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Creating Confidence with Heather Monahan
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Creating Confidence with Heather Monahan

Author: Heather Monahan

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Looking to take your life to the next level? Each week Heather sits down to share with you the techniques and strategies to create your confidence, pursue your dreams and leapfrog the villains you’ll meet along the way. After successfully shattering the glass ceiling in corporate America, Heather is now a best-selling author, professional speaker and entrepreneur. She is currently pulling back the curtain to expose what it takes to get ahead in business and life so you can claim the greatness that you deserve. Find out why USA Today, CNN, and Steve Harvey have all featured her and most recently seen as a guest lecturer at Harvard.
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Maziar 💙

💗🌈💗🌈Wow voice ...

Nov 26th

Matthew Reese

Heather, thanks for sharing your journey. I have been enjoying your interviews and hearing from people I have never heard of before - but should know. Thank you for expanding my circle of resources. I love that I can pull an action item from each and every episode (sometimes more than one) that can be implemented immediately. Keep on bringing the fire!

Aug 25th

Otmotorsales Maine

Heather I just discovered your podcast and have been binge listening for the last couple of days. I love the content and the guests are amazing!

Jul 22nd
Reply (1)

Graham Locklear

this girl is on 🔥🔥🔥🔥

May 30th

Chris Hastings

Heather, just love it. I give you a 5 star rating! I don't have an iPhone, so I don't have the feature through the android app, called Castbox. So, here it goes. It is truly inspiring to hear your into about where you came from. Hearing about your sales experience and about going to Michigan and just about doubling the value of the company before the sale. I loved hearing about when you went to Florida and after a short period of time demonstrated a growth model that was working and using this success that you created to negotiate for creating a position to take this model nationwide. Here is a person who has great poise and character to show how she can help bring greatness to the company with proven data and can show the growth model over a period of time. This is exactly how to show value. Seeing how cruel people can be to try and take things away with the stroke of a pen because, of jealousy. You did the right thing, because now you are writing about your experiences and have become very successful because of it. I loved your interview with Gary V. It is truly inspiring to hear about people coming from difficult places in life and then becoming very successful. I can relate to Gary, with various negativity around me as well. But, I turned out a nice person anyways. I think a lot of people go through a similar thing unless one becomes popular through sports and people are treating them nice just because they are a quarterback so to speak. Not everyone has a pedestal like this in life. So, we have to stand out, because after high school that football moment only takes you so far and then it is your wits, speaking skills, and negotiation skills is what propels one in life. Knowing how to sell yourself is key and not everyone knows how to do that very well. How many people struggle on how to write a good resume.

May 28th

Esteban de la Ossa

Great Job Heather and congratulations on making things happen!

May 15th
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