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Creatives Going Viral

Author: Jack Bowman, Sarah Berger, Adam Morley

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A new emergency podcast series to help Creative Freelancers during the COV-19 pandemic. Hosted by Jack Bowman, Sarah Berger, and Adam Morley, CGV is designed to offer help and hope. Tells us what you need, and we'll find the people to ask. Legal: All advice contained is only for the UK.
7 Episodes
Jack talks to Sindre Kaupang, from Beyond Music, who worked as a music teacher across London before social distancing, and how he's changed his working methods to teach creatively online.
Sarah Berger explores the changes that COVID has brought on the creative arts, and not only how professionals can learn about the bigger picture of their industry against COVID, but also what can be done during the lockdown.
In this (official!) episode, Sarah Berger talks to Colin Semer about the mental impact of the COVID lockdown, advice on how to cope, and where we could all head from here.
In this special bonus episode, Simon Sapper takes over Creatives Going Viral to answer questions creative freelancers may have regarding their rights due to contractual disruption.
In this unscheduled bonus episode, Sarah speaks to Paul Taylor-Mills, of the Turbine Theatre, Battersea. This episode has been brought forward due to the news that emergency theatre funding will be made available to theatre creatives as of March 30th.Tune in and hear the news.
In the first official episode of Creatives Going Viral, Sarah Berger interviews Victoria McDonald of Channel 4 News, to explore the facts behind the current COVID-19 Pandemic, and offer some hope in how things could start to get back to normal during this crisis.Hosted by Jack Bowman, this series if an emergency podcast series for Creative Freelancers affected by current global events.
In this introductory episode, Creative Going Viral explains how is it designed to support Creative Freelancers during the COVID-19 crisis.We are living through the most extraordinary times in modern history, and it has brought the creative industry - along with the world's economy - to a halt.This is an emergency podcast series designed to offer the facts, offer help and offer hope. Episode 0 explains what we will be doing, and what we need from you, and how you can give this series the voice you need.Links are hosted here by Jack Bowman, with interviews arranged and conducted by Sarah Berger of the So & So Arts Club, and Adam Morley, a theatre director/producer.Legal Disclaimer: All expert opinion offered comes from experts in their chosen field, and all advice contained is ONLY relevant to those in the UK
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