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Recorded in one take on an irregular schedule comes Portland, Oregon's 4th longest-running podcast, in which our hero struggles to make sense, play nice, or use proper grammar. Enjoy!
36 Episodes
The Black Friday deals might have been fantastic, but that doesn't excuse the lack of idiot-on-idiot violence this year. Fortunately, sportscasters are still angry, the World Cup is still nap-inducing, and great podcasters still need great podcaster friends.
It's been a minute but rather than wait for this feed to die like an Elon Musk platform investment I decided to go ahead and make an episode. Sorry, not sorry? Topics today include: Catching COVID (finally), Mastodon is stupid unless we're talking about the band, Instagram e-commerce addiction, and a whole lot more.
Gone are the days when you can rely on your government to get anything done, but can you honestly rely on Corporate America to save your heatstroked bacon? No. No you cannot.
Positivity is difficult to find unless you're at the 2022 Portland Blues Festival. Think about that for a moment. We've reached a place where the effing BLUES are the most positive thing going on in the lives of the average Portlander. That's sort of sad, is it not?
A post-Easter, rainy day podcast for my 16 Twitter friends, er, followers. Topics include: eBike regrets, a cardboard box full of dinner, the evils of candy and Russell Wilson, and buying miniaturized versions of almost anything.
Plague, racism, and now war...and nary a single shred of purposeful art or music to be found. What's wrong with this place? 
On the 10th Anniversary of becoming responsible, a trip to Costco causes some self-reflection. I'm kidding. I saw a billboard and it irked me, so I did some digging and laughed at how stupid people are.
Frequent-flyer guest Betsy Richter joins to discuss the slow, painful decline of proper journalism, with a stop along the way to talk about the pros and cons of staying in Portland vs. moving to Mexico.
In which our hero (me) laments the utter lack of protest music in a time when we need it most - and when the only music that sells appears to be old music. But wait! There is one among the musical masses who dares stand up to oppression, whose voice will be heard whether it makes him unpopular or not! His name: Eric Clapton, guitarist with holes in his brain large enough to accommodate your fist.
Ah, the holidays. That ever-so-wonderful time of the year for burning conservative trees, insulting an entire country or two, enjoying the end of another entertaining sports season, and playing an unhealthy amount of video games. 
No Seasonal Greetings is complete without the choice data delivered unto thee from Spotify, the world's third best music streaming service - now Unwrapped for your giddy self-pleasure. Other fun topics include: traveling to Florida because why not, the smelling of ones own breath, and the dumpiest airport in the lower 48...and SPORTS!
Short and sweet, much like life, this episode features a 20ish minute deep dive into mental health, comfortable recliners, the "L" word, and the beauty that is a man on YouTube by the name of Wayne. 
Whilst pondering my place in an increasingly politicized media world and lamenting an upcoming and unavoidable NFL football game, my sister reintroduces me to my long-forgotten past.
An open letter from the owner of a professional sports team (or two) rubs the wrong way. 'nuff said.
Banks collapsing, experts pontificating, podcasters traveling, and an incredibly childish analogy are the "topics" this week. Apologies in advance to vegans and vegetarians, as there is a lot of discussion about meat. Well, not really ABOUT meat, but a lot of discussions with meat. Yes, I speak with meat.
I realized that almost all of my Portland friends are now long-distance friends, to varying degrees. It made me sad. Who is to blame? Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler and his ongoing inability to do even the slightest positive thing while in office.
Let's get this out of the way, this episode is anti-cyclist, anti-podcaster, anti-couple, and anti-dead guitarist. If you have issues with any of that then you probably shouldn't listen. If you don't, HEY! SMASH THAT LIKE BUTTON, BABY!
In which our hero outs himself as a retro arcade game nerd, confused and troubled by the Internet's relentless efforts to 1up itself in the realm of useless opinions by people posing as so-called "creators."
I quit Twitter to have more time, but that didn't lead to a regular podcast schedule. Instead, I've been watching television, arguing with my dad, and contemplating a new podcast format in which I become an Uber Wise Podcast Monetizing MegaMind.
Welcome to the Fake, Politically-Motivated Re-Opening of Portland! We’ve got naked street showers, the worst hot dogs in all of sports, and more scumsucking wannabe VC douchebags than any three cities put together, baby!The post A Providence Parked, featuring Storm Shadow appeared first on New PDX Sucks Podcast.
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I don't host it - but I like it anyway.

Oct 21st

Swede Trap

I have to like it. I host it.

Apr 20th
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