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The Good Night Show with Daniel Van Kirk is a late-night podcast covering pop-culture, history, interviews, relationship advice, and more. This show is a break from the stress and news of the day, a place to unwind, relax, and have a good night.
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Segment 1: Dan makes some announcements and we discuss the Best TV Show Finales of All Time. Segment 2: Dan says thank you and we wrap things up one final time with some music.  Don't forget -- There are plenty of ways to stay connected, whether through other podcasts, Patreon, Hub City shows, or the other exciting things Dan is working on. We hope the Good Night Gang will stick around in one way or another. Thank you for listening and supporting the show -- we've had an amazing time making it with you.  Remember -- no man is a failure who has friends. Good Night. --- Support this podcast:
Segment 1: We discuss these moments in pop culture history: In 1920, the members of the Black Sox Scandal were implicated, In 1954, “A Star is Born" premiered, In 1955, James Dean died, In 1960, The Flintstones premiered, In 1982, Cheers premiered on NBC, In 1962, Barbra Streisand signed her first recording contract, In 1970, Janis Joplin recorded Me and Bobby McGee, In 1950, Peanuts debuted, & In 1959, The Twilight Zone premiered on CBS. Segment 2: Some updates from Daniel, and a BIG thank you to Lissa! --- Support this podcast:
Segment 1: Dan says some thank you's, makes some announcements, and reveals the answer to this week's riddle. Segment 2: National Drink Beer Day, National Confucius Day, International Podcast Day, International Coffee Day, National Name Your Car Day, and Germania/Budsin News by Ronda Goldsmith. --- Support this podcast:
We discuss these stories: Man transforms his driveway into a racetrack for his 4-year old neighbor, Billionaire Reaches His Goal Of Giving Away His Entire Fortune After 38 Years Of Secret Donations, The Bizarre Yet Wholesome Story Of A Fish Chair And A Tattoo, plus the riddle of the week, and Dan & Noah's positive stories of the week. --- Support this podcast:
Segment 1: Daniel has a very important announcement to make about The Good Night Show. Segment 2: Mrs. America, The Emmys, Challenger: The Final Flight, The Social Dilemma, Woke, School House Rock, Criminal United Kingdom, TwinTheNewTrend, Karen Kilgariff's Live at the Bootleg, "Did We Change" by Indian Lakes, & more. --- Support this podcast:
Tonight, we bring you something different and talk about all kinds of strange laws! --- Support this podcast:
Segment 1: We discuss these events: 'The Hobbit' was published, Bill Murray was born, Monday Night Football First Aired, many TV shows premiered, In 1985, the first Farm Aid concert was held, ‘The Shawshank Redemption’ was released in the US, Bob Marley performed his final concert, ‘60 Minutes’ premiered on CBS, the first sex change procedure was performed, ‘The Princess Bride’ premiered in the US, and U2 was formed. Segment 2: We discuss the Best Movies Based On Books. --- Support this podcast:
Segment 1: National Miniature Golf Day, National Pause the World Day, World Alzheimer’s Day, National Ice Cream Cone Day, National Voter Registration Day, The First Day of Fall, Celebrate Bisexuality Day, Innergize Day, National Snack Stick Day, Remember Me Thursday, National Punctuation Day, National Comic Book Day, National One-Hit Wonders Day, and National Hug a Vegetarian Day. Segment 2: Germania/Budsin News by Ronda Goldsmith. --- Support this podcast:
We discuss these stories: Tooth Fairy Leaves Letter For Child Explaining Delay In Payment, A World War II veteran will get his final wish to have Juicy Fruit-themed casket, Brave 11-year-old saves drowning toddler in dramatic seaside rescue, Boy Donates 22,000 Diapers to Single Moms Using Funds From His Lemonade Stand, 5-Yr-Old Sends Letter To Cat In Heaven And Receives Sweetest Reply From Mailman, plus Daniel & Noah's positive stories, and the weekly riddle. --- Support this podcast:
We discuss: Joe Pera Talks With You, Raised by Wolves, The Vow, The Awesomes, #Alive, Peaceful Warrior, "King of Wishful Thinking," Walk Away by Buzzy Lee, & more. --- Support this podcast:
The Lizzie Borden murder case abides as one of the most famous in American criminal history. New England’s “crime of the Gilded Age”, its seeming senselessness captivated the national press. In this episode, we dig into story. --- Support this podcast:
Segment 1: In 1985, ‘The Golden Girls’ premiered, In 1978, Muhammad Ali won the heavyweight title,In 1954, Marilyn Monroe’s iconic scene was filmed, In 1987, ‘Fatal Attraction’ premiered in New York, In 1972, ‘M*A*S*H’ premiered on NBC, In 1983: Vanessa Williams was crowned Miss America, In 1975, Patty Hearst was arrested by the FBI, In 2009: ‘Guiding Light’ aired its final episode, & more! Segment 2: The best 80s sitcoms you can stream right now! --- Support this podcast:
Segment 1: National Coloring Day, Boston Marathon Day, Someday, Greenpeace Day, National Guacamole Day, Mexican Independence Day, National Stay Away from Seattle Day, World Play-Doh Day, National Monte Cristo Sandwich Day, National Professional House Cleaners Day, National Cheeseburger Day, & Rice Krispie Treats Day. Segment 2: Germania/Budsin News by Ronda Goldsmith. --- Support this podcast:
Stories we discuss: Man Buys Entire Flower Truck For Senior Center Residents To Make Their Own Bouquets, Chrissy Teigen asked teachers for their wishlists on Twitter and the responses poured in, 8-Yr-Old Mows Lawns And Collects Food For People In Need, Good Samaritan Goes On Epic Mission To Return Stranger’s Lost Wallet, plus our weekly riddle, and Daniel & Noah's positive stories. --- Support this podcast:
We discuss: Alone, Lovecraft Country, Heat, 1BR, The Art of Self Defense, Bates Motel, Buzzr channel on PlutoTV, Broadchurch, Match Game, the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtracks, "Dynamite" by BTS, Dreamsicle by Jason Isbell & more.  --- Support this podcast:
This Wednesday we change it up and talk all things animals, including: pet ownership, the smartest animals, and names for groups of animals! --- Support this podcast:
Segment 1: This week in pop culture history: In 1960, the first American Woman won three gold medals in a single Olympics. In 1979, ESPN Debuted. In 1986, Oprah had her first national broadcast. In 1960, “Psycho” Premieres. In 2001, “Band of Brothers” premiered. In 1947, the first computer bug was discovered. In 1984, Alex Trebek hosted “Jeopardy!” for the first time. In 1990, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air premiered. In 1991, Nirvana released “Smells Like Teen Spirit.” In 1967, the Carol Burnett Show premiered. In 1974, the Cardinals beat the Mets after 25 innings. Segment 2: The Greatest Game Shows of All Time. --- Support this podcast:
Segment 1: Labor Day, National Neither Snow Nor Rain Day, National Salami Day, National Ants on a Log Day, National Ampersand Day, National Teddy Bear Day, International Sudoku Day, National Hot Dog Day, Patriot Day, National Women’s Baseball Day & National Make Your Bed Day. Segment 2: Germania/Budsin News, by Ronda Goldsmith. --- Support this podcast:
Segment 1: Lost & Found AirPods, a backyard squirrel bar, a Selfless Teen who Takes Daily Trips During Lockdown To Clean Dirty Road Signs And Cut Back Town’s Hedges, 103-year-old woman's first tattoo, a Girl who Uses PowerPoint To Convince Dad To Let Her Get A Cat, this week's riddle, Dan & Noah's positive stories, & more! --- Support this podcast:
We discuss: Fall Guys, Alone, Love Fraud, The Vow, Great Cities Set To Jazz, Class Action Park, The Cabin Podcast, Discover Wisconsin, Lovecraft Country, Angie Tribeca, Teskey Brothers -- Man of the Universe, Our World - My Morning Jacket, & more! --- Support this podcast:
Comments (2)

Kurt Wolter

Hey Daniel, it's Mr. Wolter. I know I'm late to the party, but still wanted you to know I enjoyed the episode. Well-done. Smooth. Intriguing. Those are my adjectives for it. Take care. Hope you are well!

Sep 8th

Bella Quinn

they forgot "the transformers"

May 29th
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