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The Making Waves Podcast is all about endurance sports. Training, racing, and stories that take you deep into the mind of endurance athletes. What drives you to train, participate and achieve? We hear from inspiring athletes, coaches, and stakeholders in the community at large. Their origins, their struggles and what makes them push forward. Your host is Tim Richmond of Max Performance, USA Triathlon Certified Coach & Race Director who has executed 80+ multisport events, including USA Triathlon Regional Championships. Learn more at
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Ep 12 - Team Psycho

Ep 12 - Team Psycho


Club Series continues - We’re talking about Team Psycho today and if you’re not familiar they are a local triathlon club that has been around since the 1990’s.  They are a top level team with somewhat of a selection process for joining, but we’ll be doing some myth busting today.  As much as they are high performers in both triathlon and in life’s adventures, they are super approachable, welcoming, and interested in reaching some new members who might share that same Psycho Karma.  Work hard, perform and play hard too. www.teampsycho.comOn the Podcast:  Don Alden - Board member of Team PsychoKaren Smyers - national and world champion at the 1995 Hawaii Ironman Championships, coach/mentor and local RD for the Lincoln Kids Triathlon.  We’re also joined by TP members: Jody Dushay, Jeff Hunt, Ginger Reiner,  and Justine Seraganian.  
We’ve got Jim Pierce on the show today, Committee member from TriFury a north shore based club.  Jim is an accomplished athlete, who has completed distances from sprint all the way up to several Ironman.  He’s a husband and father and a HS Teacher whose students might be getting a little bit tired of hearing about his multisport adventures.  Jim is a really wonderful guy and he does a great job talking about his triathlon journey with TriFury. welcomes athletes of ALL abilities and believes that if you have the desire and motivation to train and compete (and a little fury or fire in the belly), you too can do a triathlon. Join TriFury and experience the camaraderie and goodwill as we develop and promote the sport of triathlon at all distances - from Sprint to Ironman®."
Continuing our Club Series - get to know Wheelworks Multisport!  We have a 5 member round table about not only their club which is located in/around the Boston area and their training locations, but also about special training events, their diversity initiatives this year.  Plus we dive deep into what’s happening with the Boston Marathon and the Max races in general.  I loved talking to each and everyone one of these wonderful people and I know you’ll enjoy what they have to offer!  Let’s go...Anne TraerKatrina LaddNancy HaysMorgan Jamiel Jon ChestoAbout Wheelworks Multisport Multisport is a triathlon team based in the greater Boston area sponsored by Wheelworks bike shops in Belmont and Cambridge.  We enjoy training for the swim, bike, and run; racing in the New England region and beyond; and supporting each other in our individual goals. Above all, we like to have fun! Being a Wheelworks Multisport member links you to one of the most exciting and fun triathlon communities in New England. We organize regular team events, such as socials and training activities. Many training activities are geared towards people who are new to the sport. One of our most popular activities is a weekly ‘practice tri’ that includes a short swim in the Mystic lake, bike lap(s) around the lake, and an out-and-back run. We welcome members of all abilities and experience. Our low membership dues ($65) have not increased in a decade. Membership gives you access to sponsor discounts, race discounts, team resources, a mentorship program, group events like our annual training weekend in the White Mountains in May, Swim Clinics both indoor and outdoor, track workouts, group rides, runs and much more. In 2021, we are launching our Diversity Scholarship program to encourage individuals who identify as from an under-represented group to enter the exciting sport of triathlon. More detailed information and link to the application can be found on our website. We also have an optional mentorship program that pairs new members (or those looking to achieve new personal goals) with experienced athletes to provide support for your specific goals or challenges.  With fingers crossed, we are looking forward to resuming racing in Massachusetts later this year!
We are joined today by Melissa Hunter, board member of New England TriFit.  They are a welcoming Triathlon Club based in the area of Route 495 south and 95 near Mansfield & Sharon.  Melissa shares the history of the club, member perks, training sessions at Lake Massapoag and we talk about parenthood in balancing fitness as she is a proud new mom!  Thanks for listening! England Tri Fit is a multisport club dedicated to the pursuit of physical fitness and the representation of the sport of triathlon within our community.We welcome members of ALL levels of interest, experience, and ability; from the first time “newbies” and age group athletes, to the elite and hardcore ultra athletes.Our mission is to help members achieve their endurance sports goals in a fun, inviting, and supportive environment.To swim, to ride, to run, and to laugh too.
We kick off Club Month with Bay State Triathlon Team Prez, Jackie Francisco.  We talk about one of the most experienced clubs in the region dating back to 1998 on the south shore of Massachusetts, Pandemic “Athletic Challenges” with the club, importance of social media, club giveaways, and her amazing ability as a seamstress! Bay State Triathlon Team was formed in 1998 as an effort to bring together triathletes of all abilities to enhance their enjoyment and participation in the sport of triathlon. The team’s members range from athletes preparing for their first triathlon to veterans of Ironman Hawaii, USA Triathlon National Championships and ITU World Championships. Our goal is to provide a source of training partners, team camaraderie and sponsorship benefits to triathletes training and racing in southeastern New England.Membership in BSTT can provide you many unique benefits:Frequent off-season team meetings with clinics and guest speakers.Numerous weekly and "special" monthly team training sessions.Team Championship Race Series.Free BSTT shirt and water bottle.Great sponsor discounts on many triathlon related products and services.Social networking with other athletes that have common interests. Yearly banquet, team meetings, training sessions and post-race gatherings provide opportunities to meet other team members.Access to the team Facebook page--> Annual membership dues are just $85.00 <--
We have a conversation with Will from Tri-Hard Coaching about the canceled 2020 race season in Massachusetts…Tim talks about the ‘return to racing plan’ that never was and gives you an honest look at what Max put forth to make it happen.  We pivot to what you can do to prepare for 2021.  How to feel strong and healthy by working on the big rocks of performance in endurance sport:  How to adapt your thinking without racingDiversify your focus:  “The best way to bulletproof yourself is to expose yourself.” Speed work for bike & runIncrease intensity during your workouts safely:  Anatoliy Bondarchuk reference HERE Strength training this fall
Coach Will from Tri-Hard Endurance Sports Coaching is back to talk about New England Virtual Triathlon, how you can get ready for the event.  How many Brick Workouts do you need to get in?  We talk about using Rate of Perceived Exertion compared to other metrics.  
Linda is a local athlete, holistic Nurse, Bay State Triathlon Team member, Yogi and all around amazing person to speak with on this episode.  She provides us with some insightful and thought provoking conversations about what is truly essential in this time.  And how we can take stock in our Health being more important than economics…What are the benefits of endurance sports?  Physical, mental and spiritual...Namaste...Don’t let her Zen fool you, as she’s a tough competitor who endures many adventures from the Alcatraz Swim, PMC, Ultra Marathons, to stand up paddle boarding across Cape Cod Bay and the quest for her first ironman.  A great conversation... 
We’re talking with Chris Herbs, Physical Therapist and distance runner from Boston Physical Therapy & Wellness located in Medford and Winchester.  Chris shares his knowledge on preventing overuse injuries while working from home, 4 simple dynamic warmups to get you ready for your run and talks about the 80/20 training method.  Chris is a RRCA certified coach and holds a doctorate in Physical Therapy from SUNY Upstate Medical University in Syracuse, NY.   Learn more about Boston PT’s Teletherapy options available now:   Sample Dynamic Warm-Up Routine we talk about in this episode:  March: March with Heel Raise swings: Skips and B skips:
Joe Rich is a local endurance athlete, coach & Operations Manager of Cycle Life Studio in Whitman, Massachusetts.  Joe has been competing in triathlons, running and cycling events for over 12 years.  He’s notably at the top of the Max Performance finisher’s podium and recently focussed on 70.3 distance the past few seasons.  Joe talks with us about how COVID 19 has impacted him personally, as well as the business at Cyclelife.  And we talk about how coronavirus may impact the race season in general here in New England.     Check out Cyclelife Studio's Resources below:
Will Kirousis is our resident Endurance Coach with Tri-Hard Endurance Sports Coaching.  He answers your questions about Carb Loading before a big race; How to make your own energy gel; Is swim training worth it?; Best bike workouts on the trainer.  Will has been coaching athletes for 20 years and has been fortunate to work with athletes who have landed on the podium in national and world championships in 9 disciplines in cycling, mountain running and triathlon, all while helping athletes of all levels seek their best via training plans designed for them.Check him out on Twitter:  @willkirousis and (Training Plans for Max Athletes)
Billy Hafferty is an endurance junkie:  triathlons, gravel bike rides and marathons he’s accomplished quite a bit in just over 10 years.  Recently, Billy completed and broke the course record at the Antarctica Ice Marathon.  Billy is local to Boston and is the owner of Breakaway Computrainer Studio in North Andover, MA.   www.tribreakaway.comLearn more about Max Performance Events
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