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Ian Danter, National radio presenter with talkSPORT & Planet Rock, was once host of comedy shows “The Barmy Brummies” on BRMB & “The Sunday Carve Up” on Heart FM during the early 2000’s - he revisits those shows here with a chance to hear editions of ‘Des’s Dedications’ ‘Black Country Bob’ and ‘The Mr Men’, plus new sketches and parody songs too
28 Episodes
It's Ian, Sean Percival & Andy Robinson together again...but you knew that! In this episode: The Sweet give their opinion of the PM Who rings up Roy Keane's house during breakfast? Students can't escape halls of residence in a lockdown Donald & Melania sing Sonny & Cher Mr Pie Maker Who's making their savoury fast food products too sweet? Plus Des, Black Country Bob, talkSPORT red button & more...
Ian, Sean Percival and Andy Robinson reconvene once again for a half hour of merriment - fresh stuff and archive material fused together with love! Including: The Pogues and The Dubliners tell us what'll happen soon in Kent! Mr Inebriated Can Dad's Army suss the 'rule of six'? Jurgen Klopp gets under which manager's skin? Who's George Galloway started an online petition going about? Plus Black Country Bob, Des at a garage forecourt and more!
It's the triumphant/unwelcomed (delete as applicable) return of Ian, Sean Percival and Andy Robinson from their brief summer break with another 30' or so of sketches, topical stuff and our lovingly created parody songs for you. Including: Boris goes all NWOBHM (look it up!) on the Withdrawl Agreement Van Morrison in a mood (not news, really when you think about it) A Mr Men story from 2005 that seems relevant now Jack Grealish extends his Villa contract - is he happy? Jim White loses one talkSPORT co-host...and gains another!! Plus Des, Black Country Bob and much more...
A little extra for you ahead of our next full episode. We pride ourselves on our parody songs and here's a selection of our favourites so far from episodes 1-24. Featuring songs by: Queen Dizzee Rascal Chuck Berry Sex Pistols The Proclaimers The Stranglers And many more! Enjoy! :)
Another half hour dollop of catchphrases, parody songs and sketches from Ian plus top writers Sean Percival & Andy Robinson. Including The 70's classic rock band who are worried about one political party! Jim White and Roy Keane discuss the big football story of the week  How does Andy Murray feel to be back in form on the tennis court? Snoop Dogg flogs cleaning products as he remakes another classic TV ad! Elton John is annoyed at the way that pop music is written today!! Plus Des selling jewellery, Mr Men, Black Country Bob, Mastermind and more!!
Ian, plus Sean Percival and Andy Robinson back with another 30 minutes of sketchy, songy goodness!! Including: Motty looks back on Man City's exit from the Champions League Boris is taking driving lessons Does Cardi B have British ancestry? Tennis catchphrases get the Mastermind treatment That A-Level grades fiasco plus loads more, like Des at the accountants, Black Country Bob slagging off Blair's wife...and Mr Sitter!
Back for more are you? Lovely! Ian along with Sean Percival & Andy Robinson giving you another bumper edition of the show clocking in just under 40 minutes! Featuring: - Neil Sedaka returns, checking his 2020 calendar - Morrissey has a view about face coverings - the latest from Scottish Football after a difficult week - Rod Stewart's thoughts on the story of the past 7 days - Classic Des' Diaries, Black Country Bob & Mr Men from our BRMB/Heart FM archive - Plus loads more!
Key of the door! The show turns 21 with a bumper 40-minute edition from Ian with Sean Percival & Andy Robinson - new and archive comedy sketches/parody songs featuring: Neil Sedaka croons about the ladies' name that now strikes fear into law-abiding citizens Roy Keane visits BBC1's Repair Shop How's Jonny Rotten's UK 'staycation' going? Mr Flat-earther Has Steve Bruce finally written another murder/mystery novel? Plus Des' Diaries, Black Country Bob, Murray Walker tries Mastermind and Snoop Dogg flogs a classic soft drink!
Hello! Another half hour of mostly new gubbins from Ian along with co-writers Sean Percival & Andy Robinson, plus a soupçon of classic BRMB/Heart archive gubbins thrown in! Featuring: Boris sings Queen (again!) to highlight a £2.5bn govt initiative Classic Des, Black Country Bob Sir Cliff not happy with the thousands who flocked to the coast Mr Insomniac Snoop Dogg has another new take on a classic TV advert theme Simon & Garfunkel bemoan the holiday air routes opened...then closed Plus plenty more!
A heavy sporting theme to this episode with Ian, Sean Percival & Andy Robinson bringing you 30 minutes of sketches, songs and silly voices - lots of new stuff as per normal now, plus a soupçon of old classic BRMB/Heart material. Featuring: Black Country Bob suggests help for the London Olympics to Blair back in 2005! John Motson channels Tina Turner in the close season! Snoop Dogg branches out in his advert work How to make cricket cliches less cliched? A round of Mastermind with Geoffrey Boycott Mr Goalie Boris as Tom Jones?? Plus loads more besides
Ian, Sean & Andy have over 30 minutes of comedy sketch/song shenanigans for you - freshly written stuff, and a bit of BRMB/Heart archive material too. Including: Queen have their say on the handling of the pandemic Des tries a different kind of bird watching How to counter football pundits speaking in cliches Drive-in gigs cancelled - Dizzee Rascal & Gary Numan affected! Mr Thespian Billy Idol rewrites lyrics for modern times Plus Black Country Bob & much more!
More new stuff and some BRMB/Heart archive bits and bobs from Ian, Sean Percival & Andy Robinson as lockdown (kind of) continues. Featuring: The US President takes his latest opponent on at his own game! More from the 20th Anniversary of Big Brother on TV! Billy Idol is not a fan of face coverings! Black Country Bob accuses Blair of wasting public money in 2005! Where will the £1.5 billion for The Arts in this country actually go? Des' Diaries, Mr Football Prodigy and more!
Ian, Sean & Andy with new sketches & songs along with a few archive bits dusted off from BRMB/Heart era shows of yesteryear. Including: The 20th anniversary of a hit TV show celebrated Young Brits making a disturbing return to 80's/90's culture  Jurgen Klopp getting a tad carried away with PL success Black Country Bob criticises Live 8 back in 2005 Des as a village cricketer  Football's back-but that also means 'you know what' to wind us up! Plus loads more...!
You know the drill by now. New and archive comic sketches, songs and impressions from Ian Danter along with Sean Percival and Andy Robinson's top drawer assistance. Including: Sir Paul McCartney wants big changes to school dinners We speak to Jurgen Klopp late on Thursday night after, well you know... Mr Health Conscious  Glastonbury faves Coldplay tell us back in 2005 that they don't get why they're so huge Britain's most dangerous football pundit stuck in lockdown Classic Des from 2006 & Black Country Bob from 2002 Plus loads more
Back again! Ian plus his top team, Sean Percival & Andy Robinson, bring a load of new topical stuff to the table along with some archive BRMB & Heart FM sketches from years ago! Featuring: Boris has a prang and goes all Freddie on us! Does football benefit from fake crowd noise? Mr Henpecked Des going up in the world Status Quo have their say on relegation/litigation issues in football Black Country Bob takes aim at John Prescott back in 2006 plus loads more!
Ian, Sean Percival and Andy Robinson bring you more new 'hot off the press' sketches and world-famous parody songs, plus the occasional trip down radio's memory lane for Ian's BRMB & Heart fans of yore! Featuring: Simon & Garfunkel salute the return of English football behind closed doors... Boris is channeling 'The King'! We celebrate one of the UK's finest singers on a milestone birthday Des heads for a theme park Black Country Bob questions the PM's sartorial elegance Mr Statue plus loads more...
An extra 10% of stuff for no extra charge this week (it's free anyway, d'oh!!!!) as Ian, along with his top team of Sean Percival & Andy Robinson, bring you OVER 35 MINUTES of quality items old & new! Including: Black Country Bob not happy queuing at Parliament  Crowded House sing about crowded UK beauty spots Zippy, George & Bungle on lockdown Alan Carr gets possessed by quizmasters past A requested classic 'Des' Diaries', a Mr Men story that could be about me & loads more!!
Ian brings you loads more new sketches, songs and silliness, as well as archive BRMB/Heart FM stuff too. Sean Percival and Andy Robinson are pitching in as always. Including: The Covid-19/Govt story that refused to die...still refuses to die! What's talkSPORT/Sky Sports host Jim White like back at home? Black Country Bob quizzes Blair on movies! Des at the manicurist! Boris uses a 1998 disco classic to explain lockdown changes! PLUS, Ozzy, 'Ready Steady, Cook up a story', the Mr Men and tons more!
Ian is back not only to look at the last 7 days of stories but also to pull some choice nuggets from his old BRMB/Heart FM archive - ably assisted as always by BOP cohorts Sean Percival & Andy Robinson. Including: Ozzy Osbourne's take on a lockdown classic tune! A new Mr Men story for the conspiracy theorist in your life! Des invites some cleaners over - cleaning ensues...kind of! Sex Pistols grumpy about the lockdown numbers game! Oh, and some bloke called Dominic...
Loads of new stuff this week as Sean Percival and me are re-joined by our old writing compadre Andy Robinson! Featuring: A huge 70's band unhappy at modern political shenanigans! Black Country Bob angered about the easing of lockdown! Our "Times Like These" acoustic version that Dave Grohl rejected! Des goes to Weight Watchers! Exclusive commentary highlights as Bundesliga football returns! Another brand new 'Mr Men' tale! Plus plenty more for you...
Comments (3)

Andrew Smith

great shows !! from a Brummie in OZ

Nov 3rd

Thomas Lee

Listened to H&J and recommended by them. they weren't wrong. classic sketches. keep them coming!

May 15th

Iain Dunton

Another brilliant episode. Can't wait for episode 4,

Apr 6th
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