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Friends,This Episode came about after observing the Human Reaction at our Catering Company's Virtual Dining Concept: MrBeast; where patrons expressed both Extreme Highs and Lows. After hearing an account of our Team Members about people's response about their Food; I decided to record this Episode. There's an "Inner Beast" in all of us and we must not feed it!Inner Beast: a rage mode for people who get very angry or upset. It is a subdermal and abstract concept used to describe someone...
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Hey There Friends!Do you have a Dream? Is it sometimes hard to execute?Do you talk yourself out of a good thing?Today I encourage you to WRITE DOWN YOUR VISION as the bible states in Habakkuk 2:2.It goes on to say MAKE IT PLAN; that they may RUN WITH IT. Your community is ready to support you to run with that which God has given you.God knows the plan but the exercise of you writing it down allows Him to reveal the revelation of it to you and how to execute it. When you pick up your pen and p...
Hey Friends!Have you ever stop to think maybe you're contributing to the atmosphere negatively by bringing along too much baggage? Or maybe you're hindering healing for others because there's no room due to your heavy baggage? Do you need to check your bags today?Listen in on this Episode while we unpack this bag.Cheers!Scripture References:Isaiah 43:18-19Our Instagram: @dontbelievethehypoWebsite:
Good Morning Friends!Did you know Good Morning is a declaration as much as it is a greeting?Good Morning and Good Night is a well-placed precursor to how our day and/or night should proceed. In this Mellow Monday Devotion, we talk about Rest and the Purpose of Sleep.Life gets hard; but in the midst, we should find rest and I do not mean a spa day. Tune in to hear more.Scripture References:John 14:27Proverbs 3:24Our Instagram: @dontbelievethehypoWebsite:
Hey Friend,How are You?Has Life weighted you down?Are you consumed by the cares of this world?It's ok I got your back; I'm praying for you and sending positive energy your way.All is well.Stay Positive, Ask for Help, Surround yourself around those who will lift you up.Keep Listening to the H&H Podcast and check out our Mellow Mondays Episodes.You Got This!Sincerely,Onteaya EvelinaWounded Soldier By Helen Baylor Instagram: @dontbelievethehypoWe...
Hey there Friend,In this "Mellow Monday" Episode, I briefly unpack how we can become disillusioned because of the cares of the world and how we need to RELEASE THE WEIGHT.Tune in to hear more!Cheers,Onteaya EvelinaOur Instagram: @dontbelievethehypoWebsite:
Hey There Sippers!Today's Conversation Starter is about Measuring Your Results Based-On You and No One Else!The Closet is this proverbial box where symbolic skeletons and all of our secrets and insecurities lie-in-wait. Well let me pour you a shot; It's there we find our freedom...You will never know how far you've come until you have Curated-Your-Own-Closet!KETO BUTTER COFFEE RECIPE:INGREDIENTS:6-8 ounces of Coffee1 tbsp grass-fed butter1 tbsp of Coconut OilBlend Coffee & Ingredients in ...
Hey Friends!I hope this conversation starter encourages you to get out ahead of your words or no less follow them up with ACTION.Love you all!PeaceThe rose doesn't have to propagate its perfume. It just gives it forth, and people are drawn to it. Live it, and people will come to see the source of your power.Mahatma GandhiSip Here:@sipshotsofespresso
Introducing: Espresso Shots; Short...Robust...Conversations!Happy New Friends!Here's to doing New things!Take a sip of my New Podcast Espresso Shots!Hope you Enjoy!Cheers,Onteaya EvelinaFor More Delicious Inspiration: @sipshotsofespresso
Friends!I am free today because I released my yesterday! I am saying good-bye to the little girl in the purple shorts with the pink trim!Tune in as I share the details!...there are two types of Secrets; the kind you want to keep in and the kind you don't dare to let out. - Ally CarterPeace,OnteayaOur Instagram: @dontbelievethehypoWebsite: dontbelievethehypo.comFacebook: Hypocrites & Hypochondriacs Podcast @dontbelievethehypo
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| Happy Place |


Happiness is defined as a State of Being. I truly Believe Happiness is not a place you can go but a place that is on the inside of you. The Key to Being Happy is knowing you have the power to choose what to accept and what to let go.-DodinskyToday I learned this lesson when I accidentally deleted a large portion of my Podcast.Enjoy!Our Instagram: @dontbelievethehypoWebsite:
Friends,To Be a Peacemaker means we do not look at everything in terms of how it affects us only. You cannot cultivate Peace until you have stopped disrupting the Peace. The Peacemaker is not someone who avoids conflict at all costs; they are the ones who seek to be peaceable ... They are willing to listen first and seek to understand. Thus, they are open to reason ...Listen in and Be Encouraged!!Our Instagram: @dontbelievethehypoWebsite: dontbelievethehypo.com
Friends,We have the Power to Produce Positive Change in the world.We must rise up to Become our higher self to BE a Conduit of Peace.Listen in for some much-needed encouragement to BE our BEST Self starting today.Grace & PeaceOur Instagram: @dontbelievethehypoWebsite:
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57 years ago this Friday, August 28th, 1963 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. delivered the I Have a Dream Speech that Changed a Nation. What have we done as a Nation to continue to reap the harvest of the seed sown on that hot August day so many years ago? More importantly, what will we do with the seed sown in our time? Is there a Greater Demonstration to come through us?Tune in Now!#IHaveADreamInstagram: @dontbelievethehypoWebsite:
Hey Friends!Listen in on my conversation with Chef/Owner Antonio Tate of Party Bites Catering in Chattanooga, TN.He spills the beans on his commitment to Servitude and Hospitality and How he instills it into his Team. Also, Enjoy a Free Recipe below!Hospitality: Anticipating the needs of others.Party Bites House SeasoningReally simple recipe that provides a multi-faceted seasoning that tastes great on many of your favorite dishes! Wings, French Fries, Marinades, and much more! Give it a try!1...
Hey Friends!Happy Hump Day!Today I want you to challenge yourself to unpack your "Why".Then Be Purposeful about developing your "Why".Understand that your "Why" is important and impactful to you and others...Lastly, in order to complete this task, you must BE You!“Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do/BE better.”-Maya Angelou