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Arman has taken his company to the next level in Cannabis IP and Retail products. He has done this both pre Covid-19 and during this unique year of challenges. Arman talks about his own challenges overcoming the Covid sickness while increasing his momentum at his company - This is how you stay "Driven" during the toughest year most of us have experienced.
Cannabis Global, Inc., publicly traded as MCTC, has become a leader in the area of exotic cannabinoids. Join our host and MCTC's director of research for a discussion on non-psychoactive THC-V, which is often called the Skinny Cannabinoid, and how this rare component of the hemp plant is now coming to market in beverages.
MCTC Holdings, Inc. (OTC:MCTC) goes deep on the value of THCV and a clear description of what it actually means to you, the consumer. This is a continuation of the educational series the “Director of Research” at MCTC shares with the listeners. Hosted by Jim Riley.
MCTC Holdings, Inc. (OTC:MCTC), opens up the door on a revolutionary coffee product launched by MCTC in the market place. “Hemp you can feel” coffee is a super-premium, unique hemp extract infused line of coffee products, based on the finest ingredients available. Their first line of products are single-serving coffee pods. The products are special because of the unique dual infusion CBD/hemp extract process, a 100% clean label, the use of finest coffees available, application of rigorous testing, and the use of 100% compostable pods, lids and packaging. They know of no other chemical-free infusion process utilized in this class of product. Their unique dual infusion process produces a product that consumers can feel upon consumption, thus our brand name: Hemp You Can Feel™. Hosted by Jim Riley.
MCTC Holdings, Inc. (OTC:MCTC) talks about the current state of CBD and Cannabis products in the market. This is the beginning of a series of discussions designed to educate the consumer on all cannabis-based products called Hemp You Can Feel and the value of consumption. Hosted by Jim Riley.
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