing in virtue and overcoming vice requires serious effort.  This struggle for holiness, however, may seem overwhelming to the weak and  self-empowering to the proud.   Realizing that God's aid is essential for all spiritual growth helps to overcome these two mistakes.   Our spiritual combat must be carried out bravely and freely but also with full confidence in God.
For the Feast of St. Josemaria we pray about one of his central spiritual teachings: unity of life.  Our life often seems divided by various distinct tasks and concerns.  To do things for the glory of God, for love of God, is a powerful instrument that unifies our life.  Our awareness of our divine filiation also lends unity to seemingly unconnected realities.  Whatever I do, I should do as a son or daughter of God.  Our contemplative life, an awareness of God's presence, also grants a powerful sense of unity to our entire life.  This awareness is forged in the practice of mental prayer, where we reinforce the reality of God's presence everywhere and filter our life and its concerns through our relationship with God.
Jesus describes his sacred and merciful heart as meek and humble.   More than anger and disappointment at our sins, Jesus feels compassion for us in our waywardness.  In the Sacred Heart of Jesus we especially see the goodness of God towards sinners.  This makes God approachable in Jesus and keeps us from the mistake of trying to be good without him.
On the Feast of Corpus Christi the Church turns her heart to Jesus's real presence in the Blessed Sacrament.   A marvel of love, in the Eucharist the infinite enters the finite, the Creator his creation and the invisible the visible real.  Adoration, devotion, and gratitude should mark our response to this great mystery of our Faith.
Originally published June 2021The mystery of the Trinity is the mystery of God's inner life.  Revealing it to us in Jesus Christ, God shares with us his own deep intimacy so that we can know and love him.  The Trinity is also a mystery in which every Christian is enveloped.    By the work of the Holy Spirit, we are made children of God the Father in God the Son, our Lord Jesus Christ.
The Holy Spirit is all about peace.  As consoler and the Spirit of Christ, the working of the Holy Spirit and his seven gifts always establish peace in our hearts and our lives.  Peace is a consequence of having God as our Father, and it is the Spirit of the Son that establishes this reality in our hearts.
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Ola Olu Omisore

Thanks for this meditation

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Ola Olu Omisore

Thanks for the meditation. The only thing we can do without God is sin. 🤔

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I have found this meditation very useful. God bless you abundantly

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Thank you so much for these meditations. They are so rich. I use them for my prayers every.

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