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The Workshop Weekly Podcast is a show where no dream is too big and no topic is too small. Around here, we believe that taking imperfect action rules, so we’re creating space for you to dive in and fast track your success, one workshop at a time. Now, refill your coffee cup, grab your notebook and get ready to join in on your weekly training, listen to meaningful conversations and learn from industry experts.
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With Holly Gillen If you’re trying to grow a business (and I think that’s why you’re here) you already know that video content is super important. We are constantly getting clear signs every single day that if we’re not using video for our business, we’d better start. And when you sit down and think about it, the recent additions to social media platforms are all video heavy. I mean, just take TikTok or Facebook Live, or Instagrams IGTV, stories and Reels for example. They’ll all video centered and social media algorithms heavily prefer live video content so I think we can finally admit that the absence of a video strategy in your business could be costing you serious growth.  But showing up on video is super tough. I am not here to candy coat that. I mean, when I think about that 3,2,1 countdown timer for showing up live, I get a straight up pit in my stomach. I just want to retreat back to the safe land of posting a selfie using my favourite filter or preset, or posting a blog after it’s been reviewed and edited, but video is A LOT harder to show up for because it leaves us feeling exposed, raw and vulnerable.  So today’s guest, Holly G of hollygstudios is here today to help take the scaries out of showing up for your business in this sometimes frightening way. Holly spends her time teaching leading entrepreneurs how to create video content that is purpose driven and strategic. Videos that move your business forward and have a bigger purpose. Holly is over a decade into creating a thriving business using video and now she has invested herself in teaching others how to rid themselves of the fear and mindset blocks that can come with needing to show up on video, especially live video, in your business. She also has a program called VIDEO MADE EASY, and she refers to it as not just video for your business, but business cinema, so I knew she was the perfect guest to come on and talk to you about video today.  And I gotta say, Holly brings so much energy and actionable advice to the table that today’s show is a real treat. So if you’ve been hearing about the massive benefits of using video to grow your business but you have no idea what to do or how to get started, well, you are in the right place my friend. So without further ado, let’s roll film! Or, hit record, or whatever. Haha. In this episode, Holly talks about: Her journey to becoming a video guru… annnnnd ACTION! 3:48Why showing up on video is so important for your business. 7:33The difference between video content traditional content such as blogs and photos. 8:46The impressive longevity of video content and why is pleases the algorithm gods. 10:58Tackling your fear of showing up live (yikes!). 12:24How your FAQ’s can be a goldmine for video content ideas. 15:58The Four Pillars of Pre-Production. 16:19All you need to know about tech and equipment for quality videos (and it isn’t as much as you would think!). 19:34Video length best practices. 22:52The Thriller-Filler-Spiller Formula 24:31How to get the most use of your video content by repurposing. 26:43The logistics of backgrounds, branding, and other videos to speak to your audience. 29:58Common mistakes people make when showing up on video. 35:38Mastering your mindset – dealing with naysayers. 39:55 If you are not already doing video, start with the Four Pillars of Pre-Production. If you are already making videos and want to make better videos, focus on creating the best possible content you can create right here, right now.Holly Gillen Okay, I hope you’re feeling empowered to just walk away from this episode and hit record on your camera. And I gotta say, I just love the way Holly shows up on video, and her approach. When I watch her video content I truly feel as though I am sitting down to chat with a friend, and Holly truly is just the best kind of human. And I don’t know about you – but video is just one of those things that I think I fear as much as death haha. Not to get too dark there. I know I need video but it’s just one of those things that easily gets pushed to the very bottom of the todo list. I’ve been working on it, and let me just say, I will lead you on how to show up when you aren’t ready, or imperfectly with this one. And I gotta say, video is the only type of content that will truly let your personality shine through, and that at the end of the day is what makes you, well, uniquely YOU. I really hope that after this episode I will get to see your face online… with your video content! Until next time workshop warriors, keep showing up imperfectly, because that is where all good things start! Bye for now. Resources Revolab Microphone mentioned in the podcast as well as ring lights are great tech to add to your toolkit to up your video game. Demonstration of the Rule of Thirds The Rule of Thirds is one of the first things a photographer (or a videographer) learns. You may recognize this grid if you have a professional camera but you can even enable it to show up on your smartphone! Essentially, the rule is that your eyes tend to be drawn to the intersections of the grid. By placing subjects of interest at those intersections, you can be assured that your image is balanced and had a pleasing composition. Creating Graphics with Canva: Part 1 and Part 2 Design your set! Check out this Pinterest Board for inspiration! Connect with Holly Check Out Today’s Sponsors The 4 Step Framework for Creating Product Photos That SELL Register now at
With Julie Anne Eason Today we are digging into how to write a book for your business with the amazing Julie Anne Eason. This amazing woman helps business people write and publish world-changing books that Inspire, Educate, and Sell.  She is an author, speaker, and CEO of Thanet House Books—a boutique book production company that helps people through the entire process from early book development through writing, publishing, and distribution. She has ghostwritten multimillion-dollar books for thought leaders and influencers such as Russel Brunson in a wide variety of industries, including New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today best sellers. Julie Anne’s passion is helping mission-driven entrepreneurs and subject matter experts change the world through written word. And she is here to tell you that writing your first book will not only do really good things for your business, your thought leadership and your credibility, but also that it is not as hard and time consuming as you probably think it is. I mean, she wrote a book for a locksmith in just one week, and she totally made me wanna write a book for my business too.  Julie Anne is a wealth of knowledge and I hope she will get you as excited as she got me about the process of becoming a published author. So, let’s dig in! In this episode, Julie talks about: How a book can help grow your business (even if you give it away)Getting started with writing (and how to actually finish) your first bookHow to use the knowledge you already possess to drive demand for your message, your products, or servicesWhy is writing a book one of the best investments a person can make in their businessWhere do you start when you have a million ideas for books you could writeHow to overcome writer’s block?How long it takes to write and publish a book. You need to decide that you are going to do it and you need to decide to do it right. Understand that it is not as big of a task as you think it is. You have the time.Julie Anne Eason Isnt Julie fascinating? Her passion certainly translates and there is something to be said about a person who is devoted to helping others achieve their biggest dreams and goals in their own lives and in their own business. I mean, Julie is top notch! I loved hearing about the difference between self-publishing and having a publisher and the fact that writing a purpose driven book should really come from the outside in. Just think about where you could be one year from now if you gave yourself just a few hours per week to work toward this! And now, my ask from you is this: go look Julie up online. Check out the books she’s published and all of her free resources that she has on the market for getting you that much closer to adding published author to your resume. Once again – thank you so much for tuning in to another episode of the Workshop Weekly Podcast. And hey, if you like the show, a review on iTunes goes a long way. T’il next week, bye for now. Connect with Julie Check Out Today’s Sponsors The 4 Step Framework for Creating Product Photos That SELL Register now at
With Teri McMackin When you start out in business, you are doing it all: the emailing the scheduling the order fulfillment the social media, the money stuff and so much more. It’s a straight up recipe for burnout. And besides that, usually the reason that we get into entrepreneurship in the first place is in the pursuit of freedom and happiness and flexibility. Well, when you’re doing all the things in our business, it can certainly feel like a bit of a ripoff. And that’s why the first hire for so many business owners is the gentle step of hiring a virtual assistant or a VA. Someone who can take on some of those daily tasks that occupy so much of your time, but that dont need to be done by you. A virtual assistant (VA) is any form of remote help that you contract to hand off your workload. They can operate anywhere in the world, have multiple clients, and can be hired to take on a variety of your day-to-day tasks. Hiring a virtual assistant is like having that extra pair of hands that you know you need to keep your business running smoothly, without the intimidating commitment of hiring a full time employee. Hiring a VA means that you can find exactly the right person to do one thing that they are very skilled at, so that you can take a step back. And by the way, for all those things in your business that you dont enjoy doing, there is someone out there who is not only very good, and probably better than you at doing it, they also enjoy it! But knowing where to look and how to get started when hiring a VA can also be an intimidating first step. And that’s why I invited my very own rockstar VA to the show, to give you a little insight and everything you need to know to get started. Today I am really excited to invite my own partner in crime and virtual assistant (VA), Teri McMackin, to come out from behind the scenes to the front of the scenes to share her advice on all things virtual assistant. Teri has been on my team for awhile now, and without her support, this show and so many other aspects of my business just probably wouldn’t happen.  Today, Teri is going to give you her insight into what it looks like to hire a VA, how it works, tips on how to do it successfully, and we’ll share a little bit about what the whole process and journey has looked like for the two of us.  So, if you’re ready to dip your toe into the world of hiring someone to help you, today’s episode is especially for you! And I gotta say, I see a lot of free time in your future, so let’s do this. In this episode, Teri talks about: The path that lead her to becoming a VA and what skills she transferred from being an in person assistant. 3:53Being a VA for Kelly Lawson – podcast behind the scenes! 6:54Tips and advice for hiring the right VA for you. 10:02Writing a compelling job description for your VA and how it is different from hiring an employee. 14:00How to ensure a successful relationship and experience for both VA and employer. 18:36Setting up your VA for success. 22:06Where to find a VA and/or help a VA find you. 26:38What can you expect to pay a VA 28:50Setting boundaries for work and maintain work life balance. 31:56 Finding a VA is easy, finding the right VA for you and your specific needs will take some work. Ask your friends for recommendations – most VAs have a couple of clients. Start slow and build your relationship of trust… It will pay off!Teri McMackin That was so much fun! I hope you enjoyed meeting Teri and that you feel encouraged and inspired to onboard some hired help in your own business. Whether it’s for social media management, email communication, appointment scheduling, research, data entry or whatever it is that is taking up all or time, or maybe you have something important on your to-do list that you just can’t get to, hiring a VA might be your next best big business move. And hear me, I know it can feel unnatural and maybe even terrifying to let go of things, to trust someone you haven’t even met with your precious business, but trust me when I tell you, you can’t grow this way and more importantly you can’t achieve work life balance this way either. Hiring some help will allow you to focus on the things that matter most. The things that only you can do, and if you take Teri’s advice, you might be surprised to discover that not many things in your business rely on only you. For more information on his episode, including links on where to find your next VA or how to get in touch with Teri, visit the shownotes at And until next time workshop warriors, keep on slaying. And hey, if you love this show, I would love to hear from you. Throw down a review on iTunes and let us know that you love what we’re doing so we can keep doing more of it. I love you all. Bye for now. Resources Where to find a VA: Job Bank, Career Beacon, Fiverr, Upwork… and ask your friends! The Workshop Weekly Podcast 025: An Entrepreneur’s Guide To Outsourcing Reach out to Teri at Check Out Today’s Sponsors The 4 Step Framework for Creating Product Photos That SELL Register now at
With Kelly Lawson Today, we are going to dig into a subject that can make a lot of us feel more than a little uncomfortable: how to deal with difficult clients. Well, my friends, we’re going to face that challenge head-on, and I’m going to share the practical steps and mindset shifts we need to be making to manage these tough circumstances when they arise, notice I said when not if. I’ll share some of my own experiences and how I’ve evolved my systems for dealing with unhappy customers, haters and other folks who’ve got a gripe. This is all about getting really good at dealing with adversity, so it doesn’t suck up all your time, energy and money. So, are you ready to talk about the tough stuff? Let’s do this. In this episode, we talk about: How to embrace complaints and criticisms as the learning opportunities that they are when you would rather stick your head in the sand.Separating the legit gripes from the impossible to please types.Being proactive in your mindset because it is impossible for everyone to like you.Learning how to manage your emotions.Managing client expectations and communicating the parameters of your deliverables as a way to mitigate complaints.How to handle the situation when the customer is NOT right – developing discernmentFinding comfort in the discomfort of growth.Creating a an efficient process to deal with complaints.The importance of noting any patterns in your complaints.Redeeming situations when things have gone off the rails Unhappy clients can sting a little – but remember we are all only human. Don’t let these situations take your focus off of the forward momentum. Be fair, deal with it quickly and move on. And remember, wherever there is an opportunity to delight – do that!Kelly Lawson I hope you feel inspired and well equipped for embracing tough customers. Never forget, they are giving you unsolicited market research and a beautiful opportunity to get better, grow, and keep building your empire of awesomeness.  Thank you so much for tuning in to EPISODE 036 of the Workshop Weekly Podcast. I really truly appreciate that I get to hang out in your earbuds or on your car stereo or wherever it is that you are tuning in from week after week. Like it makes me straight up giddy – so thank you for that. And, I will see you at the same time, same place next week! Resources The Workshop Weekly – Episode 18: Your Brand is NOT for Everyone and That’s Okay. The Workshop Weekly – Episode 32: Thinking About Taking the Leap From Full-Time to Freelance? Hit Play. Caley Dimmock talks about having a “Working Together Contract” to set reasonable boundaries and expectations with her clients. The Workshop Weekly – Episode 25: An Entrepreneurs Guide to Outsourcing The Workshop Weekly – Episode 016: Are You Legally Protected? Click Play to Find Out. The Workshop Weekly – Episode 14: How This Entrepreneur Grew a 7-Figure Pandemic Proof Business in Just 2 Years. Guest Ingrid Munroe managed to turn a complaint into a corporate client! Check out today’s sponsor! The 4 Step Framework for Creating Product Photos That SELL Register now at
Dr. Chantel Nicolas Boundless possibilities are the result of removing yourself from your comfort zone and stepping into a place where you are willing to fail, where you have a healthy disregard for what might seem impossible, AND where you seize every possible opportunity to show up as your most fabulous self. And if you’re anything like me, you’re thinking up business ideas all the time. But bringing an idea to reality definitely isn’t easy. After all, acting on these crazy entrepreneurial ideas will inject chaos into your life, I’m not here to candy coat that. Taking action will probably throw you off balance. But it is from these places of discomfort that we find what drives us. We leap to exhilarating places, we learn to see problems as opportunities and our confidence for turning problems into solutions is the byproduct that no textbook will ever give you. But all too often, we get stuck before we ever get started. We have this great idea but little confidence in knowing what steps to take to turn our big ideas into reality. Well, what if you had a clear set of instructions to help you bring your beautiful ideas to life? A roadmap of sorts? Kinda like a recipe where you take your compelling idea, and with a concrete set of steps, you turn it into something extraordinary. This is exactly what today’s guest, Dr. Chantel Nicolas is here to help you with. With her initiative, the Nerd Startup Incubator, she is helping early stage entrepreneurs do just that. Get their brilliant ideas out of their heads and into the world. And today, she’s here to show you how you can do the same. The world is your oyster, so let’s shuck it! Are you ready to take that beautiful idea of yours out of your head and into the world? Well then, this is JUST the episode for you. In this episode, we talk about: The intense mindset shift going from scientist to entrepreneur and the perks that come with an academic mind in the business world.Brainstorming!How to make a decision on which one of your awesome ideas to turn into a business. “Nerd” incubators and how they help entrepreneurs get their ideas into the world.Where to start when you have a ton of good ideas to chose from?The 7 steps you need to take to clarify your business idea, create it, and commit to it fully.How to go from idea to successful launch.How to gather intel about yourself and understand your personal assets.Soft and hard skills – what are they and which ones you have in your back pocket.Matching what you like with what you are good at.Understanding your potential customers and where to find them.Selling yourself and making the best use of your snazzy sales skills.Building a supportive environment around you. I have created a whole workbook Nerd’s Guide to Starting a Side Business. There are worksheets within the workbook that I would love for you to have! A free gift! This is exactly what I did to get to this point.Dr. Chantel Nicolas While so many of us have great business ideas, only a tiny few will actually do the work and follow through. And I need you to do me a solid, please don’t let perfectionism or fear stand between you and your dreams. By being methodical and taking the steps that Chantel has given you today, you’ll be able to establish the momentum you need and set yourself up for success. And, here’s my advice: don’t forget to celebrate milestones along the way, be on a constant quest to improve and always be nimble and willing to adapt to your market. Most importantly, promise me you’ll at least believe in yourself the way others do. For more information on today’s episode including how to reach Chantel and her resources, visit, I hope you enjoyed today’s episode as much as I did, and I will see you next week. Connect with Dr. Nicolas instagram/nerdincubator Check out today’s sponsor! The 4 Step Framework for Creating Product Photos That SELL Register now at
With Donna Mazerolle Hey. I already know this isn’t your favourite topic. I get it. But I think this episode is probably among the most important business topics for us to put on the table. Far too often we shy away from the numbers, and if shying away from numbers sounds like you, I want today to be the day that you put an end to this fear and finally face it head on. I want you to not only understand the math behind your business, but also I want you to get strategic with it. Because, working for free is just simply not an option if you are in this for the long run, amiright?  If you’re building an empire you need to really know your costs, and your margins, you need to set revenue goals and measure your results. Oh, and you can’t be shy with the tax man either. Because here’s the thing – shying away from the numbers puts you and your business at a very serious risk. So it’s time to stop cringing and start embracing the math. And hey, there’s the silver lining to this. Once you know your numbers, and get comfortable with them, it will allow you to find clarity and confidence, the kind that will give you the knowledge you need to say “Yes” to the right opportunities, and “No” to the things that might not align with your business goals. And listen, I already know that you could use all the help you can get with that little two letter word, “No.” So today’s guest, Donna Mazerolle is here to help you navigate your way through all of this. Donna shares her story of needing to overcome her own fears in order to find her way into the world of business accounting, and now she helps business owners just like you face the numbers head on and get on track for success. There are so many tangible tips, strategies, and takeaways from this episode, I am pretty sure it is just the kick in the pants that you probably need. And I am sure that after listening, you will be ready to take that money bull by the horns and shoot for the stars. Are you ready to crunch some numbers? Let’s do this. In this episode, Donna talks about: Secrets to overcoming mindset blocks (we all have them).Helping people understand and define their goals to get to where they want to be in their business.Common mistakes business owners make when pricing their products and how to fix that.Competing on value per service NOT price alone.Needs vs. wants when it comes to big business purchases and and how that effects your bottom line.How to make big investment decisions with the smallest risk.The magic formula to know what to pay yourself.Stretch goals – what they are and how to set one.Understanding what products bring you the most profit and how to calculate your margins.The mistake that is discounting your products/services.How to manage your inventory to put money back into your business.How to collect your receivables… like a boss!CRA interactions and how to make the most of them. Know your numbers! And I don’t mean how to do accounting. You need to understand your costs, know what other people are charging and know where you are at the lifecycle of a product and price accordingly. Know what products/services make you money.Donna Mazerolle Ah, this conversation with Donna is just so needed. I hope, in the very least, it has left you feeling encouraged to talk about the hard stuff, because it is from doing these tough things that you will grow and succeed. For more on how to get in touch with Donna, or to find any other resources mentioned in this episode, please visit and until next week, keep on slaying your biggest goals. And don’t forget, your biggest success will be found on the other side of your fears. So, please don’t be afraid to show up imperfectly. Bye for now. Resources Check out Donna’s best Tax Tips! Connect with Donna Check out today’s sponsor! The 4 Step Framework for Creating Product Photos That SELL Register now at
With Livia Boerger Ok. It’s finally here. If you’re a regular listener of this podcast, you already know I’ve been preaching for months now that Pinterest has changed the online business game for me. And finally, today, you are going to learn how this beautiful little platform can do the same for you! Pinterest is an often underestimated and overlooked resource for business owners, and lean in for a sec, because Pinterest could be the perfect place for you to showcase your brand and business to an engaged, niche marketplace that’s ready to spend. You guys, Pinterest is not just a place for seeking inspiration or great recipes. It is a very powerful business tool. There are over 200 million monthly Pinterest users worldwide, all seeking and sharing helpful, inspiring ideas on the platform, and Pinterest users are action oriented. Pinterest is not only a super effective place to ramp up your web traffic by sharing that valuable content of yours, but it is also a powerful place to showcase your products and services. Because here’s the thing most people don’t consider: Pinterest often acts as an information resource for many users who are preparing to make a purchase. And Pinterest’s audience has a strong spending power, 40% of Pinterest users have a household income of $100k+, and these pinners are just waiting to be introduced to your products and services. And today’s guest, Pinterest expert Liv Boerger is here to lay it all down for you. We’re covering everything from getting started with Pinterest for business, to best practices, how to please the algorithm and which current trends you need to be taking advantage of. So, Are you ready to start putting Pinterest to work for your business and achieving those big dreams of yours? Well buckle up my friend, because your business is sure to shoot toward the sky after taking in today’s episode. In this episode, Livia talks about: The basics of Pinterest (it is so much more than recipes!).How Pinterest is used as a tool for purchasing decisions and how you can influence people with buying power.Using Pinterest more like a visual search engine than social media platform.The pros and cons of keeping a personal and business page together or separate.The science that is KEYWORD usage, making the best use of titles and descriptions for SEO.Creating presentable and pretty pins that are in line with your brand.Simple A/B testing with multiple images for the same URL.Why vanity metrics don’t matter and what to watch for instead.Results you can expect on Pinterest and when to expect them.The impressive purchasing power of those using the platform.How to integrate Pinterest with your website to SELL.The rewards of being a social Pinner.What to do with under preforming Pins and how to get your content seen. I really could talk about pinterest all day. It definitely changed things for me when I turned my attention to it about two years ago. And now, you also have all the tools you need to start driving traffic and making sales from your own Pinterest account. It’s the perfect place to showcase your brand, business and products to an engaged marketplace with plenty of spending power. And because you took in this episode, you’ve already taken the first step toward a Pinterest account that impacts your bottom line, the thing that really matters – not the vanity metrics. So what are you waiting for? Just think about where your business will be in three short months if you start Pinning with intention TODAY. Dont forget to visit the shownotes at or to find liv’s resources to help you get started. Until next time workshop warrior. Don’t be afraid to show up imperfectly and I will see you same time, same place next week! Kay? k. Do not focus on vanity metrics! Keep your head down and focus on what you are doing to get your link clicks up because that is where the money is.Livia Boerger Or click the link: Resources Canva Tailwind Connect with Livia Check out today’s sponsor! The 4 Step Framework for Creating Product Photos That SELL Register now at
With Caley Dimmock The 9:00 to 5:00 grind. We all know exactly what it means. It’s been a pretty significant part of the working lifestyle of our parents generation, and our parents parents generation. This type of structured corporate grind has been around for 50 years, I mean Dolly even wrote a song with the handle. But for many millennials and generation zeers, we want something different. Something less rigid, something more adventurous and meaningful. A career that offers a different kind of work life balance, one that truly emphasizes the life part.  And if you are a regular listener of this podcast, you’ve probably either already taken the leap from your 9-5 job, never had a traditional job, or you have at least strongly considered trading it in for something less orthodox. And, don’t worry. I’m not gonna tell your boss. But, shifting career paths can definitely present challenges, your worst case scenario fears will undoubtedly bubble to the surface and hold you back, despite the opportunity you suspect is waiting for you on the other side. The freedom of being your own boss and setting your own work-life structures is seductive, but getting there often isn’t a straight line. That’s why today’s guest, Caley Dimmock is here to tell you all about how she leaned into her fears of leaving her traditional workplace and took the leap into freelancing. She is here to encourage you with her story of success, and to tell you how you can find your own path to freedom, independence and success as a freelancer. If you are already a freelancer, a budding entrepreneur or someone who is feeling a little stuck in the 9-5 cycles, Caley’s story will inspire you and her wisdom is sure to set you on the right track. So settle in, I just know, you are going to love this episode. In this episode, Caley talks about: Making the move to freelancing full time (yes, YOU can).Facing your fears head on – everything you want is on the other side of fear. How you know when it is time to leave your 9:00-5:00.Working from inspiring places.Tips to venture into freelancing.The 4 pillar system to choosing what services you are going to offer.Becoming great at what you do and building confidence as you do it.Resources to teach yourself that won’t break the bank.Money! And how to price your services properly (understand your worth).Getting started building your reputation with case studies and testimonialsThe PERFECT testimonial templateManaging and mitigating risks when you make the leap.The importance of a working together agreement – setting communication boundaries. I hope Caley’s story and words helped to give you the confidence and clarity that you need if you are considering venturing into the wonderful world of freelancing, or if you are already a freelancer looking to up level your game. And, I want to remind you that you can do this, there is only ONE you and you are fully capable. It’s okay to show up imperfectly, you deserve to chase your dreams, you deserve to invest in yourself, and to set yourself up for success. And, I wanna know how it feels when you can finally say, “I am a freelancer!”, so be sure to tag me on your adventures so I can cheer you on. For more information about Caley, including how to get in touch and for links to her resources, please visit, and until next week, keep on showing up. Never forget, We grow by taking imperfect action. Bye for now. Extra goodies from Caley Pricing Decided – Become a successful freelancer by learning how to confidently set and communicate your rates. Freelancer Tips – What you need to have on your website to become a successful freelancer. Connect with Caley Check out today’s sponsor! The 4 Step Framework for Creating Product Photos That SELL Register now at
With Becky Keen So, you have a big idea, a new service, an event, a product, a website, a program or maybe even a business you want to launch… and you wanna put it out into the world Steve Jobs style… but the truth is, you don’t really know how.  And here’s the thing, if it’s not launched well, no one is ever even going to see it. And for that reason, like a tree falling in the woods, if you launch something into the world without building anticipation, will anyone want it?  The truth is… probably not.  So it’s pretty important to put some thought behind how you are going to reveal this new thing to your audience that you’ve worked so hard on. No matter what it is that you’re putting to market, you’ll want to start your preparation well ahead of the launch date. And hey, I get it, there are so many moving parts when it comes to launching, busting out your next big idea can definitely be intimidating. That’s why my guest, Becky Keen is here today to ease your worry, and give you a plan. Becky helps entrepreneurs launch their great ideas into the world. She helps her clients to demystify the process and achieve consistent 5 figure months in their businesses. Oh, and by the way, she does it all and adds some woo. Are you wondering what woo is? Well, you’re about to find out. Let’s dive in to this week’s episode. In this episode, we talk about: What the heck is woo?!? And what does it have to do with your business and wealth?Making FIVE FIGURES a month (totally possible).How to claim your revenue goal (with woo).The plan that the universe has for you and why it is better than you could imagine.The role of limiting beliefs in limiting your potential both personal and in your business.The unrealistic expectation of having a plan before you move forward.LAUNCHING! And what to do if you are met with crickets…The value of testing, gathering information, and validating your idea in advance.Pre-sales and the importance of keeping it simple and question goldmine that comes along with it. How to choose your top 3 ways to launch.Why some launches failThe importance of holding space for the actual launch – energy you bring to the launch, is the energy you get back!The idea of letting go of the outcome to make room for more One action is to give voice to the negative voices that are in their head. Write out all the things that your mind is telling you about why you cannot. You are going to write them out… “I can never make that money”, “no one will buy my thing”… write down the entire list and then you are going to channel Byron Katie (the work) and ask yourself who would you be without those thoughts? If I didn’t believe this thought to be true… who would I be without that thought? What else might be possible? What actions would I take from that place.Becky Keen Resources The Work of Byron Katie, seriously, check out this link! Of course, you should also check out Becky’s 5 Spiritual Ways to Launch and Sell Out Programs (Without Hustle)… FREE MASTERCLASS!! Ah. Becky is awesome. The energy she brings, the business savvy, the woo. I love it all. And, I hope her wise words will help you to create hype before you launch something in your business. And above all, I hope this inspires you to put presence over perfection and to save some energy for your upcoming launch. You’re going to need it. And by the way, I promise that when you do this right, you will see a difference to your bottom line.  Until next week my friends! Connect with Becky Check out today’s sponsors! Save 10% on Sheertex pantyhose with code KELLYSLAWSON10: Save $40 on your first box with HelloFresh: Save 15% on your new TONIC site with code KELLYLAWSON Learn what’s in Kelly’s capsule this season:
With Krista McNally. It is the single most interesting and insightful personality test in my humble opinion. What is it? It’s the enneagram. In the most basic terms, the enneagram assessment fits you into one of nine types. Each of these nine types has a unique set of personality traits, strengths, weaknesses, and you guys, it is freakishly accurate. The first time I took the test, my mind was so blown that I started passing the test around to all of my friends and family members, and learning their enneagram types has been an incredibly insightful way to understand their perspective on the world. It’s been over a year now and having this emotional intelligence about the people around me has stuck with me. It’s given me insights into not only myself, and how I am wired, but it’s also given me insight into my relationships with family and friends, my marriage, and also my professional relationships. And while the findings of the enneagram have stuck with me, I’ve also grown a slight obsession with it. I need to tell you that for this reason, it is unlike any of the other personality tests that I have come across. In this episode a very special guest and enneagram guru, Krista McNally is going to unearth for us the magic of the enneagram, what characterizes each enneagram type, how to discover your type, and how to leverage this knowledge in your business and in your relationships. I’ve linked the enneagram assessment I used in the shownotes, so if you dont already know your enneagram type, head over to or to find out what it is, otherwise sit back and enjoy and you can go find out what your type is after this episode. You are about 45 minutes away from understanding on a deeper level why you are the person you are, and how this knowledge can transform your life. I am so excited about today’s episode, so without further ado, let’s dive on in. Here’s the test link → In this episode, we talk about: How this personality tool will change your life (seriously).The difference between enneagram and other personality tests.What your energy has to do with your personality, habits, and patterns.Harnessing your enneagram energy to build better relationships.Practical uses of your enneagram results and how it can help your business improve client relations.Wings and lines, oh my! Dig into some jargon and learn about all 9 enneagram types.The history and origin of this personality test and the reason your number is solidified by 7 years old. Resources Here are some great reflection questions, but there are many resources so be sure to look around! Type Compatibility: Choosing between two types: Free test (to use as a STARTING POINT, not the be all, end all): The one thing I want to suggest to people is to play around and start observing the three centers of intelligence: body, head and heart energy.Krista McNally I could seriously chat with Krista all day. She is just the kindest, loveliest type two I’ve ever known. Actually, now that I think about it, every type two I know is an incredibly selfless and caring individual that I want to spend all day long with. Ok, so if you haven’t discovered your unique enneagram type by now, don’t wait another second. And don’t stop there, pass it around to your friends and colleagues and have a conversation about your type and how it helps you to understand each other. I’ve posted some reflection questions you can use to help your discussions and I am just so excited to hear all about how this exercise went for you. And I wanna know your type! Hop over to Instagram and tell me at @kellyslawson, and until next week workshop warriors, keep slaying those beautiful goals of yours. Or wait, is that just a type three thing? Haha. Ok, you get it. By for now. Connect with Krista Check out today’s sponsors! Save 10% on Sheertex pantyhose with code KELLYSLAWSON10: Save $40 on your first box with HelloFresh: Save 15% on your new TONIC site with code KELLYLAWSON Learn what’s in Kelly’s capsule this season:
With Jeff Roach You dont have to have 10 thousand followers, you dont have to have the perfect grid, you dont have to hire a professional photographer, and you most definitely dont have to wait for perfect, for your social media strategy, you just have to START. You simply need to find a way to invite people into your world and today’s guest is here to help you get started with that – because sometimes just starting can be the hardest part. Do you ever scroll back to your very first social media post and have a little giggle? I can’t help but laugh when I peek at my earliest days on instagram. It’s chock full of low quality photos of my food or my coffee mug accompanied by two word captions, or no caption at all and my feed just generally had no consistency or flow. In those early days I was using social media solely to entertain myself, and I most certainly didn’t have a strategy. But everyone starts somewhere, right? And even though I have come to love all things social strategy, I didn’t always have a clear vision for how social media could support, enhance, or even transform my business for the better. The “starting” phase is easily the hardest part because so often we get hung up on trying to perfect everything and then we just get overwhelmed and do nothing instead. Sound about right?  Today’s episode of the workshop weekly podcast is all about paring it down, simplifying your approach and removing the barriers to entry so you can reset your social strategy or just start if you’re at ground zero. By the end of this episode, I want you to have the knowledge and tools that you need to step into it, own it, and start honing the voice and the strategy you need to grow and support your business. And I want you to see that it doesn’t have to feel overwhelming. Today we are talking to a very special guest, social media guru and strategist, Jeff Roach, who also happens to be my husband. We are discussing the super simple steps that you need to be taking to start off on the right foot with social, or if you’ve already started, what you can do to give your social strategy a little makeover and get it back on track starting TO-DAY! Ok, let’s do this! In this episode, we talk about: Trust Agents of social media and why you need to embody one.Using social media strategically for your business – stop wasting your precious time!The importance of knowing WHO you are trying to reach on social media, how to discover them, and understand what social networks they use (hint: the answer is NOT “everyone”)The value in researching hashtags and keywords to learn more about your target customer.The true cost of trying to reach EVERYONE (it ain’t cheap…)Why even very small businesses NEED a budget for social media and it is more affordable than you think.Knowing what platforms your customers are on so you can meet them where they are.How to please the algorithm gods.Which platforms are the best bang for your buck.Getting your content in front of people who will care enough to share it (sharing really is caring)Leveraging organic reach on platformsHow to understand your metrics and set goals for content performance.The difference between the content you share to get people to care about tour brand is the content you share to get people to buy a product. “Take an hour to sit down and think about who your customer is and start surfing the web as if you are that customer. What do you look at? What do you click on? What do you not click on? What social networks do you use? And just be that customer for a little while and try to understand their behaviors and you will meet them online when you do that.”Jeff Roach See, I told you it doesn’t have to be that complicated! and now my friend, it is your time to start. Walk away from this podcast and take action. Tag me in your beginnings or in your resets so that I can come along with you and cheer you on! And thank you so much for hitting pay on another episode of the workshop weekly podcast. Be sure to check out the resources we mentioned in this episode by visiting the show notes at and until next time, please don’t hide your awesomeness from the world. I’ll be watching for you. Bye for now. Recommendations: Trust Agent – Chris BroganThe Workshop Weekly Episode 004 Connect with Jeff Check out today’s sponsors! Save 10% on Sheertex pantyhose with code KELLYSLAWSON10: Save $40 on your first box with HelloFresh: Save 15% on your new TONIC site with code KELLYLAWSON Learn what’s in Kelly’s capsule this season:
With Kelly Lawson In this show, I will be sharing the surprising things that can make or break your business. I’ll be speaking straight from the heart – and my own experience – about the mistakes I made and how I learned the hard way where to laser-focus my time, energy and money. I don’t want you to waste another second ignoring the things that can really move the dial for your business, so let’s get talking about the simple steps you can take to achieve your goals starting RIGHT NOW. Today, I’m going to open up about the biggest mistakes I made in my own business and see many entrepreneurs around me getting wrong, too.  I’m going to talk about the most surprising things that can literally make you sink or swim.  When I started out in business, I got so many things backwards. Looking back now, I see how I put waaay too much time, energy and attention on the wrong things. And, on the flip side, hindsight lets me now see those things that were literally game-changers for my business. Aargh! If only they had been so crystal-clear then. It would have saved me so much money and stress!  Anyhow, it’s never too late to make a change for the better.  Because here’s the thing: once you’ve identified what can really make a difference, you can let a bunch of other stuff that’s tying up all your time, energy and money go. Yes, my friends, this is all about less is more. As in doing less, and making more. And all with less struggle and waste.   So, in this show, Imma gonna break down the areas of my business that have been totally transformational in helping me grow and scale. More than that, these are also the things that have given me so much clarity, confidence and, best of all, a sense of calm as I move forward.  My friends, I want to save you the pain I went through. So no matter where you are in your business lifecycle, today’s show is for you. OK, you ready? Let’s dig in. In this episode, we talk about: The throwing-spaghetti-at-the-wall approach and why it isn’t doing you any favors.How it is LEGIT impossible to be all the things to all the people.Getting systems in place to manage time and resources – processes do NOT kill inspiration… being a hot mess does.How to free up time, head space and energy for the work that matters to you most.Identifying tedious tasks and draining jobs that eat up your time and how manage them.Building a beautiful empire on a rock-solid foundation.The dangers of getting caught in the hustle – how to prioritize balance in your life and your biz (hint: unplug and unwind).Making and managing money like a pro.Being visible to your customers and build trust with them. Go a head, show them that pretty face ;).Expecting a winding road – not everything is linear. I think it’s so important to share not just our successes but our failures, to share all parts of this journey. So I hope I’ve saved you a little time, energy, money and a little pain. And I’d love to hear from you, about what mistakes you’ve made, or what you’re struggling with! Drop into my DMs on insta and tell me – I am @kellyslawson and tell me how you made out! And I’ll see you here next week, same time, same place for another workshop to keep making change for the better in your business. Resources “Trust Agents” – Chris BroganAmy PorterfieldThe Workshop Weekly Episode 004The Workshop Weekly Episode 013 Check out today’s sponsors! Save 10% on Sheertex pantyhose with code KELLYSLAWSON10: Save $40 on your first box with HelloFresh: Save 15% on your new TONIC site with code KELLYLAWSON Learn what’s in Kelly’s capsule this season:
Dr. Tracy Palmer Our world is made up of dualities. It always has been. Tall or short. Black or white. Fast or slow. Up or down. Good or bad.  Similarly, every human has some semblance of duality in both masculine and feminine energies, and while they can’t always be seen, both are equally important to our inner harmony and well-being.  And, there is definitely something magical about feminine energy that is so often overlooked, underrated or downright neglected in modern society.  Throughout history, womanhood has been associated with weakness, sacrifice, co-dependency, over-sensitivity, and emotionality. And even in modern society, whether you identify as male, female or non binary, we continue to live in a world where feminine energy is suppressed, and masculine energy is glorified. I mean, I think we can all agree that in today’s world, we tend to be more dialed into a “get-more-done” mentality, constantly on a mission to achieve more, do more, get more, assert more, be more.  Masculine energy translates into qualities like drive, determination, independence, aggression, competitiveness, and confidence, which I think we can all recognize as pretty essential traits for succeeding in today’s world. And, don’t get me wrong, these are not bad traits, we need them. In fact, these qualities have probably allowed the amazing women that you can think of to become CEOs, business owners, public figures and leaders. But feminine energy embodies something a little less revered: feminine energy depicts the nurturer, the healer, the creative, one of feelings, morality, passivity and peacemaking. So while the masculine energy is focused on doing, the feminine energy revels in being. And according to today’s guest, Dr Tracy Palmer, the value we put on masculine energy has led us to lose touch with our real power – our divine feminine energy and because of this we are often left feeling frazzled and depleted without truly understanding why.  Tracy believes that because we tend to prioritize masculine over feminine energy, the key is in finding balance and achieving our own unique harmony between these two types of energies. Fatigue, perpetual hustle and energy depletion don’t have to be part of your story. In fact, there are many ways to embrace and prioritize your divine feminine energy so that you arent left feeling drained and unfulfilled, and today Dr. Tracy is sharing tangible techniques for managing your life and divine energies so you can start taking back your life, your divine self and most importantly your energy. So, are you ready for a wee spiritual awakening? Ok, Grab yourself a cup of something delicious and let’s dig in. In this episode, we talk about: Giving yourself permission to have hobbies and do FUN things (and not feel guilty about it).Cultural pressure being the reason that women tend to put their own fun time on the back burner.The negative “positive” feedback loop of receiving praise for being selfless and judgement when not.REST! And why women are less likely to do it (STOP glorifying the hustle).Why we seem to have the image of rest being unproductive when it, in fact, INCREASES our productivity.Snacking like a pro – Eating for energy and how to prevent energy crashes (hangry).Changing the narrative – being busy is NOT a badge of honour.The Wild Collective initiative and why you need to sign up TODAY!How you still need fun outside your job – even if you have a job you love! Put yourself in the mix – pick one thing that you can do with just yourself with no guilt and, ideally, has no purpose attached.Dr. Tracy Palmer Wow. I can definitely relate to the suppression of my own divine feminine energy to make way for my more esteemed masculine side, for sure. So as you carry on your own journey of dual masculine and feminine energies, whether you identify as male, female, or non binary I want you to remember that taking time to embrace your feminine energy in order to seek your unique balance isn’t selfish; it’s a necessary act of self care.  In the words of author Elizabeth Gilbert, “You are a unique event in the history of the universe. There has never been a you—not your particular soul, living at this particular moment, faced with your particular challenges. Your existence is a mystery, a miracle, and an experiment of creation, and you are allowed to examine that mystery to the fullest.” Once you accept that, you allow your real spiritual journey to begin and I can’t wait to hear all about it. Thank you again so much for tuning in to another episode of the workshop weekly podcast. I am truly honoured, as always, to be a part of your day. Bye for now. Connect with Tracy Check Out Today’s Sponsors Save 10% on Sheertex pantyhose with code KELLYSLAWSON10: Save $40 on your first box with HelloFresh: Save 15% on your new TONIC site with code KELLYLAWSON Learn what’s in Kelly’s capsule this season:
With April Sciacchitano LinkedIn. It is an elusive platform that I know has mega potential for fueling my business, but here’s a confession: I don’t really use it and I don’t really fully understand how it works. I mean, I have a profile there, some employment history, a few endorsements, a profile photo, and some words that I slapped down in the about section way back when, but that’s about it. And here’s the thing, I know this platform is a powerhouse for making connections, forming lasting business relationships, gaining credible knowledge and generating leads, so today I am calling on LinkedIn strategist April Sciacchitano to help show me the way. April is a powerhouse marketing and PR expert from her own Virginia Beach based firm called Mix and Shine where she has carved herself a little corner of the internet with expertise in LinkedIn strategy, business SEO and Google your Business.. So, if you’ve been thinking about leveraging LinkedIn to up your own business game, make powerful connections, find experts, hire and outsource talent, for your own career advancement or maybe you just plain want to be using LinkedIn with a little more smarts than you have been, well today’s episode is for you. Let’s settle in and get our LinkedIn game on. You ready? In this episode, we talk about: Why LinkedIn is WAY more than an online resume.The value discussions and interactions in post threads as the KEY to making the right connections to move forward in your career.How dang important it is to regularly update and KEEP your profile updated.Keeping your own news feed fresh with this one (slightly hidden) trick.How to be memorable and build credibility on LinkedIn.The wild fact that 41% of millionaires are on LinkedIn (you are who you surround yourself with, amirite??).Not letting your need for a perfect profile keep you from engaging – imperfect action RULES!The importance of populating your profile and how to endorse and review (and how to get people to return the favour).How to use your about section to tell people how YOU can help THEM.Pleasing the LinkedIn algorithm gods by sharing your content the “right” way.Automating your LinkedIn posts using Buffer (for FREE).Building relationships on LinkedIn and how you can make money doing it. Think of LinkedIn as the biggest conference you have ever been to.April Sciacchitano Homework Assignment: go onto linkedin and find 5 posts and leave a comment and see how that feels. You can have an influence on LinkedIn! Okay, so I just learned a whole lot and on top of that, I have a little work to do to up my LinkedIn game and get it working to generate leads and resources and connections to grow my business. I hope that you enjoyed today’s episode and I hope it got you thinking about how you can use LinkedIn a little more strategically in your life and in your business. Until next week, Workshop Warriors, thank you for tuning in yet again and keep crushing those goals! Connect with April The Corporate Dropout Check Out Today’s Sponsors Save 10% on Sheertex pantyhose with code KELLYSLAWSON10: Save $40 on your first box with HelloFresh: Save 15% on your new TONIC site with code KELLYLAWSON Learn what’s in Kelly’s capsule this season:
With Kelly Lawson As a solopreneur, I was used to being a party of one. I started and grew my business all by my lonesome. The thought of outsourcing some of my ever-increasing workload made me incredibly anxious.  So you know what I used to do? It all. I. Did. It. All. Most days, I worked around the clock to do ALL OF THE THINGS required to run the photography side of my business while also burning the midnight oil to grow the digital side. It was a straight-up recipe for exhaustion. But somehow I couldn’t let go.  The idea of letting someone else into my complex system made me extremely skittish.  Plus, I didn’t have time for that! I was already working non-stop. The thought of having to stop what I was doing to recruit and hire another human overwhelmed me. And then I stressed about the time it would take to train them on the things that were up in my head, all of the backend processes and the wacky systems I had developed that only I knew.  BUT, then again, on the other hand… I was reaching a breaking point.  I mean, the whole reason I had left my career for the land of entrepreneurship was to bask in its freedom and flexibility. And yet, somehow, here I was, stretched so thin, working all hours, juggling so many tasks, being controlled by my calendar and only finding time to work on growing my business in those little in-between moments. And even they were becoming more and more rare.  This was NOT what I had envisioned.  I felt ripped off. Duped even. Why did I leave a stable, well-paying career for this? Things were not progressing as planned. And I was getting more burnt out by the day.  So, maybe you know that feeling, too? Maybe you can relate? To when little tasks start to feel like giant hurdles. When your life starts to feel like an ever-accelerating hamster wheel?  It was like that Talking Heads song: How did I get here?  If any of this sounds familiar, that’s ok. Because there is a way out. It doesn’t have to be like this. You know what I’m talking about – those late nights hunched over your laptop. The weekends consumed by work?  My friend, these things are simply a sign. A red flag that you need help. And the great news is that it is easier than ever to find talented peeps to pitch in, so you can focus on the bigger things and preserve your sanity and health in the process, too. I’m going to spend this episode walking you through outsourcing, no matter WHAT it is that’s holding you back, so that, by the time you reach the end of the podcast, you’ll know when you’re ready for your first hire. You’ll also know what to look for in a new team member, or a contractor. And I’ll tell you how to run the numbers and throw in some mindset shifts that you will need to get comfy with in order to start valuing your time over your dollars. Okay. You ready? Let’s do this. In this episode, we talk about: Keeping your business running when you are NOT around.The importance of TRUST – how to get over the hurdle of letting go of some responsibilities and trusting another person with your precious business.The 3 BIG questions to ask yourself when you are assessing the need to outsource.Understanding your pain points and how to release them to outsourced talent so you can spend more time doing what lights you up.The importance of asking for help and how you can do it (and not feel guilty).The game-changing act of hiring a VA (Virtual Assistant).The fact that you are NOT as indispensable as you think and why that is perfectly okay.Finding good help and some tips on where to look (hint: old fashion word of mouth rules!)How to write a solid job posting to find the people whose jam it is to do the work that you dread. Check out these resources to find people to join your team LinkedInUpworkFiverrOutsourcely Ok, so that’s the skinny on knowing when you’re ready to outsource and the Coles Notes on how to start finding good help, my friends.  I hope you are feeling energized at the idea of bringing in some support and getting the help that’s going to get you out of the weeds and chasing your dreams.  I want you to remember: You deserve a thriving biz. And you also deserve to not be a slave to time and a mountain of tasks.  I really can’t say it enough: getting good help is the surest, fastest, way to slaying the mountain of work that stands between you and your goals. Believe me, I know from experience, how outsourcing is truly a life-changing shift that will totally feed your potential.  Now, I started this episode talking about trust, and I’m going to close on a mindset that’s closely related: control. My darlings, don’t be afraid to loosen your grip, to let a smidge of control go. That too-tight grip is costing you freedom, downtime and growth. You know, all those lovely reasons you got into entrepreneurship in the first place,  right? Right! Well, you can’t see me but I’m raising my glass (filled with sparkling water, I swear) and toasting to your freedom and possibility. Here’s to freedom and possibility! Cheers and until next week, keep slaying those goals of yours my friend. Check Out Today’s Sponsors Save 10% on Sheertex pantyhose with code KELLYSLAWSON10: Save $40 on your first box with HelloFresh: Save 15% on your new TONIC site with code KELLYLAWSON Learn what’s in Kelly’s capsule this season:
With Cait Milberry, Cait Milberry Marketing & Communications It started as a platform to showcase short, silly mobile videos and has exploded into the fastest growing social platform of 2020. Tiktok is sweeping the globe with a reported 800 million users worldwide and a total of 2 billion downloads as of April this year, pulling significantly ahead of apps like Youtube, Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat. And like almost every social platform on the market today, the earliest adopters skew young. Gen Z young, with 41% of users between the age of 16 and 24, each spending an average of 52 minutes per session on the app and logging in an average of 8 times per day. But as we moms and dads of tiktok hop on, you can expect that demographic to change. Quickly. Which is probably reason enough for you to consider using this highly entertaining app for creating awareness and demand in your business. And, it is no secret that the effectiveness and consumer demand for video marketing is on the rise. And with tiktok offering untapped potential, many experts believe that you should consider making it a part of your business marketing plan sooner rather than later. On today’s episode of the workshop weekly podcast, my friend and tiktok enthusiast Cait Milberry is going to give you the lowdown on how to use the app effectively for generating brand awareness and engagement, she will demystify those 15 or 60 second videos, give you tips and tricks and strategies and break it all down so that you have what you need to get started using this most talked about app in your business.  So, are you ready to talk tiktok? Let’s do it! In this episode, Cait talks to us about: The best way to share your stories and exercise your creative muscles using a new and exciting platform.Why businesses are hopping onto TikTok, quickly.The role TikTok can play to help you generate valuable and engaging content.Reasons why you are NOT, I repeat, NOT too old to use TikTokWhy TikTok is different from other platforms and how it can be used to your advantage.The secret to making money on this platform (seriously, you could make BIG bucks).The best tips for generating creative content to reach, excite and engage your target audience and grow your followingThe number one way to stand out on this popular platform and generate traction based on current trends, and skyrocket your engagement.Who is Charli?!? The importance of adding a call to action to your content, and how to do it.Tips for using TikTok as a powerful mobile video editor for your business and how to save videos without watermarks. I gotta say, TikTok is not just for Gen Zers. They have gained a fan in me with their fun, light-hearted content that has me forwarding links to friends and family and keeps me laughing for days. And I am certainly not alone there, in less than 18 months, adult users of TikTok have grown by over 14 million in the US alone. So, whether you are new to TikTok or a seasoned user, I hope you’ll find me there. I can’t wait to see your 15 or 60 seconds of fame. This workshop was so much fun, let’s do it again next week shall we? Same place, different topic? Thank you again so much for tuning in. Bye for now. Check out my FIRST tictok! Connect with Cait Check Out Today’s Sponsors Save 10% on Sheertex pantyhose with code KELLYSLAWSON10: Save $40 on your first box with HelloFresh: Save 15% on your new TONIC site with code KELLYLAWSON Learn what’s in Kelly’s capsule this season:
With Dr. Ashley Margeson, Cornerstone Naturopathic Inc. Ok. Is this you? Some days, you are totally in the zone. You are grooving so hard that you knock all the things off your lengthy to-do list and then slay half way through tomorrow’s list too. You are on fire, and you are so impressed with yourself that you want to replace your work attire for a superhero suit, place your fists firmly on your hips, stand on a mildly windy mountaintop with your chin raised. There is nothing you cant conquer. Then, other days, you find yourself slumping, spinning your wheels, wasting time, mindlessly scrolling social media, distracted by everything and not really getting anything done. Frustrated with yourself you close your eyes and picture your bed, stretchy pants and a giant bowl of doritos. You doodle or scroll social media and on these days you’re probably meantalking yourself and your lazy ways. Some days you feel unafraid and like a confident social networking rockstar, while other days you are so irritable and anxious that you can’t get out of your own way long enough to even decide what clothes to put on your body that day. And these strange swings in your mood, appetite, and cognition, you can’t seem to find a reason for any of it. Well, what if I told you there was a reason for it? And not only a reason, but a predictable pattern for it, a mood schedule, of sorts. What if you could align your life schedule with cycles of high energy, creativity, intuition and the need for reflection, in order to calibrate your expectations for yourself?  What if I told you that for a long time now, women have been conditioned to adjust to a man’s workplace, environment, schedule and approach to productivity and you are about to learn how this impacts our ability to be our best productive selves every day of life. What if I told you that many of us are never taught how to unlock the potential in our cycles? Well, my guest Dr Ashley Margeson is here today to change all of this for you. Ashley wants you to know that not only do Female hormonal cycles have natural and predictable fluctuations, but that they also affect your mood, energy and cognition in really predictable ways. And if you’re like me, you’ve been conditioned to ignore all of these cues from your body. Ashley teaches women how to live in sync with their menstrual cycle and she explains how you can better understand the various phases of your cycle and how they impact your mood, your energy levels, your creativity and even how you’ll perform on your first date, or maybe your job interview or client pitch. Today Ashley is breaking down our cycle for us so that we can begin to understand exactly why we feel the way we feel and what tasks we are optimized for at any given stage in our hormone cycle. You guys, my mind was blown many times over during my conversation with Dr. Ashley. I think after hearing today’s episode we will all agree that it’s time to look at syncing our work and socialization schedules up with our menstrual schedules, or in the very least, to understand our body’s needs on a deeper level. Your mind is about to be blown. Your life is about to change. I’m serious. Are you ready? In this episode, Ashley talks to us about: How understanding your hormones and owning your cycle can optimize your LIFE.How your reproductive cycle isn’t just about fertility.The Superwomen Code (I KNOW you want to know more about this).How our periods are trying to communicate what is happening in our body – your period is a vital sign.What the perfect period looks likeHow each phase of your cycle gives you a new superpower and what they are.How to know when in your cycle to ask for a raise ;).Why we get cravings before our period.What part of your cycle is best for creative work.The apps you can use for tracking your cycle and how being armed with this data can help you plan and optimize your day to day life and be more forgiving of yourself.How birth control actually works and how to plan around this modified cycle.The ONE THING you need to do today to get closer to working with your hormone cycle instead of against it. Check out These Apps and Resources: Clue (tracking app) Me V PMDD (symptom tracker) The Superwoman Code (podcast) Connect with Ashley When asked if there was one thought she would like listeners to take away from this conversation: Track. Your. Cycles.Dr. Ashley Margeson Is your life different now? Has your mind been blown? Do you suddenly have the explanation you’ve been looking for as to why some days you are on your game while others you are not? Well, me too you guys. I dont know how I have lived to 40 without listening to my body on a deeper, more empathetic level. I am pretty confident that in just 12 short weeks from now we will all learn how to better manage our energy, how to work smarter instead of against the grain, and how to optimize our schedules according to our internal needs. Let’s go on this discovery journey together. And, Was it just me or did this episode go by way too fast? Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for tuning in to yet another episode of the workshop weekly podcast. I’ll catch you again next week, workshop warrior. Check Out Today’s Sponsors Save 10% on Sheertex pantyhose with code KELLYSLAWSON10: Save $40 on your first box with HelloFresh: Save 15% on your new TONIC site with code KELLYLAWSON Learn what’s in Kelly’s capsule this season:
With Kelly Lawson Do you ever feel like you are grinding away for every dollar? That you’re hustling so hard to keep up with your customers’ demands you find yourself on the verge of a serious burnout?  I know that feeling. I’ve totally been there, time and time again. And I’m here to tell you there is a better way. It’s called passive income.  And passive income is the thing that will give you a profitable business that can last in the long run. ‘Cause you can’t keep this crazy hustle up forever now, can you?  If you’ve ever dreamt of making money while you sleep, and then dreamt of all the ways you’d spend that moola in your well-rested waking hours – well,  then today’s show is serving up exactly what you need to hear.  In this episode of the Workshop Weekly Podcast, I’m going to be dishing up five ways you can add passive revenue streams to your business. You guys, this is all about working smarter, not harder and not more either. If passive income is something that you have considered adding to your life or business, well then my friend you’re in the right place. So, put on your comfies, grab your pen and notebook, and let’s dive in.  Today, Kelly Will Talk to Us About… Creating a sustainable income so you have more time for the people and things you LOVE.How to multiply your impact and give more chances for customers to benefit from your offer.The low-down on affiliate marketing and how YOU can get started earning money.How to be selective with affiliate marketing – aligning with your brand and values.How to recommend products or services that you already use and love and get paid to do it.The value of online real estate. How to sell one thing, a digital product, again and again (and AGAIN!)How anyone can create and sell a digital product.How to use your FAQ to build a passive income.How to make your unused space pay you.What important tactics to keep in mind to be successful at this passive income thing. Check Out These Resources to Help You Build Your Passive Income Affiliate Marketing Proposal TemplateBanner Advertising for BeginnersSociety 6EtsyThe 4-Hour Work Week Passive income is a way to get off the treadmill. To create value and share your work with more people. To give yourself freedom in your finances and in other ways, too.Kelly Lawson Alright, folks! There you have it! My absolute best insight into creating a lifestyle of passive income– creating a life YOU want to live by freeing up your valuable time. I truly think passive income should be the end goal of every business simply so you have more free time to enjoy yourself, but don’t forget to embrace this process, and realize it’s going to take some time, work, patience, and diligence up front, and payday absolutely won’t happen overnight… but if you start working towards that today, just imagine what your life could look like in one month or one year from now. There is no “one size fits all” advice when it comes to generating income streams. How many sources of income you have should depend upon where you are financially, and what your financial goals for the future are. But having at least a few is a good start. And a little hint or inspiration for you, most millionaires have 7 revenue streams. As always, I cannot wait to hear how you make out! Drop into my DMs on Instagram I am @kellyslawson and tell me how you made out! And I’ll see you here next week, same time, same place for another weekly workshop that keeps shooting your success in the direction of the stars. Check Out Today’s Sponsors Save 10% on Sheertex pantyhose with code KELLYSLAWSON10: Save $40 on your first box with HelloFresh: Save 15% on your new TONIC site with code KELLYLAWSON Learn what’s in Kelly’s capsule this season:
With Guest: Elaine Shannon Have you ever said to yourself, I would love to do this thing, like go to the gym, or start a business, or take on a special project or maybe even attending social events or dating, but you just cant seem to find the time? Do you ever just feel like a total slave to your busy schedule, hoping that someday it will open up and you will be able to do that thing youve been putting off or maybe even just something that is purely for fun? In today’s world, time is our most precious commodity, and it is the one thing that we cannot increase, like there are only 24 hours in the day and seven days in the week, so if you’re a busy person, and I know you are, every minute counts and I know you want to be using it wisely. On today’s episode of the workshop weekly podcast, I am speaking with reclaiming your time Guru Elaine Shannon who has ALL KINDS of hacks for managing your minutes, and uncovering hours that you probably didnt even know you had. Today, Elaine is going to help you solidify a plan that allows you to work ahead, plan with strategy, work efficiently, and even have that dreamy time off to truly REST. Sound to good to be true? Well, I promise it’s very true, getting your precious time back is in your very near future. So let’s not waste anymore if it and dive right in! In today’s episode, Elaine tells us about: How to get more time by prioritizing.The importance of doing a time audit and how it can be just the visual you need to analyze how you spend your hours.How we all (even Beyonce) have 24 hours a day, 168 hours in a week.The hidden magic in the last 30 minutes of your workday.Why kids are not the only ones who need a bedtime routine.How understanding your own values will guide you on how to prioritize your time.Tips on how to say “no” and why saying it isn’t unkindHow to live your life by design, not default.The value of a “pregnant pause.”How leaving time for you is critical. The ONE THING you need to do today to achieve work-life balance Time Audit Template Elaine ShannonDownload When asked to share her best advice for the elusive work-life balance… Balance is making sure that you are filling your cup as much as you are giving away what you have. If you are over giving and not filling, that leaves you depleted.Elaine Shannon See what I mean! I told you it wasnt too good to be true. I really love the idea of auditing the 168 hours that we all have in a week, because as difficult as it may be to come to terms with, there is probably some wasted time in there that you didnt know you had. You guys, I dont even want to tell you how many HOURS I found of mindless social media scrolling, and guess what, mindless social media scrolling not only isnt helping me to get to my business goals, but it’s actually not really enriching my life in other ways all that much either. I hope after listening to this episode and grabbing Elaine’s workbook you are able to eliminate “I don’t have time” from your vocabulary, because always remember, Beyonce also has just 24 hours in her day too. I love you workshop warriors. Keep on slaying and I will see you next week. Get in Touch Check Out Today’s Sponsors Save 10% on Sheertex pantyhose with code KELLYSLAWSON10: Save $40 on your first box with HelloFresh: Save 15% on your new TONIC site with code KELLYLAWSON Learn what’s in Kelly’s capsule this season:
With Guest: Tracy Bell When you stop and think about it for a second, as entrepreneurs we are ALWAYS pitching. We are pitching ourselves and our services, our products and offers, we are pitching partnerships, sponsorships, features, endorsement deals, we’re pitching potential employers, new acquaintances, and in some cases we’re even pitching for funding. Heck, as parents we’re even pitching for less screen time and more vegetables every dang day! Safe to say having the ability to hone an effective pitch is a pretty essential tool in business and in life. If you aren’t comfortable pitching yourself or your offer, it’s time for you to start thinking about how to hone your inner confidence and step up so you can land the big gigs. And if you are comfy with pitching, maybe it’s time to make sure your pitches are hitting the key points, because pitching with confidence, while cringe-worthy to some, can be the most impactful way to catapult your personal development and fast forward your business growth. And that’s why my guest, Tracy Bell of Millenia Tea is here today to help you to perfect your pitch!  In today’s workshop we are getting down and dirty with crafting your pitch. We are digging in and getting specific on how to pitch strategically. We discuss things like how much information is too much information, what stories are important to tell, and we also talk about some of the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make when artfully communicating their wares. Tracy is here to teach you how to cut the fluff and speak directly to the heart of the person you are pitching to. You guys, by the end of this episode, I’m pretty confident that you will be more ready than ever to hone your unique pitch and start locking in those dream deals for your business. You ready for that? In today’s episode, Tracy tells us about: How she became an accidental entrepreneur after a health scareHer behind the scenes experience on Dragons DenThe most important thing you need to understand before you pitch anything to anyoneThe key to a successful pitch (hint: it’s not what you might think)Tips for identifying TMI in a pitch. That compelling stories are essential for your pitch and how to hone yours.The anatomy of the perfect pitch.How to anticipate questions and answer them proactively.The common mistakes people make when making their pitch and how to avoid them.Tips for combating your nerves.The importance of attracting the FULL attention of a room while making your pitch and how to do it.The number one thing you need to be doing today, to ensure getting a YES after your pitch. When asked what is the ONE THING she wanted listeners to take away from this episode… Imagine that you are in the lobby of an office building or hotel and all of the sudden you spot someone you always wanted to talk to, maybe a famous person, maybe an advisor, someone who might be a mentor, someone you would love to talk to… They ask you what you do and you have 30 seconds to 1 minute to pitch. Decide today what you would say to answer the question of what you do, why they should care, and what you can say to get them to a place of wanting to learn more. Tracy Bell So there you have it, a few tips and tricks from one of our very own MASTER pitchers. Tracy really knows the strategies needed to ensure that your message gets heard, remembered, and that your pitch is responded to with a resounding YES! But the real secret here is that an effective business pitch takes time and research, dedication and work. You need to start with honing your inner confidence and you can never really have too much practice. Today. I hope you’ve truly heard Tracy’s advice and trust that a passionate and energetic pitch goes a LONG way for the success that lies before you. And, never forget, the more your pitch, the better at it you will become and even though it might not always work out, the real accomplishment is trying. Don’t forget to visit to grab today’s shownotes and resources and to learn how you can connect with Tracy and get your hands on some of her deliciously healthy tea! Until next week workshop warriors, bye for now. Get in Touch Check Out Today’s Sponsors Save 10% on Sheertex pantyhose with code KELLYSLAWSON10: Save $40 on your first box with HelloFresh: Save 15% on your new TONIC site with code KELLYLAWSON Learn what’s in Kelly’s capsule this season:
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