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Gone and probably best forgotten, Portland’s most intellectually challenged podcast, Portland Sucks, returns for another round of idiocy...10 years later.
20 Episodes
Short and sweet, much like life, this episode features a 20ish minute deep dive into mental health, comfortable recliners, the "L" word, and the beauty that is a man on YouTube by the name of Wayne. 
Whilst pondering my place in an increasingly politicized media world and lamenting an upcoming and unavoidable NFL football game, my sister reintroduces me to my long-forgotten past.
An open letter from the owner of a professional sports team (or two) rubs the wrong way. 'nuff said.
Welcome to the Fake, Politically-Motivated Re-Opening of Portland! We’ve got naked street showers, the worst hot dogs in all of sports, and more scumsucking wannabe VC douchebags than any three cities put together, baby!The post A Providence Parked, featuring Storm Shadow appeared first on New PDX Sucks Podcast.
We’ve got a lot to unpack in this episode, including Kyle’s misspent income, good vs bad rednecks, YouTube TV, and FREEDOM, now in phone form.The post A Ten-Spot Squandered, featuring Raymond Burr appeared first on New PDX Sucks Podcast.
Streaming uncut over a bed of new, hot, royalty-free theme music, your favorite podcasting warrior endures the reopening of a city, the perils of autocorrect, and horrors of Facebook, all in a taxing 41-minute monologue the likes of which this world hasn’t seen in at least a week.The post A Warrior’s Heart, featuring Ransom Notes appeared first on New PDX Sucks Podcast.
Welcome to the new normal. Nothing is funny anymore.The post A Comedy Umbrella, featuring Depression appeared first on New PDX Sucks Podcast.
Consider for a moment the absurdity of defining someone by their age, their race, their gender, or where they’re from. Alternately, consider the ridiculousness of describing something by the most obvious trait you could possibly think of and then feeling proud of yourself for doing so. Welcome to modern media, and I’ve had about enough.The post An Argentine Labeled, featuring Blueberries appeared first on New PDX Sucks Podcast.
Just over a year after her last appearance, longtime friend Betsy Clayton joins to discuss doing your own thing for the right reasons and how bloated radio networks are the new elephant in the podcast room, but there are myriad other reasons to dislike them. Fair warning, this sucker weighs in at over 90 minutes, … Continue reading "An Elephant Hated, featuring Betsy Clayton"The post An Elephant Hated, featuring Betsy Clayton appeared first on New PDX Sucks Podcast.
Awakened (awoke?) from a 12 minute nap, our hero (me) is enraged by an entitled a**hole with zero regard for manners, taste, and the needs of the very audience she claims to want to serve… And I decided to whine about it for a half hour, because I need a life and I REALLY NEED … Continue reading "An Audience Abused, featuring Amateur Podcasters"The post An Audience Abused, featuring Amateur Podcasters appeared first on New PDX Sucks Podcast.
After experiencing some technical difficulties last week, we’re finally back with a new episode. Topics include: the Biden Crime Family, Catholic parents, blaming everything on the “New Normal,” VIP stadium parking, Sabrina’s new career path, and a brand new device for recording podcasts that even a brain-dead dolt like myself can use.The post A Class Taught, featuring Sabrina Miller appeared first on New PDX Sucks Podcast.
Everything old is new again.The post A Nut Roasted, featuring Sabrina Miller appeared first on New PDX Sucks Podcast.
Hiatuses are for people who actually accomplish things. Me, I’m taking a break because there are more important things for you and I to be focused on right now. Oh yeah and fuck Ted Wheeler.The post A Nation of Racists, featuring Cops appeared first on New PDX Sucks Podcast.
Oregon historian, walking tour guide, and local podcast legend Doug Kenck-Crispin of Oregon History joins to discuss guns in deep southeast Oregon, the lasting impact of the ‘rona on our state, and how poorly local television treat their precious historic footage. And if you haven’t yet subscribed to the Kick Ass Oregon History podcast, shame … Continue reading "A History Preserved, featuring Doug Kenck-Crispin"The post A History Preserved, featuring Doug Kenck-Crispin appeared first on New PDX Sucks Podcast.
After a significant but unintentional delay, the podcast returns with a cross-Atlantic talk with my good pal (or “mate”) Jack. Jack is based in the UK, where the fear of rolling ones ankle or “visiting hospital” is far greater than some silly Coronavirus. In the course of an hour we solve the gun violence problem, … Continue reading "A Gap Minded, featuring Jack Hershman"The post A Gap Minded, featuring Jack Hershman appeared first on New PDX Sucks Podcast.
Flying solo because social distancing made it so. Today’s podcast explores themes of heroism, boredom, and the delight we take in performing mundane tasks when we’re not allowed to do so. Oh yes, and Pat Robertson’s 700 Club is mentioned a few times, so if you’re squeamish at all, you may want to avoid his … Continue reading "A Virus Born from Sex, featuring Animal Crossing"The post A Virus Born from Sex, featuring Animal Crossing appeared first on New PDX Sucks Podcast.
Former podcast personality and BFF @betsywhim joins for more musings from the Coronavirus frontlines. Topics include familial Facebook failings, pit dumping, multi-purpose podcast-branded apparel, and Obama really is to blame for pretty much everything.The post A Pit Most Foul, featuring @betsywhim appeared first on New PDX Sucks Podcast.
Former local podcaster Jeff Peart joins to discuss the complexity of modern video games, the day live sports disappeared, Elon Musk: Dark Knight, and having your website domain repurposed for sexual inclusivity. Be sure to visit using your company-issued work computer.The post A Repurposed Domain, featuring Jeff Peart appeared first on New PDX Sucks Podcast.
Steven Lenhart (aka Nevets) joins for a bigly number of topics, including: Coronavirus playlists, the environmental upside of self-isolating, no more sports, and the roughhousing days of old. Show note: I mistakenly said in the last episode that this episode would appear on Friday. I’m a moron. New episodes will arrive on Monday and Thursday, … Continue reading "A 4-Year Mistake, featuring Nevets"The post A 4-Year Mistake, featuring Nevets appeared first on New PDX Sucks Podcast.
A Belated Return

A Belated Return


In which our hero, one Robert B. Wagner talks to himself while self-isolating as the world outside crumbles at the hands of COVID-19.The post A Belated Return appeared first on New PDX Sucks Podcast.
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I don't host it - but I like it anyway.

Oct 21st

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I have to like it. I host it.

Apr 20th
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