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Episode 7: Kelechi Apakama (Stormrite)Find Kelechi:TwitterYoutube Instagram Discord RedditKelechi is a 19 year old game developer who is working on Stormrite, an ambitious open world RPG. He has been working on Stormrite for about  7 months on his own, and is launching his first early build of the game this week. (Links Below) He is also beginning to build up a team to add even more awesome content to his game.Support me on Patreon.Check out my 3 course GameMaker bundle. Be sure to use coupon code PODCAST for 10% off.Find me:TwitterYouTube
Joel has a classical education in music and has been composing for many years now, both for film and video games. We get to talk about what it's like composing for movies, video games, and how to get into that industry. If you enjoy music, are thinking about getting into composing, or are just interested in that side of game dev, definitely check this episode out!Links:Joel's WebsiteCubase (Some of the software we talked about)Game Dev Drink Up (To connect with other game devs, 21+ as they meet at bars)Music courtesy of OC Remix.
Nick has been a graphic designer for a long time and is now working on first large project, Monkey's With Guns. We have a great talk about art, learning to program, and the imposter syndrome. I'm very excited for his new game, and I encourage you to check it out.Nick's Website: Monkey's With GunsNick's YouTube Channel: Check it outHis engine of choice: Construct 3Game jams: A Big ListBackground Music from OC Remix.
John is developing Gravity Ace completely on his own. We talk about the struggles of doing everything, the programming, artwork, sound, level design and more. He's got a unique way of learning, and has been coding in one form or another for a long time.Gravity Ace Website: His GameHis YouTube Channel: YouTubeHis Sprite Software: AeSpriteBackground music courtesy of OC Remix.
This episode actually occurs during one of Avea's live streams, and was a unique experience for me. We chat about what it's like streaming for 7 hours a day, the projects she's working on, and how awesome the opportunity for new game developers are these days.You can find her stream at: TwitchHer game website: Polaris.comBackground music courtesy of OC Remix.
I get to chat with Max Clark, an indie game developer and artist who's been working on his passion project, Flock of dogs for over 3 years. He's got some unique views on game dev, and struggles with marketing like the rest of us.We get to chat a lot about the state of the industry, where he started, and how playing games is different for him now than it used to be.Max's Website: Flock of DogsFlock of Dogs on Steam: Steam PageBackground music courtesy of OC Remix.
Ben Anderson, also known as uHeartBeast on social media, is a teacher and game developer. He started with GameMaker many years ago and is now using Godot to develop his games.We get to talk about game engines, the difficulties of staying motivated, and his plans for the future.You can find Ben's YouTube channel here: YouTube ChannelHis first steam game here: SteamBen's teaching website: HeartGameDevBackground music courtesy of OC Remix.
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