DiscoverUnconditional Love - A podcast about personal responsibility.
Unconditional Love - A podcast about personal responsibility.
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Unconditional Love - A podcast about personal responsibility.

Author: Dan Plice and Amber Rae

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Amber and Dan discuss how to live life full of unconditional love and overcoming the challenges to that. We are constantly engaged in this conversation and wanted to share it with the world. Your feelings are yours and yours alone to own and we discuss strategies for dealing with that sometimes difficult fact.Views expressed in the podcast are our opinions only. We are not mental health professionals and any views offered are not meant as specific therapeutic advice. For feedback, email us at We'd LOVE to hear from you!
20 Episodes
Season 3- Episode 1.5

Season 3- Episode 1.5


Dan and Amber Save the Universe Again! Well, at least their tiny part of it...
In this episode Dan and Amber discuss overcoming resistance to starting up with the podcast again and what they've been up to since the last podcast.They also discuss strategies for staying positive and loving in the face of a seemingly endless epidemic where nothing seems to change from one day to the next.
Dan and Amber discuss which feels better inside: choosing to be happy or choosing to be right.
Dan and Amber explore a little further how giving help and receiving help are both acts of bravery and vulnerability.
Are you bad at accepting help from others?  Or does this come easily to you?  Or are you the one to always give help but feel like you never seem to get any?Accepting help whole-heartedly is more difficult than it sounds sometimes.  In this episode, recorded on Amber's 59th birthday, we discuss the perils and rewards of offering and accepting help.
Dan and Amber discuss the importance of bringing your spiritual life into your working life, and how to do that no matter the circumstances.
Dan and Amber discuss the idea that you actually have no control over anything in your life except how you feel about it.  So why not lean into the uncertainty and learn to love it instead of fighting a losing battle against it.
In this episode we discuss keeping yourself in a loving place, regardless of where you are and what's going on.
Amber and Dan discuss some thoughts on how to keep your words loving.
Amber and Dan discuss the things that we learn from our parents: the gifts and the challenges they created for us as they loved us into being.
In this episode we discuss forgiveness: what it is, the struggle to achieve it and whether it's even worth the bother at all.
On this episode we talk about body image issues and how we each deal with issues around body weight, aging and feel attractive in your own skin.
In this episode we discuss our personal strategies for staying hopeful and loving in these difficult times.
In this episode Amber discuss living with her aging mother and the difficulties of staying in a loving place when constantly being confronted with a difficult situaiton.
In this introductory episode we talk about what this podcast will be about and explain the concept that you and you alone are responsible for your feelings.  And the only way to live a loving life is to not blame others for how you are feeling.
Amber and Dan talk about ways to stay centered and at peace while going through something really difficult - whether its personal or with a loved one.
Dan and Amber discuss how change is inevitable and so learning to love the growth that comes from change is the key to dealing with the changes happen in our lives.
Dan and Amber talk about finding joy in the physical body and expressing Love by taking care of yourself.
Amber and Dan discuss how we often get in our own way in the pursuit of perfection and how it reduces our own personal happiness to think that good is not good enough for us.
Dan and Amber discuss the challenges of learning to relax and allow and let go of the things that don't serve your highest good - to accept and love what is and release when you feel resistance.