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Join us as we have fun, in-depth conversations with entrepreneurs, creatives, or just plain interesting people. Together discovering strength in common struggles.
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Welcome to the end of season 2!  It’s been a relatively short season compared to season 1 (a difference of 27 episodes) but we feel like it’s time for a change in the podcast’s focus.In season 1, we spoke to interesting people doing interesting things.  Some focused-on filmmaking, others on marketing & advertising, most were in the category of interesting people.  In season 2 we moved focus to marketing and advertising, speaking with many people who are moving the needle in that world.  After 53 episodes and speaking to many fantastic people and shoring up many partnerships, it’s time for us to get back to what we are trying to do professionally: storytelling.In season 3, we will be speaking to artists of all kinds about the work they are currently doing.  Not about how they got there, but talking characters, influences, and StoryWorlds they inhabit.  A virtual jam session of ideas where we bounce concepts off of each other like in jazz and hopefully come up with new paths for their stories to unfold.If you know anybody creating cool things, send them our way.  Til next time folks!#storyworld #storytelling #transmedia #artists #creatives #filmmakers #series #showrunner #screenwriters #producers #filmindustry #indie #newconceptsSupport the show (
This week’s guest is our good friend, Chet Turnbeaugh!  Chet is a Chicago-based ghostwriter who writes for business thought leaders, influencers, Hollywood personalities, and people in the entertainment industry. He specializes in writing full-length ghostwritten books, as well as blogs, sales copy, whitepapers, and other long-form content.We spoke about who needs ghost writing, transmedia storytelling, and how important finding your audience and including them in your story.It’s a transmedia conversation!Follow Chet:www.ghostedbooks.com #novelist #writer #transmedia #transmediastorytelling #storytelling #screenwriter #storyteller #marketing #advertising #thinkradical #Clovispoint #podcast #inconversation #attention #earnattentionSupport the show (
This week’s guests are our new friends, Ken Cameron & Russell Stratton!  Ken and Russell have together created the Forum Theatre for Business series to help organizations give their employees the tools they need to co-create a respectful workplace culture and empower individuals to challenge disrespectful behavior.We spoke about the power of Forum Theatre, how there’s nothing wrong with an enjoyable training program, and how they have built an amazing ecosystem around their book “I Need to F***ing Talk to You”.It’s an F***ing amazing conversation!By the Book: the show (
This week’s guest is our new friend, Syya Yasotornrat!  Syya doesn't take herself too seriously. But what she does take seriously is building up the community of podcasting. Nevermind the 20+ years in Tech Sales and the wonderful time working for the Disney Company in her 20's. It's the connection of many shared experiences and stories that resonate with audiences. Innovation Media Enterprises helps businesses and personal brands create effective and memorable podcasts. Everyone has a story to tell. Do it with a podcast!We spoke about podcasting, how there’s a podcast for every person and a person for every podcast, and how businesses need to properly leverage their podcasts.Follow Syya:To Learn More: can be reached at: Linkedin: @IamSYasoEmail: #businesspodcast #podcastcoach #podcaststradegy #storytelling #screenwriter #storyteller #marketing #advertising #thinkradical #Clovispoint #podcast #inconversation #attention #earnattentionSupport the show (
This week’s guest is our new friend, Garrett Spatz!  Garrett is a storyteller, educator, and culture specialist. He teaches courses on music and culture at the College of DuPage and received his Masters in ethnomusicology from BGSU, where he focused on American popular music, identity, and social movements. In addition to his interest in the science of learning and music, he is a screenwriter who enjoys both comedy and drama, having his Yoga(h)ohm sitcom selected by Second City’s first pilot competition. He is also an avid cook and tai chi practitioner.We spoke about how self-imposed limitations blossoms creativity, the idea of character anchors, how to start small with dedication.Follow Garrett: #limits #noma #limitations #sandbox #storytelling #screenwriter #storyteller #marketing #advertising #thinkradical #Clovispoint #podcast #inconversation #attention #earnattentionSupport the show (
This week’s guest is our new friend, Jason Cutter!  Jason is the CEO of Cutter Consulting Group, an author, podcaster and sees himself as a sales success architect for companies and individuals. Even though he didn’t have a sales upbringing or background (his bachelor’s degree is in Marine Biology), he knows what it takes to be successful in sales. His first book – Selling With Authentic Persuasion: Transform from Order Taker to Quota Breaker - is focused on helping anyone in a sales professional.We spoke about authentic persuasion in sales, how the customer journey is a baton race, and how everything in sales is h2h (human to human).It’s quite the persuasive conversation!Follow Jason:Main Hub/Link: www.jasoncutter.comCCG Website: Persuasion: Persuasion Show/The Sales Experience Podcast: Group: the Book: Course: Persuading Like A Professional: #persuasion #customerjourney #sales #integration #marketing #advertising #thinkradical #Clovispoint #podcast #inconversation #attention #earnattentionSupport the show (
This week’s guest is our new friend, Horace Flournoy!  Horace is an experienced entrepreneurial manager, with a talent for building creative, technology-focused business and revenue models.  He’s the founder of SwayBrand that helps brands connect with their target audiences through diverse “Authentikas” to execute authentic campaigns.  They often get mistaken for an influencer marketing company, but they help brands and Authentikas find and curate authentic, long term partnerships.  We spoke about how most brands are commoditizing influencers, the fallacy of trickle down influence, and the amazing insight you can get from your Authentikas about what your audience is saying about you.It’s an authentic and needle-moving conversation!  Seriously, don’t miss this one.Follow the Conversation here: #swaybrand #Authentikas #influencer #influencermarketing #influence #branding #brand #socialmedia #marketing #advertising #thinkradical #Clovispoint #podcast #inconversation #attention #earnattentionSupport the show (
This week’s guest is our new friend, Kate DiLeo!  Kate is Chief Brand Architect with brand strategy firm, Ennobble. She is a pragmatist who believes that brand is the path of least resistance to revenue and she is passionate about helping organizations create compelling common ground with their customers. Kate’s proprietary process quickly and effectively helps her clients articulate who they are, why they’re different, and how they solve their customer’s problem, all in only 3 – 4 weeks.We spoke about having a brand message that provokes, the importance of consistency of your brand message, and how being able to deliver your brand message swiftly leads to confidence.It’s a thought-provoking conversation!Follow Kate:LinkedIn Bio: #branding #brand #messaging #podcast #creatives #artist #storytelling #socialmedia #brand #employee #passion #marketing #advertising #thinkradical #Clovispoint #podcast #inconversationSupport the show (
This week’s guests are our new friends, Angie Trigilio & Emily Sandberg!  Angie is a Creative Director turned Creative Coach based in Chicago. After nearly two decades in the corporate world, she pivoted to focus on the part of her job she loves the most and where she could have the biggest impact – mentoring, developing and coaching creative professionals.  Emily is a writer, content person and the Editorial Director at The Zebra.  Together, they host the podcast The Artist at Work.We spoke about creatives in corporate positions, the phycological blocks with Social Media, and the power of encouraging employees with their passion projects.It’s an artistic conversation!Follow Angie & Emily:The Artist at Work (TAAW) - Podcast: Insta: - Business: Business Insta: Personal Insta: Insta: #TAAW #podcast #creatives #artist #storytelling #socialmedia #brand #employee #passion #marketing #advertising #thinkradical #Clovispoint #podcast #inconversationSupport the show (
This week’s guest is our new friend, Jennifer Palais!  Jennifer is a Creative and Cultural Strategist - working with brands, agencies, and production companies. She helps brands exist in big moments in big ways. By creating strategies that communicate brand stories across platforms - online and off and back again - she advocates for value-driven content with the intent to create real and lasting relationships with audiences.We spoke about how commercials are parasites, brands misunderstanding storytelling, and how audiences and consumer bases only invest in a brand when there’s story. It’s a story-filled conversation!Follow Jennifer: #storytelling #collectivejourney #strategist #brand #branding #audience #audiencebuilding #marketing #advertising #thinkradical #Clovispoint #podcast #inconversationSupport the show (
This week’s guest is our new friend, Mike Lewis!  Mike is a seasoned veteran of the sales and marketing trenches who has spent much of his professional career helping marketers find new and meaningful ways to engage key audiences. His current venture with his partners at Click360 does just that — by helping marketers see exactly which efforts contribute to revenue while optimizing the sales funnel so that marketers know exactly where to allocate budgets that drive the behaviors most valuable to return-on-ad-spend. We spoke about the optimizing the customer journey, the differences between B2C and B2B customer journeys, understanding what where to allocate marketing dollars in your sales funnel. It’s the optimal customer journey conversation! Follow Mike:  #customerjouney #salesfunnel #optimization #data #analytics #marketing #consumerdata #sales #pricing #strategies #demand #inconversation #podcast #ROI Support the show (
This week’s guest is our new friend, JP Dubé!  JP is the Sigmund E. Edelstone Professor of Marketing at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.  His research interests include empirical quantitative marketing and empirical industrial organization, with specific interests in pricing, advertising, branding, digital marketing, retailing, and dynamic decision-making. This empirical focus is also reflected in his MBA course on pricing strategies, which is designed to teach students how to apply marketing models and analytics to develop pricing strategies in practice.We spoke about how price setting is a marketing decision, price optimization, and the economic theory of the Creative Destruction.We also spoke at length about the craft beer industry, why city fines need to be scaled, and had some laughs at John Wallace’s expense.It’s the optimal conversation on all things pricing!Follow JP:Personal website:’s Research: 105881  #Priceoptimization #data #analytics #marketing #consumerdata #price #branding #advertising #pricing #strategies #demand #economics #creativedestruction #inconversation #podcast #storytellingSupport the show (
This week’s guest is our new friend, JD Gershbein!  JD is the CEO of Owlish Communications and has been at the forefront of advancing the ideals of the digital world, inspiring opportunity-oriented individuals and companies to harness the power of the online media to elevate their profiles, engage their communities, and win new business.  JD was one of the world’s first independent LinkedIn consultants and is widely regarded as a thought leader in the areas of personal branding, social networking, and social entrepreneurship.We spoke about how LinkedIn isn’t a sales platform, the importance of building your brand, and how to build content creation capacity.It’s an owlish conversation!Follow JD:LinkedIn Profile: View JD’s TEDx talk at Company Website: Speaker Website: Subscribe to JD on YouTube: Follow JD on Facebook: Follow JD on Twitter: Follow JD on Instagram: #linkedin #whoisjd #inconversationSupport the show (
This week’s guest is our new friend, Larry Long Jr.!  Larry is the Director of Collegiate Sales at Teamworks. He is also the Founder and CEO of Larry Long Jr LLC, which focuses on sales motivation, inspiration, training & coaching and the host of the ‘Midweek Midday Motivational Minute’.We spoke about college athletes learning, building & using their brand to earn endorsements, how important it is for everyone to build their personal brand across social media, and colleges are using their student athletes as brand ambassadors / recruiters.It’s an energetic and fascinating conversation!  The perfect episode to kick Season 2 off!Follow Larry:LinkedIn: Teamworks / #influencermarketing #influencer #teamworks #brand #university #collegeathletics #athletics #personalbrand #marketing #recruiting #collegerecruitment #inconversation #podcast #marketing #branding #storytelling #advertising #thinkradical Support the show (
This week’s guest is our new friend, Brian Bogert!  Brian is a passionate human behavior and performance coach, speaker, business strategist, top sales professional and philanthropic leader who believes in helping growth-minded individuals achieve the best version of themselves: their most authentic selves. Brian teaches how to leverage radical authenticity and awareness to create the intentional life you’ve been dreaming of, but have struggled to create. His revolutionary strategy—embrace pain to avoid suffering—has helped individuals and companies break beyond their normal to achieve the success in life and business that they’ve always wanted. We spoke about value creation, how you can’t predict viral content, and how important it is to understand other peoples (or your audiences) perspectives.We also had a ton of laughs throughout the conversation and two (2) predictions one by both Frank and Brian. Frank’s prediction was on Ocean Spray’s Super Bowl Ad and Brian’s about the synergy between us and a connection, Kevin Seo, on a future podcast. It’s the perfect conversation to end season 1 of In Conversation!  Seriously, amazing.Follow Brian:Giveaway: www.nolimitsprelude.comWebsite: #value #valuecreation #impact #ROI #perspective #audience #content #transmedia #WWE #oceanspray #predictions #humanbehavior #speaker #greatconversation #inconversation #podcast #entrepreneur  Support the show (
This week’s guest is our new friend, Stephen Klava!  Stephen is a social entrepreneur, founder of Klava fund. Klava fund is a fundraising platform that is bringing ease of use, donor first philosophy & true grassroots tools to impact causes.  The idea right now for the fund is to assist struggling local restaurants to be able to raise money to see the end of the pandemic.We spoke about the need for helping local restaurants and cities neighborhoods to avoid ghost towns,  the future of social media and social fundraising, and how we need to change our priorities to save small businesses.It’s a conversation that pays in information! Follow the Klava #klavafund #Fundraising #majorgifts #localrestaurants #savesmallbusiness #covid19 #pandemic #fund #crowdfunding #inconversation #podcast #entrepreneur  Support the show (
This week’s guest is our new friend, Sam Provenzano!  Sam has been in the fundraising world for eleven years, specializing in major gifts for the companies he worked for.  Currently, he is running a community on LinkedIn called NextGen Fundraisers where Fundraisers come to share insight, strategy and comradery.  Under the same name, he also is consulting fundraisers and other individuals under the Development umbrella on how to properly use LinkedIn as a tool.  We spoke about the human element in building your personal brand on LinkedIn, trust building through who’s in your network, and going from cultivation to solicitation with big gifts.It’s relationship focused conversation!Follow Sam:LinkedIn: Fundraisers LinkedIn: Fundraisers: #majorgifts #nonprofit #development #networking #relationships #relationshipbuilding #LinkedIn #fundraiser #inconversation #podcast #entrepreneur  Support the show (
This week’s guest is our good friend, Eric Clarke!  Eric is an event photographer stationed here in Chicago, doing work for networking event groups, corporate events, and even doing work for companies like Netflix.  We got to know Eric through Tony P’s Networking Events (listen to our conversation with Tony P and Greg DeKalb here) where he was the primary event photographer.  With no events happening in person for the foreseeable future, what’s an event photographer to do?We spoke about the impact COVID has had on events and the way forward, Eric’s strategy of not missing anything during events, and doing work for your portfolio v. doing work for free.We had plenty of laughs about tackling hurdles, the world’s largest rooftop bar, and how long a day feels while shooting an event.It’s a photogenic conversation!  Follow Eric:Instagram: Special thanks to our on and only Patreon Supporter, Tony Perez :)Support the show (
This week’s guest is our new friend, Chris Johnson!  Chris is one of the founders of SIL (Strategic Introductions League) which is a networking group here in Chicago and expanding.  SIL made a pivot during the pandemic to move to online networking, allowing for them to continue to grow the membership while allowing for vetting of each member to get rid of the “takers”.  This has made a cohesive group orientated around giving and helping each other. We spoke about networking during the pandemic, making sure you make the “second call”, and how to ask for things after giving.We also had laughs about Chris inability to drink IPA’s, the common euphemism “eat your own dog”, and Frank’s voice cracks.A connecting conversation!Follow Chris:LinkedIn: to join SIL?  Contact a member or Chris!Support the show (
This week’s guest is our new friend, James McGuinness!  James is the founder of PondLeap, which helps entrepreneurs and companies looking to expand into new countries establish a sales strategy, hire freelance salespeople, and coach those freelancers to sell their products all for the average price of one full time salesperson.  Having experienced the struggles himself, PondLeap’s aim is to minimize the risk of hiring and managing salespeople.We spoke about how important reputation is in business and sales, how you should do your research before talking to anyone, and how CEO’s need to be fundamentally well versed in all aspects of the business while allowing themselves time to learn stuff they don’t know.We had a bunch of laughs at the expense of Elon Musk, ranting about how awful marketplaces are, and invented anew cocktail named the “English Matthew McConaughey”.Grab a warm beer and join us for a great conversation!Watch Here: PondLeap:Website: James:LinkedIn: the show (
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