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Author: Valerie Rocio

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You are listening to the You Glow Girl podcast.
This is a podcast for the above-average girl who is working towards becoming her best self everyday. On this podcast we will talk all things self development, spirituality, feminism, wellness, business, sex, relationships, and all the things we are constantly improving.
Im your host Valerie Rocio, a type-A overachieving, vegan, half-mexican Aries. I own a Content Creation Agency that supports woman-owned businesses, I travel the world with my adorable english husband and spoil my two chiweenie puppies. I believe we can be our best selves, live our best lives and have it all. So join me while we listen to amazing guests who are doing the damn thing and as we all grow together!
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On today's episode of the You Glow Girl Podcast, Ella Leupold joins me and shares her journey of getting abruptly let go from her job, how she healed that wound and how she uses mindfulness and movement in her daily life.Key takeaways:-Movement is a way to check in with your physical body-Meditation is a daily practice that takes practice-There is no right or wrong to movement-We have to start feeling through our emotions rather than supressing themFollow Ella: up with the You Glow Girl Podcast:
It's a new month and I feel a need to reset, reconnect and recharge. So I am doing a daily mindful practice ALL of May. Join me! This is a chance to commit to ourselves and prioritize our mental health and wellness. It's super easy, see below:Mindful Movement 2x Daily:Get moving twice a day! This can be ANY form of movement - a workout, stretching, yoga, walking. Whatever works for you will be perfect! But take this time to truly focus on your body and feel the movements!Mindful Mornings - Val's 4x10 Mindful PracticeGrab your journal and write down:10 - Gratitudes ex: "I am grateful for my puppies."10 - Affirmations ex: "I am talented and intelligent."10 - Manifestations in present tense ex: "I live in a beautiful home on the shoreside in LA"10 - Deep breathsFollow on Instagram:
This episode of the You Glow Girl podcast dives into sex education, female anatomy, masturbation, and introducing sex toys to the bedroom!Jordan D'Nelle, a physician's assistant and the Host of the podcast Vaginas, Vulvas, and Vibrator, talks us through the female anatomy and where the school system failed us. We discuss how masturbation can be empowering for young women as well as adults to communicate their wants and needs in the bedroom. With Valentine's Day around the corner, she shares how you can get creative in the bedroom and even introduce some sex toys into your relationship.To keep up with Jordan: for erotic blueprint:
On this episode of the You Glow Girl Podcast, Meaghan Senn joins me to talk about why we have limiting beliefs and how we can shift them into an abundance and growth mindset. We discuss how society, our parents and our environment have shaped our perspective on success and growth. But we can reprogram our patterns and mindset to live a more abundant, stress-free life!Keep up with Meaghan: up a coaching consultation with her:
On today's episode of the You Glow Girl podcast, PR expert, Publicist and Founder of Culture Hype, Amber LaFrance joins me to chat about boundaries.We can all agree that 2020 was a shit show of a year, especially for small business owners. Amber and I reflect on how it was the reality check that most female entrepreneurs needed to see that our habits and patterns were unhealthy.We share our boundaries that we are now implementing in 2021 to avoid over exerting ourselves.I hope you are also practicing boundaries and that these are helpful to you!Key Takeaways:- 2020 taught us that we can't continue operating at our previous rate- you have to train the people you work with to respect your time and work- enforcing boundaries is a self-care practice and a form of self-respect- Boundaries are a learned behavior, it takes a lot of time and practice to truly find balance.Want to keep up with Amber?
In this episode, your host Valerie Rocio shares her top tips for being productive in 2021. She shares that being productive is so much more important than being "busy". We live in a society where busy-ness is glorified, but being productive is what will actually lead to success. She shares how she as a serial-entrepreneur stays productive, pushes the needle and has created a successful array of businesses.Key Takeaways:-How to create a ritual or workspace that sets you up for success-How to create a master to-do list that will reduce anxiety and keep you organized-What is time blocking? How Valerie time-blocks her schedule between creative tasks and admin tasks.-How anchor times can help a perfectionist or type-A person stick to a plan but also enjoy flexibility.-Boundaries lol what? Valerie shares how she is practicing boundaries in order to work efficiently.Stay connected with Valerie!Follow her on Instagram: out our website:
Shelsea Sanchez is the founder and CEO of conscious lifestyle brand, Peachyality and The Peachy Way online course. From making body-building history as a former IFBB Bikini Pro, to pouring her focus into running her own salon, Shelsea has spent over 15 years in the beauty and wellness space and nothing has stopped her yet! Shelsea mentors a plethora of women through her online course and by hosting live-streams. With her eager commitment to provide a safe space for humans to feel inspired, empowered and nurtured, she encourages others to live their best life by sharing her tools of taking an inward approach to gaining external success.In this episode, Shelsea and Valerie define "inner-work" and how personal development can completely transform your external results. Both have experienced pivotal year in their careers and shared how their practices have impacted the trajectory of their lives. From career, to fitness, to finances - becoming self-aware, improving your mental health, practicing meditation and gratitude can change your entire life and outlook.Key Takeaways:- Becoming self-aware and forgiving yourself for past mistakes are the first steps towards growth.- Meditation can help you recognize how you think about yourself and the situations at hand, allowing you to retrain your thought processes.- Inner-work is not a one time transformation, it's an ongoing and constantly evolving journey.- Practicing gratitude can transform your mindset and improve your happiness.Connect with Shelsea: her course: and resources we mentioned:The Big Leap - Living - Gay Hendricks - Supernatural - Joe Dispenza - Are The Guru - OS Course - Suzy Batiz
On this episode I'm sharing the story of how I quit my 9-5 job, started my company and scaled it to a 6-figure agency in 1 year.I share ALL the details from how I knew I was ready to quit my job, how I quit, how much monday I had saved, how I got paying clients, how I grew my team and where I'm at now. I want this to be a super raw and transparent episode! It's the real real for any aspiring entrepreneurs or anybody who is on this journey with me!I'd love to hear your feedback and if you'd like more solo episodes!
Katie is a personal finance coach who's been blogging about money since 2017 and has worked with more than 50 one-on-one coaching clients. Whether you have a negative balance in your checking account or recently inherited half a million dollars, she's seen (and consulted) through it all. Her mission is to help every woman become obsessed with being in the driver's seat of their finances – and think differently about how to use money as a tool for true happiness.In this episode, Katie and Valerie discuss how your money mindset comes down to your self-awareness. Katie shares how our relationship with money stems from childhood and the financial situation we grew up in. Valerie and Katie share how social media plays a roll in millennial money habits and how we can get back to the basics in order to gain financial control.Key Takeaways:-Think back to childhood in order to better understand your relationship with money.-Establish what it costs to live your current lifestyle and use that as a baseline to develop better habits.-Money can be very emotional and plays an impactful role in every aspect of our lives.-Our lack of education around money can be debilitating.-Take your power back by establishing your current financial situation, doing research and taking baby steps.Connect with Katie:
Taylor Norris is an online fitness coach and entrepreneur. She helps women achieve food freedom and body confidence without binge eating ever again. Her programs have a heavy emphasis on balanced meal plans to avoid any restrictions. If you have repeatedly "fallen off the wagon" or “yo-yo” dieted , Taylor finds what works for you and your lifestyle long-term. She is extremely passionate about helping others feel good, and in turn, look good! In this episode, Valerie and Taylor discuss diet culture, cultivating a sense of self-love and confidence and how your mindset controls your eating habits. Taylor shares how your lifestyle and confidence changes when you change how you think about yourself. She shares her journey from yo-yo dieting and overthinking her diet to an improved mindset and lifestyle. Key Takeaways: - Mindset plays a huge part in your lifestyle.- Online diet culture is fucked up! - You become what you think about.- Stop binge-eating and listen to your body.- Work with your body, not against it.- Be kind to yourself as you learn what your body needs. Connect with Taylor:
Jackie Ahern is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist specializing in women's health, eating disorders, mental health nutrition and holistic wellness. She believes that the mind and the body are deeply connected; therefore integrated and holistic care is necessary to support our journey to health and happiness. Her approach encompasses principles of mindful and intuitive eating as well as body positivity. Jackie's goal is to empower women to make healthful, nourishing choices in their nutrition and lifestyle so that they can spend more time focusing on their true passions. Jackie joins Valerie for another episode to discuss how your nutrition affects the menstrual cycle and can lead to hormonal imbalances. They dive into period myths, how our culture has normalized to have irregular cycles and why nutrition can transform your period from being painful to normal, beautiful cycle. Key Takeaways: Track your cycle to know if there are any irregularities that may lead to a hormonal imbalance. Hormone Imbalances can cause:MigrainesCystic acneBlood clots bigger than a quarterHaving your period less than 3 days or longer than 8 daysYour cycle is a few days longer than usual-Society taught us to suppress and ignore any issues with your cycle and to expect “bad” symptoms- You don’t have to go through a painful cycle!- Birth control isn’t always the cure for hormonal imbalances!- Depending on your cycle phase, you need different amounts of nutrients.- Lack of nutrients, fats and calories leads to impaired or lack of ovulation- Track your symptoms and eat regular meals to prevent any irregularities of your cycle! - Prioritize your mental health and physical health! Connect with Jackie:
Jackie Ahern is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist specializing in women's health, eating disorders, mental health nutrition and holistic wellness. She believes that the mind and the body are deeply connected; therefore integrated and holistic care is necessary to support our journey to health and happiness. Her approach encompasses principles of mindful and intuitive eating as well as body positivity. Jackie's goal is to empower women to make healthful, nourishing choices in their nutrition and lifestyle so that they can spend more time focusing on their true passions. In this episode, Valerie and Jackie discuss the food and diet culture, the three categories of how food plays a role in mental health and tips to transforming your food lifestyle. Jackie dives deep into how your eating habits affect your mental health and how to take back your power from overthinking meals to trusting your body again. Key Takeaways: - There can be food trauma because of generational eating habits or childhood memories.- The 3 categories of how food plays a role in mental health:Timing of food & blood sugar balanceComposition of mealsGut and microbiota - The most basic form of self-care is feeding your body!- People struggle with mental health in different ways, such as high functioning anxiety, panic attacks, etc. - The toxic food culture we live in is normalizing satisfaction from missing meals or eating less. - You can cause damage through your food choices, but can also prevent and improve your mental health.- When we don’t eat our body activates the body stress responses.- Schedule out your meals throughout the day and commit!- Fall into intuitive eating and learn to trust your body.- Prioritize your mental health and physical health! Connect with Jackie:
Amanda Montgomery is a business lawyer who understands legal representation is not a one-size fits all endeavor. Passionate about empowering women, Amanda set her business' mission to help small businesses and entrepreneurs look out for their best interests. Valerie welcomes Amanda Montgomery back on the podcast to discuss all the nitty, gritty details of voting, how to get accurate and current information on candidates, and why it is important to vote especially as a young adult. Now with more accessible political information, Amanda shares the dos and don’ts when reading political articles on social media and why it’s important to always fact check the stories. Most importantly, they discuss the importance of voting, even if you think it doesn’t affect you! Key Takeaways: -VOTE VOTE VOTE- Make the effort to research and figure out your values to vote accordingly.- Don’t believe everything you read on social media or online regarding politics.- Be suspicious and question articles covering politics. They can sometimes be biased or missing important details to the story. - It’s by design that young people are not encouraged to vote. - You have to reprogram yourself to understand that you are powerful, and your vote does matter!- Come into your power and voice to encourage others to vote, use your influence.- The laws passed now will continue to have an effect on you down the years.- Your vote has a ripple effect on every branch of government (local, state, federal).- October 13-30th is early voting for Texas, make sure you are registered by October 5th. Ballotpedia - shows voters their entire ballot based on their address. Voterly - gives high level profiles of each candidate, along with donor history of incumbent candidates.Know Your Vote - helps you compare candidates by their platforms and recent speeches and tweets. Politifact - (nonpartisan) checks accuracy of tweets and speech comments from political candidates. VoteTexas - (non-partisan) assists Texas voters with registration and request of mail-in ballot for eligible voters, along with instructions for voting locations and ballot contents. (This is also the Secretary of State's website.) Connect with Amanda:
Rachel Maine is on a mission to turn the world into a more sex-positive place. Through her company Wellness Sexpertise, Rachel gives people a comfortable space to own their sexual selves. She serves on the Board of Directors for Pure Romance, is a podcast host called Owning Your Sexual Self and works as a sex therapist within a private practice. Rachel comes back to the You Glow Girl Podcast to discuss how society projects what is considered “professional” in the corporate and entrepreneurial world. Valerie and Rachel discuss how society has taught women that you must hide who you are, be modest and dress a certain way in order to maintain professionalism in any workplace. They share experiences from their corporate jobs and how they were sexualized because of society’s idea of women in a workplace. Key Takeaways: - Society ridicules women for who they are, especially in the corporate and entrepreneurial world. - What you wear doesn’t define your skill set.- Parents, teachers and adults teach young girls short skirts and tank tops are sexual and an inappropriate thing.- Society has taught us that young girls are a sexual object based on what they wear.- Despite what you are wearing, you deserve respect. - Normalize what your kids are doing and embrace their personality. Connect with Rachel:
Niki Davis-Fainbloom is a sexuality writer, educator and coach. She has worked at Mount Sinai Hospital for the past three years as a lecturer, training students and professionals about consent, sexual violence prevention and sexuality. She writes sex-ed articles for several magazines including Pornhub, Gen X Magazine and Future of Sex. The goal of her writing and workshops is to help people develop the skills to have healthier, sexier and more satisfying romantic and sexual relationships. In this episode, Niki returns to the You Glow Girl Podcast to discuss the importance of consent in sex and relationships. She shares the misconceptions of consent and how it isn’t just for sex, but in also in our everyday activities. Niki and Valerie share their personal experiences with consent, or lack of. Since the “me too” movement, so many women have shared their personal experiences with sexual harrassment, assualt and rape. In a society where women are told to be modest, act like a lady and where the responsibility is placed on the women - we need to be educated our young adults about respect, consent and mutual exchanges. Key Takeaways: -Porn sites have become a form of education for consent and the treatment between a man and a woman when it should merely be treated as an entertainment platform.-Consent isn’t always verbal and can be translated through body language as well.-Unless it’s a hell yes, it’s a hell no!-Being in a relationship doesn’t automatically guarantee consent.-Consent isn’t just about sex. Consent is needed in every encounter or interaction you have, especially with strangers.-Giving consent once doesn’t automatically guarantee ongoing consent.-It is important to respect your partners’ answer the first time,repeatedly asking or guilting someone into a different answer is manipulative and toxic.-Someone’s appearance, clothing or behavior is not an invitation or sexual harassment. Consent Tea Video: Connect with Niki:
Doni Brown is the founder and owner of Pivot Cosmetics - a CBD cosmetics line created to promote self-care among women of color. Doni is primarily known as a Dallas Influencer and she dedicates her platform to teaching and empowering other women, to start their own beauty and fashion product lines! Over the past 5 years, she has helped numerous businesses and personal brands, transform their marketing strategies and increase their digital reach through her consulting and workshops. Valerie and Doni discuss the importance of skin care and how CBD skin care can improve many skin issues. They also discuss how your lifestyle and diet can play a role in your skin. Doni shares that her gluten intolerance led her to shift her diet which improved her skin. Doni shares her story of how she started Pivot Cosmetics, her mission towards promoting wellness and self-care for women of color and discussing the skin care issues women of color have. Key Takeaways: - CBD used in skin care products may reduce inflammation, help even out skin tone and increase moisture. - The amount of CBD you use on your skin can affect the end result.- Many mainstream skin care products are filled with heavy chemicals that harm your skin by stripping your nutrients and natural oils.- Filler ingredients dilute the effects on your skin and only gives sensation to your skin while prolonging the process to improve skin care issues.- Your body absorbs what you use on your skin but won’t necessarily fix any issues in your body. - If you have intense skin issues, it could be a reflection of bigger health problems from the inside. Connect with Doni:
Abbey Scott is the Founder of Coffee Over Cardio, CEO of Fit Legacy Marketing Agency and is currently working on her third secret e-commerce business with her husband, Mike Crowson. From Wall Street to serial entrepreneur, Abbey pursued her dreams after realizing finance was not a long term career for her. While starting businesses and planning a wedding, Abbey also competed in bodybuilding in the NPC bikini division. In this episode, Abbey takes us through her entrepreneurial journey from being a college athlete to competing in bodybuilding to starting her third business with her husband. Abbey and Valerie discuss body image, entrepreneurial stress, tips on how to manage your mental health and finding a balance as an entrepreneur. Key Takeaways: - Get your blood work every 6 months to assess and reduce the risk of developing physical and mental health stress-related disorders. - Practice guided breathing or meditation to reduce stress in your daily life. - Unwind every night before bed, meaning watch less TV, reduce the amount of social media usage- Try leisure walking every night, without stressing over the distance and time of your walk- Practice self-care activities every day to prevent added stress-You can’t control everything, but you can control how you feel and your stress levels Connect with Abbey:
Kelsey Gonzalez is a wife, mom and owner of Coach Kelsey Fitness. What started as a small personal training side gig has morphed into a full fitness program for women all over the country. Kelsey specializes in weight loss and management. Coach Kelsey has become more than a side gig after realizing helping women physically was just the beginning of their journey. In this episode, Valerie and Kelsey discuss the differences between health and fitness goals, how your mindset will affect your health journey and the common struggles women go through when trying to improve their lifestyle. Kelsey also shares tips on how to reach your health and fitness goals with a healthy and happy mindset! Key Takeaways: - Trainers are not one size fits all.- No matter what your fitness goals are, you still need a well-rounded approach to reach them.- The three main struggles a woman goes through for her health/fitness journey are: “All or nothing” mentalityNot trusting yourself with food or workout schedules Thinking becoming fit will solve all your problems- You must have a healthy, happy mindset to reach your health and fitness goals.- Educate yourself on a healthy lifestyle before communicating with your kids about food.- There is a difference between your health and fitness goals.- Be very specific on what your plan is for your health and fitness goals. Connect with Kelsey:
Lauren Mones is an Occupational Therapist who has been focusing on gut health for 15 years. She created her wildly delicious line of fermented foods and drinks called Fermenting Fairy with the intention of helping people live their best life imaginable. When Lauren is not in the kitchen crafting up some awesome gut happy elixir she is swimming in the ocean, river or lake communing with Nature. In this episode, Valerie and Lauren discuss what fermented food is, why it is good for your health and how you can make better gut happy choices! Lauren also shares why she started her business, Fermenting Fairy, and her passion for having an organic lifestyle. Key takeaways from this interview: -Fermented foods have a natural, healthy occurring bacteria on the skin and cells. -Fermentation creates an environment on the food products where the naturally occurring bacteria can thrive and form a different food product chemically.-We need healthy bacteria in our foods to absorb nutrients and digest food. -Most of our food is grown conventional, which means there are less healthy bacteria. -Just because the produce has a non-GMO label doesn’t mean it’s good for you.-Buy more certified organic produce and products to be more conscious of what you intake and make better health choices. -If you lack the healthy bacteria in your gut, then it affects your state of mental health and may lead to higher amounts of stress, anxiety and even depression.-When you buy organic and certified organic products, you are making a huge difference in your health and in the food industry!​​To connect with Lauren, please visit:
Monica Denais is a Latina Licensed Professional Counselor and Certified Rehabilitation Counselor in Dallas, Texas. Monica specializes in anxiety, burnout, codependency, entrepreneurial stress, perfectionism, life transitions, and self-esteem issues. She is also the host of the Café with Monica podcast, where she helps millennial listeners by educating, sharing tools, and interviewing inspiring and resilient millennials to help others overcome their everyday issues all while chatting it up with a cup of coffee. In this episode, Monica and Valerie discuss the different components of anxiety and how to minimize entrepreneurial stress, codependency and the need for perfection. Monica shares healthy tips on how to reduce your stress levels and how to change your day-to-day thought processes to help reduce and prevent anxiety! Key Takeaways: - We need to teach ourselves rest is okay.- There are four different components of anxiety: behavioral, emotional, cognitive, and physiological or physical anxiety.- If you have a busy lifestyle, then minimize decision making in other aspects of your life to reduce your anxiety. - If something doesn’t happen the way you want, then it’s still okay! - Give yourself space to say: “What is the worst that can happen?” “What is most likely to happen?” “How likely can I forget it in a day? A week? A month?”- Your failure is not your identity! Connect with Monica:
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