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World-building is a valuable tool in art and design. The ability to immerse an audience in a complete world is crucial to the framing of TV shows and movies; corporations, nations, political parties, theatrical productions, and futurists all engage in ‘world-building’. What can artists and designers learn from world-building to enhance and augment their own practice? This is the podcast which accompanies the course at
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Note: this interview is a repeat, having been recorded and interviewed last year. Full show notes at  === Abi Palmer is a mixed-media artist and writer. Her work often includes themes of disability, gender and multisensory interaction. Her artworks include: Crip Casino, an interactive gambling arcade parodying the wellness industry and institutionalised spaces, displayed at the Tate Modern and Somerset House; and Alchemy, a multisensory poetry game, which won a Saboteur Award in 2016. She has written for BBC Radio, The Guardian and Poetry London. She recently published her first book, Sanatorium, through Penned in the Margins. Abi is also my sister, and we frequently collaborate on creative projects together. In this *very* rambling conversation, Abi and I discuss myriad topics, including: - Abi's book Sanatorium (out now from Penned in the Margins) - Physical movement (and embodiment) and thought processes - Constraints in creativity - Failure and experimentation - Underpowered vehicles as a metaphor for our creative relationship - Bath-tubs - Numerous artworks we've worked on, including Crip Casino, Nybble, Ant Ballet, etc. - Social media and filmic influences on framing the real world Links - Sanatorium - Abi's website --- Send in a voice message:
Today's episode is a repeat from last year - the interview with poet, fiction writer, performer, and podcaster Tim Clare. Apologies for the low audio quality of my introduction! Full transcript of this episode at Links Tim’s website Tim Clare’s podcast Death of 1000 Cuts (recommended for anyone who wants to write!) Follow Tim on Twitter @timclarepoet or buy Tim a Coffee --- Send in a voice message:
The time has come! It's the last assignment of the course.  Today's exercises: Continuous writing, in reflection on your life, thoughts, and feelings at the moment 5 minutes Make a narrative audio work of 6-12 minutes’ length which includes elements of: your real, daily life and/or artistic practice a parallel, fictional world of your choosing The role of this exercise is to enact the learnings of this course – the process of world-building and narrative writing – in one concise audio work. The audio work can be real and/or fictionalised. It can use autobiography, fiction, found sounds, your own foley – whatever helps you to take the listener on a journey between two worlds. It should carefully consider the emotional journey you wish for a listener to go through, using principles of ‘framing’ we have discussed throughout this podcast. Full notes at --- Send in a voice message:
What's your worst review? --- Send in a voice message:
Today we're reflecting on our immediate surroundings, then writing the ideal review of your work. Full show notes at --- Send in a voice message:
Combining your ideas!  Full show notes, transcription and exercises at --- Send in a voice message:
<p>This episode contains two exercises:&nbsp;</p> <p>- A 5 minute free write / free-speak / free draw / free something, to record the here and now, or to let your mind wander</p> <p>- A 10 minute exercise to - make a list of ‘things’ which have an underlying concept, from any area of human culture. You could list films, TV shows, books, poems, soap operas, operas, songs, games – whatever they are, make sure you can summarise their key concepts in a sentence or two.</p> <p><br></p> <p>Full show notes, exercise and a transcript available at the <a href="">Parallel Worlds</a> website. <br> </p> --- Send in a voice message:
This episode we're mixing it up a little, and listening to a story from another podcast! This episode features Ross Sutherland’s story Six House Parties, which is part of his podcast Imaginary Advice. You can also listen to the original story on Soundcloud, but I really recommend you subscribe to Imaginary Advice with your favourite podcast app!   Many thanks to Ross for letting us use this segment. A full transcript of Ollie’s part of this episode is available at the Parallel Worlds website. --- Send in a voice message:
Chick Mate by Elisabet, who interviews Mohammad. Note, this is the same interview as 2021.W7.E1, but edited differently! Elisabet says: This is an interview of Mohammad talking about a story he created, which is based on a lies you would tell to kids. This story is about why chickens can't fly. Full show notes at --- Send in a voice message:
This weeks' podcasts were made by students in the Parallel Worlds class interviewing each other. This piece is an interview with Vlad by Niké, who says: We focus on food and its relation with art. It's called Parallel Perspectives. Come back tomorrow for the reverse interview! Full show notes at --- Send in a voice message:
This weeks' podcasts were made by students in the Parallel Worlds class interviewing each other. Today, Joris describes a sound exploration along the train tracks and the joy of listening with new ears. Full show notes at --- Send in a voice message:
It's a quick chit chat with Clara, a Situated Design student at MIVC. She explains one of her work for Parallel Worlds module, Tears are the Drool of the Eye. Check it out! Full show notes at --- Send in a voice message:
Student interview between Mohammad and Elisabet. Mohammad says: "I was interviewed by Elisabeth about the last task to do for this module, where we had to write lies to kids and create a narrative story about it" Full show notes at --- Send in a voice message:
2021.W6.E5 Action

2021.W6.E5 Action


The last action podcast of this week, with full show notes as ever at --- Send in a voice message:
2021.W6.E4 Action

2021.W6.E4 Action


Transcript and notes and all that stuff at --- Send in a voice message:
2021.W6.E3 Action

2021.W6.E3 Action


Full show notes at Exercises Self-reflection freewrite (5 minutes) List as many mystical objects as you can, ranging from the completely mundane to the outlandishly fantastical. We surround ourselves with objects that have special significance to us or others, which may seem irrational to an outsider. Today we’ll be creating a list of real-world and fictional objects which have special significance. Free write about objects that have special significance to you. Do you keep a picture in your wallet? Do you carry something someone gave you? Do you use the same thing every day? What objects around you have significance? (5 minutes) Make a list of objects with fictional significance or powers. You could work in several ways here: you could take objects you can see, and make up powers that they have (e.g. the pencil sharpener on my desk is forged of dragon-steel; this smartphone can actually steal souls) or make up objects and their powers (e.g. if worn, these shoes make the wearer as strong as an ox; glasses which make you ‘see the truth’), etc. If you find yourself going into detail on one object, go for it – but if you’d rather make a list, that’s also good! (5 minutes) --- Send in a voice message:
2021.W6.E2 Action

2021.W6.E2 Action


Do you like notes with your podcast? Because we have them, oh yes we have them indeed, at --- Send in a voice message:
2021.W6.E1 Action

2021.W6.E1 Action


Full show notes at --- Send in a voice message:
This episode is just a link to two other articles on other peoples' podcasts: Rain is sizzling bacon, cars are lions roaring: the art of sound in movies by Jordan Kinsner in the Guardian (audio version here / text version here) Written by Jordan Kisner and read by Christopher Ragland; Produced by Simon Barnard. Sounds natural by 99 Percent Invisible. (listen here) Producer Emmett FitzGerald spoke with film producer Chris Palmer; Foley artist Richard Hinton and sound recordist Chris Watson. ======== If you want to listen to more, look at these interesting 99 Percent Invisible audio episodes The Sound of the Artificial World Cartoon Sound Effects The Sizzle  Symphony of Sirens And these practical guides: Using music with the Kitchen Sisters Sound design with Haley Shaw The Parallel Worlds Resources page has many more links to sound design articles! --- Send in a voice message:
Today's episode is the short fiction piece The House by Nick Bromann, a current student on the Situated Design course at the Master Institute of Visual Cultures, and was completed during this course in 2020. Nick's other work can be found on Instagram at @bromann.nick. Music in this episode comes from Ketsa and Nctrnm. Episode page on the Parallel Worlds website --- Send in a voice message:
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